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									 KEYSTROKES                              DECEMBER, 2007
                                       POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA


                                                      will take over as Treasurer. Darryl remains as
                                                      Director. Many thanks to all of these people.

                      MESSAGE FROM
                                                      Two others much deserving of recognition are
                        THE BOARD                     Carol Penner, Editor of Keystrokes; and John
                                                      Cullis, Software Review Chairman and Reporter.
                                                      After being editor of Keystrokes for several years,
                                                      I know from experience this is not an easy task!
For the last two years I’ve been writing the Mes-
                                                      Thanks, Carol. John is another person who is
sage from the Board. This will be my last one!
                                                      always willing to step in and help out our user
Serving as President for the last two years has
                                                      group. John has helped Tom (as I mentioned
really been an experience. We’ve had some
                                                      above) and has presented SIGs, etc. Many
good times and some very trying times! Finding
                                                      thanks to you too, John.
volunteers to be presenters at SIGs was the most
stressful. Trying to find Board Members ran a
close second! Bringing our user group up to the       Although Bob Pritchard is no longer a resident,
21st Century by instigating the installation of DSL   he was a faithful volunteer for several years. He
was one of my most rewarding achievements.            is still a member of our user group. Roy Preslar
                                                      served as Treasurer for several years, and al-
                                                      though he has left the area, he is still a member
Several people have worked diligently to keep
                                                      of our user group too.
our user group going. Carol Costello has been a
great asset. As you know, she took on the mam-
moth task of setting up a web site for LHCUG. If      I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Dick Krause who
you haven’t visited the site, you should–it’s good–   passed away in early November. Dick was a                                             member of LHCUG for many years, and he was
                                                      always willing to help out. . He was responsible
                                                      for making our name tags for several years. We
Tom and Merle Chamberlain have been setting
                                                      will miss Dick, not only as a willing helper, but
up the computer for meetings and SIGs for sev-
                                                      also as a good friend.
eral years. Tom also sees that the computer is
kept current on virus updates, etc. John Cullis
has helped Tom in “cleaning up” the computer.         Our user group desperately needs more people
Merle not only assists Tom, but she is also Sec-      to volunteer. We always need SIG presenters.
retary–going on her second year beginning in          It’s also become very difficult to find members
January                                               willing to serve on the Board. I hope some of you
                                                      will step forward and accept the challenge..
The other Board Members, Rena Chambers,               My very best wishes to each and everyone for a
Vice-President; Don Williams, Director and Acting     wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Treasurer; and Darryl Reaney have certainly
been assets to our user group too. Don will be                            Joyce Keller, President
Vice-President beginning in January and Rena
                                                        John Cullis offered suggestions concerning the
                                                        possible direction to go with our club. And a sur-
                                                        vey was also noted, asking for any possible SIGS
                                                        OF INTEREST. These survey sheets will be read
                                                        by the Board.
     MINUTES FOR NOVEMBER 15, 2007                      A SIG was given by Carol Niemann on adding pic-
                                                        tures to a CD.
Rena Chambers, the Vice-President, stood in for
Joyce Keller and opened the meeting at 2:30pm.          An ASK IT BASKET is available to all members.
                                                        Hopefully, some one will know how to aid the
Guest was Dot Shellhammer.                              questioner with their individual difficulties.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Don Williams—           50/50----went to Dwight Hull
balance is $6,217.30. Motion to accept was given by     Print Shop Disk—to Barbara Lambert
Merle C. And seconded by Dwight Hull.
                                                        Adobe Photoshop–to Don McQueen
                                                        Disk Director -----to Rena C.
Secretary’s Report from previous meeting appears in

Ballot for Elections was presented by Carol Costello.
This ballot was accepted without any new names or
additions. Merle Chamberlain announced this ballot
3 times to the members present. Merle, as Secre-
tary, cast the final vote and the ballot for 2008 was
accepted as presented:
President: _____________
Vice President: Don Williams
Secretary: Merle Chamberlain
Treasurer: Rena Chambers
Director: Carol Costello
Director: Daryl Reaney
                                                          Carol Neimann, Presenter, November 15
Director: _____________
Past President: Joyce Keller                                        SIG on Picture CD’s
Chairpersons:                                             We very much appreciate her contribution.
Equipment: Daryl Reaney
Equipment Assistants: Merle Chamberlain,
       Tom Chamberlain, Bill Sonneville
Communications: Joyce Keller
                                                                        WELCOME TO
Education/Programs: _________
Membership: Rena Chambers
                                                                       NEW MEMBERS
Membership Assistants: Gloria Wiepert, Merle                               Mike Berry
            Chamberlain, Don Williams                       
Webmaster: Carol Costello
Reviews/Columnist: John Cullis
Keystrokes Editor: Carol Penner

                                                                                                  Page 2

KEYSTROKES                                                                                                 2
                                                             Bonus Tip: Click any column heading to sort the
                                                             items within each column. Click again to reverse
                                                             sort. This works in any Windows program, so give
                                                             it a try!                                       .
Ask Mr. Modem! – DECEMBER, 2007
                                                             Q. I just got high-speed cable access to the                                              Internet, but the dial-up connection box keeps
                                                             popping up when I click Outlook Express. I can
                                                             live with it if I have to, but it is annoying. Any
HEADLINE:         Safely Delete Restore Points
                                                             suggestions?                                     .
Q. I've had my PC since January of 2007. Using
                                                             A. Go to your Control Panel and double-click the
XP’s System Restore, when I click “Previous
                                                             Internet Options icon. (Hint: In XP, you have to
Month,” I can only go back to October 2007. Does
                                                             click Network and Internet Connections before you
this mean that all restore points from January to
                                                             get to Internet Options.)                             .
October, including the original restore point, no
                                                             In the Internet Options window, click the Connec-
longer exist? How do I delete previous restore
                                                             tions tab. You can then click to select "Never dial a
points that I no longer need?                    .
                                                             connection," or you can select your old dial-up con-
                                                             nection, then click the Remove button. Since
A. There aren't any "hidden" restore points, so what
                                                             you’re not likely to be using the dial-up connection
you see is what you have to work with. Restore points
                                                             again, I’d suggest clicking the Remove button, fol-
created in the past, if they no longer appear, are gone
                                                             lowed by OK. That will resolve the case of the in-
forever. There are two primary ways to safely delete
                                                             trusive pop-up.                                     .
restore points from your system:                       .

1. Disk Cleanup - Launch the Disk Cleanup tool (Start        Q.  I primarily use Firefox, which has a key-
> Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk               stroke to put the cursor on the Address line.
Cleanup). After running Disk Cleanup, select the More        Sometimes I use Internet Explorer and I won-
Options tab. If you press the Clean Up button in the         dered if there’s a similar keystroke that will
System Restore section, Windows will delete all Re-          also take me to the Address line?            .
store points except for the most recent one.
                                                             A. Surprise, surprise! The same ALT + D key-
2. Briefly Disable System Restore - By turning off           stroke combo will place your cursor in the Address
System Restore, all your Restore points will be de-          field in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.     .
leted. To disable System Restore, click Start > Pro-
grams > Accessories > System Tools > System Re-                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
store. Click the System Restore Settings link and you’ll     Mr. Modem’s DME (Don’t Miss ‘Em) Sites of the
see the “Turn off System Restore on all drives” check        Month — December 2007
box. Don’t forget to enable System Restore again
when you’re finished.                                  .

Q. I’m using Thunderbird as my email program,                                                   .
thanks to a recommendation in your weekly news-              My trifocals (I recently upgraded from bifocals) fre-
letter, which I really love. When looking at my In-          quently squawk about tiny text on Web sites.
box in Thunderbird, there is no Date column. How    to the rescue! This is a high-powered ver-
can I add that, Mr. M?                            .          sion of the Yahoo! Search engine with a twist: Eve-
                                                             rything appears in a large, easy-to-read, 14pt font.
A. Thunderbird ( pro-            This is a blessing for anybody with a visual impair-
vides a variety of columns for sorting and organizing        ment or for those who simply want to pamper their
your email. To view available columns, including the         peepers.                                            .
Date column, click the button at the far right of the col-                                         .
umn header bar. A drop-down menu will display 16
possible column headings you can click to display.                                          (Continued, p. 4)

 KEYSTROKES                                                                                                     Page 3
(Mr. Modem, continued from Page 3)                                            .
Whether you prefer a fancy-shmancy CappaFrap-
paSpresso, or just a good old cup of joe, this is the
ultimate site for coffee lovers. Here you’ll find a pip-
ing hot heap o’ news, articles, reviews and opinions
for the discerning coffee slurper. And what better            SMART COMPUTING TIPS AND FUN FACTS
way to demonstrate your devotion to the Almighty
Bean than by committing the Barista Code of Con-
duct to memory? You never know when you’ll be                 •   Slow It Down:
called upon to recite it.                              .      Even if your CD burner's capable of writing CDs at 48X                                         or 52X speed, you don't have to use those speeds. In
                                                              most cases, audio CDs sound better and last longer if
                                                              you burn them more slowly, preferably at 8X. You'll find
Tall or Not: Celebrity Height                             .   the dynamic range (difference between high and low
Have you ever wondered how much taller or                     frequencies and volumes) of the CD somewhat im-
shorter you are than various celebrities? Me nei-             proved, but you'll also find fewer crackles, pops, and
ther, but this site is fun in a rather pathetic, “I-have-     fuzz distortions. You'll also find that the CDs don't start
no-life” kind of way. I don’t like to brag, but I felt        failing so often, skipping in your portable CD player, or
pretty good when I discovered that I tower over—              refusing to track in your car stereo. You can adjust the
well, let’s see here, not Babe Ruth, not Barry                writing speed either in the Options dialog box or as a
Manilow, not Bill Cosby, not David Letterman, not             separate option after selecting Record.                   .
Brooke Shields—on second thought, this site isn’t
that much fun after all.                                .
                                                              • Check The Temperature:                                .
                                                              Excessive temperatures, high or low, are never good
Mr. Modem’s weekly newsletter delivers easy                   for electronics. If your electronics must remain inside
computer tips, great Web sites and personal                   your car, put them in the trunk or on the floor in a
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scribe, visit                                cases) inside a cooler with a small, waterproof pack -
                                                              no larger than about 3 x 5 inches - of blue ice, if possi-

       CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS:                               •   Viewfinder vs. LCD:
  JOE DOYLE::                       How many times have you taken a photo using the
                                                              viewfinder of a point-and-shoot camera, only to look at
                                                              the LCD and see half of your subject's face? When
                                                              looking through the viewfinder, what you see is not al-
                                                              ways what you get. With most digital cameras, the lens
     BE SURE TO CHECK OUT                                     and the viewfinder see the subject at different points.
         OUR WEBPAGE                                          You can easily misjudge this shift in views, especially
                                                              when shooting extreme close-ups. Therefore, learn to
                                       rely on the LCD to frame your shot so you know what
                                                              to expect as your end result.
          Carol Costello, Webmaster
                                                              Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Viisit
    Up-to-date information on upcoming               to learn what Smart
    meetings, officers, current issue of                      Computing can do for you and your user group.
    Keystrokes, and links to helpful

                                                                     DECEMBER 6 SIG
                                                                     MICRO SOLUTIONS
                                                            Jim Lewis and Russell Eisenberg from
                                          SIG               Micro Solutions were presenters at the December 6
                                      NOVEMBER 29           SIG. They stressed the importance of backing up
                                                            and of having good virus protection. Russell stated
                                                            that many of the problems people have with their
                                                            computers is because of viruses.

                                                            After Russell’s presentation, both men answered
                                                            several questions from the audience of 34 mem-
We were fortunate to have with us Jerry Reeser, Di-         bers. They also brought four flash drives to be
rector of the Family History Center of the Church of        given away as prizes. Winners were: Gloria Gus-
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of Winter Haven.          tavel and Ellen Bush– each a 4 GB drive; Joyce Kel-
Jerry gave an hour-long presentation on family history      ler and Vicky Braverman--each a 2 GB drive.
or genealogy and how we might go about beginning
or better defining a quest of our own family back-
                                                            Our thanks to Jim and Russell for taking the time
ground. He spoke about websites and programs that
                                                            from their business to speak to our user group.
are available to us that are either free or fairly nomi-
nally priced, as well as those that have amazing
amounts of information but are more costly.

To locate living relatives he suggested using sites
such as:,             , and people Some-
thing that can also be very helpful is simply entering a            JOYCE!
person’s name into one of the common search en-
gines, such as,, Alta-,,, or
This can give surprising results, even including some         FOR 8 YEARS,
history of your family, already researched by others.         SERVIING AS A DIRECTOR, EDITOR OF KEY-
                                                              STROKES, SECRETARY, VICE-PRESIDENT
For family that is generations removed, he suggested          AND THEN PRESIDENT. AN OUTSTANDING
family history websites that are fairly comprehensive,        EXAMPLE OF VOLUNTEER SERVICE.
such as:,,               .,,,,, and heri-                  MERRY CHRISTMAS Heritage Quest, which deals mainly             AND BEST WISHES FROM THE
with U.S. heritage, can be had free by being a mem-
ber of the Polk County Library Cooperative. This can          BOARD OF LHCUG.
be procured at either the Winter Haven or Haines City
libraries.                                                                                  BOARD, DEC. 07
                                                                                            Bill Sonneville,
Jerry also mentioned a program where one can store                                          Carol Penner
all of the information you may obtain. It is called                                         Don Williams,
“Personal Ancestral File” and is available to download                                      Rena Chambers,
— for free — from                                                         John Cullis,
                                                                                            Joyce Keller,
He also mentioned that he would be available for as-                                        Daryl Reaney,
sistance to those who might feel they could benefit                                         Merle Chamberlain,
from his expertise…...for free. (Phone # 422-8456)                                          Carol Costello,
                                      Harry Woodend                                          Tom Chamberlain.

                                              From John Cullis, Review Chair
 PC World’s—10 Pages of ideas for improving your computer.,125161/printable.html

 Windows Updates — Keep your machine up to date automatically.

 Power Point Slide Show — “The Art of Being Well”—FREE full office program. —          The parts include “Writer” (like Word), “Calc” (like
 Excel), “Base” (like Database), “Impress” (like Power Point). Http:// (Click the
 green rectangle “Get”)

 • 2.3 Impresses By Tiffany Maleshefski, November 28, 2007 Review: 2.3 sports a nifty set of feature improvements, but the suite's sweetest features remain
     its low cost (free) and its strikingly broad platform support.
 •   Open-source a software alternative Krysten Appelbaum, 10/21/07 College Publisher Network is, as the name would suggest, a full open-source suite of office programs. Every pro-
     gram a student ever needs is in here, from a writing program to a presentation creator similar to
 •  Spreadsheets Are Free John Edwards, August 02, 2007 Liberated from license fees,
 Calc can be downloaded and installed on as many PCs as you please.

 •   Users' Guide: A free Office alternative? Sweet By Etan Horowitz, Saturday, July 28, 2007 Or-
 lando Sentinel I was able to do virtually everything I could do in Office, such as create pivot tables from
 spreadsheets and add animations to slides. If you want free software that operates the most like Microsoft
 Office, this is it.

 • 2.2 outstanding free office suite (29/06/2007) IT Reviews Recommended We
 can't stress enough how impressive this is for a freebie suite. Both Writer and Calc in particular perform
 admirably compared to full-priced rivals, and Impress and Base are right up there in terms of power and
 •   OpenOffice free office software suite By Andrew D. Wright Monday February 26, 2007, The
 ChronicleHerald is a completely free Open Source office software suite that not only can
 read and write to the various commercial office software file formats, but also writes to the now-standard
 OpenDocument format.
 •   Open Office a lot like Microsoft product - and free By Nick Francesco - February 19, 2006
 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Open Office (or, as they prefer, is a complete of-
 fice suite, much like the more familiar Microsoft Office. For those of you who are familiar with Microsoft
 Office, you'll feel right at home with ... Give a try. It's free and you can
 have it loaded on the same computer at the same time as Microsoft Office.

Ed. Note: Some of us are not into mp3 or iTunes. How-
ever, the following article might be of interest to those       After downloading podcasts, connect your mp3
who would like to listen to a podcast that a friend might       player to a USB cable and right click on the file.
want to share with us — even though we don’t have an            Select “Send to” and click on the drive letter of the
mp3 player.                                                     mp3 player to transfer podcasts to it from your
How To Find Podcasts                                            computer.
by Mike Lyons, President Orange County IBM PC
Users’ Group, CA                                                Besides the iTunes Podcast Directory, you can
                                                                find podcasts of Computer America shows at                                        eekday_
president(at)                                        host/Archives/cc.shtml and
                                                                National Public Radio at                     .
Obtained from APCUG with the author's permission for publi-
cation by APCUG member groups.                                  hp.

Download the free 7.3 iTunes program from             .         There are even locally-produced user group pod- and install. Now, all you need is         casts. The Los Angeles Computer Society has
an mp3 player, and you’re all set to download podcasts          podcasts of their main meetings at            .
and listen to them on the go.                         

When you first open iTunes, click on the “Podcast Direc-        You don’t have to have an mp3 player to listen to
tory” at the bottom next to “Report a Concern.” That actu-      podcasts, though. If you left-click on the mp3 title,
ally takes you to the Apple Store. In the upper left corner     it plays right in your browser. Or, if you right-click
is a magnifying glass and a space to search for a word or       on the title, select “Save Link As,” and you can
phrase. Type in “computer.” The Apple logo in the top           save it to a directory on your computer.
center area changes to a candy cane-striped bar as it
searches. The bar will turn solid and display the results:      Besides playing podcasts in mp3 players and
Name, Time, Artist, Album, Price, Popularity and Genre.         browsers, mp3 files on your hard drive can be
                                                                burned to a CD. Then, you can play them in your
Next to the name is a grayed-out circle with an arrow in        car. Just burn them as a music CD instead of a
it. This leads to more information about the podcast. It        data CD.
includes a description, user reviews, a list of the last 20
podcasts and a list of 5 “Listeners also subscribed to.”

Headings are sortable by clicking on them, so if you click           WANTED to RENT, BUY OR BORROW
on Price, all the free ones appear at the top.
                                                                 A Video Camera which uses 8mm Video
Some of the stuff is pretty explicit, that’s why they call it    Cassettes and still has good audio and video
the “wild, wild web.” Podcasts are labeled “clean,”              playback ability.
“explicit,” or blank which means the rating hasn’t been
determined.                                                      Our Sony Handicam CCD TR77 has an inter-
                                                                 mittent audio problem which repair technicians
I look to see how often and consistently the podcast oc-         can’t seem to find. This prevents us from do-
curs (some really good ones haven’t been updated since           ing transfers from our analog 8mm cassettes
2006), check customer comments, and the “Also sub-               to digital (DVD) so we can edit the videos.
scribed to” list.                                                Does anyone out there have one available?

If you want to subscribe, simply click on the “subscribe”                    Carol & Alan Penner
button. To go back where you were, under the Apple                                 294-9456
logo on the left is a small button with a left pointing
“twirly”. Click on this to get back.                              

OFFICERS/DIRECTORS for 2007                                                               HELP LINE
                                                                  Please note email addresses have been included.
Joyce Keller, President……………...299-2655                           Frequently you can receive a quick response using                                           this method. If the person you contacted is unable
                                                                  to offer a solution via email, someone will come to
Rena Chambers, Vice President..…401-9134                          your home to assist you.

Merle Chamberlain, Secretary……..299-9473                          GENERAL ASSISTANCE:

Don Williams, Director……………...294-3697                            Daryl Reaney………………………….299-8278
(Acting Treasurer)                                                                                   GENEALOGY:
Carol Costello, Director……………..293-3309                           Harry Woodend……………………....401-9369                                       
Daryl Reaney, Director……………...299-8278                            John Cullis…………………………….299-3478                                    
                                                                  MEMBERSHIP LIST:
                                                                  Joyce Keller…………………………...299-2655
Equipment: Vacant
Equipment Assistants:                                             Gil Mracek……………………………..292-9047
 Tom & Merle Chamberlain...................299-9473           
  Bill Sonneville......................................291-5089   WORD PROCESSING:                               Joyce Keller…………………………...299-2655
 Daryl Reaney.........................................299-8278
                                                                  SEND YOUR CHANGED EMAIL ADDRESSES
Communications: Vacant
                                                                  TO JOYCE KELLER AT:
Education/Programs: Vacant                                         
Membership: Vacant
Membership Assistants:
                                                                  DISCLAIMER: The Lake Henry Computer User Group, Inc., is in
     Merle Chamberlain.......................299-9473             no way responsible or liable for any damages resulting from any arti-
     Gloria Wiepert...............................299-9023        cles or opinions or statements, advertising representations, publica-
                                                                  tion, nor do we endorse or recommend any products or services men-
Webmaster: Carol Costello.....................293-3309            tioned or illustrated herein. Any comments or opinions herein are
                                                                  solely the opinions, judgements or policies of the Lake Henry Com-                                            puter User Group, Inc., its officers, members or affiliates.

Reviews /Columnist: John Cullis...........299-3478
                                                                  Lake Henry Computer User Group, Inc. is a member of the Florida
Keystrokes Editor: Carol Penner............294-9456               Association of Computer User Groups (FACUG) and the Associa-                                         tion of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG)

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