; Effects of Sugar on Candida Diet
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Effects of Sugar on Candida Diet

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This is an example of effects of sugar on candida diet. This document is useful in conducting effects of sugar on candida diet.

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Is Syclovir safe to take if I am breast-feeding or pregnant?
Always consult your doctor first when taking any supplements.
All the components of Syclovir are on the safe list of the FDA.

However, Syclovir should not be taken if you are pregnant.
Pregnant rabbit testing indicated early birthing occurred in some.

Mothers who are breast-feeding may choose to take Syclovir for help with
fungus/yeast, parasites or worm problems.
Remember, Candida loves heavy metals. If heavy metals like mercury, lead, etc.
are in your body it would be wise to include taking our METAL-DTX
capsules. This will help to eliminate the fungus better and improve the body’s
over-all condition.

How much Syclovir do I need to take?
Start slowly with 1 teaspoon of the powder in about 5 ounces of water.
Syclovir is fast acting and you will be able to see if you will experience a die-off
that you can feel. In a healthy person Syclovir has no effect at all. So if you feel
anything you consider negative, realize what you feel is Syclovir getting rid of
something dangerous to your body and very life. Syclovir itself creates no
negative side-effects in any human or animal. Generally the die-off is felt only
when the adrenal gland is fatigued.

Since no one knows how many parasites, worms or yeast they may have in their
body or how fatigued their adrenal may be, it is good to start with the single
teaspoon. Another consideration is the condition of your energy producing
systems. Like the thyroid, sugar/insulin, red blood cells. If yeast has turned many
of these down or off your energy will be low and it takes energy to dispose of the
dead yeast from your body. So if you feel more tired it is because you have low
energy reserves and lots of dead yeast is draining you of a little more energy as
you get it out of the body.
You will want to increase the amount taken as you can without feeling too tired.
Try to get to 2 heaping tablespoons per day gradually and when comfortable.
Don’t let anyone convince you that no changes in your diet are necessary.
More on this later.
When will I see results?
There is a wide range of responses. Anywhere from within a day to several weeks
is the range, but mostly this depends on how well you are feeding your pets (the
yeast). You will always be feeding them something but do not feed them their
favorite foods or even one of their favorite foods every day. Yeast explodes in
reproduction when they receive SUGAR. Most people thing they are safe by
eliminating the sugar bowl, candies, desserts, etc… Not so!

Sugar has many forms. All grains are sugar! BEANS are the same as sugar!
CORN in any form is pure sugar! WHITE RICE, WHITE POTATOES & PASTA
are all sugar in its finest form!

But if you cut these down or totally off without taking Syclovir the yeast/fungus
overgrowth will drive you to another feeder food like PEANUT BUTTER or
CHEESE because they want to be fed and maybe you will say, “this is ok because
there is no sugar in them!” However cheese is fungus and peanut products, even
organic is full of fungus. Both feed your problem very well.
So, you can see why there is a wide range of responses to the question:
When will I see results? Each person will work at it differently with their diet.

How long will I need to take it?
Getting rid of Candida is not the right question to ask here. What we want to do is
control it. The real question is why do I have a Candida problem to
begin with? It is because you have lost a very valuable asset in your body. Your
secondary immune system which has the primary responsibility to manage the
balance of power between friendly bacteria and fungus in your colon has been

Is this a serious problem? You bet it is! Once the friendly bacteria are lost by the
taking of antibiotics or birth control pill, etc. you are wide open to fungal
overgrowth throughout your body. But this is just a piece of the problem. You are
now filling up with nerve damaging, immune confusing, bacteria killing

1 - These toxins are also able to embed into tissue like the colon wall and still kill
good bacteria even if no yeast is present.

2 - Also the proper p/H of the area where the good bacteria used to live is so
changed that just this factor would stop bacteria from thriving there again.

3 - And don’t forget that to restore this secondary immune system you will have
to establish 85% bacteria to 15% fungus in the colon while meeting all the other
criteria mentioned. You can see now how serious it can be to treat these friendly
bacteria so lightly.

So, until someone finds a way to fix the p/H, remove the yeast mycotoxins and
control the yeast themselves all the way down to the small area they are supposed
to be, in a 85% to 15% ratio they are supposed at, YOU will have to manage
protecting yourself manually with something like Syclovir.

Yes, the problem is huge but the consequences of not controlling the situation in
the absence of a correctly functioning immune system in the colon, is enormous!
Epidemic diabetes, cancer, leukemia, chronic fatigue, etc.
All these diseases can be traced to a SUGAR LINK, the favorite food of the
yeast/fungus. Don’t become a victim, learn to manage your overgrowth now.

Is it true I don't have to go on a strict Candida diet?
No one wants to live as if they were in a foreign prison. We suggest you restrict
your diet for 30 days. Try not to eat any of the foods listed on the Syclovir label.
When you have lowered your yeast volume to a manageable amount then when
you feed them the increased growth will be relatively small compared to feeding a
body full of fungus.

Just remember that when you feed them they multiply so when you eat a fun food
and you bloat or produce gas, take some Syclovir and kill off the ones that went
after your food. Diet will always play a role, so don’t be deluded or mislead by
wishful dreamers who sell products and say diet is not important.

Will it be gone for good, or will I need to keep taking Syclovir
You will always have Candida in your intestines. It is supposed to be there. So it
can always overgrow again if your immune system gets stressed and weakened, or
your friendly bacteria get wiped out by anti-biotics, birth control pills or even
chlorinated water, or sometimes even if you indulge extra large amounts of foods
that Candida thrives on. We live in a fungal soup. Yeast is in every breath we take
in, on the door knob, your table top, everywhere. We cannot escape it, we just
have to learn how to control it. Syclovir does not harm friendly bacteria so
combining it with probiotics is important. Such products as DETURGE will help
the waste in the bowels to get ‘plowed up’ preventing a dense or packed bowel.
Until such a time as we can restore the full functioning of the friendly bacteria
and colon we will need to take Syclovir. Remember too, that just because we may
get to a place where we feel great may only mean you are managing the fungus
well by taking what you are taking. It may not mean you are totally restored and
should quit taking Syclovir. The only way to know for sure is if the fungus comes
back in full force or not.

How can I tell the Candida is gone?
When it is gone, your symptoms will have disappeared and the "spit test" will be
showing clear, nothing falling down and the water clear. Medical test are not as
accurate as the spit-test or checking all the symptoms you might have. All you
need is 3 symptoms to be in a yeast overgrowth problem.

How accurate is the "saliva test"?
It appears to be very accurate. To the extent that you can even determine how
serious your overgrowth is by how fast it develops and how much there is. If it
develops almost immediately and there is a lot of stuff, you have it worse than
someone who has one or two strings or a little cloudiness develop 20 minutes or
so later.

Will Syclovir get rid of thrush and other systemic yeast
Definitely. Usually it begins to improve in days by just holding the product in
your mouth for a few minutes before swallowing it. The more contact you give to
the thrush the faster it will leave. You might want to notice how the fungus can
inflame the cells of the tongue when advanced in stage. This is what it can do to
any cells in the body without us knowing. This is very dangerous when it is on our
Beta Cells on the pancreas. Eventually, our own immune system is obligated to
destroy our own Beta cells when they are so impaired, inflamed and mangled by
yeast infection. Our own immune system now gets the blame for the whole
problem. What a shame, and more dangerous as the real enemy that has just
caused diabetes will go on to wreck more havoc undetected. Regular use of
Syclovir may have the ability to care for all this unsupervised fungus activity. We
do not want to make claims but no one using Syclovir over the years has
succumbed to any disease related to the sugar issue.
Call for additional info to help with THRUSH or VAGINAL yeast problems.

Is Syclovir enough to take on its own?
Syclovir controls yeast on its own but we recommend taking our BOWELpro
to plow up the bowel waste to prevent the bowel movement from being too
densely packed plus it cleans off the intestinal wall.
We do get some returns of Syclovir as a few people do not like the microscopic
silica in the powdered formula. However, the life-saving benefits are greatly
appreciated by the vast majority of users.
For most it is a life-saving formula that woks within minutes to bring relief from
itching, rashes, bloating, gas, etc., and things we are not suppose to mention.

Why did you include vinegar and sugar in Syclovir?
FIRST - We include some of the yeasts favorite foods as bait.
SECONDLY – Who cares what the yeast eats just before it dies.
We pronounce it Syclovir, but it means EXECUTION!
Is Syclovir safe to take with herbs or prescription drugs?
We always recommend taking Syclovir away in time from all other things taken.
Syclovir is designed not only to destroy fungus/yeast but also to pick up the very
dangerous mycotoxins produced by them.
It would not be necessary to use Syclovir while taking anti-fungal drugs. The
problem is that a person cannot live on such drugs. Even going on and off of them
may be very, very hard on the liver and kidneys.
It is best to not take Syclovir while on such drugs as Syclovir may want to clear
them from the body, as they may resemble toxins.
Syclovir should not be taken if a person is on drugs for life-threatening diseases.

Does Syclovir have side effects?
No, it is safe and natural. You may experience die-off symptoms or fatigue due to
low energy of adrenal glands.
Syclovir does not cause damaging side-effects as anti-fungal drugs may do, which
may harm the liver or kidneys.

Could I be allergic to Syclovir?
A person could be allergic to anything including Syclovir. But in 15 years we have
only had about 4 people who said they thought they were allergic to it. So, the
chances are very slim unless you know you are allergic to sugar or vinegar.

Will Syclovir cause a rash or blister to develop, or make my
itching worse?
Not at all. In fact, it will likely stop and/or prevent things like this from ever
Rashes should start to disappear within days. It is important to know that if you
feed yeast it can grow faster than you can destroy it.

What are the foods that feed fungus?

Foods that feed Candida: (All Sweets, pastries, chocolate, etc.)
Also, all high glycemic foods like alcoholic beverages, white rice, bread, white
potatoes, pasta, corn (including popcorn, corn tortillas, corn chips) carrot juice,
apples, bananas, grapes, vinegar. Also, all dairy especially cheese, including Whey
protein, then all peanut products in any form because they are fungal themselves,
& all nuts that are pre-opened and bagged. Remember also, that all grains and
legumes (beans) feed fungus.
Why do I crave certain foods?

Yeast/fungus has billions of hungry mouths screaming for sugar and this creates
the driving force that make you crave certain foods.
Remember that if you cut one food off from them, they will drive you to another
feeder-food without you knowing what is happening.
It is vital that you learn and remember what foods feed fungus!

How do I take Syclovir?
Water activates the product but you may put some juice or other liquid into the
mix as desired.
It is absorbent to pick up mycotoxins released by the yeast/fungus in the body.

How does it taste?
In the canister it smells a little like vinegar. Mixed into water it tastes sweet. It is
white in color and has a slight silica texture. It is not meant to be sipped but just
gulped down so it can do its work quickly.

What is the "No Questions Asked 30-Day Money Back
Give yourself 30 days to see if Syclovir works for you. You must be 100%
satisfied with your results from taking Syclovir or I'll refund your money with no
questions asked.
But I'm absolutely convinced that Syclovir will work fast for you and that you’ll
be amazed by the results.
In fact, getting rid of stubborn Candida and yeast infections has never been easier
thanks to Syclovir. Try Syclovir for 30 days risk free. You'll absolutely love what
It does for you.

How much does Syclovir cost?
All pricing is in US dollars. For Syclovir, one container is $39.

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