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									Yellowfin & Macquarie Uni Earn Ventana Research 2011 Business
Intelligence Award

International Business Intelligence (BI) vendor Yellowfin and client
Macquarie University have received two awards for Location Intelligence
(LI) at the sixth annual Ventana Research Leadership Awards.

Melbourne, VIC, December 09, 2011 -- Yellowfin was announced the Ventana
Research 2011 Leadership Award Winner for LI, while Macquarie University
was recognized as the Ventana Research 2011 Leadership Award Leader in
LI. Yellowfin is the first Australia-based software vendor to win a
Ventana Research Leadership Award. Macquarie University is also the
first Australia-based university to take home a Ventana Research
Leadership Award.

The awards recognized the Yellowfin and Macquarie University Business
Intelligence (BI) implementation as the best 2010/11 worldwide example of
Location Intelligence and the most likely to produce significant business
value heading into 2012.

“The Yellowfin – Macquarie University joint analytics program
demonstrates how strategically analyzing location-based data can deliver
organizations previously unheralded operational insight,” said Mark
Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research. “Yellowfin has
helped Macquarie University empower business and academic decision-makers
with the information needed to underpin effective resource,
infrastructure and strategic planning as well as student acquisition

The 2011 global awards were open to any organization and vendor that had
delivered a BI implementation during 2010/11. The awards recognize
individuals and organizations that have advanced business leadership and
achieved outstanding business outcomes through the use of technology.

Award submissions, judged by Ventana Research’s world-renowned industry
research team, were scored according to their use of people, processes,
information and technology, the best practices developed and the
project’s business impacts in 2010/11 as well as the projected value in

Macquarie University Information Director, Dr Neil Fraser, said that
Yellowfin’s LI technology is enabling Macquarie to analyze large
location-based datasets to uncover questions, answers and opportunities
at a micro and macro level.

“We can now accurately map where our students are coming from and develop
effective marketing strategies accordingly,” said Fraser. “For example,
we can monitor student intake around the world or traffic flow around the
campus. We can even analyze where our funding comes from based on
locality – the opportunities are limitless."

“Widespread self-service access to reporting and analytics is vital for
our success as a university," said Fraser. "Being able to visualize our
data is key to discovering these types of problems and opportunities and
Yellowfin delivers that.”

Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, said that the internationally recognized award
acknowledged the capacity of Macquarie University’s BI implementation to
improve the quality of teaching and student services in an era of greater

“Macquarie University is utilizing reporting and analytics to create
considerable competitive advantage in the Australian and international
higher education markets,” said Rabie. “Being able to identify where
current and prospective students are coming from, and how the location of
university resources and infrastructure impacts the quality of learning,
will continue to deliver Macquarie University significant business

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