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                                                                         Vol. 2, Issue 13


We enjoyed a short break after the holidays and now we are refreshed and ready to start.
This week‟s class is on Air Elements & Elementals.

                                                                            Vol. 2, Issue 13

             Drunken Bards Rambles

                           Out in Kansas, tornadoes often hit with sudden devastation, and
                           without warning. In one case, a house was completely whisked
                           away, leaving only the foundation and first floor. A silver-haired
                           farm lady was seen sitting dazed, in a bathtub, the only remaining
                           part of the house left above the floor. The rescue squad rushed to
                           her aid and found her unhurt. She was just sitting there in the tub,
                           talking to herself.
                           "It was the most amazing thing ... it was the most amazing thing."
                           she kept repeating dazedly.
                           "What was the most amazing thing, Ma'am?" asked one of the
                           "I was visiting my daughter here, taking a bath, and all I did was
                           pulling the plug and dog-gone-it if the whole house didn't suddenly
                           drain away."

 Everybody knows about the Fujita Scale which measures the power of tornados. But nobody
   really knows what all those types of twisters do to COWS. So here is the MOOJITA

            M0 Tornado- Cows in an open field are spun around parallel to the wind flow and
            become mildly annoyed
         M1 Tornado- Cows are tipped over and can't get up
       M2 Tornado- Cows begin rolling with the wind
    M3 Tornado- Cows tumble and bounce
  M4 Tornado- Cows are AIRBORN
M5 Tornado- S T E A K ! ! !

                                                                                         Vol. 2, Issue 13

                                 The Witch’s Conundrum:

1) What time of the year does Beltane occur?
         A) In the middle of winter.
         B) It is a year round celebration.
         C) Between spring and summer.

2) What form does the goddess take at this time of year?
         A) The goddess has no true form.
         B) The goddess changes from maiden to mother.
         C) The goddess transforms into a god for the next 6 months.

3) What does Beltane represent?
         A) The changing from spring to summer and the start of planting.
         B) A day to throw a party and have fun.
         C) A time to celebrate youth, passion and marriage.
         D) Both A & C.

4) Is Beltane a greater or a lesser sabot?
          A) Beltane is a lesser sabot.
          B) There is no difference in the sabots, they are all equal.
          C) Beltane is a greater sabot.

5) What does the Maypole represent?
         A) It is a meeting place for unmarried people to get together.
         B) The white ribbons represent the maiden aspect while the red represent the mother aspect
         of the goddess.
         C) The pole represents the phallus while the ribbons represent the virgin goddess and her
         D) Both B and C.

6) What is the significance of the Great Rite on Beltane?
         A) It is a symbology of the goddess becoming the ‘Mother’ aspect.
         B) There is no special significance…it is part of every ritual.
         C) There is no rite greater than any other.

7) Why do we jump the Balefire?
        A) Because we want to see if witches really do burn.
        B) It is said to bring good luck.
        C) We don’t jump over fires…are you crazy!?!?
        D) It starts off the traditional poem…Jack and the Candlestick.


                                                                                            Vol. 2, Issue 13

                                         Book of Secrets

Air is an emblem of male divinity. Its color is yellow, and the metal is silver. The zodiac signs of Gemini,
Libra and Aquarius are air signs. Air holds dominion over the season of spring and the East. On your altar,
the wand, incense, and smoke may be used to represent this element. By the Chaos system, Air is a sign of

Air generally acts on energetic principles such as goals and ambition, advancement and promotion. This
element is for success seekers. It affects careers, prosperity and personal finance, fun, fairs, health, crops,
children, and volunteer and civic services. Events connected to the law, authority figures, and totem
animals are influenced by Air. The element controls buying, selling and other areas of speculation. Air is
all about rushing forward to new things, and so it also affects areas of divination, mental alacrity and
growth, and creativity. Conversely it also emphasizes things hot and moist, dramatics, waste, and frivolity.

The God, the Sun, the zodiacal signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the season of spring, the East, the
wand, incense and smoke. Also used to influence such matters as: Light, health, success, careers, goals,
ambition, personnel finances, advancement, drama, fun, authority figures, law, fairs, crops, totem animals,
volunteer and civic services, promotion, male principles, children, buying, selling and speculation, things
hot and moist, squandering, frivolity, autism, gales, hurricanes and cyclones. Also used for achievement,
healing energy, divination, clairvoyance, mental alertness, intelligence, intellectual growth, prosperity,
harmony, energizing, creativity, the colour yellow and the metal silver.

Sylphs are the spiritual beings that inhabit the spirit realm of the element Air. Their activities are manifest
in the gatherings of clouds, in the blowing of the wind, the downpour of rain and the formation of snow.
They are also responsible for the growth and maturity of all the plant life we see around us. In folklore,
Sylphs appeared in many myths and legends. Some tales tell us that if you listened carefully, they would
talk to you on the wind as it passed through caves and caverns.

It‟s been suggested that the Muses of Greek mythology were Sylphs who had assumed human form in order
to guide humans on a spiritual path. They are associated with the activity of the mind and can influence
and inspire human actions. It is generally though that they are attracted to poets and artists and instills
them with visions of spiritual beauty. Sylphs are ruled by a King being known as Paralda, and in form they
appear to humans as in the classic image of the fairies.

                                                                                                                 Vol. 2, Issue 13

                                                Air Correspondences
Direction - East
Gender - Male
Energy - Projective, pro-active
Qualities - hot and moist, light and active
Color - yellow
Power of the Sphinx - to know
Season - Spring
Hour of day - dawn
Time of life - birth/infancy/childhood
Celtic name - airt
Magical tool - athame, incense
Point on the Pentagram - Upper left
Types of magick - Recovering lost or stolen items, the four winds, visualization, concentration, education, travel, investigations,
beginnings, feather magick
Animals - eagle, human
Alchemical symbol - Right side up triangle with a line through the middle
Elemental - Sylphs
Nature - sky, wind, clouds, flowers
Reflections in humanity - the superconscious, knowledge, instruction, school, freedom, travel
Parts of the body - chest, lungs (breath), throat (speech), the brain
Human senses - hear, smell
Goddess Aspect - Maiden
Keys - Life Principle, Intellect
Rules - mind, essential qualities, knowledge, abstract learning, theories, illumination, perception, analytic thought, communication,
Virtues - gregarious, diligent, optimistic, dexterity, persuasive, friendly, healthy, knowledgeable, communicative, intelligent
Vices - frivolity, absent mindedness, rootless, easily distracted, tends to intellectualize emotions (rather than experience them),
gossipy, boastful, untruthful, selfish, fickle
Shortage - mind blank, shortness of breath, non-comprehension of known data, muddy thinking; one who has difficulty transmitting
thoughts and ideas
Excess - chatterbox, one who tends to intellectualize too much
Stage in the cycle of creation - the conception or perception of a new idea, the seed of knowledge, and the freedom to choose which
direction to move.
Emotions - daydreaming; intense concentration on a difficult problem; an abstract appreciation of mathematical elegance, artistic
skill, or superior craftsmanship; a sense of distance and detachment.

Air Signs of the Zodiac
 Symbol       Sign    Sub-Element Quadruplicity                           Nature Metaphor
           Libra      Fire of Air    Cardinal        Wind - Swift onset (note idea of balance as in trade winds).

           Aquarius Air of Air       Fixed           Clouds - Steady conveyors of water.

           Gemini     Water of Air Mutable           Vibrations - Bulk unmoved, spiritualized to reflect mind.

The Cardinal sign represents the Birth of the Element, the Fixed sign its Life, and the Mutable sign its passing over towards the ideal
form proper to it, i.e. to Spirit.

                                                                                           Vol. 2, Issue 13

                                  Whispering Winds
                                           Air Meditation
                                                By: Wyld Wytch

You will need:
An area where you will not be disturbed; (unplug phones, remove ticking clocks, close door...)
Wear loose comfortable clothes
Notebook or paper to write on
Pen or pencil
A chair to sit in (optional)

Ensure that there are no pending time restraints (allow yourself a minimum of thirty minutes for this
meditation) Sit comfortably in a relaxed position. Ensure that you are sitting tall with a straightened spine.
Gently close your eyes and breathe deeply in to the count of five and out to the count of five. Repeat this
breathing pattern twice more, for a total of three breaths. Now gently allow your head to fall forward
towards your chest repeating the deep breathing three times counting to five pattern. Slowly allow your
head to return to an upright position. Gently allow your head to fall back towards the top of your spine
while breathing in the "three-five" pattern. As before, return your head slowly to the upright position. You
will now slowly let your head drop to the left side. Remember to continue breathing deeply three times both
inhaling to the count of five and exhaling to the count of five. Return your head to the center position. Now
allow your head to fall to the right side while breathing the "three-five" pattern. Next, allow your head to
gently fall forward and move it in a clockwise direction one revolution while continuing to inhale to the
count of five, and exhale to the count of five. Remember to repeat this breathing pattern twice more for a
total of three inhale-exhale sets. You will want to move your head very slowly. It is more important to relax
and if you must do more than one revolution with your head, please feel free to do so. There is no right or
wrong here. Whatever feels most natural to you is perfect. When you have completed this step, lift your
head slowly to the upright position. Next, allow your head to gently fall backwards. Rotate the head
counterclockwise one revolution while inhaling for five counts and exhaling for five counts, inhaling for
five counts, exhaling for five counts and once again, inhaling for five counts and exhaling for five counts.
Slowly bring your head to the upright position. Feel your body relax and breathe naturally and deeply.
Breathe comfortably expanding your abdomen with each inhalation. Quiet your mind. Concentrate all of
your thoughts until you can imagine your body encircled within a sphere of spiraling white air. Feel the
breeze as it gently touches your skin and your hair. See yourself with this air swirling around you. Know
that it is here to be at oneness with you. Concentrate fully on the swirling air. Envision the air forming a
small sphere at your toes.
Now focus your attention downwards to your toes. Breathe deeply and relax them. As your toes become
relaxed imagine the sphere surrounding your toes. Whirling around them once again. Keep telling your toes
to relax in the air. Once you feel all of the tension release focus upwards to the balls of your feet. Once
again breathe deeply and relax this area. The air is following into each section of your body that you are
focusing on. It is whirling around forming a funnel around you. Continue to the arches of your feet, the
heels of your feet, and your ankles, allowing the funnel of gentle breeze to follow your thoughts of letting
go of all the tension in your feet. Let it drift up your calves, your thighs, your hips, your buttocks, your
spine, your stomach, your chest, your shoulders, your upper and lower arms, wrists, hands, down your
fingers, to your neck and throat, your chin, and your jaw. Allow your jaw to open slightly and relax. Now
relax your eyes, your forehead and your scalp. Breathe deeply. Become aware of your breathing. Every
inhalation is taken from the funnel of moving air. You can feel it's coolness as it fills your abdomen. With
every exhalation you release all of the tension that is inside of you. Continue to breathe in the relaxation
and blow out the tension.
You are now feeling very light and the Air Element is lifting you gently off of the floor ( or off your chair).
Visualize yourself being transported to your spiritual study area. Remain relaxed and concentrate on the

                                                                                           Vol. 2, Issue 13

physical surroundings of this area. Notice the colors, and the textures. Notice all of the objects that inhabit
this place with you. Feel the vibrations that inhabit this area. Your spiritual growth is alive here. Now
picture yourself engrossed in your studies. Mentally ask this aspect of yourself what you need to focus on
spiritually today. Take notice of what this self is studying. Notice any writing, typing, books, and page
numbers. Continue to question this self. Listen and watch closely. The answer will be rational and
intellectual. Trust yourself to give the right answer. Continue to breathe deeply. Continue to feel relaxed.
Know that you may stay in this area until you find your answer. There is no time limit. Let your thoughts
focus on your spiritual studies. Relax your mind. Ask as many questions as needed to find your answer.
You know what is best. You are right where you need to be. Inhale and exhale deeply.
Now that you have your focus for the day, picture yourself leaving your study area. The Air Element is now
transporting you to your altar. As you reach your destination, pay attention to the colors and textures of this
area. Feel yourself hovering over this area. Visualize your physical self at your altar. Remain relaxed and
mentally repeat your focus for the day. Picture yourself lighting a white candle on your altar and repeat
your focus five times or until your focus feels natural. Relax and breathe deeply. Visualize how you may
accomplish your focus for the day. Think about where and how this goal is to be manifested. Stay here for
as long as you need. You may begin to form some rough ideas on how to incorporate your focus into your
daily routine. You may also have some definitive method of how to accomplish your focus . Know that it
does not matter if this is an exact plan or a "rough draft." Breathe deeply, connecting with the Air element
that is aiding you in this creative process. When you feel your focus and its manifestation will become a
part of you, inhale deeply to the count of five, and exhale to the count of five. As you exhale, imagine your
breath mixing with the air and extinguishing your "inner candle."
Feel the swirling Air gently placing you back to your original position on the floor/in the chair. Breathe
naturally and deeply. Bring your attention to the top of your head. Instruct this area to slowly awaken,
feeling refreshed and vibrant. Continue down your body - eyes, jaw, throat etc.... Watch as the whirling air
around you compresses downward with each section that is awakened. Continue revitalizing your body
through to your ankles, heels, balls of your feet, and your toes. Imagine the air being compressed from
around your toes, forming a ball at your feet. Begin to breathe deeply, bringing the ball of air closer and
closer to your face with each inhalation. As you breathe, mentally state: "Today I will focus on __." When
the ball of air is directly in front of you, take one five count breath and breathe the air inward, taking the
ball inside of yourself. Your focus is now a part of you. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes ,
breathing deeply and normally. You may choose to allow your head to drop forward, then back and side to
side. Look around you. Are you fully grounded in the present? If you need to, mentally acknowledge your
physical surroundings until you feel grounded.
Now is the time to write any thoughts, feelings, etc.... in your notebook. Above all, write down your focus
and any ideas regarding its manifestation. Continue writing until you know that you are finished.

                                                                 Vol. 2, Issue 13

                                      The Witch’s Quill
                                           Submitted by Willow

The Goddess is Alive

Moon shines down upon a sea of Light,
Shifting sands lay singing in the Heart of the Night.
I looked upon a scene that gripped me to the core,
White-clad maidens below were dancing on the shore.

Sweet sounds slipped from moon-lit throats,
Wind whipped hair abound,
Lit by the light within and without,
The Women circled 'round.

As I stood, water engulfed my feet,
My body swayed to your Heavenly
Heart beat.
Wind and wave and fire light,
Paled in my mind Earthly delight.

Time slipped by me as you held your
And windblown spray covered my face.
Protected deep within your Womb,
I could feel the tender pain of Life's

Candles flared high as the Dance
Deep inside with a healing touch you
All around, wind, wave and fire shouted
of your life,
Your light speared deep within, soothing
my strife.

Divine Mother, Goddess of Light,
To you I come seeking protection from the night.
Come home to shelter within your arm,
Surrounded by Love, hidden from harm.

Holy Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth,
From you we all trace our Birth.
Heavenly Goddess, light from above,
Shine down upon us, we pray for your Love.

                                                                                                               Vol. 2, Issue 13

                                            Ancestral Spirits
                                                 Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
                                       (born Tim Zell, formerly Otter G’Zell, and Oberon Zell)
                                                         By: George Knowles

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is a Founding member of the Church of All Worlds and a leading figure in the American Neo-Pagan
community. A modern Renaissance man, he is a transpersonal psychologist, a naturalist, a metaphysician, a theologian, a shaman, an
author, an artist, a sculptor, lecturer, teacher and ordained Priest of the Earth-Mother, Gaia.
Oberon Zell is also an initiate in the Egyptian Church of the Eternal Source, a Priest in the Fellowship of Isis and has been initiated
into several different traditions of Witchcraft. Academically he holds degrees in sociology, anthropology, clinical psychology and
Oberon started life as Timothy Zell, and was born in St Louis, Missouri on the 30th November 1942. His father was serving as a
Marine in the South Pacific when he was born, and after his return from the War, moved the family to Clark‟s Summit a small town
outside Scranton, Pennsylvania. As a child Tim had a natural affinity with the creatures of nature and spent much of his time alone in
the woods behind the family home. There he would sit motionless and allow the wildlife to come all around him.
This early attunement to nature and animals contributed to the emergence of psychic abilities, including the gift of telepathy. From an
early age he could hear the thoughts of those around him, and as a consequence he shunned large crowds, the psychic confusion being
too much to handle. His early years were also fraught with childhood illnesses, which he claims “erased and reprogrammed his mind
several times”.
During his teenage years, Tim‟s father was promoted and moved the family to Crystal Lake, northwest of Chicago, Illinois. With his
affinity for nature, Tim took naturally to the lake and quickly learned to swim. He would imagine himself to be an Otter, folding his
arms by his sides and wriggling through the water in imitation; from this he gained the nickname “Otter Zell”. He was introspective
as a teenager, but read a wide range of literature, including various works of science fiction and fantasy.
Tim attended Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri from 1961-1965. There, together with Richard Lance Christie, he founded the
Church of All Worlds on the 07th April 1962. They were inspired by Robert A. Heinlein's 1961 science-fiction novel “Stranger in a
Strange Land”, from which they founded the Water Brotherhood out of which they later created the Church of All Worlds (CAW).
In 1963, Tim married his first wife Martha, and fathered his first and only child, a son called Bryan. His marriage to Martha ended in
1971. After attending graduate school at Westminster College 1965-1968, Tim earned degrees in psychology, sociology and
anthropology, a teaching certificate from Harris Teachers College, and a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Life Science College. He
also entered but did not complete a doctoral program in Clinical psychology at Washington University in St Louis.
During its early stages, Tim shaped the Church of All Worlds to his own vision of religion, a connective system that joins one with
time and space through the oneness of all things. The church exists as a networking web of Nests and Proto-Nests made up of small
groups similar in structure to that of a Witches coven. Their philosophy is primarily based on Heinlein's writings in his book
“Stranger in a Strange Land”. The main character in the book is an alien male, who together with a number of other men and women,
form a network of intimate relationships called line marriages. Over the years, many of the churches members have formed their own
line marriages, including the Zell‟s.
The church doesn‟t dictate the form or belief of a Nest, and each Nest acts autonomously in setting up there‟re own rules, internal
structure and aspirations. A Nest can be a closed coven or open grove, and focus can be traditional or eclectic. Most Nests base
themselves on Druidry, ceremonial magic, ecological activism, Wicca and Witchcraft etc. Nests and Proto-Nests are usually grouped
together by branches into regions.
The Church filed for incorporation in 1967 and was formally chartered in 1968. They finally received a 501(c)(3) exemption from the
IRS on the 18th June 1970, becoming the first Pagan church to do so. The Church grew quickly attracting a following of intellectuals
and visionaries.
Tim was the first to apply the terms "Pagan" and "Neo-Pagan" to the newly emerging Nature religions of the 1960s, and through his
publication of the award-winning Pagan magazine, Green Egg (1968-1976; 1988-2000), he was instrumental in coalescing and
networking the newly emerging Neo-Pagan movement with other revivalist‟s and environmental movements. He made many speaker
appearances at Pagan festivals and conventions, and often carried his pet „boa constrictor‟ on his shoulders while he gave his address.
In 1970, after a profound visionary experience, Tim formulated and published “Theagenesis”, the theology of deep ecology, which has
since become known as “The Gaea Thesis”. This thesis quickly spread around the Pagan community, were it was near universally
adopted. In this he predates a similar hypothesis written and published in 1974 by James Lovelock, called the “Gaia Hypothesis”,
Lovelock‟s version also gained wide popular support and public acceptance.
In September of 1973, Tim was invited to be a keynote speaker and discuss his “Theagenesis” at the Llewellyn-sponsored Gnostic
Aquarian Festival in Minneapolis. It was here that he first met and recognized his soul mate, Morning Glory. After the festival and
without hesitation, Morning Glory accompanied Tim back to his home in St Louis.

                                                                                                               Vol. 2, Issue 13

                                             Tim Zell and Morning Glory Zell
Morning Glory having moved to St. Louis to be with Tim, began to study with the Church of All Worlds, travelling back and forth
between Eugene and St. Louis, co-parenting her duties as a mother with Gary. Six months after they met and during the Spring
Gnosticon Festival back in Minneapolis, Tim and Glory were legally married on the 14 th April 1974. Their spectacular handfasting
ceremony was officiated by Isaac Bonewits and Carolyn Clark. Later that year Morning Glory became a priestess in the Church of All
Worlds and co-editor with Tim of the churches Green Egg magazine.
In 1976 the Zell‟s left St. Louis and the central Nest of the Church of All Worlds. They bought an old school bus and drove it to
Illinois where they converted it into a mobile home. Travelling throughout the West, they visited “Annwfn” in Mendocino County,
California, a pagan retreat belonging to Gwydion Pendderwen, co-founder of the „Faery Tradition‟ with Victor Anderson, and two
other organizations co-founded with Alison Harlow: „Nemeton‟ a pagan networking group, and „Forever Forests‟ a group dedicated
to reforestation. In 1978, both Nemeton and Forever Forests merged with the Church of All Worlds, Nemeton becoming their
publishing arm, leaving Forever Forests free to concentrate on environment issues.
Tim and Morning Glory then moved on to Eugene, Oregon, where Morning Glory had previously stayed in a commune with Gary.
There at the local community college they taught classes on “Witchcraft, Shamanism and Third World Religions”, founded the Coven
of Ithil Duath and became involved with the newly created Covenant of the Goddess (founded in California and incorporated as a non-
profit religious organization in 1975).
In 1977, the Zell‟s were invited to become caretakers of „Coeden Brith‟ (Welsh for „speckled forest‟), a 220-acre piece of wilderness
owned by Alison Harlow, and situated adjacent to „Annwfn‟ in Mendocino County, California. There they created a monastic
homestead, raised wild animals, conducted training seminars and ran the Church of All Worlds as the umbrella organization for
several subsidiaries. These now included the „Holy Order of Mother Earth‟, founded with Harlow for the purpose of establishing and
maintaining the wildness sanctuary, and the Ecosophical Research Association founded by Morning Glory to fund their various
projects including: the Living Unicorn project, a hunt for Mermaids off the coast of Papua New Guinea, and trips to Europe to study
various sacred sites. They were also active volunteers for „Critter Care‟, a wildlife animal rescue
In 1979, the Zell‟s conceived and promoted a huge eclipse gathering at the full-scale Stonehenge
replica on the Columbia River Dalles, which had been built at the precise point where two solar
eclipse paths would cross, one in 1918 and the other on the 26th February 1979. Over 4,000 people
and Pagan luminaries gathered from all over the United States to attend the main ritual, written
especially by the Zell‟s.
After the eclipse Tim started to use his nickname “Otter” and changed his surname to “G‟Zell”, a
contraction of „Glory and Zell‟, and for a short time they became known as “Otter and Morning
Glory G‟Zell” before reverting back to their original surname “Zell”.
In 1980, Lancelot the first of the Zell‟s living Unicorns was born, and for the next few years the
Zells were occupied solely in travelling and promoting the Unicorns at Renaissance Festivals,
County Fairs and Science-fiction Conventions throughout North America. After countless
television appearances, media interviews and feature articles in national magazines, in 1984 they
signed a four-year contract with the Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey Circus to exhibit the
Unicorns nationwide, thus making the animals famous worldwide.
                                                                                                              Oberon and Morning
The G‟Zell‟s had always maintained an open marriage and in 1984 they added a significant other
                                                                                                              Glory with a unicorn
partner “Diane Darling” to their line, which they formalised with a triad handfasting in 1989. In
                                                                                                              bred at Coeden Brith
1985, Alison Harlow asked the G‟Zell‟s to vacate the retreat at Coeden Brith, and make way for
other plans. Together with their extended family and animals, the G‟Zell‟s moved to Ukiah in northern California, where for the next
11 years they lived near a bend in the Russian River. They called their new home ”The Old Same Place”. The family now consisted
of: Otter and his son Bryan, Morning Glory and her daughter Rainbow, Diane Darling and her son Zack, and a whole menagerie of
animals including: unicorns, snakes, cats, weasels, possums and a great horned owl called Archimedes.
After their move to “The Same Old Place”, the Zell‟s resumed their public appearances and restarted giving lectures, workshops and
classes. They also founded Ukiah‟s annual Town Festival, leading a paraded down Main Street each year in full Renaissance Fair
regalia complete with a real Unicorn. Funded by the Ecosophical Research Association in 1985, the Zell‟s ventured on a diving
expedition to New Guinea to study the endangered Indo-Pacific dugong and its relationship to local native myths about Mermaids.
In 1987, the Zell‟s opened their own short lived fantasy store called “Between the Worlds”, and began to rejuvenate the Church of All
Worlds, which had shrunk to a mainly California base during their prolonged absence. A year later at Beltane 1988, together with
Morning Glory and Diane Darling as editors, Otter reproduced the Green Egg magazine and published it quarterly until 1996, at which
point Otter retired as publisher emeritus, the magazine however continued to be published until 2000 when it too was retired. To
compliment the magazine, in 1989 they also produced a children‟s supplement magazine call Ham (How about Magic?), edited by
Zack Darling. Over the years both magazines have won various awards.
Inspired by their travels to ancient sites in Europe, in 1990 the Zell‟s conceived and created a reconstruction of the Greek Eleusinian
Mysteries. Since then the Church of All Worlds has performed it each year, each time initiating about 20 people. In 1993 they
followed it with a reconstruction of the Greek Panathenaia Festival performed at the Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee, where
stands a 42-foot statue of the Goddess Athena, the largest indoor statue in the Western world.
In 1994, Otter again changed his first name, this time to “Oberon” after playing the role of Hades - „Lord of the Underworld‟ in that
year‟s Eleusinia festival. Oberon assumed his new name after a ritual baptism in the river near their home. That same year his
relationship with Diane Darling came to an end, and Oberon started a long-distance relationship with Liza Gabriel, a visionary and
focalizer on the East Coast. At about the same time Morning Glory was beginning a distant courtship with “Wolf Dean Stiles, a Pagan
from Texas. Shortly after their meeting, Wolf and Oberon also formed a bond and in 1995 Wolf moved to California where the three
of them handfasted in 1996. Later in 1996, Wynter Rose joined Morning Glory as her long awaited apprentice and co-wife with Wolf,
and finally Liza moved from the East Coast to join with Oberon making the family complete.
Oberon for many years has worked as a freelance graphic artist, and his fantasy and science fiction illustrations have appeared in many
popular books including: Anodea Judith's Wheels of Life and Marion Zimmer Bradley's science-fiction series. His images have
appeared in magazines and on record albums since the 1960‟s. He also created a series of God and Goddess altar posters, and his T-
shirt designs can still be seen worn at Pagan gatherings and environmental conventions.

                                                               - 10 -
                                                                                                            Vol. 2, Issue 13

Oberon is an accomplished author of numerous published articles, his subject matter covering: history, theology, magic, shamanism,
mythology, archaeology, cosmology, and other related topics. He has been interviewed by news media and authors alike, and quoted
extensively in many books on New Age religion, Paganism and the occult. In the early 1980‟s Oberon started on his favourite and
ongoing art project sculpting a series of Gods and Goddesses figures, and of mythological and legendary creatures to add to their
collection. His master-piece work is „The Millennial Gaia‟ which is based on his 1970 „s “Theagenesis” vision.
Morning Glory also writes fantasy stories, several of which have been published in Marion Zimmer Bradley's „Swords and
Sorceresses‟ anthologies, and as a poet she has appeared in many magical and feminist journals. Glory is perhaps best known for her
presentations and lectures about the Goddess, and her ever-growing collection of over 200 votive figures from around the world. In
1990, together with Oberon, they created „Mythic Images‟, a company producing beautiful and authentic museum quality replicas of
ancient Gods and Goddesses sculpted by Oberon. The company has now evolved into a family business called TheaGenesis LLC.
In December of 1996, the Zell‟s with their new partners all moved into a large rented house on 94 acres of land outside Laytonville,
California, where they all took up the family name Zell-Ravenheart. They lived there until the property was sold in 1999, then
relocated closer to San Francisco. Since then the Zell-Ravenheart‟s have been actively supporting the Polyamory movement.
Polyamory is a term first coined by Morning Glory in her article „A Bouquet of Lovers‟, originally published in the Green Egg
magazine (May 1990). This was a germinal work in what has since evolved into a growing movement, and describes the lifestyles of
multiple lovers and active line marriages similar to her own. It has since been reprinted in an anthology on polyamory called „Love
Without Limits‟, edited by Deborah Anapol. In 2000 the Zell-Ravenheart‟s were featured in an A&E documentary series called „The
Love Chronicles: Love in the „60‟s‟.
After the success of the children‟s fantasy book series “Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling (started in 1997), Oberon saw the need for a
real book of Occult knowledge aimed at teenage children and written by a real Wizard. “The Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard”
(published in 2004) is just such a handbook, compiled from his years as a practicing Wizard and Visionary, and supported by the
“Grey Council” just a few of whose members include: Ellen Evert Hopman, Raymond Buckland, Raven Grimassi, Patricia Telesco,
Jesse Wolf Hardin, and his wife Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart. A most have book for a young aspiring wizard, containing all they
will need to know for their early development.
In 2006 Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart was diagnosed with a broken spine and multiple myeloma. She is currently undergoing a
course of chemotherapy, along with surgical and radiation treatment.
As of Ostara 21st March 2007, CAW's flagship magazine Green Egg was resurrected as a E-zine magazine under the direction of Ariel
Monserrat and her husband Tom Donohue. Green Egg can now be found at -

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                                                         Vol. 2, Issue 13

Boiling in the Cauldron

6/06/09:   Class: 1pm-Stones – Instructor: White Owl
6/21/09:   Class: 1pm-Midsummer – Instructor: Willohawk
7/04/09:   Class: 1pm-Runes – Instructor: Prophet
7/18/09:   Class: 1pm-Tarot – Instructor: Lord Shadow Stryder
8/01/09:   Class: 1pm- Lughnasadh – Instructor: Tranquyl Tiger
8/15/09:   Class: 1pm- Fae – Instructor: Night Phoenyx

Moon Cycle:
5/24/09 New Moon
5/25/09 Memorial Day (No School)
6/07/09 Full Moon (Dyan)
6/10/09 Last Day of School (Harnett Co.)
6/21/09 Litha
6/21/09 Father’s Day
6/22/09 New Moon

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