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									                         The WDC Newsletter
Volume 3, Issue 7                                                                                        August 2009
                                                                       SAVING JOBS = SAVING
 Sheila Kay Riley  
 WDC Campaign/Election Committee Chair 
                                                                       QUALITY CITY SERVICES
Po                                                                 SEIU721  members  are  taking  a  proactive 
           WE WANT RUMORS!                                         approach  to  building  strong  partnerships  with 
 Yes, it’s true: we want to know “the scoop” as to                 Riverside  City  Council  by  inviting  City 
 who  might  be  running  for  office.  If  there  are             Management  to  discuss  effective  solutions  to 
 Democrats  even  entertaining  the  thought  of                   save  the  City  money  and  retain  quality  City 
 running,  we  need  to  know  ASAP  so  that  we  can             Services. City employees are determined to work 
 do some research and find out more about them.               
                                                                   together with City Management, City Council and 

 The  ones  listed  below  are  those  for  which                  community  members  to  form  a  Task  Force  in 
 Election Day is November 3rd, 2009.   While these                 finding  cost‐savings  that  could  stop  lay‐offs  and 
 races  are  non‐partisan,  in  order  to  build  our              cuts  to  services  such  as  our  Museum,  Libraries 
 Democratic  Farm  Team,  we’ve  got  to  elect                    and Parks.  


 Democrats  every  time  we  get  a  chance.    These              Although  the  SEIU721  membership  believes  the 
 are just the races in and around Riverside.        
                                                                   City  is  currently  financially  sound  with  a  budget 

 City of Riverside – Mayor                                         surplus of $41 million, we are sympathetic to the 
 • Ron  Loveridge,  current  office  holder,    Democrat;          City’s  concern  that  the  economic  crises  may 
  the  newspaper  makes  us  believe  he’ll  be  seeking           continue  an  uncertain  period  of  time.  However, 
  re‐election                                                      I’m  sure  you’ll  agree  with  me  that  further 
                                                                   unnecessary  reduction  of  City  services  will  NOT 

 Alvord Unified School District – 3 seats  
 • Greg Kraft (R) (an incumbent) has “pulled papers”               benefit the community of Riverside.       


  to seek re‐election.                                             Our  Metropolitan  Museum  was  recently  hit  the 
•   Debra  Kroning  (R)  (an  incumbent)  –  is  she               hardest  with  layoffs  and  now  may  lose  its 
    running?                                                       accreditation.  Two  of  the  museum  staff  were 
•   Jose  Luis  Perez  (D)  (an  incumbent)  –  is  he             given  immediate  orders  to  vacate  the  premises 
    running?                                                       instead  of  the  30‐day  layoff  notices  other 
•   Anyone else?                          continued on page 2      employees  received.  This  happened  one  week 
                                                                   after  they  accompanied  me  to  City  Hall  as  we 
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                  addressed the City Council and Mayor. I can only 
                                                                   wonder  if  this  was  direct  punishment  for  our 
1     DEM RIVERSIDE UPDATES                                        lobbying efforts. I am greatly dismayed over this 
                                                                   and other intimidation tactics that are being used 
                                                                   to cripple and humble employees that only wish 
2     2009 WDC FOUNDERS SCHOLARSHIPS                               to better serve the community of Riverside. 
                                                                   Contact  your  City  Council  at  951‐826‐5991  and 
                                                                   Mayor at 951‐826‐5551 to encourage the union’s 
3     VOTER REGISTRATION                                           proposal of a Task Force to find ways to save our 
                                                                   Metropolitan Museum and other City services. 

                                                                                  Corinne Parker, WDC Vice President

                                                       The WDC Newsletter 1
    continued from page 1                                       House parties are being scheduled – so sign up to host
                                                                one right now as the campaign is trying to top the last
    Riverside Unified School District – 2 seats  
                                                                election cycle’s 110 house parties. Go to
        • Kathy  Y.  Allavie  (D)  (an  incumbent)  has to sign up to have your
              “pulled papers.”                                  very own house party!
        • Charles  “Chuck”  Beatty  (R)  (an                    The campaign has been focused very heavily during the
         1                                                      past two months on fundraising efforts. And this race is
              incumbent)  has  “pulled  papers”  to  seek 
              re‐election.                                      already getting national attention from the Republicans
                                                                as well. They raised $100,000 for Calvert during June in
        • Anyone else?                                          a single day! He is now part of their “Patriot Program”
    So,  if  you  hear  anything  about  local  elections,      which consists of 10 incumbents nationwide they know
    please  call  me  at  (951) 680-0531.  Keep  us  in  the    are extremely vulnerable. Republicans are raising
                                                                money fast so these office-holders can keep their seats.
                                                                A small but very important thing you can do to help Bill
                                                                is to submit a letter to the editor of the newspaper
                                                                once a month or so slamming Calvert. We want to keep
                                                                a steady stream of negative comments about Calvert
       Bill Hedrick For Congress Update                                              
                                                                out there to continually remind readers just how bad he
    Bill continues to be very, very busy and the campaign       is. You can submit a short letter at
    continues to need volunteers!                               Since you probably get the emails from the Hedrick
    Precinct Walking has begun and volunteers are               campaign, just take one of those talking points and send
                                                                in a short letter discussing it (such as about a vote
    needed. The campaign is looking for folks to take their     Calvert has made, etc.). Check the campaign website
    local neighborhoods. Walk sheets and everything             for an excellent source of current information:         :
    needed is provided by the campaign and volunteers will
    only be knocking on Democratic doors. Contact Henry         Remember: The campaign is not about putting
    to sign up:                    Democratic or Republican policies first – it’s about
                                                                putting our families first. When Bill represents us in
                                                                Washington, every vote he casts will support families
    There’s some exiting news from the DCCC                     first by securing our homes, advancing our schools,
    (Democratic Candidate Congressional Campaign)! Our          and making our communities thrive once again!
    race has moved to the top of Speaker Pelosi's priority
    list. She's sent one of her top fundraisers to help us
    out. If our campaign can meet our fundraising targets           4th Recipient of 2009 WDC
    for the next quarter (ending Sept 30th), then our race           Founders Scholarships
    will most likely be the number one race in the              This  year,  the  WDC  Scholarship  Committee 
    country! We continue to really need YOUR HELP.              awarded four $500 WDC Founders Scholarships to 
                                                                the  following  recipients  for  2009:  Paulina 
    So, please go to the Hedrick Campaign website
                                                                Villanueva,  La  Sierra  High  School;  Denisse  Lopez where you’ll find the            and  Karina  Lopez  of  Norte  Vista  High  School;  and 
    “donate” button and donate as much as you can – any         Isaura Ochoa of Rubidoux High School.   
    amount will help meet the campaign goal. If you need a       
                                                                                                Isaura Ochoa’s scholarship was
    campaign donation envelope, please contact Sheila                                           presented  by  Donna  Wolfe. 
    (951-680-0531) and I will get you one quickly. Yes, it is                                   Isaura  brought  her  mother  to 
    early. But, remember: Early Money Is Like Yeast: It                                         the  July  WDC  meeting  and 
    Makes the Dough Rise!                                                                       shared  with  us  the  inspiration 
                                                                                                and  support  she  provided 
                                                                                                throughout her life. 
                                                                As you may know, 2009 marks the second year that 
                                                                the WDC offered the  Founders Scholarship to  four 
                                                                students.  If  not  for  the  fundraising  efforts  of  WDC 
                                                                members,  we  could  not  offer  these  scholarships.
                                                                Help  continue  our  efforts  to  reward  scholarships  by 
    Please encourage your friends and family to go to           joining  the  committee  to  organize  our  annual  WDC and make a donation                                                         continued on Tea. 
                                                                Fundraising  event:  The  Eleanor  Roosevelt page 3
    (no matter the amount) today!                               Contact Becky Foreman by calling: 951‐288‐8281. 

                                                    The WDC Newsletter 2
 continued from page 2
                                                                          SONIA SOTOMAYOR
  Sheila Riley                                                            NOMINATION MOVES
  WDC Secretary
  Following is an excerpt of the seventh in a series of articles
  from Sara Robinson.
                                                                    The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to report
                                                                    Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the full
  MYTH #7: “Liberals want to raise our taxes”
                                                                    Senate body. We now look to the full Senate for
  It all depends on who is the “our” in this scenario.              consideration of her record and broad support for her
  If you dinner companions are well-off enough to be                confirmation.
  bringing in over $250K a year, there’s no point in                This is an historic nomination on many levels and we
  finessing  this. Their taxes probably are going up.               are excited that President Obama’s intelligent
  The only comeback is that between Clinton-era tax
                                                                    decision to nominate Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the
  cuts, the housing bubble, and the hot stock market
                                                                    Supreme Court who will likely to begin her official role
  of the past 15 years, they’ve probably made so much
                                                                    as Supreme Court Justice as early as this September.
  money that it’s time to start giving some back to
                                                                    We should now observe our nation’s senators who
  the nation that made their boon possible
                                                 .                  have a responsibility when considering any nominee
  If nobody at the table fits that happy description,               to the United States Supreme Court. WDC joins many
  then according to Obama’s plan, they’re going to                  organizations who feel that “Judge Sotomayor is
                                                                    intelligent, highly qualified, and will bring to the Court
  get a tax cut [and did]. Sure, they’re not going to
  believe it until they see it (and, quite possibly, not            more federal judicial experience than any justice has
                                                                    in 100 years. She has proved to be a competent and
  even then), but it’s not an argument they even want
                                                                    impressive nominee, managing a rigorous schedule
  to have until after an Obama tax plan is passed and               since her nomination, conducting herself with self-
  the actual results are in.                                        confidence and a judicial demeanor during the
  Remind them also that there’s just no way to pay                  hearings, articulately responding to criticisms about
  for a $600 billion war and a $700 billion bailout                 her record on and off the bench.”
  (and that’s just what the initial projected costs were            Judge Sotomayor's nomination must be confirmed
  on both fronts – they’re likely to soar in the future)            through a vote by the full Senate. I encourage WDC
  without somebody somewhere paying some more
                                                                    members to join the rest of the nation eagerly
  taxes. The bill for the war alone currently stands at
                                                                    anticipating the appointment of the first Latina and
  $5,000 per American household; the [first] bailout
                                                                    third woman to the United States Supreme Court.
  may cost that much again, depending on how much
                                                                    Take Action!
  of the money the government can recoup. The GOP
                                                                    Please call your Senators at 202-224-3121 and
  went shopping on our credit card –and now it’s
                                                                    declare your support for Judge Sotomayor!
  time to pay our share of the bill.
                                                                                                           Marisa V. Yeager
  Sara Robinson is a blogger for progressive websites such as
                                                                                                   WDC Membership Chair and has worked as a columnist or
  editor for several national magazines.                             WDC MEMBERS: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!
                                                                                 Nan McCoy, WDC Voter Registration Chair
                                                                   I’m a long time WDC member and I have agreed to
                                                                   coordinate WDC’s Voter Registration Effort. We will be
            Help keep WDC green!  
                                                                   having a booth the second Saturday of each month
   If  you  have  received  this  newsletter  via  the  U.S. 
                                                                   at the Riverside Plaza beginning August 8th and
   Postal  Service  and  you  use  email,  please  send            volunteers are needed. For those who have volunteered
                                                                   before, you know how easy (and fun!) it is. If you
   your  email  address  to  Sheila  Riley  at                     haven’t, we’re planning some training so that everyone  Let’s  be  green  and                   who works in our booth will feel comfortable and
   save  paper  and  postage! And keep in mind: WDC                knowledgeable in this effort.
                                                                   To help turn Riverside County from RED to BLUE, all
   promises not to share your email address without                our members need to do is donate two hours per
   your consent!                                                   month for this cause! Contact Nan at 951-242-6032
                                                                   or via e-mail: to sign up NOW!

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