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 You will be doing the Virtual Investigation on Bacteria and Viruses.
Click on Stage 1.
Read the scenario
Answer on paper – Write down your objective.
Click continue
Answer on paper- Before you click close on procedure make sure you have
scrolled down to read all the instructions. Write in your own words the
Click the database folder and 2 examples will appear.
Answer on paper-What are the differences in magnification using the the
SEM and TEM buttons?
Answer on paper- How does increasing the magnification help you
understand bacteria?
Answer on paper- Using the notation card on the side select the answers
and write them down. Also write down the observations and identification.
Answer on paper- Select the diagnosis and answer on paper. Write down
your feedback.

After completing Stage 1 move onto Stage 2

Answer on paper- Write down the objective of the scenario.
Review the procedure.
Read Notation card on Patient 1, view the bacteria/virus.
Choose diagnosis- write it down. Click evaluate button, write down your
Continue with Notation card on Patient 2. Select diagnosis, write it down.
Evalaute and write down the feedback.
Answer on paper- Indicate which need antibiotics and write down the
selection you made. Press evaluate and write down the feedback.

View tutorial by clicking on red tab.

Answer on paper- How is bacteria used in making insulin?
Answer on paper- How do pathogenic bacteria do their job?
Answer on paper- How do we deal with viruses?

If you answered everything then Good Job!