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                                              SPECIAL INVITATION!!!
Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year! We are very excited to extend this invitation to join the PTO and/or join a PTO
committee. It is our hope that you will help us in developing a Partnership for Success at Rolling Hills Elementary.

Is the PTA the same as PTO?
In a nutshell, PTA’s are local groups that affiliate with the national PTA. These groups pay dues to their respective state PTA’s and to
national PTA and they receive benefits from the same. PTO is the general acronym for the 75% of groups (PTOs, PCCs, HSAs, etc.)
that choose to remain independent. PTOs are free to write their own bylaws and keep whatever dues they do charge at their school.

How much to Join?
The dues are only $10 per family per school year. Any additional contributions to the PTO are tax deductible. You will receive the
following benefits and gifts as a token of our appreciation for your donation:

- Voting Privileges (on spending issues, offices, events, etc.)          - Discounts at Future Events
- T-Shirts, water bottles, hats (base ball or visor) Discount of $1.00   - Sweatshirt Discount of $2.00

Where are the Membership Funds Used?
    1.   Additional Teacher Funding - A teacher in need of additional funds has the choice of asking the PTO to supplement their
         classroom budget for classroom resources, supplies and fieldtrips.
    2.   Technology – Generated funds will be used to supply the classrooms and school with maintaining and up keeping of our
         computer and technology needs; and other advanced learning devices.
    3.   Athletics – Uniforms and equipment will be obtained with funding.
    4.   Sponsored PTO events – Examples are Special Assemblies, Harvest Festival, Staff Appreciation Week and the Book Fair.

Do I have to attend the meetings and/or volunteer?
No, but any help is greatly appreciated. Simply put, we are a volunteer driven organization so we are always seeking and in need of
assistance with projects. Also, as a member you have a voting right when you attend the meetings on projects and purchases. This
organization belongs to you, your children, and the teachers. Together, we can give them the school experience memories are made

Committees/Events in Need of Your Help & How to Sign Up
Involvement is encouraged. Attached you will find a form where you may select the committee or event where your interests fall.
Please fill in your name, phone number and e-mail address and we will have someone contact you when help is needed.

Dates to Mark on your Calendar
The 1st PTO Meeting will be held on September 9, 2010, at 3:00 p.m. PTO Meetings will be held in the library the 2 nd Thursday of
each month. The meeting times will remain at the same time each month.

Questions or Concerns regarding PTO Membership can be directed to: Trish Ramirez, PTO Membership Chair (707)
208-8416 or by email at

         Submit the attached form via the method provided.

Parent/Guardian Information:

Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
Phone Numbers:       Home: (______) ________________________Cell: (______) ______________________
E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

Name(s) of children attending Rolling Hills Elementary:
__________________________________         Grade __________      Teacher _____________________________
__________________________________         Grade __________      Teacher _____________________________
__________________________________         Grade __________      Teacher _____________________________
__________________________________         Grade __________      Teacher _____________________________

                                   PTO MEMBERSHIP DUES
                      “Life is like an echo – what you send out comes back.” Unknown
Qty   Description of Item:                                                  Cost per item:       Sub Total:
      Family PTO Membership:                                                    $10.00
      Additional Tax-Deductible Voluntary Donation:                          (You Decide)
      Company Donated Item(s):
      Grand Total Donation Amount:

               **Please make checks payable to “Rolling Hills PTO”**

                         SPECIAL EVENTS HELPERS NEEDED
       We need your help for the events below. Please check any event(s) where you would like to help:

       □   Cookie Dough Sales              □   T-Shirt Sales            □    Spring Carnival
       □   Fundraising                     □   Kite Night               □    Babysitting
       □   Book Fair                       □   Movie Nights             □    Teacher Appreciation
       □   December Gift Shop              □   Dine and Donate          □    CPA / Tax Specialist
       □   General Help

       The Days, Times and Types of Activities Best For Me Are: (Please check all that apply.)

       □   The School Day                  □    At School               □    Weekday Evenings
       □   After School                    □    From Home               □    Weekends
Our school may possibly do the following:

- Invite Company to be a Guest Speaker at a School Event - Post Company’s Name at School on a Plaque
- Recognize Company in School Newsletter                 - Give the Company an Honorary Plaque
- Recognize Company during School Announcements          - and much more!

Name of Company:                         Contact Person:                       Phone Number:


     1.      I would like to receive PTO communications through email address listed above. YES / NO

     2.      I would like to see the PTO accomplish the following and/or provide assistance with the following:

     3.      I have or know of a business that is willing to donate merchandise for or participate in fundraising

BUSINESS NAME:                           CONTACT PERSON:                       PHONE NUMBER:


1)        Turn into your child’s teacher; or

2)        Bring to the school’s office and leave for PTO Membership Chairperson

3)        Mail Form to:
          Rolling Hills Elementary
          Attn: Trish Ramirez, Membership Chair
          2025 Fieldcrest Avenue
          Fairfield, CA 94534

Thank you, PTO

             If you have any questions, please contact Trish Ramirez, PTO Membership Chairperson, at
                             (707) 208-8416 or by email at

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