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Leslie Landon Matthews by mU2tif


									Leslie Landon Matthews

Leslie Landon Matthews was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is
the daughter of Lynn Landon and the late actor Michael Landon.
Leslie attended U.S.C as a drama major and then worked in the
entertainment field, where she had a regular role as the
schoolteacher “Etta Plum” on the N.B.C series “Little House on the
Prairie”. After three years in the entertainment field, Leslie went back
to school to focus in the field of psychology. In 1985, Leslie enrolled
in Pepperdine and received her undergraduate degree in Psychology.
Leslie continued her studies in Pepperdine’s graduate program where
she received her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 1989, followed by
her Marriage and Family Child Counseling license in 1990. Leslie’s
professional experience includes clinical work with autistic and
abused children at the Julia Ann Singer Center; a school counselor
for special needs children at the Learning Ofman Center; and a
private practice specializing in helping children who come from
divorced homes and teens with eating disorders. In 1998, Leslie
graduated with her Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from the
California Graduate Institute, completing her dissertation on the grief
resolution process. Her passion for helping people dealing with loss
brought her to the Grief Recovery Institute in Los Angeles where she
volunteered her time and soon became a certified grief counselor.
With the founders of the Grief Recovery Institute, and using her
doctoral dissertation research, she co-authored the book “When
Children Grieve.” The book was published by Harper Collins in 2001
and was acclaimed as a useful tool for helping adults help children
deal with loss issues. Among the many accolades the book received,
her favorite was from the late Mr. Fred Rogers, Honorary Chairman of
“The Caring Place” and also of T.V. fame.
Leslie’s greatest joy is her family. She is married to Brian, her
husband of 18 years, and together they have four children—Rachel
(14), Justin (12), Catherine (8), and Joe (6). Leslie and Brian are
very involved at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, where they have
attended for the last 10 years, as well as other charitable
organizations including Boy Scouts of America, Kids in Sports, St.
Anne’s, and Seaver College Board of Visitors. Leslie is now a full-

time mom and often can be seen driving many children around
Westlake Village in her “ultra hip” black mini-van!


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