GO-MO Articulation Cards by dandanhuanghuang


									GO-MO Articulation Cards — Second Edition

COMPLETE SET, 18 Card Decks

For more than 40 years the versatile and inexpensive GO-MO Articulation Cards have been a popular
system used for improving speech articulation in children and adults. The popular card set was the
first ever published and is still the best therapy tool of its kind. It continues to produce results and to
hold the interest of students of all ages.
Completely redrawn illustrations on the cards depict objects that share a common phoneme. For
example, the final /s/ card deck contains illustrations for the final /s/ sound: glass, bus, mouse, dress,
suitcase, house, moose, goose, and juice. Instructions are included for a dozen games that reinforce a
student’s spontaneous use of each targeted speech sound. The complete set of cards is packaged in a
sturdy carrying case. This revised edition of the GO-MO cards features the following improvements:
      Each deck, which is packaged in a sturdy vinyl envelope, has 32 paired, color picture cards, for
         a total of 576 cards
      More colorful, high-interest artwork
      There are now 25% more target words per deck
      Decks are now color-coded for easy sorting
      Each card now features the target phoneme on the front
      The target word itself has been added to each card, so there’s never any confusion
      You get all of the target phonemes from the original version (see components below), plus
         we’ve added /z, v, t, d/
      Full decks of target words for the initial and final positions of the most frequently
         misarticulated sounds: /r/ and /s/.

Card Decks Include:
    initial /s/ sound
    final /s/ sound
    /s/ blends
    /S/ sound
    /z/ sound
    inital /r/ sound
    final /r/ sound
    /r/ blends
    /k/ sound
    /g/ sound
    /l/ sound
    /l/ blends
    /f/ sound
    /v/ sound
      /t,d/ sounds
      /T,D/ sounds
      /T/ sound
      /D/ sound

COMPLETE CARD SET: 1 each of 18 card decks.

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