Fun Drinking Games

					Drinking Games
FIZZ BUZZ - No evening of drinking is complete without this quick fire counting game.
Players sit in a circle and play goes round clockwise with players calling out ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ and so on in order. When the number ‘5’,
any multiple of ‘5’ or indeed any number containing ‘5’ is reached the player must say ‘BUZZ’ instead. Countiing continues
around the circle.
When the players are adept at BUZZ you can then introduce a new rule – the number ‘7’, any number containing ‘7’ or any multiple of
‘7’ must be replaced by the word ‘FIZZ’. This gets increasingly difficult especially after a beer or two. Should you reach the
grand old number ‘57’ you them of course say ‘FIZZ BUZZ’. Anyone who gets it wrong takes a drink – undue hesitation is likewise
punished. The winner is the last remaining player.

MOUTH & BOTTLE - The object of this drinking game is to pick the bottle up without using your hands.
A bottle is placed in the floor in an empty space. The first player stands on one leg, holds their left foot behind their body with
their right hand and their right ear lob with their left hand. Then, bending over, they must attempt to lift the bottle off the
ground using their mouth. Any player failing to lift the bottle takes a drink and has to play in the next round. Any player succeeding
nominates another player to take a drink and retires from the game to watch the fun.
The loser is the last person standing and has to undertake a forfeit suggested by the other players.

SPOOF - A gem of a knockout drinking game to round off the night.
Each player needs three coins to play Spoof. All the players put their hands under the table or behind their back and place 1,
2, 3 or none of the coins in one of their hands. This hand is then held up in front of the other players and they take it in turns to
guess the total number of coins held in all the hands. Once all the guesses have been made, everybody opens their hands and
the coins are counted. The person who guessed correctly can retire by saying ‘thank you gentlemen for playing spoof with me’
and watch the next round. Everybody else takes a drink and play starts again. The loser is the person left at the end of the
game and has to undertake a forfeit suggested by the other players.

BING BANG BONG - You will need a ping pong ball for this game.
Everyone sits around a table with their drink (or forfeits can be written and arranged in the middle of the table face down.)
Only three words can be used in this game-'Bing, Bang, Bong'. Each person says a word and depending on the instructions
below the ping pong ball has to pass to the appropriate player.
BING = the ball passes to next player.
BANG = the ball skips the next player and goes to the following player.
BONG = ball hits a 'wall' and reverses direction.
If you incorrectly pass the ball you can either take a forfeit drink or perform a forfeit (e.g. say the alphabet backwards, eat 5
dry crackers etc)

FUZZY DUCK - This tongue twisting concentration game certainly becomes more difficult as the night wears on.
One player starts by saying "FUZZY DUCK" and play passes to their left. The next player can either say "FUZZY DUCK" (and
play passes to their left) or "DOES HE?". In this case play passes to the right and the person on the right says "DUCKY FUZZ".
When play is moving in a clockwise direction, players should say "FUZZY DUCK" and whn play in moving in an anti-clockwise
direction say "DUCKY FUZZ". Any player can reverse the direction with "DOES HE?" at any time. Any player speaking out of
turn, or saying the wrong thing, pays a minor drinking forfeit. Any player asking an indecent question has to pay a major forfeit
decided by the others.

                                                                 CAPTAIN BLUFF
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                                                                 The nominated player starts by saying "Captain Bluff takes his
                                                                 first drink of the evening". He then picks up his drink with thumb
                                                                 and ONE finger, takes ONE sip, puts the drink down tapping it
                                                                 ONCE on the table, taps their right shoulder with ONE finger
                              S IB LY
                    R E SPO N can damage
                                                                 from their left hand and taps their left shoulder with ONE finger
            D RIN K sively                   and
                                                                 from their right hand. Every player has to follow suit in turn -
                exces nate alcoho lic n ing
                                                                 once they have succeeded in doing this they move on to Captain
   Drinkin alth. Alter
                                                                 Bluff's second drink of the evening using TWO of everything,
                                    the eve for
    your   he              ghou t                                then his third drink using THREE of everything and so on.
                ks thro
                         u            - gre at
     soft drin lenty as food                                     Any mistake at all results in paying a drinking forfiet and trying
      and ea up the booze !                                      again!
       moppin gam es using
        Play the king Forfei ts
         non-drin ating crackers
          such as g a song.
           or singi

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