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Gujarat among best states as per the book that rates corruption in India

According to a book titled, ‘Corruption in India: The DNA and the RNA’ release in Delhi
yesterday, Gujarat state is on first position during 2001-05 and second position during
2005-2010 in anti-corruption drive to bring in more transparency and good governance
in public administration among all states of the country.

Authors Bibek Debroy and Laveesh Bhandari have rated Gujarat as the best for
consistent efforts against corruption. Effective governance and impressive development
have been the two major factors making the state — a key driver of India’s economic
growth, the book says.

Gujarat government has been instrumental in streamlining economic processes,
removing red tape and curtailing corruption in ways that have made the state enforcing
anti-corruption laws more stringently, the book says.

The book says that Gujarat claims to have an ‘Emergency Response System’ which is
rated better than those in the US and European Union.

According to the book, the overall corruption in Gujarat had reduced to a great extent in
almost all the departments of Government of Gujarat. It also mentioned how a database
of all vehicles in the state has prevented people from being duped into buying stolen
second hand vehicles.

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Narendra Modi’s China visit started showing results

Chinese company TWBB to set up Rs.400-cr plant near Vadodara jointly with
Atlanta Electrical

As a follow-up action of Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China, the latter’s energy
sector firm TWBB here today signed a memorandum of understanding with Gujarat’s
Atlanta Transformers and Electrical to set up an ultra mega high voltage power
transformers and reactors plant on Padra-Jambusar Highway near Vadodara at a cost of
Rs.400-crore as a joint venture.It was signed by TWBB CEO Mr. Li Yuha signed for the
Chinese company. The plant will start construction in February 2012 and start production
from April 2013, to produce equipment ranging from 750-1200 KV.

Mr. Li Yuhai said that TWBB has selected Gujarat for partnership keeping in mind the
growth-oriented policies, quick decision making, transparency and absence of labour
rage in Gujarat. He also invited Mr. Modi to visit TWBB plant in China.

Chief Minister outlined how the ties between Gujarat and China are growing up in various
sectors. He said that Gujarat government is focusing on the renewable energy sources
like solar, wind and tidal and has now become a power-surplus state. Looking at the
demand for the infrastructure of power transmission, the new ultra mega high-voltage
transformer plant will be instrumental in providing resources for power transmission.

                   Narendra Modi’s China visit started showing results

      Judgment in case of 22 Indians, mostly Gujaratis languishing in Chinese jail
          delivered today: 13 persons freed, 9 to serve 3–6 years in prison

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s diplomatic efforts and statesmanship shown
during his China visit has resulted in a great relief to 22 Indian diamond traders, mostly
from Surat and Mumbai, arrested in China since January, 2010 without any hope,
allegedlyfor smuggling diamonds. The efforts made so far for their release, had not
yielded any results. However, after Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi took up the matter
with Chinese authorities, the case was expedited and judgment delivered today.

Chief Minister asked his officers to follow up the matter. He has been quite concerned
about the health of these young people in the Chinese jail and from time to time
enquired about their health. Many of them also developed high blood pressure and their
health started deteriorating. These young Indians are vegetarian and were lodged in
Chinese jail without much hope and therefore started falling sick. They were in a
hopeless situation. He had requested the Indian Ambassador and Consul General to take
care of their welfare. The matter was regularly followed up with MEA authorities and
Indian Embassy in China.

After being informed of the latest development in the matter Shri Narendra Modi said
“During my visit to China in November, I took up the case of 22 Indian youth, who are
lodged in Chinese jail, before the Chinese leadership purely on humanitarian ground. I
emphasized that Indian national languishing in Chinese jail since last two years should
be given speedy trial and they should get justice. I am thankful to the Chinese
Government for expediting the trial and ensuring that judgment is delivered today.”

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