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					                    Taking Quizzes and Tests on Examview:
                        Instructions and Helpful Hints

   1. Website:
   2. Enter the instructor’s ID (not your own!) (My ID is GKMARTIN); click
           a. NOTE: The Examview internet testing site is not set up so that you can
              click ENTER after typing information in; you must either click             or
              hit TAB and THEN hit ENTER.
   3. Select the test or quiz from the list and click        . (Or just double click on the
      test name)
   4. Enter YOUR ID
   5. Enter the Password assigned to the quiz (I’ll give you this password just prior to
      taking the quiz)
   6. The quiz should show up. Select your answers carefully
   7. Always choose an answer by selecting the letter or response from the drop down
      scroll wheel, or using the arrow keys will change an answer if it is highlighted
      blue. I will allow you to make this mistake ONCE!! Then, you must be
      responsible for making sure you select the correct letter answer and checking your
   8. When you are finished, click GRADE AND SUBMIT
   9. Depending on how I setup the test or quiz, you may be able to see your answers
      and the correct answers, sometimes explanations of answers.

Directions for Specific Types of Questions:

Multiple Choice:
Simply select the BEST answer.

Simply choose if the statement is true or false

Modified True/False
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or
phrase to make the statement true. Be sure spelling is correct. Usually the identified word
will be underlined.

Multiple Response
Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.

I like multiple response questions because they require lots of thought and knowledge
about the reading assignment. Multiple Response questions are worth one point unless
otherwise stated. If six of eight choices are correct and you choose five of them correctly
it does not mean you get 5/6 of a point. You must get all the answers correct. Usually, I
will ask these questions only about things we have discussed in class.

Q: What do I do if I select the test and it says I have already taken the test?

A: Examview seems to have a flaw in it which sometimes randomly acts like someone
has taken a quiz. IF this happens, please just ask me to reset the quiz for you. It will only
take me a minute or two.

Q: What do I do if I get a login error?

A: Usually, students are typing their ID or the password improperly. Double check the
spelling of your ID and retype your password carefully. IF you are still having problems,
ask me for help. Sometimes, students select the wrong quiz. Be sure you are trying to
take the right quiz.

Q: After clicking GRADE AND SUBMIT, I am told there is an error. What do I do?

A: Usually, this is just an internet error, and I can tell you your score. After giving
hundreds of quizzes in the first year of the paperless classroom, I experienced only five
or six cases in which a student had to retake a quiz. This was very rare.

Q: Can I retake a quiz?
A: Usually, no. I have only experienced a few cases where a student lost their internet
connection in the middle of a quiz and had to retake it. However, I always set the Study
Guides so that you can take them as many times as you like.

                                          Helpful Hints

    1. Read the directions VERY carefully. I usually scramble quizzes and tests, so
       while you may answer synonyms first one week, you may answer antonyms first
       the following week. Resist the urge to look at your neighbor’s answers—it is
       likely that you will be looking at a different question/choice.
    2. DO NOT OPEN ANY OTHER PROGRAMS while taking an Examview test.
       First, it compromises the integrity of the Internet Explorer operation. You could
       lose all your answers. Second, if I see you are taking an Examview Test with any
       other programs open, I will automatically issue a demerit and you will receive a
       zero on that quiz. CLOSE ALL PROGRAMS before opening an Examview quiz.
    3. Remember: Always select an answer and then IMMEDIATELY click outside
       that box in the white section of the screen. If you do not do this and then you
       scroll or use the arrow keys, you will inadvertently be changing your answer.

1. One of the great things about using Examview is that students get instant results
   on their quizzes. They know immediately which vocabulary words to study again,
   for example, within seconds of taking the test. Some students may feel tempted to
   look on to their neighbor’s screen while that student is looking at her answers.
   Please let’s allow Examview to continue to be used for the best purposes. If I see
   you doing this a number of things will happen in this order:
       a. First, I will send a warning to your computer to keep your eyes on your
       b. If I see you do it again, even if it’s weeks later, I will then count that quiz
           as a zero and send you another warning.
       c. If I catch you a third time, you will receive a zero on the test or quiz, lose
           ten points from your class participation grade, and receive a demerit.
       d. If I see it happening any longer, I will simply not show the results and be
           forced to alter the shape of the room. I love using the circular table
           setup—it induces openness and a great atmosphere; please do not abuse
           this privilege.
2. Please keep in mind that I use software that enables me to see exactly what each
   student is doing.

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