The Newsletter No.51 Summer 2009

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					       The Newsletter | No.51 | Summer 2009

    3 Director’s note

       The Study

  4-5 ‘Forty houses should forbid the girls…’:
       bride kidnapping amongst the Kazakh of western Mongolia Anna Portisch
    6 Asian performing arts in the academy Matthew Isaac Cohen
    7 The future of the Chinese and East Asian musical past Frank Kouwenhoven
  8-9 The hungry tide: Bengali Hindu refugees in the Subcontinent Rituparna Roy
   10 American wars, French borders: Thailand’s acrimonious adjacency to Cambodia (Part 1) Eisel Mazard
   11 Dances with an Indian ‘tribe’ Markus Schleiter
12-13 Celebrating life and longings: Bollywood dancing in Amsterdam Dipika Mukherjee
   14 A trip to Amnye Machen: the diary of Joseph F. Rock Emilia Roza Sulek
   15 Social capital to alleviate poverty: fisheries cooperatives in southern Sri Lanka Oscar Amarasinghe
16-17 The art of realism: painted photographs from India Rahaab Allana

       The Focus: Energy Security: Asia/EU

18-19 Tapping global energy stocks: energy security challenges for the EU and China
       Mehdi Amineh and Yuang Guang
   20 Securing China’s oil supply: from Saudi Arabia to Sudan Chen Mo
   21 China’s energy security and student attitudes Eduard B. Vermeer
   22 Russia’s emerging place: the Eurasian hydrocarbon energy complex Robert M. Cutler
   23 The energy policy of Iran towards the EU and China Eva Patricia Rakel
   24 Courting the prize in Pakistan: India, China and the geopolitics of Iranian gas Philip Sen
   25 Japan-China nuclear energy cooperation Raquel Shaoul
   26 Transition management and institutional reform Daniel Scholten
   27 EU-China energy relations and geopolitics: challenges for cooperation Frank Umbach

       The Review

28-29 New For Review
   30 Bookmarked / Shedding light on Malaysia’s special branch Julian C.H. Lee
   31 Women in the Portuguese colonial empire Michael Pearson
   32 Tibetan literary movements Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa
   33 The rise of the ‘new rich’ in China Friederike Fleischer
   34 Re-thinking Christianity in Japan Hans Martin Krämer
   35 The politics of Islamic instruction Dick van der Meij

       The Network

36-37 IIAS News and comment
   38 Digitisation at SOAS | Asian cultural actors connect in Bangalore
   39 Asian governance
   40 Announcements
   41 IIAS Research
   42 IIAS Fellows
   43 Colophon

       The Portrait

   44 Chinese snuff bottles Vincent Fausone

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