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					The Native Psychologist                                excellent article. This article reviews a
                                                       multicentered trial that has really thrown into
     Newsletter                                        question our ability to find a placebo for light
March 11, 1998                       No.3-98           therapy. The article certainly casts a shadow
                                                       over light treatment in general. It is my firm
Editorial                                              belief that light levels to have an effect on
                                                       people's mood and behavior. This article points
  This winter has seen a number of interesting         out that almost any level of the light is effective,
conferences and a large increase in the number         however, which is a concern.
of interesting web pages. I have subscribed to the
Scout Report for Science and Engineering,               Reference #3 by Ravaris, which tests out
(includes social science) that is produced at the      seasonal-affective-disorder light, is quite
University of Wisconsin. Reference to that             interesting. My personal opinion is that the
material will be cited from time to time and the       stationary light boxes are better than the portable
reference is included.                                 devices from a philosophic point of view. I don't
                            Art Blue                   think it hurts patients to sit down for a short
                                                       period of time every day rather than remain on
University of Calgary                                  the run (which a portable light would allow). At
Clinical Information Exchange                          the same time, in this study the patients preferred
Psychology                                             the portable light. I don't think there's any reason
Is light therapy effective for seasonl affective       in the response, and certainly, in a study with
disorder?(copied from Can J Diagnosis Nov              this few patients, one can’t discern that anyway.
1997)                                                  The article by Dr. Anthony Levitt (reference #4)
Case: A physician has received literature on the       is excellent. The background information and
SadElite (by Northern Light Technologies of            discussion describe some significant scientific
Montreal), and wonders if such a product is            issues in both light therapy and studying
effective and whether there are other similar          seasonal affective disorder. I think that Dr.
products available.                                    Levitt applied some important skepticism to the
Dr. Gorman replies: Centainly, light therapy is        entire issue; it certainly will help the research
effective and there are similar products available.    proceed, as it should.
We believe that the SadElite by Northern Light         References
Technologies is a product that is both affordable      1. Meeesters Y et al: Early light treatment can
and effective. That is not to say that competing            prevent an emerging winter depression from
models may not be just as effective, but I am not           developing into a full-blown depression. J.
as sure about their affordability.                          Affect Disord 1993;29(1):41-7.
Meester Y (reference #1) is a good article. It         2. Joffee, RT, et al: Light Visor Treatment for
raises the possibility that light therapy may               Seasonal Affective Disorder: Psychiatry Res
prevent an emerging depression. One of the                  1994;28(6):484-9.
issues with which I have struggled in terms of         3. Ravaris CL, et al: A simple portable ocular
winter depression is our new view of mood                   light device for photothereapy of seasonal
isorders. These disorders are being seen more               affective disorder. Biomed Instrum Technol
and more as both chronic and certainly remitting            1993;46(1):29-39.
conditions. Most of the efforts in treating mood       4. Levitt AJ, et al: A controlled comparison of
disorders within the last 10 years have been                light box and head-mounted units in the
toward preventing further episodes. This article            treatment of seasonal depression. J Clin
suggests that light therapy earlier in treatment            Psychiatry 1996;57(3):105-10.
might meet that aim. Certainly any symptoms of
depression are probably hard on our central            Chris P. Gorman MD, FRCP(C)
nervous system. That is why prevention is              Clinical Assistant Professor
becoming a big issue in mood disorder research.        Department of Psychiatry
I would judge this article to be a good, but it is a   University of Calgary
preliminary study, and the number of patients is
relatively small.

The article by Joffe (reference #2) on light-visor
treatment for seasonal affective disorder is an
Keith James writes                                    We are here because our ancestors died for us
Hello, all:                                           Our tutition is paid in blood and land. It is
                                                      nature that our leaders have forgotten And
I've appended a couple of messages I received         we struggle daily for survival
about the Indian student situation at the             ...for every hundred Native American students
University of Colorado. Please note that I do not     entering ninth grade, sixty will graduate from
necessarily endorse all of the points in those        high school, about twenty will enter a
messages. For instance, the university does not       postsecondary institution, and perhaps three
have the power to grant in-state tuition to native    will receive a four year college degree. (Tierney,
students--only the state legislature could do that.   1992).
I am simply passing them on for your                  There are 184 Indigenous students enrolled here
information and consideration. For those outside      at CU-Boulder, a mere 0.7 percent of the total
of Colorado, please also note that these messages     student population(Office of Student Affairs,
do not refer to my home institution of Colorado       Institutional Research).
State University (though certainly CSU has some        Of those, the leadership is a collective of many
problems of this sort of its own) but, rather, to     nations from across Amerikkka. We are Oyate
the University of Colorado at Boulder.                -- The People—Native American Student
                                                      Organization. The time has come for our voices
For many years native students (in general,           to be heard. For too long have our spirits been
students of color & under-represented groups) at      contained within system of oppression.
the University of Colorado at Boulder have been       Because we live in a modern day massacre
fighting for programatic enhancements within          where institutional genocide thrives, we are
the system in an effort to create a more              destined to die. Where is this institutions
welcoming, culturally receptive, and responsive       commitment, if we are abused by those who
environment; thus allowing the minority and           lead us? How is it that we continue to fight
under-represented populations the opportunity to      without support from those administrators whose
succeed and thrive within a mainstream, white         charge is to serve students? Specifically, the
institution.                                          regents and the vice chancellors of this
      However, the administration and board of        institution who have failed to understand our
regents have failed to meet the demands of the        issues and demands. These leaders have
students. So once again, we have voiced our           established a strong historical system of
demands and we ask for your support. Below is         oppression against our people specifically, and
a copy of an opinion piece (op-ed) that was           people of color in general, on this campus.
submitted by OYATE- Native American
Student Organization, to the Colorado Daily.          We come from a place of solutions now, because
We ask that you send this email to as many            we have learned that to speak of the issues gets
people as possible to help us in our efforts to       us nowhere. We have enough to worry about:
improve the conditions and struggles of the           maintaining our identity and spirituality, the
native students and other under-represented           burden of assimilation, maintaining grades, to be
groups at CU boulder. Any questions/concerns          responsible for collective thinking, cultural
please call OYATE at (303) 492-8874.                  competency, and movement for change. We are
                                                      tired of talking about the problems, we want
                    peace.................            answers an we want action. We are sick of
                                                      listening to political rhetoric just to appease the
                                                      masses. When is this institution going to wake
This op-ed piece is being submitted on behalf of      up and answer to our families, to our
Oyate- the Native American student organization       communities, to our leaders? We hold this
to be run on the ucsu op-ed space. UCSU does          university accountable for the countless number
not necessarily endorse this op-ed, they are          of Indigenous students that have fallen through
simply donating the space, hence ucsu should not      the system because of the false promises that are
be identified with this piece, recognition should     uttered through forked tongues. And now we see
be give to oyate. any questions please call           that we have no value. Now we understand, that
shendo(303) 492-3227(oyate), jeremy (ucsu) at         who we represent, what we believe, and who we
(303) 492-4174.                                       are does not matter. We are forgotten. But, no
We demand:                                             of talking and that we wanted them to absorb our
     *In-state tuition for all American Indian,        demands that we had, which are following and
Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students,           we will share with you.
     *Native American Student Services                 The office is being currently occupied and is
program Director,                                      where this email is coming from. We have had
     *Native American Theme house and                  some media come in to cover this but we still
cultural center,                                       need to get the word out. So if you could get
     *Preservation and restoration of Hogans,          this out in support emails can be directed to
southeast of Williams Village (traditional navajo in support or phone calls
dwellings, with spritual significance)                 to (303) 492-8477.

These services exist for other Indigenous              The demands are:
communities on campuses such as Arizona State           1) The university must implement in-state
University, Brigham Young University,                  tuition for all native american, alaska native,
Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Little          native hawaiian students, along with free tuition
Bighorn College, Montana State University,             for the southern ute and ute mountain ute (two
Nebraska Indian Community College, New                 tribes presently in Co.)
Mexico State University, Northern Arizona              2) the university must provide administrative
University, Portland State University, Stanford        support for removing the board of regents
University, University of Alaska, Anchorage,           prohibition on the use of general funds for GLBT
University of California, Berkeley and Los             issues, including domestic partner benefits for
Angeles, University of Iowa, University of             GLBT staff and faculty. The unviersity must
New Mexico, University of South Dakota, and            sign a letter of support for these issues to each
University of Washington. (National Institute for      university of colorado regent.
Native Leadership in Higher Education)                 3)the university must create a more specific
                                                       "diversity" definition and enforce mandatory
 If CU has the cash and time to create and staff       diversity training for all staff and faculty.
an Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity             4) the university must broaden racial and ethnic
position, then we believe they have the cash and       categories to be more inclusive of the students
time to create services to recruit, retain, and        that attend CU boulder.
graduate people of color and other                     5) the university must lift its prohibition on the
underrepresented groups. Now!!!!!                      use of administrative funds for speakers and
                                                       increase funding to latino advocacy, black
Mitakuye Oyasin, (all my relations)                    advocacy, asian american committee on
Oyate Native American Student Organization             education, and american indian advocacy.
                                                       6) the university must create program directors
                                                       for the native american, latino/a, african
                                                       american and asian american communities to
Hello everyone,                                        suplement the current work of the cultural unity
      This is to inform you of the recent              student center(a counseling center for students of
happenings. This morning at 9:00 am students           color)
representing various student groups initiated a sit    7) the university must include a 75%
in of the vice chancellor of student affairs office,   representation of diverse and inclusive students
jean kim. We requested a response to an open           on all university committees that affect student
forum that had occured on 4th feb which they           life, student services, and student interests, with
said they would respond to by the 20th and have        the specifics to be jointly areeed upon by the
not. They gave us a print out of the responses         authors of these demands and the university
that fell under the umbrella of the student affairs    administration by the last class day of the spring
office, but was not quite what was expected.           1998 academic semester
And the students voiced their concerns and
called jean kim out on her responsibility to the        We have been occupying her office space and
students and the issues and asked her what role,       have forced her to vacate, the morning has been
she really plays. It began to get into admistrative    filled with cycles of studying and every so often
rhetoric so we said we did not want to discuss,        chanting phrases......"Power to the
we proceeded with presenting the her with our          people"......"The people united, will never be
collective list of demands, we stated we are tired     defeated"
                                                      the importance of our native languages, as well
We have made it clear to her and her office that      as present workshops and panels on how some
we will stay for as long as we please and will        Native communities are working to utilize,
leave on our terms, print media has been around       preserve and rejuvenate their languages.
and channel 9 from denver has informed us that        Five local organizations are assisting Keepers of
they will be arriving soon. Again, please show us     the Treasures (KOT) in planning for the
your support by responding to jean kims office,       conference: Santa Fe Indian School,
we have much admistrative and student support         IAIA Museum, National Park Service, the
but are needing outside influence to make our         Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, and The
demands and fight stronger.                           Institute for the Preservation of the Original
 we thank you, we are united and our hearts           Languages of the Americas. The Keepers is a
remain strong and we are not about to give up.        national organization comprised of Indian,
                fight the power                       Alaskan and Hawaiian representatives from
                     -the coalition                   around the country. Each year, the KOT
                                                      hosts an annual conference to bring together
                                                      Native people from around the country to share
Information from here and there                       their knowledge and experiences.

Recently I have discovered the Native                 The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)
Psychologists of Canada newsletter through the        Museum will be conducting a one-day photo
Internet and I would like more information            archives workshop on Sunday, June 14, 1998.
about this association and how I could join. I am     For more information about this workshop,
a psychologist with Noojmowin Teg Health              contact Debra Herrera at 505/988-6281.
Centre on Manitoulin Island and I work in the 7
native communities in the Manitoulin district.        CONFERENCE LOCATION:
I'm enjoying my work but psychologist                   Santa Fe Indian School
colleagues are in short supply in this rural area       1501 Cerrillos Road
and so I'm using the computer to make some              Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
connections. I was also wondering if you have
any information about native psychology
conventions in the States or Canada this year.        This is a call to all people of consciousness.
Again, on the Internet, I turned up some              The Children of Standing Rock Reservation, in
information on past conferences in Utah for           South Dakota, need your help now. The
Native American psychologists. Are these              American Indian Movement is looking for
conferences held on an annual basis?                  individuals with a degree in psychology
Thanks in advance for your time and I look            or related fields or experienced counselors to
forward to more newsletters.                          come to the aid of the children of the Standing
                                                      Rock reservation. The work would be volunteer
Barbara Erskine                                       work only at this time until funds can be
                                                      arranged. However, the personal rewards would
                                                      be ten fold for helping the children. We would
                                                      do our best to locate housing for you while on
ANNOUNCING SEVENTH ANNUAL                             the Standing Rock Reservation.
CONFERENCE                                            For more information please contact : Vernon
"Native Languages: Repatriating the Spirit of         Foster at
Nations"                                              The AIM Youth Councils of several areas are
                                                      now working to put together a "pen-pal" program
The Keepers of the Treasures: Cultural Council        with the young people of Standing Rock. Indian
of American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native        kids talking to other Indian kids and letting them
Hawaiians announces that its Seventh Annual           know that, indeed, there IS hope.
Conference will be held in Santa Fe, New              We ask you to hear the children's call for help.
Mexico, on Monday, June 15 through Thursday,
June 18, 1998 at the Santa Fe Indian School.          In Struggle,
The conference title, "Native Languages:              Vernon Foster
Repatriating the Spirit of Nations," will highlight   Southwest Regional Director
                                                      American Indian Movement
                                                      Fax: +387 75 251405;

INTERNATIONAL SUMMER                                  Foundation YSY:
UNIVERSITY TUZLA 1998                                 University of Amsterdam, Vendelstraat 2, 1012
                                                      XX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      From 17-31 July 1998, the third Summer          Phone/fax: +31 20 5252495;
University will take place at the University of       Email:
Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina. This program's
objective is to contribute to the rehabilitation of   Info in Canada:
higher education in Bosnia-Herzegovina and of         Ronald Hancock, Laval University Cancer
inter-regional and international academic             Research Centre, 9 rue MacMahon,
cooperation. Students and professionals from all      Quebec G1R 2J6
parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina participate with a        (418) 691-5281; FAX (418) 691-5439;
limited number of foreign students. Seminars,         Email:
workshops and lectures focus on recent scientific
developments and practical training. A human
rights program is organised in cooperation with       Tansi,
the Human Rights Centre in Sarajevo.
                                                      I am a Cree woman in my fourth and final year
      The Summer University is co-organised by        in the Native Studies Honors Program at the
the University of Tuzla and the student               University of Saskatchewan. I am presently
Foundation YSY Amsterdam with the support             developing a paper on an Aboriginal
and cooperation of student and academic               Pedagological Model, which will also discuss
organisations from all over Europe. The project       needs and inadequacies within Native Studies as
has a modest budget and none of the organisers        a discipline. My primary goal through my
receive remuneration. Participating professors        discussion is to examine the act of discovery
are kindly asked to try and arrange funds for         and learning from an Aboriginal perspective. As
travel and accommodation at their home                a student I am actively involved in research on
universities. Otherwise, they are eligible for        my people but I maintain a balance while here by
(partial) reimbursement from the available funds.     actively working with fellow Aboriginal students
                                                      in an effort to promote the talents of Aborignal
      In 1997, 60 professors from 20 countries        students and scholars through various activities.
taught courses to a total of 1000 students. In              I wish to correspond to faculty and students
1998 the programme will focus on natural              interested in Native Studies issues, our graduate
sciences and engineering, in line with the            program is in danger of being severely cut to the
University of Tuzla's technical orientation.          point of non-existence. For a student such as
The Summer University is looking for professors       myself it is disheartening to realize that the
to teach: MATHEMATICS; PHYSICS;                       pursuit of further study is limited by this
COMPUTER SCIENCE; ELECTRICAL,                         institution's lack of support for a field as
MECHANICAL, AND CHEMICAL                              important and relevant as Native Studies. I am
ENGINEERING; ENVIRONMENTAL                            personally tired of the rhetoric of
STUDIES; MINING AND GEOLOGY;                          "understanding" this institution constantly
ECONOMICS; MANAGEMENT; MEDICINE;                      proclaims about Aboriginal people's education.
PSYCHOLOGY; PHYSICAL AND                              In fact nothing is currently being done to support
PSYCHOSOCIAL REHABILITATION, AND                      a program that is rapidly expanding as more and
ENGLISH LANGUAGE, and particularly                    more people see the many needs that Native
FOOD TECHNOLOGY and                                   Studies serves for both Aboriginal and non-
ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING.                            Aboriginal scholars and students. I am a strong
                                                      believer in the positive roles that students play in
Fo r more information, please contact:                the field of Native Studies, we add to its
University of Tuzla: Dr. Sefik Mulabegovic,           knowledge through our presence and also
Chair, Summer University Committee                    through our expressions of our personal
M. Fizofica Fiska 6, 75001 Tuzla, Bosnia-             intents while engaged in Native Studies research
Herzegovina                                           and writing.
Phone: +387 75 252058 / 252061;
      I would appreciate feedback from anyone
interested in such issues.    Thank you for           K.I.D.S. Report January 13, 1997: Native
your time and hope to hear from someone soon.         Americans

Catherine Helen Gay Wheaton                               Summary: Cheyenne Indian Art and Native
<>                                American Art Reviewed by Lesley P. and Tadgh
                                                       P. “We like this page because there are pictures
                                                      of a lot of different types of Native Art. There
Hello, I'm student's to the University of Quebec à     is a lot of information on the main page. Native
Montreal. I'm doing a research about                  American Dancing Reviewed by Chas T. This
Contemporary Aboriginal Theater. Perharps, you        site has a lot of information on powwows. It has
can give me some suggestions about memory             pictures, information, and a schedule of
and books than I should reading. Who are the          powwows.”
contemporary aboriginal playwritters and
directors of compagnies in Canada?. What kind
of Theatre did they make ? Intervention theatre?      11th Annual Convention of American Indian
political theatre ? Aesthetical theatre? where did    Psychologists and Psychology Graduate
they can produce their plays? what kind of            Students
problems did they meet? also if there a actors
unions, director unions and writers unions            Bear Lake Retreat: 5:00 pm June 21
aboriginal theater Thanks                             Convention June 22 –23
                                                      Contact : AISP Office,
Bonjour, je suis étudiant en maîtrise à               Psychology Department
l'Université du Québec à montréal. Je inscrit en      2810 University Blvd
programme d'echange avec l'université de              Utah State University
Nice-Sophia-Antipolis in France. Je fait              Logan, Utah 84322-2810
actuellement une recherche sur le Theâtre             Email
Amérindien Contemporain au Canada. Peut être
pourriez-vous me fournir des informations sur         The Utah State University Psychology
qui sont les auteurs, les metteurs en scènes          Department and Indain Health Service invite you
actuels? Quel sont leurs discours et leur formes      to attend the 11th Annual Convention of
theatrales? existe-il déjà des these sur le theatre   American Indian Psychologists and Psychology
contemporain amérindien, leurs auteurs, ou            Graduate Students and Retreat and to present
directeurs?                                           your research, your ideas, and/or your work. Dr.
Je suis impatien d'obtenir vos suggestions et         Candace Fleming will develop and moderate the
référence.                                            Convention agenda this year. You are also
Merci, pour votre aimable collaboration et votre      invited to participate in the SIP Business
aide précieuse.                                       Meeting and Reception.

Name : LOREL Thierry
Adress : 4827 Coloniale
H2T - 1W3
Montréal (Quebec)

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