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									          Southern State Community College and
University of Cincinnati/Raymond Walters College
                                Veterinary Technology

   transfer agreement

                                 Associate of Applied Science
                                 Veterinary Technology
                                      University of Cincinnati
                                 Transfer Articulation Agreement
                     UC/Raymond Walters College / Southern State Community College
                                       Veterinary Technology
 Originating Institution: Southern State Community College

 Target Institution: University of Cincinnati/Raymond Walters College
 Degree/Program: AAS/Veterinary Technology

 Introduction: This agreement is established between Southern State Community College and the AAS
 degree program in Veterinary Technology at Raymond Walters College of the University of Cincinnati.

 The acceptability** of credit to the University is determined by the central credit evaluation process. The
 purpose of this agreement and its appendices is to describe which of those acceptable credits apply to
 requirements in this particular college and major at UC.

 *Applicable transfer courses satisfy degree requirements for graduation. The purpose of this Transfer Articulation
 Agreement is to identify transfer courses that will apply toward degree requirements.

 **Acceptable transfer courses meet all UC requirements and credit is granted. Acceptable credit that does not satisfy
 a student’s degree requirements is accepted as free elective credit.

 Articulation Overview: Students from Southern State Community College who have followed the
 prescribed program and are accepted into the Veterinary Technology will enter the second year of the
 associate degree program. Clinical spaces are limited and entry into the second year courses is

 Admission Criteria: Please note: completing the courses on the attached worksheet does not guarantee
 admission to the Veterinary Technology Program. The clinical facilities of the Veterinary Technology
 Program can accommodate a maximum of 36 students. Therefore, admission into the second year is
 competitive and there may be a waiting period before students can enter the clinical year of the program.
 Students must meet the admission requirements of Raymond Walters College Veterinary Technology
 Program to obtain admission to the second year. These requirements include: maintenance of a 2.75 GPA
 in the freshman course work, "C" or better in all science-related courses, and completion of 20 hours of
 veterinary-related experience

 Minimum GPA: 2.75 with a C or better in all science courses

 Admission Period: Southern State Community College students must be admitted to the Raymond
 Walters College during the duration of this agreement, i.e. between January 1, 2009 and June 30, 2012.

 Agreement Execution Date: January 1, 2009                   Agreement End Date: June 30, 2012


This agreement becomes effective upon its signing by the Deans of both Colleges and will remain effective for three
years. At the end of this time, the agreement will be reviewed and may be renegotiated. Raymond Walters College
and Southern State Community College agree to keep one another informed as program changes affecting the
agreement occur. The Deans of both Colleges will agree upon any future additions and/or amendments to this
document in writing.

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                                     University of Cincinnati
                                Transfer Articulation Agreement
                    UC/Raymond Walters College / Southern State Community College
                                      Veterinary Technology


Agreement Execution Date:                                Last Date Reviewed/Updated:
Agreement End Date:
UC/Raymond Walters College Program           Credit        Southern State Community College          Credit
          Requirement                         Hours               Equivalent Course                   Hours
                                            (Quarter)                                               (Quarter)
28ENGL101,102,289                               9        English Composition I, II, III or IV         11-12
English Composition I, II                                ENGL 101, 102, 103 or 110
Intermediate Composition
28BIOL281                                        5       Microbiology                                   5
Microbiology                                             BIOL 210
28BIOL126,127,128                               15       Principles of Biology I, II, III               15
Fundamentals of Biology I,II,III                         BIO 101/111, 122/112, 103/113
28CHEM104                                        5       Intro to Chemistry I, II                       8
GOB Chemistry I                                          CHEM 120, 122
28CHEM175                                        4       Elementary Organic Chemistry                   5
Chemistry and Life                                       CHEM 124
28COMM171                                        3       Fundamentals of Effective Speaking             3
Effective Public Speaking                                SPTH 115
Humanities, Behavioral, or Social Science        9       Select courses from: Economics                 9
Electives                                                (ECON), English 200 level (ENGL), Fine
                                                         Art (FNAR), Foreign Language (FLNG),
                                                         History (HIST), Philosophy (PHIL),
                                                         Political Science (PSCI), Psychology
                                                         (PSYC) excluding 099, Sociology
                                                         (SOCL), Speech and Theatre (SPTh)
Intro to Veterinary Technology I,II              3       Waived for Transfer students.                  0

Notes:. A list of all current admission requirements can be found on the University of Cincinnati website
( Students are encouraged to contact
the academic advisor of the Raymond Walters Veterinary Technology Program with questions regarding the waiting
list and specific admission requirements.

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                               University of Cincinnati
                          Transfer Articulation Agreement
              UC/Raymond Walters College / Southern State Community College
                                Veterinary Technology
Students entering the sophomore year of the Veterinary Technology Program complete the following:

Comparative Hematology                             28VTN275                  4
Comparative Anatomy & Physiology                   28VTN272                  4
Animal Medical Techniques                          28VTN273                  5
Animal Husbandry & Diseases I                      28VTN280                  3
Comparative Parasitology                           28VTN276                  4
Surgical Principles I                              28VTN241                  3
Anesthesia                                         28VTN284                  2
Principles of Radiography                          28VTN279                  2
Animal Husbandry & Diseases II                     28VTN243                  3
Technical Practicum                                28VTN286                  3
Surgical Principles II                             28VTN242                  5
Medical Records                                    28VTN281                  3
Urinalysis, Clinical Chemistry, & Cytology 28VTN285                          4
Animal Husbandry & Diseases III                    28VTN244                  4
Summer Preceptorship                               28VTN282                  4
Total                                                                      53

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