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									           Little Miss Pumpkin’s Pageant 2010

                           Sponsored By
                  Placer County Fair & Event Center
              Directed by Kennedy Pageant Productions

                  Application & Information Form

                   Date October 23rd 4:00pm
       Location ~ Lauppe Hall Building ~ Placer County Fairgrounds
              800 All America City Blvd, Roseville, Ca 95678

                   Girls Ages 3mos yr -11 years of age
                          Entry Fee $10 each

   Name _____________________________________

   Address _____________________________

   City_______________ ZIP ______________

   Age ____________Birth Date ___/___/____

   Cell Phone ______________Home Line____________

   E-Mail Address _____________________________________
Information about yourself: (Circle or Answer)

a.   Have you ever been in Pageant Before? Y/N Since_____
b.   Is this your first time? Y/N
c.   Do you like people? Y/N
d.   Would you have people coming to watch you in this Pageant? Y/N How
     many___? Approx.

           Would you like the Photographer take pictures of you?     Y/N

    Category    (Check Below)

     Mini Miss Pumpkin           3mos – 11 mos ____

     Tiny Miss Pumpkin               1yr- 2 -yrs ____

     Wee Miss Pumpkin                 3- 5 yrs   ____

     Little Miss Pumpkin              6-8 yrs    ____

     Jr. Miss Pumpkin                 9-11 yrs   ____

                                      Title & Awards

                         Mini Miss Pumpkin          $10 Check, Sash & Crown
                         Tiny Miss Pumpkin          $10 Check, Sash & Crown
                         Wee Miss Pumpkin           $10 Check, Sash & Crown
                         Little Miss Pumpkin        $10. Check, Sash & Crown
                         Jr. Miss Pumpkin           $10. Check, Sash & Crown

           All Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation
        Scholarships will be awarded within 2 weeks of pageant in Mail
               Application & Entry Fee Deadline : October 23rd, 2010

                         Checks Payable to: Placer County Fair

                              800-All America City Blvd
                                  Roseville, Ca 95678
                          Bring in to office with cash or check
                  Accepting Applications at the door if we have openings
                          Contest is limited to 36 contestants

Signature of Contestant ____________________Signature of Parent_________________
Date _________                              Date_____________

Kennedy Pageant Productions Senior Director Directing the Little Miss Pumpkins Pageant for
“Halloween Adventure” @ Placer County Fair Trick or Treat Street

                            Pageant Dress & Judging
A. All contestants will be judged in “Halloween or Harvest Wear”

B. Dress, pants, skirts, tops, hair ribbons, buttons, anything cute and
   delightful for a Fall or Halloween festival.

C. No false hair, finger nails, and only light makeup allowed.

D. Question will be asked on stage by Host & Hostess (age)

    E.   No Extra props please.
    F.   No Rehearsals

Judges will be judging on personality of contestant and how they are received by only the
judges, not the audience.
There shall be 3 Judges for the Pageant Contest.
Please no on stage movable animation! These contestants will not be allowed to go on

Any questions on Little Miss Pumpkin’s Pageant. You may contact Senior Director
Patty Kennedy Office phone 781-3036 or cell 847-0866 E-mail address

www.kennedypageantproductions.com            or www.placercountyfair.org

Return this compete Copy, but make one for yourself.

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