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									                           Parents Newsletter
                                                     September 2009

                                        Saint Paul Lutheran High School
                                              Concordia, Missouri
                            Christ-centered experiences in learning, for living.
                                                     We live in a culture that demands and expects
                                                   everything to turn out just the way we want. If
Mice and Men                                       we don’t get our way, it must be someone else’s
  The Scottish poet, Robert Burns wrote this of-   fault. Like the mousie in the Burns poem, many
ten quoted verse:                                  people are left with “nothing but grief and pain.”
“But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane, (not alone)
In proving foresight may be vain:                          What a blessing that we don’t get everything
The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,                   that we want. When our plans are changed we
Gang aft agley,                                          have the opportunity to learn patience and humil-
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,                  ity. We are also brought to the realization that
For promis'd joy!”                                       God’s plans are better for us than our own.

  While making plans is not entirely a waste of
time, it is helpful to remember that there will be
changes. A bit of wisdom comes to us also from
Proverbs 16:9, “In his heart a man plans his               Some have called this “The School of Hard
course, but the LORD determines his steps.”              Knocks,” as if this is always a painful process. It
                                                         doesn’t have to be – if we know how God works.
                                                         Those who want to have God’s desires become

their own desires will welcome the corrections              As I write this, we are anticipating the begin-
and changes that get them on the right track.             ning of an active activity schedule. Many hours
                                                          of preparation have gone into getting the teams
  These experiences may be the most important             ready for competition. We're thankful for the
aspect of one’s education, and yet there is usu-          coaches and the students participating. Because
ally no curriculum that guides a young person             keeping on top of classroom assignments is vi-
through such things. We think it is useful to             tally important, I want parents and students to be
have teachers, pastors and mentors connect                aware of using the daily planner book given to
God’s wisdom to our students in our classrooms,           each student the first week of school. By writing
activities and dorms.                                     down assignments and staying up-to-date on
                                                          what needs to be done, students will be success-
  The schemes of man’s sinful heart has always            ful and parents of day students will know what's
caused grief and pain. The “promised joy” that            happening in the classrooms. The
we want our graduates to have needs to depend             dorm counselors and their student assistants also
on what God does with their lives. Of all the             monitor those planners in the dorms. I'd like to
changes that go on during the high school years,          remind parents that their students’ cell phones are
the most important have to do with the hearts             to remain turned off during the academic day,
and souls of our students. Thank you for en-              but if you want to contact them they are allowed
trusting your child to us, as together we discover        to use their phones during their lunch time.
the Lord’s plans for us all.                              Check with them as to what time they eat and
                                                          then you'll be able to contact them without inter-
                               Rev. Paul M. Mehl          rupting their classtime. You also will omit the
                               Executive Director         problem of them having their phone taken away
                                                          for a week if their phone activates during the
Assistant Principal Notes                                 school day.
  The start of the new school year has gone
smoothly, and it's a blessing to see all the famil-         If you have questions, don't hesitate contacting
iar and new students melding together. I'm ex-            me at 660-463-2238 ext. 226. Please keep
cited about the prospects for another successful          Saint Paul and the entire SPLHS family in your
year. There are a ton of things that go into the          prayers. God will bless the work that all of us do
makings of a successful year. One of the most             to further his kingdom through this ministry.
important is leadership shown by our sen-                 Give The Glory To God. GTGTG
ior class. The class sets the tone for the whole                                               John Beerman
student body. The senior class this year is                                               Assistant Principal
loaded with young adults who are servant- ori-
ented and who will be a very positive influence           Edline
on the entire student body. My prayer is that               New parents will be receiving a form that states
God would bless their efforts as leaders and that         the purpose of Edline, provides activation codes,
the whole Saint Paul family will be blessed               and tells how to access the Web-based program
through that leadership. I'd like to thank the            using the activation codes. Edline is a method of
faculty, who have has worked very hard to pre-            keeping track of your student’s grades. The
pare their classrooms; the staff who have spent           teachers have been asked to make sure they keep
many additional hours at their desks making sure          student grades updated each week in order for
everything has been ordered and all the airport           parents to keep close tabs on their student’s
runs have been arranged and made to pick up               grades.
students arriving at KCI; and the food and main-
tenance personnel who have made this a smooth               Saint Paul will not be sending weekly progress
beginning to a new school year.                           reports home to parents. Check Edline each
                                                          week to see how your son or daughter is doing in
his or her classes. If your son or daughter is
struggling with grades in any class, please feel                  I look forward to seeing many of you at
free to contact the teacher. We encourage parent           auditions! Blessings!
communication and we want your student to be
successful while attending Saint Paul.                                                      Mrs. Kim Brandt
                                                                                             Drama Director
  Parents who have this activation code and are
having problems or not receiving emails from
Edline, contact me at 660-463-2238 ext. 263 or with further questions.                Speech Team News
                                 Orlyn Heimsoth              Please keep your ears open for news about join-
                            Technology Director            ing the speech team. I hope to have some infor-
                                                           mation available soon in my classroom (B301)
                                                           for any student interested in joining the
                                                           team. The speech team does not normally have
Drama Auditions                                            regularly scheduled practices. Students are re-
                                                           sponsible for studying the individual event rules
  Auditions for the fall play (a murder-mystery            and preparing their pieces independently. Al-
comedy) will be held on Monday, September 14               though they are more than welcome to find me
at 4 and 7 p.m. in the chapel. Students are wel-           for additional help, I would prefer to work with
come to attend both auditions, but it is not nec-          the students after they have made all the neces-
essary. Students who are interested will be                sary preparations for their events. If you have any
asked to complete an “audition form” that asks             questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank
for scheduling conflicts and any other informa-            you!
tion that may be necessary for participation. Af-                                            Mrs. Kim Brandt
ter completing the form those students who are                                            Speech Team Coach
interested in acting will be asked to participate
in a few theatre exercises and read a few scenes           Class of 2013
(cold readings). Those students who would like               The class of 2013 had a swimming party on
to work behind the scenes (costumes, makeup,               August 23 at the Concordia pool to help get the
props, set construction, lighting and sound, set           year started, spend some time with old friends,
design, promotion, stage manager, student assis-           and make new friends. It was a little chilly, but
tant, etc.) will also be asked to complete a form,         for those who were able to come it was a fun
but are not required to stay for auditions.                evening. A special thanks to Steve Burrow for
                                                           organizing the swim party.
  Hopefully, the cast and crew assignments will
be posted outside my classroom by the next af-               At our first class meeting will be on Thursday,
ternoon at the latest. If a student doesn’t get cast       August 27, we elected class officers and began
or asked to be on one of the crews for this show,          talking about some of the many things the class
he or she shouldn’t hesitate to audition/apply             of 2013 will be involved with over the next four
again in the future. Although God has blessed              years.
our students with the talents for theatre, space
(unfortunately) is limited. Normally rehearsals              Two events are already scheduled for the
for the fall play will be Monday through Thurs-            freshman class. We will host the World Party on
day from 7-9 p.m. (which means some dorm                   September 25 after the football game at the home
students will have to make other arrangements              of Devon Heins. Later in the fall the
for study hours). Some additional rehearsals may           freshmen will start their first fundraiser. We will
be scheduled for Sunday afternoons/evenings                be selling Laurie’s Kitchen items. Laurie’s
(students will be notified ahead of time).

Kitchen is a fundraising program through the             That We May Know Him
Old World Spice Company.
                                                           At the end of the first week of school, I asked
 God’s blessings,
                                Meredith Marsh           my classes what was the best part of their school
                                                         experience so far. Some answered sports, others
                         Freshmen Class Sponsor
                                                         mentioned classes, but most were excited about
                                                         meeting new people and beginning new relation-
    Wednesday, September 16
There will be no school. Faculty will be at-               Relationships are central to our lives as God’s
        tending the I-70 Institute.                      people. They help to form who we are and what
                                                         we will become. A friend of mine, who served as
                                                         a judge in a juvenile court, once said to a repeat
                                                         offender, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you
                                                         your future.” Who we choose as friends can, in-
                                                         deed, make a big difference in the kind of people
Jog-a-thon 09                                            we become.
  Excitement is building with the 2009 Jog-a-
thon fast approaching. October 29 the student              One relationship we hope to anchor in the lives
body along with faculty and staff will make their        of all our students at Saint Paul is with Jesus. Af-
way around the quad drive in an effort to raise          ter hearing my lecture on the centrality of Christ
money for a new I-Mac computer lab for the               in history, the Bible, and all of life, a freshman
school and fiber optic internet for the dorms.           named Hunter renamed our class “Jesusology.”
The sponsorship forms are coming in daily.               Though the official name of that class will re-
There is still plenty of time for those who have         main, Jesus truly is the central focus of our study,
not turned one in to do so. Once all the sponsor         worship, and our campus life.
forms have been turned in, the students will pre-
pare the solicitation mailers to their sponsors.           It is only in knowing Jesus that we are able to
                                                         grow spiritually. He is the word made flesh that
  Incentives will be awarded this year to the            imparts faith and wisdom, thankfulness and hope.
class and the homeroom that raises the most              Him we proclaim at Saint Paul that the word of
money. There will also be individual incentives          the Lord grow in all of our students at Saint Paul.
for students and non-students that raise the most                                   Rev. William C. Heine

money and have the most sponsors. The class                                        Dean of Chapel, SPLHS
that raises the most money will have dress down
for one week. The homeroom that raises the
most money will have breakfast prepared for
them one morning. The individual incentives
will be $25 gift certificates to the Saints Store         Sign-up today to receive all school an-
compliments of the Servants of the Saints orga-             nouncements through Saints Alert.
nization. Along with the incentives, everyone
who participates will receive a 2009 Jog-a-thon                    Register at
t-shirt.                                                       for text or email messages.
                                      Steve Burrow
                        2009 Jog-a-thon Chairman

                     September Sports Page

 Athletic Director Notes
   Homecoming will be the week of October 5-
 10. Volleyball and soccer will play at home              Athletic schedule
 Thursday evening and football will be at home
 Friday.                                                  changes
                                                            The football game with St. Mary’s is moved
   Please sign up for Saints Alert to get all             from Friday 9/4 to Thursday 9/3. The game will
 changes and information regarding Saints athlet-         start at 8 p.m. and be played at William Chrisman
 ics. Go to and click on current events.        High School in Independence.
 On the left side of the current events page you            The 9/9 golf match with Odessa will be at
 will see a phone with which you start the sign up        Odessa.
 process for Saints Alert.                                Monte Pitsch
                                                                                            Athletic Director
   Physical education students who are taking
 applied doctrine, comparative doctrine and
 church history will be bowling during the 3rd                      Football Cheerleaders
 quarter for PE. These students are generally jun-          This year our football cheerleaders are Lily
 iors and seniors. The bowling fee for this quar-         Burrow, Sarah Heins, Amelia Maddox, Courtney
 ter is $28. This should be paid to the business          Schelp, Haley Schemmer and Laura Snyder.
 office by January 1.                                     The girls have worked hard preparing for the sea-
                                                          son and are looking forward to seeing you at the
   All PE students need to have a school-issued           games yelling with us for our boys. Go Saints!
 PE shirt, PE shorts, and padlock for class. You                                             Emily Kramer
 may purchase all of these in the business office.                                     Cheerleading Coach
 Students in athletic training class can wear their
 PE uniform if they choose, otherwise they may
 wear a plain colored shirt and correct fitting
 shorts or any apparel with the Saints logo on it.        Saints Football 2009
                                                            Twenty-six players arrived on campus on
                                                          August 9 to begin practicing for the 2009 season.
                                                          By the end of camp, we were up to 28. The team
                                                          ran, worked and sweated together for six days.
Boys basketball parents                                   We all slept and lived in the air-conditioned an-
                                                          nex where we also had access to bathrooms,
                                                          showers and water. We bonded as a team. Two
                                                          heavy and two light practices filled our days. In
 We expect our young men to purchase a                    the evenings we had meetings. It was lights out
 sweatsuit to wear to all away games. Last year’s         at 10 p.m. and a 6:30 wake up in the morning –
 sweatsuit cost was $60. Hopefully, we will find          not a teen’s normal sleep schedule in the sum-
 some fundraisers to get this cost down.                  mer.

                                                        record numbers at camp this week, breaking
  We’re led by a good bunch of seniors this             camp with 23 players. With the arrival of the in-
year: Jordan Bredehoeft, Max Bacon, Brandon             ternational students we are up to 34. Returning
Hinck, Natsuki Kitamura and Tyler Mattlin.              starters are senior Damon Beck and junior. Soon
They are our leaders and they take this responsi-       Young Jeoung. We will kick off our season at
bility seriously. Our managers are senior Liz           LaMonte/Northwest on September 1, a tough
Hemme and sophomore Emma Downey.                        game we are all looking forward to. I will be as-
They’re good.                                           sisted once again by Jake Mooney.
  We slept on cots in the annex. These cots
were procured by Kent Beck and delivered by             Coach Luther Schmidt
his son, Damon. Thanks, guys. So many other
people helped make it a good camp. Thank you
to Walter Loeber for donating 72 quarts of Ga-
torade to the team, and to Steve Bacon for giv-
ing us 12 gallons of Gatorade mix. Jon Bacon
gave us apples, bananas, grapes and freezer
pops. Beth Kruse brought cake, cookies, and
cupcakes. Liz and Emma, our managers,
brought brownies, cookies, and muffins. Megan
Hinck sent a cake. Betsy Mattlin brought hun-
dreds of McDoubles and chips and soda on
Wednesday night. Cindy Stuenkel and Paula
Hass coordinated a pizza party on Thursday
night. Many parents donated money to pay for
the pizzas. Arlene Fiene and Cindy Stuenkel
brought more brownies. Garda Kunkel sent a
large pan of her famous frosted banana bars.
Susan Foster gave us cookies and milk. The
team didn't go hungry. I tried to write down
what everyone brought for us, but I probably
missed some people. If I missed you, my apolo-
gies and thank you.

  By the time you read this, we will have par-
ticipated in a four-team scrimmage at Sweet
Springs, with Concordia and Sante Fe being the
other two teams.
  The season starts for real against Wentworth
Military Academy at our field on August 28.
Hope to see you there. And for the texter dudes,
hope 2 c u there.
                               Coach Laubenstein

Saints Boys Soccer
  The 2009 version of Saints soccer has been
working hard. We are going to be a young team
compared to years past, but have been blessed
with good numbers and hard workers. We had

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