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					Club Name                                             Contact Name             Booth Type               Color Area      Space Number

Modern Languages - German                            Brita Olson                informational           Orange                      23
Student Health Services                              Lorinda Miller             informational           Green                         1
Dept of Modern & Classical Languages (MCL)           Dave Henderson, Instructor informational           Orange                      12
Healthcare Workforce Development Program             Maria Avina                informational           Green                       17
Study Abroad                                         Linda Johns/Kris Abrahamsoninformational           Green                         9
                                                     Sanna Delmonico
Dietetic Technology Program - Consumer and Family Studies                       informational           Green                         5
SRJC Planetarium                                     Ed Megill                  informational           Red                         11
Consumer and Family Studies                          Bonnie Panizzera           informational           Green                         3
Adult Reentry & New Student Programs                 Hilleary Zarate            informational           Orange                      13
English as a Second Language                         Catherine Sagan           souvenir informational   Orange                        8
College Skills                                       Rachel Nix                 informational           Newman Auditorium
SRJC Bookstore                                       Anthony Martinez          souvenir                 Green           Bookstore
Life Sciences Department                             susan wilson                                       Red             Baker 1860
Life Sciences Department                             susan wilson                                       Red             Baker 1830
SRJC Foundation                                      Liz Ferrari                informational           Green                       14
Ag Ambassadors                                       Casey Cole Gatrell         informational           Red                           5
Bird Rescue Center                                   Mary Ellen Rayner          informational           Red                           3
Bouverie Preserve of Adobon Canyon Ranch             Gay Lebaron                informational           Orange                      19
Y100.9                                               Kelly Rae                  informational           Orange                      24
Native American Celebration                          Brenda Flyswithhawks       informational           Yellow          30 awnings and 15 mats
Bear Cub Athletic Trust - Golf Ball Drop!            Bob Lombardi               informational           Orange          Bailey Field - South
Bee Exhibit                                          Larry Bertolini            informational           Red                           9
Western Farm Petting Zoo                             Larry Bertolini            informational           Red                           9
Adapted PE                                           kathy bell                 informational           Orange                      16
SETA (Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Aislinn McCarthy-Sinclair  informational           Orange                      14
Outdoor Stage                                        Scott Rosen                informational           Green           Stage
Equine Science/Adapted PE                            Maxine Freitas             informational           Red                           6
Social Dance Club                                    Matt Snook                 informational           Green                       20
Chemistry Department                                 Katie Parrish              informational           Red             Bech 1901
Chess Club                                           Aaron Crotty               informational           Orange                      18
                                                      Observatory               informational
Sonoma County Astronomical Society & Robert Ferguson Ed Megill (SRJC Planetarium)                       Red                         10
English                                              Lisa Mott                  informational           Green                       13
Earth & Space Sciences - Solar Cooking Demo          Susan Mahoney              informational           Red                           7
Earth and Space Sciences                             Rebecca Perlroth           informational           Red                           8
Admissions and Records Department                    Cindy Molina               informational           Green                       15
SRJC jewelry Program ( Art Dept)                     Linda Weiss               souvenir informational   Green                         2
Petaluma Campus                                      Cynthia King               informational           Green                       19
Fencing                                              Jack Miller                                        Orange                      11
Student Financial Services                           Melinda Giambruno          informational           Green                       11
Petaluma Film Alliance                               Michael Traina             informational           Green                       18
AppTech/Electronics                                  Ed Sikes                   informational           Red                         12
Immersion Studies Club                               Jordan Burns               informational           Orange                      20
Electronics                                          Herb Sullivan              informational           Yellow          Bussman 1147 & 1452
Counseling Department                                Amy Merkel                 informational           Orange                      21
Green Infornation Booth                              Sherrie Arendt                                     Green           Southwest corner of Pioneer
Orange Information Booth                             Sherrie Arendt                                     Orange          Southwest corner of Forsyth
Red Information Booth                                Sherrie Arendt                                     Red             Corner of Planetarium Way & Bech
Yellow Information Booth                             Sherrie Arendt                                     Yellow          Kitty corner to notheast corner of Bailey
Pepperwood Preserve                                  Steve Barnhart             informational           Green                       10
Pepperwood Preserve Indoor Display                   Steve Barnhart             informational           Red             Room 1840
Weekend College/Community Ed                         Kerry Campbell-Price       informational           Green                       12
Pony Rides                                                                                              Red                           4
Model Trains                                         Joan                                               Blue            Plover Library
Oak Leaf                                             Anne                                               Orange                      22
Child Development                                    Joel                                               Orange Bailey Field         26
Redwood Empire Chinese Association                   Cindy Molina                                       Orange          Heritage Circle

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