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									Lincolnshire County Council

              Telecare Service
              Deborah Shepherd
              Alex Newton
Real Joint working

   Housing, health, supporting people, voluntary
    orgs, monitoring centres
   Forums- awareness raising
   Trust each other
   Keep it simple
   Training
   Telecare includes Telehealth
     Home from Hospital Scheme

   Local Housing Association
   Transport from Hospital
   Installation of basic Telecare on discharge
   Training
       Bogus caller initiative

   Trading Standards
   Reduce fear of bogus callers
   Increase confidence to live at home
   All must have monitored system
   Could add memo minder
   Working with police- video surveilance
      Self Assessment Tool

   Give people more control
   Reduce the need to have a “professional” to
   Reduce the need for ASC practitioner to be
   Work with local agencies e.g. housing, age
    concern, hospices.
   Increase knowledge of Telecare
   More scope to meet targets- increase number of
    potential users
   Work towards full self assessment
Lincolnshire’s Telecare Evaluation

   Joint working with Health
   Prof. Kevin Doughty – York University
   Started August 2007 – able to have an
    interim report
   Data Collection methods – Existing data,
    before and after, questionnaires, case
Care Dependency Scale

                                                          A   Nutrition
                Ability to cope   P       1                          B    Continence

    Ability to learn                          2
                          O                                                         Body Posture
  Occupational                                    4
     activities   N
                                                                                    D   Mobility

   activities   M                                                                       Day/Night
                                                                                    E   pattern

  Sense of rules
       & values       L                                                             Dressed/
                                                                                F   undressed

     Social interaction       K                                           G   Body Temperature

                    Communication     J                        H   Hygiene
                                            of risk
Initial Results

   84% service users, increase in confidence
    and reduction in anxiety.
    “I am no longer isolated and am reassured
    help is at hand immediately if I need it”
   89% carers felt the equipment had reduced
    their anxiety
    “I believe the service to be fantastic and a
    real benefit to all our lives – thank you”
Initial Results continued:

   Develop a 24 hour response team
   Service option form easy to complete and
   One referral form for telecare, home care etc
    would be beneficial
   Overall positively received by staff,
    service users and their carers!

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