The Quick _ Dirty guide to migrating from Eudora to Thunderbird

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					The Quick & Dirty guide to
migrating from Eudora to Thunderbird

   By Chris Dillon 09/12/11. Version 4. Latest version at:

       1. Prune your e-mail, especially messages with attachments. Make sure you have no
           special characters e.g. punctuation in the names of your mailboxes.
       2. Compact your mailboxes by going to Special | Compact Mailboxes. Warning: you may
           lose mail at this stage if a mailbox is corrupt. If this happens, e-mail
           and ask them to restore the mailbox.
       3. Make sure you have enough quota to make a copy of all your mailboxes and
           attachments by going to Start | Programs | Software P-R | Quota Usage. You should
           have twice the quota you are presently using on Central Email Unix Quota (or R: drive). A
           quick way of deleting unneeded attachments is to go to R:\dos\eudora\attach (or
           N:\rdrive\ dos\eudora\attach) in Windows Explorer and to delete them there. No mailbox
           should be larger than 30Mb. Check in R:\dos\eudora or N:\rdive\dos\eudora.
       4. Switching Eudora to IMAP
               a. In Eudora go to Tools | Options | Checking Mail. Change to:
               b. Go to Tools | Options | Incoming Mail. Change Server configuration from POP
                   to IMAP.
               c. Click the radio button next to When I delete a message: Move it to: Trash
       5. Moving mail from POP to IMAP in Eudora
               a. Set up any folders (which contain mailboxes NOT messages!) you have been
                   using in POP on the IMAP server, by right-clicking Dominant and selecting New.
                   Put a tick in the Make it a folder check box.
               b. Double-click a mailbox in the Mailboxes panel to open it.
               c. Click any message and press Ctrl-A.
               d. Right-click over the highlighted messages.
               e. Click Transfer, Dominant (select the folder, if necessary) and click New.
               f. Give the mailbox the same name as the original and press Enter.
               g. Repeat for all mailboxes. You don’t have to do this at the same time. As you are
                   now on IMAP, you can run run both Eudora and Thunderbird until the end of
       6. Start Thunderbird (with Option 1, if asked). Do NOT use Option 2.
       7. Switch off Tools | Account Settings | Server Settings | Advanced | Server supports
           folders that contain sub-folders and messages.
       8. Check that your mail is all visible on the IMAP server (under [your user id]
       9. To import your Eudora address book, go to Tools | Import | Address Books and select
       10. Configure Thunderbird e.g. adding a signature and access the the UCL Directory using
           the tips at:

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