; Literature Review 4
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Literature Review 4


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									AJ Gottron

Mrs. Vyas

Senior Project

December 7, 2011

       Now that I am done with my project I still had one more question that would help me

later on. I asked, “How do I make my site or another I site I do in the future more attractive and

interactive to the user?” I found some very structured information from noupe.com, a site that

writes articles on web design and photography, and the article was titled “7 Key Principles That

Make a Web Design Look Good.”

       The seven key principles are Balance, Grid, Color, Graphics, Typography, White Space,

and Connection. These seven focus heavily on the structure of the site. The grid of the site

should be balanced and centered with some white space but never too much. This article also

focuses on the content like the colors used, the typography and the graphics placed on it. It is

sometimes very distracting to have too many colors and it is always very distracting to have too

many font styles. When it comes to placing in graphics, they also have to flow with the subject

of the page and they have to look like they belong there. It is also important to keep a good

among all elements like font, color scheme, etc.

       For my project site I was able to have good balance between all these principles but

they all could be stronger. My site was balanced, had a good connection between the

typography, colors, and graphics. But the grid was a little too simple and could be updated in
the near future. This had me think a lot more before I start making the website so I know

ahead of time what I want it to look like.

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