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Veterinary Technology Program
General Information                                            Curriculum (72 credit hours)*                                    Admission
    Veterinary Technology is a two-year program with a         Prerequisite Semester:                                              Students must be accepted into the program before
competitive admissions process that admits new classes           BIOL 1406 - General Biology I                                  taking Veterinary Technology courses. All courses required
only in the fall semester. Students in the program are           CHEM 1411 - General Chemistry I                                within the listed curriculum must be passed with a “C” or
prepared with knowledge and skills to work in a number of        MATH 1314 or 1324 - College Algebra or Math Analysis I         better in order to progress to the next semester’s courses.
                                                                 ENGL 1301 - Composition and Rhetoric
animal health fields. The Veterinary Technology Program                                                                            Applications are accepted starting April 1. The appli-
is a collaborative effort with Texas A&M University College    1st Semester                                                     cation deadline is May 31 and applications can
of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, where              VTHT 1401 - Introduction to Veterinary Technology              only be obtained by attending an informational meeting.
second-year students will receive much of their clinical         VTHT 1205 - Veterinary Medical Terminology                     Persons interested in the Veterinary Technology Program
                                                                 VTHT 1209 - Veterinary Nutrition
education.                                                                                                                      are encouraged to visit the Program’s website (www.blinn.
                                                                 BIOL 2421 - Microbiology
                                                                                                                                edu/twe/vet_tech) to learn more about the program
Job Responsibilities                                           2nd Semester                                                     and to sign up for one of the informational sessions.
                                                                 VTHT 1413 - Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology                  Prior to the application deadline, applicants must have
   Owners of pets and other animals expect state-of-the-
                                                                 VTHT 1225 - Pharmacological Calculations
art veterinary health care for their animals, just as they                                                                      completed prerequisite course work with at least a “B” in
                                                                 ANY SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE ELECTIVE (Sociology,
would expect quality care for themselves and their other         Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology)        each course, gained at least 40 hours of veterinary super-
family members. To provide this service, veterinarians use       ANY HUMANITIES OR FINE ARTS ELECTIVE (English                  vised experiences, and taken the HOBET. The basis for
the skills of RVTs who perform many of the same duties           Literature, Philosophy, Art, Music, Drama) (Does NOT include   acceptance into the program includes total GPA, HOBET
for a veterinarian that a nurse would for a physician. They      English Composition or Speech courses)                         scores, completion of general education courses, let-
often perform laboratory tests, administer prescribed          3rd Semester                                                     ters of recommendation, additional veterinary supervised
treatments for various medical conditions and diseases           VTHT 2421 - Veterinary Parasitology                            experiences, general animal experiences, and community
in animals, administer anesthesia and assist in surgery,         VTHT 1160 - Clinical – Veterinary/Animal Health                service. Top applicants will be selected for an interview.
and provide general animal care.                                 Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant                    Applicants accepted into the Veterinary Technology
                                                               Year 2 - 1st Semester                                            Program must attend a mandatory orientation prior to the
Job Opportunities                                                VTHT 2323 - Veterinary Clinical Pathology I                    start of the fall semester. Final admission is dependent
    The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that        VTHT 2217 - Exotic Animal Clinical Management                  upon providing proof of:
between 2008 to 2018, employment of RVTs will grow               VTHT 2209 - Food Animal Clinical Management                       1) current immunizations (including Hepatitis B and
much faster than average and overall job opportunities           VTHT 2205 - Equine Clinical Management                                Rabies prophylaxis, both of which are a 3 injection
                                                                 VTHT 2201 - Canine and Feline Clinical Management                     series),
will be excellent. RVTs have higher salaries than veterinary
                                                                 VTHT 1349 - Veterinary Pharmacology                               2) results from a current TB test,
assistants with the mean annual wage near $30,000.
    While most RVTs are employed in private veterinary         2nd Semester                                                        3) CPR certification for Health Care Providers,
practices, other employment opportunities include ani-           VTHT 1441 - Anesthesia and Surgical Assistance                    4) Passage of a criminal background check and drug
                                                                 VTHT 2431 - Veterinary Clinical Pathology II                          screen.
mal shelters, stables, reproductive facilities, zoos, wild-
                                                                 VTHT 1345 - Veterinary Radiology                                  For accepted applicants the rabies prophylaxis vac-
life facilities, pharmaceutical sales, the military, and         VTHT 2360 - Clinical - Veterinary/Animal Health
homeland security. While the goal of most RVTs is to                                                                            cine series may be administered through the Blinn Health
                                                                 Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant
promote animal health, some contribute to human                                                                                 Center, or applicants must show proof of a protective
                                                               3rd Semester                                                     rabies titer within the last 2 years.
health through biomedical research activities and work
                                                                 VTHT 1140 - Veterinary Jurisprudence and Ethics
in laboratory facilities where they assist veterinarians
                                                                                                                                Blinn College seeks to provide equal education without regard to
and other scientists in medically-related fields such as       *Veterinary technology courses are not transferable
                                                                                                                                race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or any other
                                                               to 4-year institutions.
gene therapy, cancer research, and cloning.                                                                                     constitutionally or statutorily impermissible reason. This policy
                                                                                                                                extends to all programs and activities supported by the college.
                                                                                                                                Brochure funded by The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical
                                                                                                                                Education Act of 2006, (Basic Grant) through The Texas Higher
                                                                                                                                Education Coordinating Board.
Requirements before Application                                                          Blinn College                                Blinn College Applied Sciences
  The following requirements must be met before a stu-
dent makes application to the program:
   1.    Complete all Blinn College requirements
                                                                          Blinn College has professional advisors on campus to
                                                                       provide confidential assistance, preferably by appoint-
                                                                       ment, with no cost to the students. Walk-in appointments
         for admission. Applicant must meet all Texas
         Success Initiative (TSI) requirements or show                 will be accepted if an advisor is available. The advisor
         exemption prior to course work. All developmen-               will assist with the most frequently expressed student
         tal courses must be completed prior to admission              concerns:
         to the program. Applicant must show computer                     ACADEMIC: Program overviews, program selection
         literacy by either transcript documentation of high           and degree plan information, academic advisement,
         school or college computer science courses, or                individual and small group tutoring, computer assisted
         by recent work history with data processing and/              tutorials, ADA modifications, a study skills station, infor-
         or management.                                                mation on transferring college credits, and a Texas School
                                                                       Catalog Library.
   2.    All international students must have passed all
                                                                          CAREER: Computerized career exploration (Choices
         sections of TOEFL.
                                                                       CT and Texas Cares), a variety of vocational assess-
   3.    Have completed prerequisite courses with at least             ments; career resources, career counseling, workshops
         a “B” in each course, and math and science                    on resume writing, interviewing techniques and job-
         courses must have been completed within the                   search skills, job placement, and job follow-up.
         last 10 years. These courses may be in progress                  PERSONAL: Workshop class presentations; individ-
         during the spring semester prior to the fall for              ual counseling, support groups (on a variety of issues),
         which admission is sought, but final grades must              self-help library, information/referrals on community
         appear on the official transcript that is submitted           services, and assistance for adults with disabilities.
         with the application packet. Students should have                FINANCIAL: Financial aid resource station, com-
         an overall GPA of 2.5 or greater.                             puter assisted and web financial aid search programs.
   4.    Complete the HOBET with a composite score of                  Additionally, to qualified students: Textbook Lending
         70 or greater. *Limit 3 attempts.                             Library, childcare assistance and transportation aid.
   5.    Must have a minimum of 40 hours of veterinary
         supervised experience. Documentation will be
Estimated Costs for the 2 Year Program                                                                                                A collaborative effort
Tuition & Fees .................................... $           5500
Books ................................................ $ 1400 - 1800                                                                  with Texas A&M
Uniforms & Supplies .......................... $ 400 - 600
Misc (Rabies vaccine/                                                                                                                 University College of
Travel/Credentialing exams) .............. $ 800 - 1000
                                                                                                                                      Veterinary Medicine &

                                                                                                                                      Biomedical Sciences.
                                                                           Veterinary Technology Program
                                                                                          P.O. Box 6030
                                                                                     Bryan, TX 77805-6030
                                                                                         (979) 209-7203


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