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Dear Applicant Thank you for your interest in the Veterinary


									Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Veterinary Technology Program at OSU-Oklahoma City. The
information below outlines the application process. If you have any questions about applying to
the program, please call 405-945-6742.

    If you are not already enrolled at OSU-Oklahoma City, you must fill out and submit the
     enclosed Application for Admission to OSU-Oklahoma City.

    First-time OSU-Oklahoma City students must provide ACT (or similar battery) test
     scores with their application to the university. The COMPASS test may also be need-
     ed for placement purposes. If you have not taken the ACT (or SAT) or have questions
     about college-level course placement, please contact the OSU-Oklahoma City Testing
     and Assessment Center at 405-945-8648.

    All applicants to the Vet Tech Program must have completed (or be in the process of
     completing) the prerequisite courses before they will be considered for acceptance
     into the program. If you will be taking one (or more) of the prerequisites during the
     Spring or Summer semester, please note this on your application and be prepared to
     supply us with a copy of your transcript. Acceptance will be conditional based on a pass-
     ing grade of “C” or better. Please see the enclosed Degree Sheet for the list of prerequi-
     site courses.

    Each year, 48 qualified applicants are chosen by the Veterinary Technology Selection
     Committee to enter the OSU-OKC Veterinary Technology Program in the Fall. Applica-
     tions must be received by April 30 to be considered for acceptance in the upcom-
     ing Fall semester.

    Class sizes are limited. Not all eligible applicants are guaranteed admission.

    Applicants who require financial aid should contact the OSU-Oklahoma City Finan-
     cial Aid Office at 405-945-8646. Scholarship information is also available at

Please mail or deliver all required documents directly to the Veterinary Technology Department
at OSU-Oklahoma City, 400 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK, 73107.


David A. Morales, DVM
Assistant Professor and Department Head

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