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					                         DAVIS COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT
                          Classified Employee Job Description
                                       July 2008

Job Title:     PARC Program Assistant

Department:    PARC

Alternate Job Titles:

Lane: 5 (Tentative lane placement until reviewed by Job Consultant)

Job Code Number: 882


General Function

Under the general supervision of the Program Manager, the Program Assistant
supervises, supports, and provides training for clients with disabilities so they may be
successful within their work environment.

Organization Structure

       Job Title: Program Assistant
       Jobs Reporting to this Title: None

       Supervisor’s Title: Program Manager

Representative Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Program Assistant’s job duties and responsibilities will be assigned from general
program functions and may include any of the following:

   1. Supervises clients in assigned work area. Records productivity and personal data.
      Ensures quality control of job/contract work.

   2. Assists clients in acquiring the skills needed to perform job tasks independently
      and successfully. This includes behavioral supports and training as required.
3. Assists clients with indirect job related issues such as: locating and securing
   adequate transportation to and from work, social relations, personal hygiene,
   motor skills, and other social and personal skill sets.

4. Assists clients with personal problems (may include informal counseling, toilet
   assistance, washing clothes, etc).

5. Assists clients in determining the most effective method of accomplishing their
   work. This may include, helping identify and modify job activities or work
   settings which are needed to enhance their overall performance.

6. Prepares clients for interviews, providing instruction concerning dress, greeting
   people, responding to and asking questions. Provides personal assistance required
   for successful work experience (i.e. may assist client in shopping for clothing,
   contacting transportation when client will not be going to work, etc).

7. Serves as liaison with community businesses, parents/guardians, and other
   external agencies.

8. Meets with customer / employer and assists in structuring jobs to meet client

9. Contacts employers in assigned geographical areas to arrange placement of
   clients. Presents program to employers and encourages participation; discusses
   backgrounds of clients and makes placement recommendations; provides
   information regarding specific certifications and other employer incentives.

10. Provides necessary follow-up on assigned placements of clients. Stays well
    informed and frequently communicates with program manager and customers /
    employers to ensure quality work is being performed by client.

11. Meets with program manager to review client progress and potential barriers.

12. Assumes responsibility of adhering to company policies and core expectations.
    This includes maintaining clean work area and actively participating in staff
    meetings, training seminars, and other required events.

13. Encourages and facilitates integration of the client with co-workers to build
    professional and appropriate relationships.

14. Accurately writes program reports, contract records and other required documents
    and ensures they are completed in a timely manner and in accordance with
    company policy.

15. Establishes and maintains an individual service file for all assigned clients.
    Implements an ongoing data-collection system for each. Takes notes on client
       performance and problems. Records IPP / IEP related data and ensures that IPP /
       IEP objectives are accomplished.

   16. Serves as a member of the client’s IPP / IEP Team. Evaluates clients using
       assessment form and gathers baseline data for development of IPP / IEPs.

   17. Assigns clients to work area after consideration of production requirements, client
       personalities, disability, and IPP / IEPs. Adjust workload and retrains clients as

   18. Completes special projects and miscellaneous assignments as required.

Marginal Functions

   1. Administers client’s health needs for the job (medication, oxygen tanks, etc).

   2. Assists client in personal cleanup after urine or feces accident.

   3. May be required to drive personal vehicle to alternate work sites, which may also
      include transporting clients.

   4. Assists with bus duty. Includes riding the bus with clients from home-to-

   5. Becomes knowledgeable of various tools / equipment to be utilized for specific
      job tasks (such as: tape guns, pallet jacks, cleaning equipment, etc). Ensures
      adherence to safety standards when utilizing these tools.

   6. Assists with receiving job / contract materials. Organizes and inventories.
      Advises supervisor when additional supplies are required.

   7. Prepares and ships packages.

   8. Chaperons and assists with dances and other center activities.

   9. Receives telephone calls from parents to discuss concerns about clients.

This description should not be construed to contain every function/responsibility that may
be required to be performed by an incumbent in this job. Incumbents are required to
perform other related functions as assigned.

Qualification Requirements
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential
duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the education,
knowledge and experiences requirements; the machines, tools, and equipment used; and
any licenses or certifications required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to
enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

       Physical Requirements – Not limited to the following:
          1. Physical ability to perform the essential functions listed above with or
             without reasonable accommodation.
          2. Physical, mental and emotional requirements will be developed when
             needed for purposes of reasonable accommodation.

       Note: This list of essential and marginal functions and of physical requirements is
       not exhaustive and may be supplemented in accordance with requirements of the

       Education Requirements:

       High school diploma or equivalent education and/or experience.

       Knowledge and Ability:

       1. Ability to interact positively with individuals with disabilities.

       Job-Related Experience:

       None required.

       Licenses / Certifications:

       1. None required.

       Machines, Tools & Equipment Used:

       1. Various commercial project and customer service related equipment.
       2. Personal automobile.

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