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									   Minnesota State
    Symbols Quiz
1. What   is    the   State   Flower?
2. What   is    the   State   Tree?
3. What   is    the   State   Fish?
4. What   is    the   State   Muffin?
5. What   is    the   State   Gemstone?
6. What   is    the   State   Bird?
7. What   is    the   State   Grain?
8. What
9. What
                                                                                              M i n n e s ot a
Boundary Waters Adventure Maze!
                                                                                              Fun & Games
  Help the canoer find his way back
          to his camp site.                      To learn more
                                            about our state symbols
                                             and for more fun and
                                                                                                for Kids!
                                             games come visit me,
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         Minnesota Symbols                                                                            State Tree                    State Fish
                                                                                        The Norway pine, also called the red       The walleye, a
                                                                                        pine because of its reddish brown          favorite fishing
       State Bird                                                                       bark, stands 60 to 100 feet tall, with     catch, inhabits
The common loon is one of                                                               a trunk three to five feet in              waters in all
the earth's oldest living bird                                                          circumference. Its needles are four        parts of the
species. Its name comes                                                                 to six inches long and grow in pairs.      state, but mainly
from a Norwegian word that                                                              They are popular for Christmas trees       the large, cool
means "wild, sad cry."                                                                  when small and for lumber when tall.       lakes in northern Minnesota. Minnesota's record walleye
                                                                                                                                   weighed 17 pounds 8 ounces.

                                     State Flower                                                                                                                         State Flag
                           The pink and white lady                                                                                                                  The Minnesota state flag
                           slipper is one of Minnesota's                                                                                                            is royal blue, with a gold
                           rarest wildflowers. Thriving in                                                                                                          fringe. In the center of
                           swamps, bogs, and damp woods,                                                                                                            the flag is the state seal.
                           they grow slowly, taking 4 to 16                                                                                                         Around the state seal is a
                           years to produce their first
                                                                         State Grain                                                                                wreath of the state
                           flower.                                Wild rice grows naturally in the                                                                  flower, the lady slipper.
                                                                  shallow waters of lakes in                                                                        Three dates are woven
                                                                  central and northern                                                                              into the wreath: 1858, the
                                                                  Minnesota. For many years, all                                   year Minnesota became a state; 1819, the year Fort
                                                                  the wild rice produced in the                                    Snelling was established; and 1893, the year the official
         State Seal                                               world came from Minnesota. It                                    flag was adopted. Nineteen stars ring the wreath.
The official seal shows a                                         is harvested from lakes in the
barefoot farmer plowing a field.                                  traditional Native American
The farmer's axe, gun, and                                        way, from canoes.
powderhorn rest on a nearby                                                                                                         State Photograph
stump, as he looks at an Native                                                                                                    The photograph "Grace,"
American riding a horse.                                                                                                           depicting an elderly man
Minnesota's state motto "L'Etoile                                                                                                  bowing his head and giving
du Nord," French for "star of the
                                                                                                          State Drink              thanks, was taken in Bovey,
north," also appears on the seal.                                                                          & Muffin                Minnesota, in 1918, by Eric
                                                                                                     The state drink is milk and   Enstrom. A copy of the
                                    State Gemstone                                                   muffin is blueberry.          photograph is on display in
                                                                                                     Minnesota ranks fifth in      the secretary of state's
                                 Lake Superior Agate,
                                                                                                     dairy production among the    office in Saint Paul.
                                 unusually beautiful quartz
                                 stones banded with rich red                                         states.
                                 and orange colors derived                                                                                                               State Fruit
                                 from iron ore in the soil, are                                                                                                     The Honeycrisp™ apple
                                 found in northeastern and                                                                                                          was adopted as the state
                                 north central Minnesota. They                                                                                                      fruit in 2006. The apple
                                 are often polished to make         State Butterfly                                                                                 was produced from a 1960
                                 jewelry.                         The Monarch butterfly,                                                                            cross of Macoun and
                                                                  also known as the                                                                                 Honeygold apples, as part
                                                                  milkweed butterfly, is one                                                                        of the University of
      State Mushroom                                              of the few that migrate                                                                           Minnesota apple breeding
Morels are tasty brown,                                           north and south like birds                                       program to develop a winter-hardy tree with high quality
spongy-topped mushrooms that pop                                  do for winter.                                                   fruit. Honeycrisp apples are about three inches in
up in fields and forests in spring                                                                                                 diameter. They have an exceptionally crisp and juicy
time and are considered a rare                                                                                                     texture.
delicacy by mushroom hunters.

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