; Clearwater
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 Directory' .

    is a Wollde1ful Place to...
    Live... Learn... Work... Play
                               MISSION Statement:
"Tbt .JlissIOll of tbe CI(}' of Cletlrll'1I1t r Is to /JrrJl'/t/e cosl tl{eclil'e
      l                                                 1

unlt,ieijJal ser,'lces alld illfrastr"c/llw IIeceSStl'J' for (/ blp,lJ qtltlli(J' of life
fiJr till 011,. ciIiZtl"s."

                                 VISION Statement:
".\1Jtlrkli1lg Clearwaler ;s II        lI"I(JIII!~J' beautiflll (lnd        I'ibrelnl ll'iI/t1rjnJllt
COI1",I1I1li(J'tbal is socilll~J' tlllti ('CtJI10I11iclll{J' dil·(·rse. I/lal W;III't.·sls ,,,
itself. lint/Is II U'Ollt/t'rJul pltu:e 10 Ii,'e, learll, work tllld play"

ElIcb elel1wlIl IbtlllJ(~IJJjglJtsIlJe kt:J' priorities relattls llirect~)· IJilek to tbe
0fficltll ci(J' viS/Oil.

Clearwater is a Wondeiful Place 10 Live. /I bas:
• A Safe. Clean, Green Environment
• Safe. Comfortable. Walkable Neighborhoods
• Well Maintained Housing Stock in all Markets

Clearu'aler is a Wondet;{ul Place 10 Leanl.                                 /I pnu'ides its
citiZt'lIs with:
• High Quality Education

Clearwater is a               W~,nderful         Place 10 Work.            11 sec!ks:
• Economic Vitality and Reinvestment
• Diverse, High-Paying Jobs

Qearu1ater is a Wondetj"ul Place 1o Play.                                 It offers:
• A Variety of Cultural and Recreational Offerings

aearwater provides tbe infrastn,ctllre 1o support aU its
To enSUre IlJat Ihe cil)' relllilills           (l   }:1l!£lt plllce 10 lil'e. learll. llYJrk lIlld
pl{~)~    Cle£lnl'tller I",~.ds ill:
•   Well Maintained Infrastructure
•   Efficient, Responsive City Services
•   Efficient Transportation Systems
•   Communication

Special places in Cleant'aler belong to everyone in tbe
l'UYJ t's/Jecltll{)' illljJortlllll to   till   cilize".( tire:
• A Quality Beach Environment
• A Vibrant Downtown that's Mindful of its Heritage
On behalf of the City Council and employees, I present the Clearwater
Citizen's Guide, your link to services. information, and resources you need.
Here at the city, the needs of our residents, business owners, and visitors are
our primary focus. We make every effort to provide services you want and
need. During recent development of a new citywide vision, staff met with
more than 300 people at nine locations throughout the city to find what
really mattered to the people of Clearwater. In response, we tailored our
vision to what Is Important to residents - to you.

Our vision reflects the strengths and beauty of Clearwater as a wonderful
place to live, leam, work, and play. Infrastructure continues to be a focal
point of the decisions we make, as does the beach and downtown as not
just places, but as desfinatlons. We are also very focused on neighborhoods
that are the backbone of our city, and we strive to maintain and improve the
quality of life In all our neighborhoods. This Is accomplished with a
determined collaboration between the city and our neighborhood

We continue to concentrate on our five priorities In our planning process
and resource distribution: public safety, economic development,
infrastructure maintenance, quality of life, and human resource Issues.

I urge you to get Involved with your community any way you can. By going
to the "Getting Involved" sectfon on page 4, you can learn how to
participate in local government and continue to make Clearwater a great
place to live.


-.::/---<!:' - ~ ,/   h'/~-r'
Frank V. Hibbard

    Councilmember         Councilmember   Councilmember        Councilmember
       John Doran         Hoyt Hamilton     Bill Jonson       Carlen A. Petersen

                         - ~
                        Frank Hibbard, Mayor
John Doran. Councilmember               Hoyt Hamilton, Councllmember
Bill Jonson. Councilmember            Carlen Petersen, Councllmember

The Citizen's Guide Is produced by the City of Clearwater Public
Communications Department. We hope you find It to be an Informative
guide to all that the City of Clearwater has to offer. If you have a question
about the guide, please take a moment to call us at (727) 562-4681, or
write to us with your comments at City of Clearwater Public
Communications Department, P.O. Box 4748. Clearwater. FL 33758. or
EHTlall us at: publlc.communlcatlons@myclearwater.com.

               TABLE OF CONTENTS
Emergency & Disaster                         Post Offices ••••••••••••••••• 17
 Relief Services ••inside back cover
                                            SChools •••••••••••••••••.••17
GET THE FACTS                                Senior Citizen services •••••••• 18
 Government Officials •••••••.••4           Shelters a Assistance ••.•. •••• 18
 CIfy Departments & Services ••••5          Solid Waste & Recycling ••••••• 18
 Conference & Facilify Rentals •••• 7       State of Florida •••••••••••••• 18
 Courts •••••••••••••••••••••8              Transportation ••••••••••••••19
 Customer Service ••.•••••••••• 8            Utilities & Services ••••••••••.• 19
 C·VIEW Channel 15 •••••••••••8              Vehicle & Boat Registration •••• 19
 Disabled Services •••••••••••••8            Visitor Accommodations •••••• 20
 Driver Ucenses •••••••••••••••9             Voting & Elections ••••••••••••20
 Economic Development •••••••9               Wildlife Rescue & Animal Control    20
 Employment ••••••.•.••••••••9
                                            HAVE SOME FUN
 Environmental •••••••••••••••9
                                             Beaches & Waterways ••••••••20
 Events Calendar ••••••••••••• 10
                                             Entertainment & Attractions ••••22
 Federal Information ••••••.••• 10
                                             Ubrary Programs ••••••••••••22
 Fire & Rescue ••••••••••••••• 10
                                             Parks & Recreation ••••••••• • .23
 Gas Soles •••••••••••••••••• 10
                                             Parks •••••••••••••••••••••23
 Hospitals ••••••••••••••••••• 11
                                             Pools •••••••••.••••••••••• 24
 Housing ••••••••••••••••••• 11
                                             Recreation Facilities ••• • • • •••. 24
 Legal Advice & Services ••••••• 11
                                             Sports Facilities & Complexes ••• 25
 Ubraries ••••••••••••••••••• 11
 Marine facilities & Services •••• 11       INDEX
 Neighborhood Services ••••••• 12            Alphabetical Reference Usflng 26-29
 Parking •••••••••••••••••••• 12
                                            STORM INFORMAnON
 Parking Maps ••••••••.•••• 13-14
                                             Flood Hazards ...........•.•..30-31
 Permitting Zoning & Ucensing •• 12

                                             Hurricane Preparedness              32
 Pinellas County •••••••••••••16
 Police ••••••••••••••••••••• 16

                                                        Clearwater Community sailing

     GET __                                             Center •••••••••••••••••517-7776
                                                        Citizens Academy and GotGov!
                                                         • ••••••••••••.•••••••562-4682
     ~!!FACTS                                              Government Involvement
                                                        opportunities for residents and
    Clearwater Is a progressive city
that is committed to enhancing                          Economic Development and
residents' lives while preserving a                     Housing •••••.•••.••••• 562-4220
heritage that is rich in cuUure and                       Downtown Development Board
exquisite in landscape. Here you'll                     and Main street Program
find everything you could expect
                                                        Fire • Rescue •••••••••••562.s334
from a tropical paradise - and much                        Community Response Team
more. Literally translated laClear                      (CERT) and Fire Explorers
Water" from the native Indian
·Pocotopaug," the area was named                        Ubrary System
for Its abundant fresh springs along                      Youth •••••••••562-4970 x 5244
the shore. settled by colonists In the                    Adult •••••••••562-4970 x 5284
mid-l83Os, It was not until the 18905
that Clearwater gained a reputation                     Neighborhood Services •• 562-4585
as a resort community.
                                                        Parks 81 Recreation •..••• 562-4800
    Today, fun and sun lovers still
come from around the world, and                         Police Department ••••••562-4167
atthough Oearwater is a great spot
10 get away, it's an even better place
to live. Our community is friendly and
socially responsive, and our city                       GOVERNMENT
government Is economically active
and environmentally conscious. The                      OFFICIALS
city provtdes citizens with the                            The City of Clearwater is
programs and resources they need
                                                        governed by a Council/City
and the amenities they desire.
                                                        Manager form of government. and
GETI'ING INVOLVED                                       the City Manager serves as the
                                                        Chief Executive and Administrative
    Residents are encouraged to get
involved in local government                            Officer of the City. The Clearwater
fhrough a variety of board or                           City Council Is comprised of the
volunteer opportunities. Whether you                    Mayor and four Councllmembers
join your neighborhood association,                     who each serve three-year terms.
clean a neighborhood park, or sit on                    The Council Is responsible for setting
an advisory board. you can help                         policies and making decisions on
keep Clearwater a great community.                      local government issues including
                                                        tax rates, annexations. rezonings.
Advisory Boards and Agencies                            and large contract awards.
      • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •562-4093
                                                           The Council strives to maintain
Adopt-a-street •••••••••• 562-4950                      Clearwater's reputation as an
   Volunteers clean an area of                          Innovative leader in the delivery of

municipal services while developing           City utility (Public Service) taxes
programs, practices, policies and          and franchise fees questions and
procedures that work within a              concerns: cable television, telecom-
conservative budget and strive to          munications, electric. fuel oil,
achieve a high level of citizen            natural gas and propane
satisfaction.                              City Manager's Office •• 562-4040
    Council meetings are typically            Chief executive and
held the first and third Thursday of       administrative officer
each month at 6 p.m. in the City           City Council •••••.••.•562-4042
Hall Council Chambers. The public             Elected representatives of the
is encouraged to speak at the              city
meetings. Contact the City Clerk's
Office at 562004093 for additional         C-VIEW 15 ••••••.••••• 562-4284
information.                                 Clty-operated cable station,
                                           Council and board meetings, news
Contact Information                        and informative shows
  The City of Clearwater welcomes          Customer Service ••••• 562-4600
your comments and suggestions.               Water, sewer. gas, solid waste
Mayor:                                     and recycling start-up. utility billing,
   Phone •.•.••••••• 727-562-4050          meter reading. and payment
   Fax ••••••••••••• 727-562-4052    Development and Neighborhood
City Councilmembers:                 services
   Phone •.•.••••••• 727-562-4042       Permitting, licensing. community
   Fax ••••••••••••• 727-562-4052    response
City Manager:                           Building Division••••• 562-4567
   Phone ••••••••••• 727-562-4040     www.myc/eotwater.com/epermlts
   Fax •••••••••••••727-562-4052        Building permits and businessl
                                     occupational licensing.
Mailing Address:                     Development guides are available
   Office of the Mayor               on the website.
   Offices of the City Council          Business/Occupational
   P.O. Box 4748                         Ucenslng ••••••••• 562-4567
   Clearwater. FL 33758-4748            Building Inspections 562-4580
   A complete listing of city e-mail    Building Review ....... 562-4567
addresses is available on the city·s    Community Response
website at www.myc/earwoler.com          Team •..••••••••• 562-4720
                                        Code enforcement, property
                                     maintenance codes, public
CITY DEPARTMENTS nuisance. and citizen complaints
&    SERVICES                           Fire Inspections •.••• 562-4327
Airpark ••.•.••••.•••• 443-3433         Neighborhood services
   1000 Hercules Ave. N.              •••••••••..••.••.••.• 562~5
                                        Resource for neighborhoods, link
Beach Safety •••.••.•• 462·6963 . to city government and services.
   Lifeguards. beach safety, rules   block party permits, educational
and regulations                      programs, beautification
City Audit •••••••••••. 562-4550 recognition awards

Development Review ••• 562·4582                  Mayo"s OllIe••••••••• 562-41050
    Zoning Information, site pion                OffIcial Records •
review, appointments. and                        legislative services. • •• 562·4090
temporary events                                    City archives, records
Economic Development. 562·4220                   management, Council agendas
    Busfness retention and                       and minutes. elections, public
development                                      hearings, and advisory boards
Equity services •••••••• 562-4060                Long Range Planning ••• 562-4558
    Ensure equal employment                                                  or 562-4553
opportunities for City of Clearwater                Re-zonlng and land use. plan
employees, communities for a                     amendments. annexation. special
lifetime program. valuing diversity              area plans and growth
initiatives, and ADA compliance                  management
Fire and Rescue ••••••• 562-4334           I
                                                 Parks and Recreation ••• 562-4800
    Fire and EMS services. prevention               Recreation centers, parks, fitness
and education; In an emergency.                  programs, sports. classes, cultural
 ••••••••••••••••••••••call 911                  and environmental programs. and
                                                 beautification and maintenance of
Fire Prevention/ute satety                       park properties
 •••••••••••••••••••••562-4327                   Pier 60 ••••• ••••••••• 462·6466
   Commercial and Assisted Uving                    Fishing pier on Clearwater Beach
facilities residential Inspections; fire         Plans Review ••••••••••562-4567
investigation; prevention and                    Planning Department •• 562·4579
education                                        Police (Non-emergency) 562·4242
Gas System ••.••..•••. 669-1958                     General information. reports.
   Gas utility services. appliance               investigations. neighborhood watch
sales, energy conservation.
                                                 Public Communications. 562·4682
propane (LP) and natural gas
                                                    Public and media relations.
Harborview Center •••• 462·6778                  e-VIEW 15. Graphic Communications
   Waterfront trade show. banquet.               Public Works Administration
and meeting center                                •••••.•••••••••••••••562·4750
Housing Division •••••• 562-4030               !    City construction projects, traffic
   Home rehabilitation and                     I signals and signs. road planning

purchasing assistance, non-profit                and operations. parking system.
public service/facility Improvement              environmental management.
grants                                           sanitary sewers. public. potable and
Human Resources ••••• 562-4870                 I
                                                 reclaimed water supply, and water
   Employment opportunities.                   !
                                                 treatment facilities
recruitment and selection services                  TraffIc Signal Repair•• 562-4750
JobUne ••••••••••••• 562·4888                       Sign Replacement.
                                                    Repair •••••••••••• 562·4750
Ubrary (Main) •••••••• 562·4970                     street Ught Repair ••• 443-2641
   Information on services,                           (Progress Energy Florida)
materials. and programs                             Power Outage •••••• 443- 2641
Marine. Aviation ••••• 462·6954                ;      (Progress Energy Florida)
   ClealWater Marina, Clearwater                    For traffic signals or signs
Beach, Soiling Center. Pier 60,                  needing repair after hours or on
Seminole Boat Ramp, Clearwater                   weekends, call the Pollee
Airpark                                          Communications Center at 562-4242
Public Works Admlnlstrollonl               information on almost every
Engineering •••••••••••562-4750 program and service that the City of
   Prepare project plans, produce          Clearwater provides. Visitors can
designs and AutoCad drawings for           download online forms. get instant
house, street, and utility atlases;        informctton about City services, put
oversee development of City                in a request for service, or e-mail
projects                                   questions and comments through
   City Engineer               562-4743 the "Contact Us" section.
   Environmental. Stormwater
     Management                562-4748
   Assistant City Engineer for
                                           CONFERENCE               &
     Production                562-4760 FACILITY RENTALS
Public services
Department                     562-4950 Harborview Center ...... 462-6778
   City construction proJects, streets     300 Cleveland st.
and sidewalks, urban forestry, sand            Harborview Center is a unique
   City Construction Project               facility designed for meetings.
     Questions •••.•••• 462-6126 conventions, trade shows and
   Sidewalk and street                     special events. It has 65,000 sq. ft. of
     Repair ••••••• •••• 562-4950 meeting and exhibition space on
   Urban Forestry              562·4950 two levels. The Center offers space for
                                  x7202 groups tram 50 to 1,500 attendees
Public Utilities                           while also providing space for
Department ••••••••.••562-4960 exhibitor show booths. A professional
   sanitary sewers, potable and            meeting and planning staff. catering
reclaimed water supply, wastewater         facilities. and a restaurant are also
treatment plants                           located on site. Easy truck access
   Water •••••.••562-4960 x7231 and on-slte parking are available.
   sewer ••.•.•••• 562-4960 x7230       I

   Reclaimed Water                  562- ~ Clearwater Beach Recreation
                             4960x7226 : Complex ••••.••••••• 462·6138
   Wastewater Treatment Plants             69 Bay Esplanade
     Marshall Street ••.•• 462-6660 Clearwater Community Sailing
     Northeast ••••.••.• 462-6668 '
                                           Center                         517-7776
     East                      462·6667
                                           1001 Gulf Blvd.
Recycling ••.••••••••• 562-4920
   Commercial. residential curbside Countryside Recreation
and multi·family recycling                 Center ••••••••••••••• 669-1914
Sailing Center •••••.••. 517·7776 2640 Sabol Springs Dr.
   Sailing classes, membership and
                                           Martin Luther King Recreation
sailboat storage
                                           Center ••                     462-6119
Solid Waste (Garbage) • 562-4920
                                           1201 Douglas Ave.
   Trash and yard waste collection
   Administration •••••• 562-4930 Moccasin Lake Nature Park
Zoning • • • • • . • • •• .••• 562-4604 Environmental. Energy Education
Website                                    Center •• •••••••••••• 462-6024
   www.myclearwater.com                    2750 Park Trail Lane
   The City's website provides

Morningside Recreation                          C-VIEW 15 on Brlghthouse Networks
Complex •••••••••••• 507·4065                   and Knology cable systems. You
2400 Horn Blvd.                                 can log onto the city's website to
                                                check the C-VIEW schedule or
North Greenwood Recreation and                  watch streaming video of Council
Aquatic Complex. • • •• 462-6276
900 N. Martin luther King Ave.                  meetings and C..VIEW shows.
                                                   Council meetings are close
Ross Norton Recreation Complex                  capUoned for the hearing Impaired.
       • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 462·6025 Video tapes of televised meetings

1426 S. Greenwood Ave.
                                                are available at the Main Ubrary. For
Wood Valley Boys and Girls Club                 schedule highligh~, call 562-4CVIEW.
             •••••••••••• ~ 725-1517 _www:myciearwater.com
2816 Park Troll Lane

COURTS           (County)                  DISABLED SERVICES
General Information •••• 464-3000             Disabled citizens can enjoy
Civil ••••••••••••••••• 464-3267 Clearwater with more ease, thanks
                                           to Clearwater's continuing efforts to
Clerk of Circuit Court ••• 464-3267 make the City and its attractions
Criminal ••••••••••••. 464-6793 accessible to everyone. Ensuring
Juvenile • • • • • • • • • • • •• 464-3267 compliance to Americans with
Probate •••••••••••••• 464-3321 : Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
                                           curb ramps have been installed
OffIcial Records ••••••• 464-4876 throughout the city, making every
Small Claims ••••••••• 464-3267 city sidewalk wheelchair accessible.
Traffic ••••••••••••••• 464-8700              Clearwater Municipal Marina has
                                                     Installed a lift system that meets ADA
CUSTOMER SERVICE                                     requirements and is capable of
                                                     accommodating handicapped
Clearwater Customer                                  boaters and guests. The 11ft system
service . . . . • • • • • • • • • • 562·4600         provides access to and from boats
   Clearwater Customer Service Is                    by persons in wheelchairs. The 11ft Is
responsible for providing meter                      available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.,
reading, billing, payment                            daily except Christmas day. Please
processing, collections and contact                  call 462-6954 to make advance
activities for customers of the City of              arrangements. The Marina olso has a
Clearwater's eight utilities: water,                 wheelchair lift in the lobby of the
lawn meters, reclaimed water,                        building to provide access to saMces
wastewater (sewer), stormwater, solid                located on the second floor.
waste. recycling, and the Clearwater                     Sond wheelchairs are available
Gas System.                                          free of charge from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30
                                                     p.m. dally at the Beach Guard
C-VlEW15                                             building located on the south end of
                                                     the Pier 60 parking lot. Please call 462-
Your 24--hour information station
      • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 562·4284       6963 for additional Information.
   Everyone benefits When cttizens                       Clearwater"s aquatic facilities are
take interest In their city and current              ADA compliant. The Long center
Issues. The easiest and most                         training pool. North Greenwood pool.
Informative way Is by tuning Into                    Ross Norton pool, and Clearwater

Beach pool aU have wheelchair                        attract, Identify, and maintain a high
ramps; The Long Center main pool                     quality work force.
and Morningside pool have lifts. The                 Job Une ••••••••••••• 562-4888
Long Center and Ross Norton                             City employment opportunities
Complex are open yeaHound: the                     ; and services
Beach pool Is open until October 31,                 Equal Employment Opportunity
and Morningside and North                            CommIssion (Federal)
Greenwood are open May through                        ••••.•.••.........1 (~) ~~
                                                        Investigates job discrimination
   the Solid Waste/Recycling
                                                     Pinellas COunty OffIce of Human
Department offers special plck-up
services for qualifted elderly or                    Rights (Local Complaints)
disabled residents. For more                          •••••••••••••••••••••~4880
Information, please call 562-4920.                   Social security • 1 (800) 772-1213
                                                     Worker's Compensation
Watson Center for the Blind and
Visually Impaired •••••• 544-4433                       Stale •.••••• 1 (800) 342·1741
Friends of the Deaf •••• 399-9983 st. Petersburg Office. • • • 893-7171
                                                   ~ Workforce and Employment
Parking Permits (County)                                Opportunities (state)
 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • · • .562-3262    ••••••••••••1 (800) 204-2418 x2
                                                     Employment. Unemployment
DRIVER LICENSES                                      Work Net Pinellas • •••• 5~344
Department of Highway safety •                          Employment & unemployment
Motor Vehicles (State) •• 725-7944                       ~wo'knetp/neIlQs.org
2465 McMullen Booth Rood

ECONOMIC                                       ENVIRONMENTAL
DEVELOPMENT                                       These agencies maintain a
                                               balance between Clearwater's
Economic Development
                                               ecosystem and the needs of Its
Department •••••••••• 562-4220                 residents.
   The Economic Development
                                               Cooperative Extension
Department assists businesses to
locate, relocate or expand In the City         Service (County) •••••• 582·2100
of Clearwater as part of the overall           Department of Environmental
plan to support the community by               Protection Information Une
fostering the growth of wealth and             (state) ••••••.•1 (800) 741-4337
value-added Jobs. The department is            Environmental Management Code
dedicated to providing a high                  Enforcement (County) •. ~4761
standard of customer service, and Its          Environmental Division,
areas of expertise include assistance          Stormwater
with redevelopment projects,                   Management ••••••••• 562-4742
Enterprise Zone Incentives, and
                                               Hazardous Waste Disposal
                                               (County) ••••••••••••• 464·7500
                                               Mulch Sites • • • • • • • • • • • 562-4930
EMPLOYMENT                                     Recycling •••••••••••• 562-4920
Human Resources
                                               sewer Spill Reporting
  The City of Clearwater Human
Resources Department strives to                (7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.) 562-4960 x7229

sewer Spill Reporting                                            life safety, hazard Inspections. and
(3:30 p.m.-7 a.m.) ••••••462-6633                                fire code enforcement. In addition,
Solid Waste Operations                                       .   they also educate and Inform the
(County) ••••••••••••• 464-7500                              ~   public about the danger of fire and
 Water Conservation and Watering                             ~   natural or manmade disasters.
Days •••••••••••562·4960 x7231                               ~   EMERGENCy ••••••••••••••• 911
Water Testing                                                :   Administration •••••••• 562·4334
City ••••••••••••562-4960 x7227                              ;       NOrHJmergency information
(County) •••••••••••••582.2302                               :   Disaster and Storm Information
Water Leak Reporting                                             During an Emergency •• 562·4420
(I a.m.-3:3O pm) ••• .562-4960 x7231                             Emergency Management. 562·4045
Waler Leak Reporting                                             Emergency Medical
(3:30 p.m.-7 am.) •••••••• A62.6633                              Services (Sunstar) ••••• 530-1234
Waler Conservation Devices                                           Non-emergency ambulance
••• • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .562-4960       Fire Public Information
Rebates                                                          Officer ••••••••• 562-4334 x3199
   Rain sensor •••••••• 562·4600 :                               Inspection and
   Toilet •••••••••••••• 725.2604                                Prevention ••••••••••• 562·4327
EVENTS CALENDAR                                                      #44 950 Gulf Blvd. (Sand Key)
   There Is always something                                         #45 610 Franklin Street (Main)
happening In Clearwater and the                                      #46 534 Mandalay Ave.
surrounding communities. The                                              (Clearwater Beach)
calendar of events is available                                      #47 1460 Lakeview Rd.
online at www.myc/eotwotet.com                                            (Safety Village site)
                                                                     #48 1700 N. Belcher Rd.
                                                                          (Across from the long Center)
FEDERAL                                                              #49 565 Sky Harbor Dr.
INFORMATION                                                               (Next to Clearwater Mall)
Federal Operator                                                     #50 2681 Countryside Blvd.
  . • • • • . . . • • . • . •1 (800) 688-9889                             (Behind Countryside Mall)
        or http://www.''rstgov.gov                                   #51 1720 Overbrook Ave.
    Directory assistance Information
for federal government                                            GAS SALES
departments, programs. and                                        Clearwater Gas System. 669-1958
                                                                     Clearwater Gas System supplies
                                                                  money-savlng natural and propane
FIRE & RESCUE                                                     gas service to residents of Clearwater
                                                                  and 16 other municipalities in north
   The Clearwater Fire and Rescue
Department serves the community                                   Pinellas and southwest Pasco
with strategically located stations                               Counties. Gas System technicians
that provide four- to six-mlnute                                  Install and service piping and gas
response times throughout the City.                               appliances. The Energy Center In the
They provide fire suppression.                                    Campus Walk Shopping Center
emergency medical services. water                                 (2551 Drew Street) features a wide
rescue, and technical rescue to                                   selection of gas ranges and
confined space and high angle                                     cooktops. dryers, water heaters,
incidents. The department provides                                pool and spa heaters and grills.

                                                the nafton. With a collection of over
HOSPITALS                                       half a million Items and a
Mease Countryside.•••• 725-6111                 comprehensive website, browsers
3231 McMullen Booth Rd.                         can access many library services
Morton Plant ...•...•.. 462·7000                Including adult and chlldren·s
300 Pinellas St.                                programs, FROG database of
                                                community organizations. and
HOUSING                                         various Internet sUes. The Ubrary
Housing •••.••••••••• 562·4030                  website can be accessed at
   Housing provides home                        www.myc/earwaler.com/cpl. The
rehabilitation and pUrchasing                   Clearwater Public Ubrary Is a
assJstance. and non-proftt public               member of the Pinellas Public Ubrary
service/facility improvement grants.            Cooperative.
Clearwater Housing                              Clearwater Public Ubrarles
Authority ••••••••••••• 461·5777                Administration •• 562·4970 x5281
Clearwater Neighborhood
                                                Main Ubrary •••••••••• 562-4970
Housing Services •••••• 442·4155
                                                100 N. Osceola Ave.
Grace House •••••••.• 446-5964                  Beach Branch •••••••• 462-6890
                                           : 483 Mandalay Ave.
LEGAL                                      I

                                                East Branch •.•••••••••669-1280
ADVICE         & SERVICES                       2251 Drew Sf.
AHorneys                                        Countryside Branch •••• 669-1290
   County •••••••••••• 464·3354
  state ••••••••.•••• 464-6221                  2741 S.R.580
                                                North Greenwood Branch 462-6895
Clearwater Bar
Association .•.••••••• 461·4869                 905. N. Martin luther King Jr. Ave.
                                                Pinellas Talking Book
Complaints Against
                                                Ubrary ••••••••••••.• 441-9958
Businesses •••.••••.•.       ~6200
   Pinellas County Consumer Affairs
   Protection                                   MARINE FACILITIES
Eviction • • • • • • • • •••.•• 582·6240        & SERVICES
   Pinellas County Sheriffts                    Clearwater Municipal
   Department                                   Marina •••••••••••••• 462-6954
GuUcoasf Legal Services .443-0657               25 Causeway Blvd.
  Legal Aid                                        Sightseeing, dinner, party and
                                                chartered fishing boats, boat rentals,
Law Ubrary ••••••.••.• 464-3411      parasaillng. diving, sailing and
Lawyer RefeRal •••••.• 461·4880      dolphin watching vessels are
                                   , available. The Marina features a
Liens                                nautical shop, restaurant, barber
   City of Clearwater .•• 562-4093 shop, gift shop, dentist and post
   Pinellas County ••••. 464-4876 office. It has a free fishing pier with
Public Defender (state) • 464-6516 free pump-outs for all boats.
                                     Permanent and transient boat slip
                                     rentals and marine fuels are
LIBRARIES                            available. Fuel docks are open from
   The Clearwater Public Ubrary      6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. dally. except
System Is rated among the top In     for Christmas day.

Clearwater Community sailing          programs such as the "Parle 'n Go"
Center ••••••••••••••• 517-7776 pre-pald parking cards. which are
1001 Gulf Blvd.                       accepted In all City parking meters.
   Youth, basic and Intermediate      Permit Parking Is available for
sailing classes are offered, and a    certain downtown locations on a
Sailing Membership Program Is       , monthly/quarterly basis. Additionally.
available. The center features yoga ~ annual City Resident Permits, valid
and other activities. launch ramps    at several north beach parking lots
and a large banquet and meeting       and the Courtney Campbell
room for rent.                        Parkway Beach. are available tor
                                      purchase (residency requirements).
DEVELOPMENT                &          All rates/programs subject to
                                      change. V IMCI AMEX accepted.
SERVICES                               ,PERMI7TING,
Neighborhood services. 562·4554 ZONING                 &
                           or 562-4585 : LICENSING
   Neighborhood services helps        I

facilitate -neighborhood vlsJonlng       Address Change •••••• 562·4750
workshops· to help residents Identtfy  :    Public Works Administraflon
important neighborhood Issues and        Alcoholic Beverage/Tobacco
create partnerships to help them         Ucense ••••••••• (850) 487.1395
achieve their visions. other services       State Department of Business
include offering assistance In           and Professional Regulation
creating or Implementing block party
or neighborhood acttvifles.            ,Annexation •••.•••.•• 562·4553
developing and Implementing                 Planning Department or 562-.4836
neighborhood plans. and being a          Block Party •••••• • • · • · 562·4585
resource for Clearwater residents and       Development and
their neighborhoods.                     Neighborhood Services
                                         Building Permit •••••••• 562·4567
PARKING                                     Development and
                                         Neighborhood Services
Clearwater Parking                       Business Tax (Occupational
System •••••••••••••• 562·4750              Ucense) ••••••••••• 562~7
Parking System Hotline ••• 562-4892         Development and
Parking EnIoIcement (866) 353-7137 Neighborhood services
   The Parking System manages            Clearing • Grubbing
near1\' 4.000 public parking spaces In Perm" ••••••••••••••• 562·4741
downtown and the beach. both on             Development and
and off street. Hourly rates vary from   Neighborhood services

$0.25 to $2 depending on location
                                         Community Development Code/

and season. All beach parking Is
                                       ; Municipal Code Corporation
enforced dally while downtown
                                          ••.••.•••.•.•••• 1·800~·2633
parking Is enforced Monday through       Construction In
Friday.                                  Rights-of-Way ••••••••• 562·4750
    For your convenience. the Parking       Public Works Administration
System offers a variety of parking

Clearwater Beach Parking
                        . City Parking Lots

                         30 Marina
                            (Permits Only)

                         31   Pier 60
                              (Cashier lot)

                         32 S. Gulfvlew Blvd.
                            (Cashier lot)

                         34 Mandalay Ave
                            (S. of Papaya Sf.)

                         35 Mandalay Ave.
                            (N. of Papaya Sf.)

                         36* Rockaway Street

                         37* Avalon/Kendall

                         38* Bay Esplanade

                         39* McKav Field

                         40 Sand Key
                              (Not Shown)

                         43 Gateway

            DEVON OR.     Beach Streets (Meters)

                          * Resident Permits valid
                            at these locations.


                         Downtown Parking

                                      ~                                DREW ST.
                   - - - - - - -....~ - - - t - - r - -..........--......_~I- ...
                                      z                                HENDRICKS ST.

                                      LAURA ST.                             lAURA ST.

                                                   z             LLi
                                                  0              ?(
                                                  !a                        PARK ST.
                                                  a:             Z
                                      iii         Q:             w
                                                  :              0
                              10      S
                                                  tt             -<
                                                                         23       .:1·   w
                                                                 en                      >
                                      0           2:                       PIERCE ST.
      N                                                                                  ~



                                                                       CHESTNUT ST.

City Garages
A Garden Avenue Garage                           16 Court Sf. & Garden Ave.
B Municipal Services Garage                      17 Court Sf. & Ft. Harrison
(Open to the public on weeknights                19 Court Sf. Be Osceola Ave.
and weekends only)                               22 Oak Ave. between Osceola &
                                                    Chestnut st.
City Parking Lots                                23 620 Pierce st.
1 Osceola South of Ubrary                        24 Court St.
2 Harborvlew Center                              29 420 S. Ff. Harrison Ave.
4 North Garden Avenue
5 Coachman
10 City Hall                                     Drew street (on street)
11 Pierce Blvd. S. of Cleveland St.              Cleveland Street (on street)
13 Large Courthouse Lot                          Osceola Avenue (on street)
14 Drew Street Extension                         Downtown Streets (meters)
15 220 Pierce St.

Demolition Permit ••     * ....   562-4567 I Parking Permit .......                * •••   562-4704
   Development and                                               Downtown permits and
Neighborhood Services                                 ~       validations resident and beach
Dock Approval                    562-4604 . emdPloyee permits, pre-pald parking
                                            cor s         I

   Planning Department                    I
                                               Public Works Administration
Electrical Permit • ....... • .. 562-4567 Pen I       I /Ch I I Sf
   Development and                              0 eum       em co orage
N I hb rh d Sa i                            Tanks                             562-4742
  ego 00             rv ces                    Underground and aboveground
Fence Permit                     562-4567 installations, removals and
   Development and                          upgrades
Neighborhood                     Services      Public Works Administration
Fingerprinting • •               562-4441 Pi II       C    tv c t t
   Police                                     ne as oun         on rae or
                                            Ucense ••••..•••••••• 536-4720
Fireworks                        562-4327:     Pinellas County Construction
   Fire                                        Ucenslng Board
Gas Piping or Appliance                               II

Installation                     562-4567 Planning Information •
                         .                . Applications • • • • ..... • .. • 562-4604
   DeveIopment 5ervlces                        PI annng 0 epa rtm ent
Good Conduct Letters •• 562-4441 Plumbing Permit  I'                         562-4567
    Police                                     Development and Neighborhood
Grease Interceptor Registration                Services
   Public Utilities ••• 462-6660 X235
                                            Prison Visitation
Handbill Permit                  562-4448 Application                        562-4441
   Pollee                                 I    Police
Heating Fuel Tanks .. • • • • 538-7277 Recovered Materials Dealer
                                     X1136        .           Permit                       562-4930
   Installation and removal of                   j
                                                                Solid Waste
regulated tanks underground> 110                              Rezoning                     562-4836
gal.. above ground >550 gal.                                                           or 562-4553
Industrial Wastewater Discharge                  II              Planning Department
Permits               462-6660 x227                           Roll-off Container service 562-4920
   Public Utilities                          I                   Solid Waste
Uquld Hauler Transporters                                     Sign/Banner
Permit ••••.•.••• 462-6660 x227              I                Permit                       562-4667
   Public Utilities                          !                  Development and
Mechanical Permit •••. 562-4567                               Neighborhood Services
   Development and                                            Site Plan
Neighborhood Services                        i                Approval                     562-4604
O ccup atlona I Ucense. • 562•4567           I                   Planning Department
   Development and                             Solicitor Permit • ........ • • 562-4448
Neighborhood SerVices                            Police
Open Bum Permit •••••. 562.4327              I Sound Permit. • • • ••• • • 562·4152
  Fire                                           Police

Special Event Perm"•••• 562-4811 Passport ••••••••••••• 464 4876
   Parks & Recreation               Property Appraiser ••••• 464·3207
Slale Contractor                    Public Affairs Information 464 4600
Ucense ••••••••••1-850-487-1395 School Board ••••••••• 588-6300
   state Department of Business and Sherttrs Department •••• 582-6200
    Professional RegUlation
Street Name Changes •• 562-4750 POLICE
   Public Works Administration         Clearwater prides itself on the
Taxi/Umo Driver Permit • 562-4448 dedlcalfon of Its police department.
   PoJlce                           whose purpose Is to provide
Tenl Permit ••••••••••• 562·4567 Impartial. professional, and
   Development services             communlty-orlented services to
                                    proted and enrich the lives of
Tree Removal Permit
                                    Clearwater's citizens. The Clearwater
   Planning Department
                                    Police Department Is a state-
   C onsfructl on........· 4741
                          562           redH.ed
   No.~onshu c tI on.... 562-4746 . ace
      -,..                                  II'
Utility Tax Collection •••• 562·4524             EMERGENCY ••••••••••••••• 911
  Financial Services                             Main Department •••••• 562-4242
Vacation of Easements 562-4750                     General Information
  Public Works Administration                      645 Pierce St.
Vacation of Rights-of-Way 562-4750               SUbstations
  Public Works Administration                      Beach •••••••••••• 462·6380
Vendor Applications •••• 562-4044                   700 Bayway Blvd.
  station Square Park                              CJU.P .•••••••.••••••• 298-2491
  Economic Development                              1339 Park St.
Well Drilling                                      Countryside • • • • ••• • 562·4255
                                                    2851 McMullen Booth Rd.
Permit • • • • • •• • • • 1-800-423-1476           Downtown 8lkeTeam •• 462.6352
   Southwest Florida Water                          101 Pierce Blvd.
   Management District (SWFWMD)                    North Greenwood•••• 462-6216
Zoning                                              1310 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Information • • • • • • • • • • • 562-4604         Old Clearwater Bay •• 462.6611
   Planning Department                              1409.A N. Fort Harrison
                                                   South Greenwood ••• 462·6965
PINELLAS COUNTY                                     1453-8 S. Greenwood Ave.
Auto. Boat Registration .562-3262                  Wood Valley •••••••• 724-3072
Birth. Death Records •••507-4330                    2816 Park Troll Lane
Burial Permits ••••••••• 464-8400
Child Care Ucense ••••• 725·9778                 Citizen's Hotline ••••••• 562·4080
Department of Health ••• 469-5800                Community Relations ••• 562-4140
Disabled Parking Permit. 562-3262                Drug np Une .••••••••• 562-4486
Dog • eat Ucense •••••• 582-2600                 Personnel ••••• ••••••• 562·4181
fishing. Hunting Ucense 5624262                  Reports
Information Desk •••••• 464-3000                    To report a crime •••• 562·4242
Maniage Ucense •••••• 4164-4876                     To report an accident 562·4242

   To obtain an                             I'   Dunedin •••• • • • • ... 469·5832
    accident report •••.562·4443                 Eisenhower ••••••••• 725·7978
   Vice .lnfellJgence ••562·4490'                Forest Lakes •••• 813-891-0785
Victim Assistance                       Frontier. • • • • • • • • • • • 538·7335
                                        Fugultt •••••••••••• 588·3576
Program ••••••••••••• 562• 4351
                   or 562-4350          Garrlson-Jones. • • • • 469·5716
                                        Highland Lakes ••••• 724·1429
POST OFFICES                            High Point ••••••••• 538·7440
Information •• • •• 1·800·275-8777      Kings Highway ••••• 469·5963
LocatIons                               Lake Sf. George ••••• 669·1161
   100 Belcher Rd. 5.                   Largo Central •••••• 588·3566
    1851 N. Hercules Ave.               Lelia G. Davis ••••••• 725-7972
   650 Cleveland St.                    McMullen Booth ••••• 669·1800
   45 Causeway Blvd.                    Mildred Helms •••••• 588·3569
   25941 U.S. 19 N.                     North Ward •••.•••• 469-5982
   4600 140 Ave. N.                     Oakhurst •••••••••• 588·6801
SCHOOLS                                 Oldsmar ••••••• 813·855·7316
   Area schools offer excellent         Ozona •••••••••••• 724·1589
educational opportunities for           Palm Harbor •••.••• 669·1156
children. There are a number of         Plumb •• • • • • • • • • • • .469·5976
public and private schools through-     Ponce de Leon ••••• 588·3573
out the vicinity with qualified         Ridgecrest • • • • • • • • • 588·3580
teachers and the latest                 Safety Harbor •••••• 724-1462
technological equipment to give         San Jose •••••••••• 469·5956
children a head start in the            Sandy Lane •••••••• 469-5974
competitive world in which we live.     Skycresf ••••••••••• 469-5987
Community Involvement 588-6405          South Ward •••••••• 469-5991
Dropout Prevention••••• 588. 6069      1Southern Oak •••••• 588-4654
Education Foundation •• 588.4816        Sutherland ••••.•••• 724-1466
GED Information ••••.• 588-6298         Walsingham • ••• • • •• 588-3519
General Information                 '
                                    I Middle SChools (PUblic)
Services ••••••••••••• 588·6297         Carwlse ••••••••••• 724-1442
Homework Helpline (M-Th: 5-8 p.m.)      Coachman
   North of Curlew Rd••• 442-3226      :1Fundamental •••••• 669-1190
   South of Curlew Rd••• 547-7223       Dunedin Highland ••• 469-4112
Pinellas County School                  Kennedy ••••••••.•• 298-1609
Board •••••.••••••••• 586-1818          Largo •••••••••••.• 588-4600
SChool Bus Information•• 547-7174 I     Oak Grove ••••••••• 524-4430
nile 1 Cenler •••••.••• 893-2988        Palm Harbor ••••••• 669-1146
Elementary Schools (Public)          safety Harbor •••••• 724-1400
   Anona ••••••••.•.• 588.4730 I     Safety Harbor secondary
   Belcher ••••••••••• 538.7437        SChool ••••••••••• 725·7965
   Belleair ••••••••••• 469-5983 , High SChools (PUblic)
   Curlew Creek •••••• 724-1423:     Clearwater ••••••••• 298-1620
   Curtis Fundamental •• 469-5996 r  Countryside •..••••• 725-7956
   Cypress Woods ••••• 538-7325 I    Dunedin ••••••••••• 469-4100

   Largo ••••••••••••• 588-3758 I                   Haven
   Palm Harbor University 669·1131,                   (Domestic Violence) .442·4128
   Pinellas Park ••••••• 538·7410                   Homeless Emergency
Alternative Schools                                   Project •••••••••••• 442-9041
   Calvin A. Hunsinger Exceptional                  Medicaid.. •••••••••• 469-5700
   Education Center •••• 469-4260                     Department of Children and family
 Clearwater rntennedIate ••• 298-1616               Quest Inn •••.•••••••• 443-2067
   Paul B. Stephens Exceptional                     Rape Crisis Center
   Education center •••• 725-7982                     (Counseling) ••••••• 530·7273
   Robinson Challenge • 469-4265                    Religious Community
Adult Education                                       services •••• • · • • • • • 584-3528
   Clearwater Adult Education                         Grace House •••••••446-5964
   Center •••••••••••• 469-4190                       Food Pantry. • •• • .. • 443-4031
   Pinellas Technical Education                       Thrift Shop ••••••••• 531-6266
   Center •••••••••••• 538-7167                     Runaway Hotline 1 (800) 786-2929
   Clearwater Campus                                SOLID WASTE              &
st. Petersburg College •• 791-2400                  RECV:C'FI'"r.G
   Clearwater Campus                                       ~. L    1'"
SENIOR CITIZEN                                General services/Solid Waste
    TTT.C'E'Ct                                Department ••••••••.• 562-4920
SE'R " ~ ~ ~                                     The SOlid Waste/Recycling
   Clearwater offers seniors a                Department offers a full range of
variety of services including                 residential and commercial waste
healthcare. housing. employment.              management services including
and transportation assistance.                fwlce-weekly garbage collection;
American Association of Retired               curbside recycling; once-a-week
Persons (AARP) •• (866) 595-7678              yard waste plc~ up; and bulk item
Meals on Wheels ••••.• 573.7773             i pick up (Including scrap metal and
Office on Aging ••••••• 562-4830              used appliances) on call.
senior Helpline                  217-8111        Th~ department also furnishes
                  .• • • • • • •              recycling service to the multi-family
SHELTERS &                                    and business sectors, and operates a
  'Ct'LS"rA A.T.C'E                           multknoterial drop-off center at the
AS   J.   ~n.l'Yl                             complex located at 1701 North
    Clearwater provides a range of          i Hercules Ave. Free recycled yard

services for domestic violence              I waste mulch Is also available at this

victims. the homeless, and others In        'site and at Moccasin lake Nature
need of emergency or temporary              . Pork, 2750 Pork Trail lane.
assistance.                                 I       S
AIDS Community ProJect. 449-2437                      TATE OF FLORIDA
Clearwater Homeless Intervention                    AIDS Hotline ••• 1 (800) 352-2437
    Project (C.H.I.~) •••• 466- 6612            1   Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Crisis Intervention                                 Helpline • • • • • • • 1 (800) 234-1253
    Helpline ••••••••••• 344-5555               I   Department of Children and
Family Resources                                    family services ••••••• 588-7038
    (Youths) ••••••••••• 449- 8336                     Aid to Families wUh Dependent
Free Clinic ••••••••••• 447-3041                       Children (AFDC). Medicaid. Food
Guardian Ad utem •••• 464-6528                  I      Stamps
Commission on Human                            Clearwater Airpark •••••443-3433
Relations •••••• 1 (800) 342-8170              Greyhound Terminal ••••796-7315
Department of Highway Safety •                 Pinellas Suncoast Transit
Motor Vehicles •••••••• 562-3262               Authority (PSTA) ••••••• 540-1900
   Locations:                                     Telecommunication Device for
     1663 Gulf to Bay Blvd.                       the Deaf (TDD) •••••• 540-0603
    2465 McMullen Booth Rd.                    PSTA Demand Response
    29399 U.S. Hwy 19 N.                       Transportation
Department of Transportation (DOT)              Elderly and disabled transportation
   Construction ••.•••• 725-7950                   Certification ••.•••••540-1800
   Main Office •••••••• 570-5101                   Reservations .•••••••724-0440
Florida Highway Patrol •• 469-5959             st. Petersburg/Clearwater
Florida Fish" Wildlife/                        International Airport ••••453-7850
Marine Enforcement 863-648-3200
                    or 813-272-2516 '
                                               UTILITIES         &
Information Operator ••• 893-2121
Medicare • • • • • • 1 (877) 602-8816
                                                  Bright House Networks. 329-5015
Southwest Florida Water                           Knology Broadband of
Management District                               Florida. Inc•••• 1 (866) 745-3685
   (SWFWMD) •• 1 (800) 836-0797                City Cemetery •••••••. 562-4093
                                                  Burial information and lot sale
TRANSPORTATION                                 Clearwater Customer
Jolley Trolley •••••••••••• 445-1200
                                               Service •••••••••••••• 562-4600
   Climb aboard the Jolley Trolley for            New service and billing
a relaxing and enjoyable way to                questions for City of Clearwater
travel through Clearwater. The Trolley         utilities: Gas, Reclaimed Water.
operates every 30 minutes from
                                               Recycling, Sewer, Solid Waste,
10 c.m. to 10 p.m. daily.                      stormwater and Water.
Beach Route:                                   Electric Service
   The Trolley runs a loop from the            (Progress Energy) •••••• 443-2641
north end of Clearwater Beach.                 Gas (Clearwater Gas System)
across Clearwater Pass Bridge to                   Sales ••••••••••• •• 669-1958
sand Key, where It turns around at
Bay Park. It stops at the Sheraton, the        Grease Management ••• 462-6660
Shoppes on sand Key, and the
Radisson Hotel.                                Public Utilities •••••••• 562-4960
                                                 Sewage. Water. Reclaimed Water
Downtown Route:                            : Telephone (Verizon) ••••••••••••
  The trolley travels east across                             1 (800) 483-4200
Memorial Causeway, stopping at the           Garbage Collection •••• 562-4920
Island Estates Publlx. The route             Recycling •••••••••••• 562-4930
continues through downtown Clear-
water passing by the post office and
the PSTA bus terminal. It then heads           VEHICLE & BOAT
back to the station via Island Estates,        REGISTRATION
stopping at the Island Way shopping              Pinellas County ••••••562-3262
center, and on request. at the
Clearwater Marine Aquarium.
Clearwater Beach Chamber
of Commerce ••••••••• 447·7600
Clearwater Regional Chamber
of Commerce ••••••••• 461-0011
Visitors Information C8nter442-3604        Uvlng the good life Is a breeze In
                                       Clearwater. With on Ideal Gulf of
V011NG       & ELECTIONS               Mexico setting. residents and visitors
Democratic Party                       are treated to a myriad of water
of Pinellas County ••••• 327·2796      sports and recreational activities
RepUblican Party                       Including boaftng, fishing, scuba
of Pinellas County ••••• 539-6009
                                       diving. and volleyball. Ample
Supervisor of Elections •• 464·3551    amenities abound citywide.
Voter Registration                     Choose from fine dining at gourmet
Information •••••••••• 464-3551        restaurants to casual dining at
                                       waterfront seafood houses, or
WILDLIFE RESCUE &                      shopping in Clearwater's many
ANIMAL CONTROL                         boutiques. Farmers Market. and
Animal Abuse ••••••••• 797-7722        street side art exhlbUs.
   Pinellas Humane Society
Animal Control Iervlces • 582-2600
                                       BEACHES &
Clearwater Marine                      WATERWAYS
Aquarium •••••••• 441-1790 x224           With miles of soft white sand and
   Turtles                             sparkling waterways, Clearwater's
Dead Animal in Roadway                 beaches rate among the best In the
   Clearwater Streets Only 562-4920    state and in the nation. Enjoy It all,
   County Roads •••••••464-8900        but please observe the follOWing
   State Roads ••••••••570-5101        beach rules:
Emergency •••• 1 (888) 404-3922
   Alligators and Violations               • Clearwater's beaches are open
florida Fish • Wildlife I                    every day. year round
Marine Enforcement 1 (888) 404-3922        • Beach Guards are on duty dally
   Porpoises and Manatees                    from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sociely for the Prevention of              • No alcohol is permitted on the
Cruelty                                      beach
to Animals (SPCA) ••••• 586-3591
                                           • Swim within the sate bathing limit
Suneoast seabird
sanctuary ••••••••••.• 391·6211              at all times. an area extending
                                             300 feet west of the high water
Para Informacion de servicios                line that is clearly marked by
munlclpales de 10 Cluded de                  buoys or pilings
Clearwater en espanal, lIame 01
(727) 562-4252. Habra opportunldad      • Boaters and Jet skiers are not
de deJar un mensaJe dlrlgldo a un         allowed Inside the safe bathing
departamento especffico para que          limit area
algulen de 10 eludad Ie regrese su      • In the spring. when the water
lIemada.                              ,   reaches about 70 degrees,
   www.myclealWater.com               I   remember to do the ·Stingray

  Shuffle- to scatter the rays and              after sunset. Join local artists.
  avoid an unpleasant sflng.                    craftspeople and performers at
                                                this famous landmark
Clearwater Beach                               Activities:
  Hours:                                        Fishing. shopping, dining and
   Open dany with Beach Guards                  entertainment
   on duty from 9:30 a.m. to                   Facflftles:
    4:30p.m.                                    Restrooms. snack shop. covered
  Location:                                     pavilions. park playground,
   West on U.S. Hwy. 60. served by              telescopes, rod rentals, bolt and
   Jolley Trolley                               tackle. Daily, weekly, and yearly
  Features:                                     fishing passes available
   Rated the Best City Beach on the
   Gulf of Mexico with miles of             sand Key Beach
   white sand and genfte surf                 Hours:
  Activities:                                   Open dally until dark
   Swimming, volleyball, Pier 60              location:
   fishing pier                                 South of Clearwater Pass Bridge
  Facilfties:                                   off Gulf Boulevard. served by
   Beach showers, restrooms,                   Jolley Trolley
   concessions. cabanas,                      Features:
   umbrella rentals, and metered                A 65<Jcre park that Is rated one
   parking                                      of the top 14 beaches in the U.S.
North Clearwater Beach                         Swimming and picnic areas
  Hours:                                      facilities:
    Open dally until dark                       Beach showers. restrooms, and
  Location:                                     metered parking
    North of Memorial Causeway
    on Mandalay Ave" served by
    Jollev Trolley
    Old fishing pier for observation           The project is being done in four
  Activities:                               phases from January 2006 to June
    SWimming and picnic areas               2009. While construction Is going on,
  facilities:                               the beach is stili open and as
    Beach showers. restrooms, and           beautiful as evert
    metered parking                            Phase 1: Pedestrian Improvements
                                            to Coronado Drive.
Pier 60                                        Phase 2: Constructton of the north
   Hours:                                   end, relocating South GUlfview
     Open 24 hours daily                I   Boulevard.
   Location:                                   Phase 3: Construction of the south
     Clearwater Beach. Pier Is              end. which mirrors phase 2.
    located where the beach meets              Phase 4: Cleanup work, dune
    the causeway                            restoration and decoraflve touches.
   Features:                                   Watch the progress by visiting
    Sunsets at Pier 60, every evening : myclearwafer.com/beachwalk
    two hours before to two hours       and click on the webcam.

                                           presents mustc, dance, and
ENTE'RTAINMENT &                           educational programs for all ages.
ATTRACTIONS                                Visual arts exhibits are regularly
Bright House Networks Field                displayed In the spacious gallery.
 • • • • • • • • • • • ••••••••••442-8496 Ruth Eckerd Hall Is one of three area
601 Old Coachman Rd.                       halls where the Florida Orchestra
    The home of the Philadelphia           performs regularly.
Phlllles Spring Training and the           Pier 60 Fishing Pier II
Clearwater Threshers houses                Pier 60 Park •••••••••• 462·6466
approximately 7,000 fixed seats and ,1 Causeway Blvd.
allows for another 1,000 tans on a             A 1.080 foot fishing pier
grassy berm. The state-of..fhe-art         overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.
facility also Includes concessions.        Benches. telescopes, snack bar,
food court, party suites, TIki bar and     fishing. rod rentals. bait, and tackle
children's play area.                    I are available. The park at the foot of
Clearwater Marine                          the pier has picnic tables,
Aquarium •••••••••••• 441-1790 playground, large pavilion. and a
249 Windward Passage                       breathtaking view.
    Uve and model displays of area
marine life inclUding otters. dolphins LIBRARY PROGRAMS
and sea turtles.                               Clearwater libraries provide a
East-West Trail • • •• •••• 562-4852 ' wonderful resource for activities and
    The 4.4-mile trail is designed to      learning. Call 562--4970 for more
provide a safe, off~d, cross-counfy        information on these programs:
route for leisure and commuter travel. Computer Classes-Call for
Access and parking are avaUable at         schedule and registration
The Long Center, Coachman Ridge            Information
Park. Northeast Coachman Park. Cliff       Galleries @ Main-Rotatlng shows
Stephens Park, EC Moore Softball           by local artists and charity
Complex, Del Oro Park and Cooper's         exhibitions
Bayou Park.                                Films on the Bluff-Award winning
Moccasin Lake Nature Park                ' foreign/Independent films monthly
Environmental. Energy Education at the Main Ubrary
Center •••••••••••••• 462-6024 Real Uves-Blography series
2750 Park Troll Lane                       Wednesdays at the Countryside
    A 5().acre park featuring a lake.      Branch Ubrary
upland forest, wetlands, and many          Book Clubs-Particlpote in English
plant and animal species.                  and Spanish book discussions
Pinellas Trail •••••••••• 549-6099 Cooking Classes-Youth and
    A unique biking/Jogging/skating families learn to cook
trail that stretches 34 miles              Preschool Storytlme
throughout Pinellas County. The Trail          Monday:
starts in Sf. Petersburg. travels                North Greenwood • • .10:30 c.m.
through Clearwater, and ends In                Wednesday:
Tarpon Springs.                                  Main (Bright Minds) .10:00 c.m.
                                                 East ••••.•.••••• 10:00 c.m.
Ruth Eckerd Hall ••.•••• 791·7400                Countryside .•••••. 10:00 a.m.
1111 McMullen Booth Road                       Saturday:
    The performing arts center                   Main ••••••••••••11 :00 c.m.

Toddler nmes (Mother Goose)                   Belmont Park
   Wednesday:                                 1535 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
    East •••••• • • • • •.•. 11:00 a.m. Chautauqua Park East
  Thursday:                                 , 2312 Landmark Drive
    Countryside ••••••• 10:00 c.m. Chautauqua Park North
  Friday:                                     2671 Enterprise Road
    Main • • • • • • • • • • • • 10:00 a.m. : Cherry Hanis Park
Clearwater Public Ubrarles                  I Marshall Street & Madison Ave.

  For library locations and phone             Cliff stephens Park
numbers, see page 11.                         (Disc Golf Course)
                                              901 Falrwood Ave.
PARKS&                                        Coachman Park
RECREATION                                    301 Drew Sf.
    The Clearwater Parks and                  Coachman Ridge Park
Recreation Department has a                   1400 Old Coachman Road
positive Impact on the quality of life        Cooper's Bayou Park
for both residents and visitors by
                                              709 Bayshore Blvd.
providing wholesome leisure
opportunities and enhanced
                                              Country Hollow Park
                                              2724 Brattle Lane
beautification throughout the
community. Endless benefits for the           Crest Lake Park
health, growth and development of             201 Glenwood Ave.
persons of every age are provided             Cypress Point Park
through places for fun, laughter,             2236 Cypress Point Dr. East
and smiles: for contemplation and             Del Oro Park
rejuvenation; and for celebrations            401 McMulien-Booth Rd.
and memories. The Fun In the Sun              Ed Wright Park
(FITS) program guide Is published             1326 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
In April, August, and December and
                                              Forest Run Park and Trail
provides Information on our
                                              3450 Landmark Dr.
programs and facUlties. FITS Is
available at recreation facilities,           Frank Tack Park
libraries, City Hall and the Municipal        1967 N. Hercules Ave.
Services Building. or online at               Kapok Park
WW"'-myc/ealWCJfer.com/                       2950 Glen Oak Ave N.
CIIy_Deporfments/porksrec/                    Mandalay Park
fIts/lndex.htmi                               532 N Mandalay Ave.
Clearwater Parks. Recreation                  Marymount Park
Department •••••••••• 562·4800                1900 Gilbert St.
Special Events Permits.. 562·4813             McKay Park
                                          605 Mandalay Ave.
                                          Moccasin Lake Nature Park
PARKS                                     Environmental • Energy Education
Allen's Creek Park                        Center ••••••••.•••••• 462-6024
1281 Hercules Ave.                        2750 Park Trail Lane
Bay Park on Sand Key                      Montclair Park
951 Gulf Blvd.                                1821 Montclair Ave.

Northeast Coachman Park
(Disc Golf)
                                     " RECREATION
1120 Old Coachman Rd.                  FACILITIES
Northwood Park                               All ages can refresh their minds
2860 Enterprise Rd.                       and bodies with a variety of
                                          recreation activities.
Overbrook Park
1874 Overbrook Ave.                       It starts In Parks...
Pier 60 Park •••••••••• 4624466           Bayfront Tennis Courts
7 Causeway Blvd.                          Cleveland    st. at Pierce Blvd.
Plaza Park
3317 Pennsylvania Ave.                    Clearwater Beach Recreation
SoUle Road Park                           Complex ••••••••••••• 462-6138
2891 Soule Rd.                            69 Bay Esplanade
station Square Park                       Countryside Recreation CenterI
612 Cleveland Sf.                         Community Park ••••••• 669-1914
Sunset Sam Park at Island Estates         2640 Sabol Springs Dr.
205 Windward Passage
                                          David Martin
Valencia Park
2050 Hercules Ave.
                                          SOCcer Field • • • • • • • • •••669-1361
                                          1308 Court Sf. • •••••••••••••x235
Woodgate Park
2495 Countryside Blvd.                    Horseshoe Club ••••••• 443-2892
Wood Valley Park                          1326 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
2816 Park Troll Ln.
                                     I    Kings Highway
                                          center ••••••••••••.•• 447-4461
POOLS                                     1751 Kings Highway Rd.
Clearwater Beach family                   Lawn Bowls Club •••••• 442-5329
Aquatics                                  1040 Calumet St.
Center ••••••••••••••• 462~20
51 Bay Esplanade                          Long Center •••••••••• 793-2320
                                          1501 N. Belcher Rd.
Morningside Pool •••••• 507-4064
seasonal - April through september        Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation
2400 Horn Blvd.                           center ••••••••••••••• 462-6119
                                          1201 Douglas Ave.
North Greenwood Recreation •
Aquatic Complex ••••••462-6276; Moccasin Lake Nature Park
900 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.  Environmental. Energy Education
                                    center ••••••••••••••• 462-6024
Ross Norton Aquatic Complex         2750 Park Troll Lane
1426 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Morningside Recreation
                                    Complex ••••••••••••• 507-4065
Roz and Dan Doyle Center for        2400 Horn Blvd.
Aquatics • Long Center•• 793-2320
Therapeutic Be Aquatic section      North Greenwood Recreation and
1501 N. Belcher Rd.                 Aquatic Complex •• • • • .462-6276
                                          900 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

Ross Norton Recreation and            McMullen Tennis Complex 669-1919

Aquatic Complex • Extreme           ; 1000 Edenville Ave.
Sports Park
       •••••••••••••••• 462-6025 Philip Jones Field •••669-1361 x241
1426 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.   1190 Russell St.

Shuffleboard Club ••••• 446-3306           Sid Uckton Reid •••• 669-1361 x241
1020 Calumet Sf                            714 Saturn Ave.
                                           u.s.19 Soccer Field .669-1361 x235
SPORTS FACILITIES                &         21133 U.S. Hwy. 19 N.
Bright House Networks Field
601 Old Coachman Rd.•• 442-8496
Carpenter Field Complex
••••••••••••••••••••• "'9-1810
651 Old Coachman Rd.
Practice field for Clearwater
Threshers and Philadelphia Phillies                Clearwater's 24-Hour
                                                    Information Sfa"on
Chi Chi Rodriguez
Golf Course •••••••••• 726-8829 '            C-News: News and Information
3030 McMullen Booth Rd.                      show
Clearwater Country Club                      Bluellne CPD: Clearwater Pollee
 •••••••••••••••••••••~2240                  Department
525 Betty lane N.
                                             Council Mee"ngs Be Work
Clearwater Executive                         sessions:
Golf Park •••••••••••••447·5272              Gavel.fo-gavel coverage of
1875 Airport Dr.                             meetings

Countryside Sports                           City Talk: City Councllmembers
Complex •••••••••••••669-1361                discuss Important topics
3060 McMullen-Booth Rd.
                                             MyClearwafer: Focus on
Eddie C. Moore Complex                       Clearwater's Quality of Ufe
3050 Drew St.
   Fields 1-9 •• ••••669-1361 x241           Focal Point: City Manger Bill Horne
                                             highlights community partnerships
Frank Tack Park Balmeld
    1967 N. Hercules Ave••669-1361           Holiday parade coverage
                              x241           Job postlngs and event
Joe DIMaggio Complex
(Baseball. Soccer) •••• 669-1361             Now streaming at
2450 Drew St.

                                      City Clerk, 5
                                      City Councllmembers, 5
                                      City Construction Project
                                          Questions, 7
A                                     Cfty Departments &Services, 5
                                      City Engineer, 7
AIDS Community Project, 18
AIDS Hottlne, 18                      City Manager, 5
Accident Reports, 17                  City VisIon, inside front cover
Adult Education, 18                   Clearing a Grubbing Permit, 12
Aging, Office of, 18                  Clearwater Airpark, 19
Aid to families with Dependent        Clearwater Beach,21
    Children (AFDC), 18               Clearwater Country aub, 25
Airpark,5                             Clearwater Gas System, 10
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Helpline. 18     Clearwater Golf Park, 25
Alcoholic Beverage Ucense, 12         Clearwater Homeless Intervention
AlIenls Creek Park,23                     Project (CHIP). 18
Ambulance (EMS. non-emergency), 10    Clearwater Housing Authority. 11
American Association of Retired       Clearwater Marine Aquarium, 20,22
    Persons (AARP), 18                Clearwater Municipal Marina, 11
Animal Abuse. 20                      Clearwater Neighborhood
Animal Control Services, 20         I     Housing, 11
Annexation, 12                        Clearwater Parking System, 12
Attomeys. 11                          Clerk of Circuit Court, 8
Auto & Boat Registration, 16          Cliff stephens Park, 23
                                      Coachman Park, 23
B                                     Coachman Ridge Park, 23
Bar Association, 11                   Coast Guard search & Rescue, Inside
Bay Park on Sond Key. 23                  back cover
Beach Sofety. 5                       Code Enforcement, 5
Beaches a Waterways. 20               Commission on Human Relations. 19
Belmont Park. 23                      Community Response Team. 5
Birth & Death Records. 16             Community SailIng Center, 12
Block Party Permit, 12                Complaints Against Businesses. 11
Boot Registration, 19                 Conference & facility Rentals, 7
Boat storage (Marina), 11             Construction in Righfs.of·Way Permit, 12
Bright House Networks, 19             Contact Information,
Bright House Networks Field. 22, 25       City of Clearwater, 5
Building Permtt, 12                   Cooperative Extension service. 9
Bulldfng Inspections, 5               Cooper's Bayou Park,23
Burial Permits, 16                    Country Hollow Park. 23
Bus Information, 19                   County Attorney, 11
Business & Occupational Ucenslng, 5   Courts, 8
Building Division. 5                : Crest Lake Park, 23
C                                     Crisis Intervention Helpline, 18
                                      Customer service, 5.8, 19
Cable Television, 19
Carpenter Field. 25                   C-VIEW 5,8, 25
Chamber of Commerce, 20               Cypress Point Park, 23
Chautauqua Parks, 23
Cherry Harris Park, 23                  D
Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Course, 25     Dead Animal in Roadway, 20
Child Care Ucense, 16                 Deaf Service Center, 9
Children and Family Services, 18    , Del Oro Park, 23
City Audit, 5                         Democratic Party. 20
City Cemetery, 19                     Demolition Permit, 15

Department of Children                     Forest Run Park BE Trail, 23
  It family ServIces. 18                   Frank Tack Park. 23
Department of Environmental                Free Clinic. 18
    Protection, 9
Department of Motor Vehicles. 9. 19        G
Department of Transportation (001), 19     Garbage Collection, 18.19
Development Guides, 5                      Gas Piping or Appliance
Development &                                Installation Permit. 15
   Neighborhood Services, 5                Gas Sales & Service. 10,19
Dla~A-Rlde Transit (DART), 19              Gas System, 10. 19
Disabled Services, 8                       GED Information, 17
Disabled Parking Permit, 9. 16             Golf. 25
Disaster & Storm Information, 10           Good Conduct Letters, 15
Dock Permit, 15                            Government Officials. 4
Dog & Cat License, 16                      Grease Management. 19
Dog Park (Crest Lake Park), 23         I   Greyhound Bus Terminal, 19
Domestic Violence, 18                      Guardian Ad Litem. 18
Drivers Ucenses, 9                     ,   Gulfcoast Legal Services, 11
Dropout Prevention. 17                     H
E                                          Handbill Permit. 15
                                           Harborview Center. 6, 7
Economic Development. 6
Ed Wright Park. 23                         Hazardous Waste Disposal, 9
Electric Service (Progress Energy), 19     Health Department. 16
Electrical Permit, 15                      Heating Fuel Tank Permits. 15
Emergency & Disaster                       Highway Patrol, 19
  Relief Services. 32                      Homeless Emergency Project, 18
Emergency Management. 10,32                Homework Helpline, 17
EMS,6,10                                   Horseshoe ClUb, 24
Employment, 9                              Hospitals, 11
Engineering Department. 7                  Housing, 11
Entertainment & Attractions. 22            Housing Division. 6, 11
Environmental. 9                           Human Resources Department 6
Equal Employment Opportunity               Hunting License, 16        '
    Commission (EEOC), 9                   Hurricane Preparedness. 32
Equfty Services, 6                       II
Events Calendar, 10                        Industrial Wastewater Discharge
Eviction Warrant. 11                          Permit. 15
F                                          Internet Training. 22
Family Resources, 18
Federal Information Operator, 10         J Discrimination, 9
Fence Permit, 15
Fingerprinting, 15                         Job Une.6,9
Fire & Rescu9.6, 10                        Jolley Trolley, 19
    Administration. 10
                                           Juvenile Court. 8
    Inspection & Prevention. 10
    Press Information Une, 10
                                           Kapok Park. 23
    Public Information Officer. 10         Knology Broadband of Florida, 19
    Stations, 10
Fireworks Permit 15
Fishing Ucense, '16
                                           Law Library, 11
Florida Information Operator. 19           Lawn Bowls ClUb. 24
Food Pantry, 18                            Lawyer Referral. 11
Food Stamps. 18                            legal Advice & services. 11
Ubrary, 6                                       Information Desk, 16
   Administration, 11                           Property Appraiser, 16
   Branches, 11                                 Public Affairs, 16
   Programs, 11,22                              SChool Board, 16
Uens, 11
Ufeguards.5                                     SharIff's Department, 16
                                             Pinellas Suncoast Trans"
UqUld Hauler Transporters Permit, 15       ,    Authortty (PSTA), 19
                                             PineUas Technical Education Center, 18
M Address (City), 5
Mailing                                            Pinellas Trail, 22
Mandalay Park, 23                          I Planning Department, 6
Marine facilities & Services, 6, 11        I Planning Information Be Applications, 15

Marine Enforcement, 19                     ' Plaza Park, 24
Maniage Ucense, 16                           Plumbing Permit, 15
Marymount Park, 23                           Polson Information Center, inside back
Mayor, 5, 6                                            cover
McKay Park, 23                                     Ponce, 1~17
Meals on Wheels, 18                                   Citizen's Hotline, 16
Mease Countryside Hospital, 11                        Community Relations, 16
Mechanical Permit, 15                                  Emergency, 16
Medicald,18                                            Non-emergency.6. 16
Medicare, 19                                           Personnel, 16
Moccasin lake Nature Park, 22, 23                      Reports, 16
Montclair Park, 23                                    Substations. 16
Morton Plant Hospital, 11                              Vice & Intelligence, 17
Mulch Sites, 9                             I           Victim Assistance Program. 17
                                                   Political Parties, 20
N                                          I
                                                   Pools, 24
Natural Gas. 6                             I       Post Offices. 17
Natural Gas Emergencies, inside back               Power Outages, 6
  cover                                            Preschool Storyt1me, 22
Neighborhood 5ervIces Division, 5. 12              Prison Visitation Application, 15
North Clearwater Beach, 21                         Probate, 8
Northeast Coachman Park. 24                        Property Appraiser, 16

Northwood Park, 24                                 Property Maintenance Codes. 5
                                                   Public Communications
Occupational Ucense, 15                             Department. 6
Oftice on Aging. 18                            . Public Defender, 11
Open Burn Permit, 15                             Public Services Department. 7
Overbrook Park. 24                               Public Utilities Department. 7
p                                                PubUc utilities Emergency Dispatch.
                                                    Inside back cover
Parking, 12·14                                   Publi W k A                    6
Parking Permit, 12, 15                                c or s dmfnlstration.
                                                 Public Works Emergencies
Parks. 23. 24                                       Engineering Department, 7
Parks & Recreation Department, 6, 23               R
Passport, 16
Permitting, Zoning & Ucensing, 12                  Rape Crisis Center. 18
Petroleum &Chemical                            i   Reclaimed water, 7
    storage Tank Permit, 15                    I Recovered Materials Dealer Permit. 15
Pier 60. 6, 22, 24                            Recreation facilities, 24
Pier 60 Pork. 24                            ' Recycling, 7. 18. 19
Pinellas Center for the Visually Impaired, 9 Red Cross, Inside back cover
Pinellas County                               Republican Party,20
   Contractor Ucense. 16                      Rezoning, 15
   Department of Health, 16                   Roll-off Container Service. 16
Runaway Hotline. 18                              Supervisor of Elections, 20
Ruth Eckerd Hall. 22
S                                         Taxi & Umo Driver Permit. 16
                                        : Telephone service (Verizon), 19
Sailing Center. 7. 12
Sand Key Beach. 21                      : Tennis Courts, 24
Sand Wheelchairs. 8                     IITent Permit. 16
Schools. 17                               TItle I Center. 17
    Adult Education, 18                  ITobacco Ucense. 12
    Altemative, 18                        Toddler TImes. 23
    Bus Information, 17                   Traffic COurt. 8
    Community Involvement. 17           I Traffic Signal Repair. 6
    DroPOut Prevention, 17                Transportation. 19
    Education Foundation, 17              Trash Collection, 7. 18
    Elementary. 17                        Tree Removal Permit, 16
    GED Information. 17
    Hlgh,17                                      U
    Homework Helpline. 17                        Unemployment, 9
    MIddle. 17                                   Urban Forestry, 7
    TItle I Center. 17                           Utilities Be services. 19
School Board. 16                                 utility Tax Collection. 16
search & Rescue. inside back cover
Seminole Boat Ramp, 6
                                                 Vacation of Easements, 16
senior Citizens services, 18                     Vacation of Rights-of-WQ\(. 16
Senior Helpline. 18                              Valencia Park. 24
Shelters & Assistance, 18                        Vehicle Be Boat Registration. 19
Sheriffs Department. 16                          Vendor Applications, 16
Shuffleboard Club, 25                            Verizon Telephone Services. 19
Sidewalk & street Repair. 6                      Victim AssIstance Program, 17
Sign & Banner Permit. 15                         Vision. Ctty of Clearwater, inside front
Sign Replacement & Repair. 7                        cover
Site Plan Approval. 15                           Visitor Accommodations, 20
Small Claims Court. 8                            Visitor Information Center, 20
Soccer Field, 24                                 Voter Registration, 20
Social Securit'{. 9
Society tor the Prevention of Cruetty            W
    to Animals (SPCA). 20                        Wastewater Treatment Plants. 7
Solicitor Permit. 15                             Water, 7
Solid Waste/Recycling                            Water Meter Testing. 7
    Department, 7. 18                            Water Pollution Control. 10
SOule Road Park, 24                              Watering Restrlctfons. 10
SOund Permit. 15                                 Water &Sewer Services. 7
Special Event Permit, 16.23                  I   Water Testing, 10
Sports facilities & Complexes. 25                Website. 5. 7
State Attorney, 11                               Well Drilling Permit. 16
State Contractor Ucense, 16                      Wheelchair Accessibility, 8
State Information Operator, 19                   Wildlife Rescue. 20
Station Square Park. 24                          Woodgate Park. 24
st. Petersburg/Clearwater                        Wood Valley Park, 24
    International Airport, 19                    Workers Compensation. 9
st. Petersburg College. 18                       Workforce & Employment
street Ught Repair, 6                               Opportunities, 9
street Name Changes, 16
SuncOQSt Seabird Sanctuary, 20                   Z
Sunset Sam Park at Island Estates, 24            Zoning. 16
FLOOD       HAZARD AREA                    FLOOD WARNING
    Special Flood Hazard Areas                     The City of Clearwater and
(SFHA) are those areas in the                  Pinellas County have flood-warning
floodplain subject to a one percent            systems. Warnings will be given on
or greater chance of flooding in any           television channels 8, 10, 13 and
given year. Areas that are sUbject to          cable channel 9, and on all local
flooding are Identified as Special             radio stations. Tune In to these media
Flood Hazard Areas and are shown               outlets for instructions during times of
on the National Flood Insurance Rate           possible flooding. If a hurricane
Map published by the Federal                   should strike in our area, you should
Emergency Management Agency.                   be prepared. Pinellas County
    Areas prone to frequent flooding           Government produces publications
In Clearwater are generally located            entitled, "Hurricane Preparedness
adjacent to the Stevenson's Creek              Handbook" and ·Home Protection
channel between Court street and               Guide,· and the Tampa Bay Regional
lakeview Road: adjacent to the                 Planning Council produces a
Alligator Creek channel between Cliff          publication entitled, "All Hazards
Stephens Park and McMullen Booth               Gulde'-These documents give
Road: all properties located within            complete information on storm
Island Estates: and Clearwater Beach           preparatton techniques, the
and sand Key. If your property Is In or        difference between a ·watch" and a
near one of these areas, you may               "warning·, and evacuation areas
contact the City of Clearwater                 and routes. These documents are
Engineering Department for your                available at the following locations:
flood zone designation at 562-4750.            City of Clearwater Ubrarles:
    Clearwater Is a coastal                    Clearwater Pollee and Fire Stations;
community with the Gulf of Mexico to           Clearwater City Hall and the
the west and Tampa Bay to the east.            Municipal services Building: and
~ a community, we must constantly              Pinellas County Emergency
be aware of the threat of a                    Management. For additional
hurricane. The severity of hurricanes          information, call the Pinellas County
are categorized on a scale of 1                Emergency Management
through 5. A category 1 hurricane is           Admlnistratton at 464-3800.
the least Intense In severity and a
category 5 Is the greatest. A                  FLOOD SAFETY
category 5 hurricane could produce             Being aware of what steps to take to
floodwaters reaching 22 feet above             reduce loss before a ftood Is the first
mean sea level on Tampa Bay at the             step to safety:
courtney Campbell Causeway and                 1. Usfen to weather updates and
19 feet on the Gulf of Mexico.                    stay informed.
                                               2. Keep portable radios and
                                                  flashlights on hand with fresh

3. Clear your yard of all loose objects.        PERMTTS & SUBSTANTIAL
4. Moor your boOt securely.
5. Store drinking water in clean                IMPROVEMENTS
   containers.                                  All development (new construction,
6. Shutter. board and secure windows.           repair/replacement work. addmons,
7. Plan a flood-free evacuation route.          signs, fill. tree removal, etc.) requires a
   and know where to go. Drive the              permit. If you observe any Illegal
   route BEFORE an emergency so you             development In the floodplain. please
   are femmar with and know the                 report this activity to the Building and
   route.                                       Inspections Division at 562~7.
8. IF ORDERED TO EVACUAlE • OBEY                    Substanflallmprovements are
   IMMEDIATELY! let friends and                 defined as any reconstruction.
   neighbors know where you are                 rehabilitation. addition, or other
   going.                                       Improvement of a structure within the
                                                floodplain with a cost that equals or Is
FLOOD INSURANCE                                 greater than 50 percent of the market
    Homeowner Insurance policies do             value of the structure before the start
not cover losses due to flooding.               of construction of the Improvement.
ClealWater participates In the National         Buildings that have substantial
Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that             improvement construction will be
makes flood Insurance available to              required to meet federal. state, and
everyone In the City. For most, a home          local building codes such as
and its contents are their largest              minimum elevation standards. The
investment. Flood Insurance is                  Building and Inspections DlvlsJon has
available to all houses and buildIngs           detailed guidelines and applications
located In a designated SFHA.                   available.
  Information about flood pol1cies is
available from your Insurance agent.
Property owners can Insure their                DRAINAGE
bUildings and contents. and renters             MAINTENANCE
can insure their possessions.                      The City of Clearwater has Instituted
  You could have ftood problems In              a drainage maintenance program for
the future even If you have not had             all public drainage systems within the
problems In the past. Call your                 City. To ensure against ftoodlng, It Is
insurance agent now so you will be              important to maintain the water
prepared for future events. Do not wait         carrying capacity of the City's
for a disaster.                                 drainage sysfems. If you observe any
                                                illegal dumping of materials Into these
PROPERTY PROTECHON                              drainage facillfles, please notify the
    MOVing outdoor furniture and                City of Clearwater Public Services
relocating furniture from downstairs to         Department at 562004950. If flooding
upper stories or higher locations will          occurs due to a public drainage
reduce loss. sandbags properly                  system not functioning properly, you
placed win help slow down ftood
                                                may call 562-4950.
waters from reaching your
possessions. Retrofitting Is a way to
reduce losses before floods occur,
and Involves building floodwalls.               FUR1HER INFORMA1l0N
elevating structures. etc. The                  Please call 562-4748 for more
Cearwater BUilding and Inspections              information about the National
Division can provide more                       Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). City
information. Please call 562-.4567.             of Clearwater Flood Hazard maps
                                                are available at the City Engineering
                                                Department upon request.

   Everyone is responsible for                PURCHASE AND
the health and safety of their families
and themselves. The role of the city          STORE 3 DAYS OF
and county govemment In the                   SUPPLIES
aftermath of a disaster event Is to              Before hurricane season starts Is
provide search and rescue, disaster           the time to purchase enough food to
area security, damage assessment,             last each person at least three days.
and road clearance at least during            That means you need to store
the first 48 to 72 hours after the            nine complete meals per person.
weather clears.                               AI!ow two to three gallons water per
                                              day, per person. You will also need
EVACUATION PLANS                              two changes of clothing, along with
    the gUiding principle In hurricane        blankets and pillows for each
evacuation is: ·We Flee From Flood            person. A 3O<tay supply of
and Hide from the Wind.'" the                 medications Is recommended along
determination of whether your home            with first old supplies or a first aid kit.
is at great risk for destruction Is based     Store your supplies where they are
upon two major factors: the type of           easily accessible. Refresh the
home and storm surge or flood                 supplies every year.
vulnerability. As a rule, mobile homes
are not safe to inhabit during ANY
hurricane. If you DO live In an
evacuation zone, you must decide              IMPORTANT INFO
whether you will leave the area                     Home mortgages, auto loans,
altogether, take shelter with family or       birth certificates, death certificates,
friend, or, as a last resort, use a public    Ifcenses, Social security cards, deeds,
hurricane shelter. If you don't live In       ttttes, Insurance policies, stocks.
an evacuation zone and live in a              bonds, prescriptions, annuities, and
conventional home, you may                    registrations are all examples of
choose to ride out the storm In your          critical records that should be sealed
home.                                         In waterproof bags or containers and
                                              safely and securely stored. These
DEVELOPAND                                    should be kept where they would be
                                              reasonably available. but secured In
DISCUSS A FAMILY                              an area outside of the hurricane
DISASTER PLAN                                 storm surge wlnerabillty. If you wlsh
   You should make sure that every            to bring them with you, then seal
family member understands what his            them In waterproof bags and lock
or her responsibilities are under your        them In a security lockbox and then
plan, and when and where they are             secure that box Inside of your
to meet. leave, or establish contact.         evacuation kit.
Additionally, your plan should
Include a contact out of state who
knows what your family plan ls and            RESOURCES
who can serve as a connection                     wwwmyclearwoter.com
should family members be                          wwwnhc.noaa.gov
separated and unable to contact                   www.plnellascounfy.org/emergency
each other.                                       www.redcross.org

                           John Doran
                          Hoyt Hamilton
                             Bill Jonson
                         Carlen A. Petersen

                            City Manager
                         William B. Horne II

                            City A"orney
                            Pamela Akin

      112 S. Osceola Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756

          Etnergency & Disaster
             Relief Services

EMERGENCIES: POLICE - FIRE - RESCUE •••••••••••••••• 911
Disaster and Storm Information
  For pre-storm conditions:
    Pinellas County Emergency Management .. 4644333
  For post-storm conditions:
    Citizen Information Bank                                     5624420
Emergency Management                                             562-4045
Natural Gas Emergencies (Gas Leaks)                              462-6633
Poison Information Center                                1-800-282-3171
Public Utilities Emergency Dispatch
(Water. Sewer, Gas)................................................. 462-6633
Public Works                                                     562-4747
Red Cross (Fire, Flood and Storm Relief)                         446-2358
Search and Rescue
(U.S. Coast Guard, Sand Key)                                     596-8666

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