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Shepherds Care


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									                                                                                                    Shepherd’s Care
Dedicated to the celebration of life in a caring Christian environment.
                                                                                                                                          FALL 2008
PAGE 2 Shepherd’s Care                          PAGE 3 An update on the campus             PAGE 4 Information from SCF’s
Foundation embraces an                          of care in Mill Woods / Details            Annual General Meeting on
unconventional staff member at                  about construction progress on the         September 30, 2008 / Getting to
the Mill Woods campus of care                   new Shepherd’s Gardens                     Know the Board: Mr. Al Janz

A Big Step Forward
Shepherd’s Care Foundation (SCF) took                                                                         to demonstrate accountability and
a major step in its quest for “quality and                                                                    excellence for the organization
excellence in all we do” when it was                                                                          as a whole, not just in one area.
accredited in June by the Commission                                                                          CARF’s standards were designed for
on Accreditation of Rehabilitation                                                                            application in organizations like ours
Facilities (CARF). SCF is proud to be                                                                         that provide a continuum of services
the first organization in Canada to be                                                                        to seniors. CARF accreditation serves
accredited for its aging services network                                                                     to strengthen a foundational value of
by CARF International. The accreditation                                                                      SCF—that excelling in organizational
is for three years.                                                                                           business practices establishes solid
                                                              L-R: John Pray, Al Kalke (Board Chair),         foundations for building the well-
In 2007, SCF board and foundation                                                                             being and satisfaction of the persons
                                                              Dr. Brian Boon (CARF President)
staff confirmed the organization’s                                                                            we serve.”
vision: “To be the leader in providing                                                                                                    CONTINUED...
innovative aging-in-place services                            The challenge then became to find
with excellence.” This vision captures                        an outcome that could measure this
the essence of SCF’s three guiding                            organization-wide goal of quality and
principles: affordability, Christian care,                    excellence. This is where CARF comes in.
and aging in place.
                                                              SCF President John Pray says, “We                  What’s New?
The board further articulated four                            chose CARF because its aging services              SCF is thrilled to welcome
strategic directions to guide decision-                       network standards cover not only                   Mr. Terry Jones to our foundation
making from 2007-2012, the first of                           long- term care, but also our housing,             and Mr. Helmut Tonn to our Board
which encapsulates all three guiding                          home care and assisted-living services,            of Directors.
principles: “To focus on quality and                          which make up a large part of our
excellence in all we do.”                                     services. We believe it is important

What is CARF?
Source: CARF Corporate Communications                         medical rehabilitation, and opioid              For more information,
Founded in 1966 as the Commission                             treatment programs. The CARF family             visit www.carf.org or
on Accreditation of Rehabilitation                            of organizations currently accredits            www.carfcanada.ca.
Facilities, CARF International is an                          more than 5,000 providers at more
                                                                                                              *Durable medical
independent, nonprofit accreditor of                          than 18,000 locations in the United
                                                                                                              equipment, prosthetics,
human service providers in the areas                          States, Canada, Western Europe, and             orthotics, and supplies
of aging services, behavioral health,                         South America. More than 6.5 million
child and youth services, DMEPOS*,                            persons of all ages are served annually
employment and community services,                            by CARF-accredited providers.

A Big Step Forward CONTINUED...

What is accreditation and why               in providing innovative aging-in-place        it apart from other accreditations and
pursue it?                                  services with excellence.                     audits I have experienced.”
Think of accreditation as a “seal of
                                            Staff impressions                             “The skill of the surveyors—both from
quality” for an organization’s services
                                            In addition to the on-site survey, CARF       the United States—in being able to
or programs. Once an organization
                                            surveyors consult with staff members          quickly grasp our system impressed
applies for accreditation, CARF sends
                                            and offer suggestions for improving           us,” Vice President Corinne Schalm
professionals to conduct an on-site
                                            the quality of services. SCF staff were       added. “The surveyors absorbed a large
survey to determine the degree to
                                            impressed with the surveyors, who             amount of contextual information
which the organization meets
                                            arrived in June 2008.                         about the national and provincial
the standards.
                                                                                          health-care systems that was essential
CARF-accredited programs and                “I had heard that the CARF survey             to correctly applying the aging services
services must demonstrate that they         team would be consultative, but I had         network standards in our setting.”
substantially meet internationally          no idea how truly consultative until
                                            they were here,” said Director of Care        Pray says, “Preparing for a CARF
recognized standards. The CARF
                                            Marian Anderson. “I was surprised at          survey didn’t seem like extra work
accreditation process promotes the
                                            how willing they were to talk with us         as we used the process to help us
highest standards of quality and
                                            and share their own experiences and           move forward in areas we had already
shows commitment to continually
                                            ideas in addition to listening to us          identified as important to Shepherd’s
improving services.
                                            and reviewing our documentation.              Care. Preparing for the survey ensured
Applying CARF standards will help           The consultative benefit of the survey        that our progress in quality remained
SCF meet its vision of being a leader       experience is unique to CARF and sets         our priority.”

A Special Staff Member
Millwood’s Shepherd’s Care newly            Alberta, Baylee has his own
appointed Therapeutic Service               vest and nametag, and most
Manager Krysta Brown-Inch shares            days can be found at Krysta’s
her office with an unconventional           side as she provides care to
colleague—her therapy dog Baylee.           the residents or curled up
                                            quietly in his bed as she works
On this particular afternoon, Baylee lies   at her desk.
curled up on his bed in the corner until
there is a knock on the door and up         Baylee has forged special
he bounds to say hello. But this gentle     bonds with several of the
German Shepherd-Malamute cross,             residents, including one
who Krysta picked up as a puppy from        who is legally blind but can
an animal shelter in Ontario in 2000,       recognize Baylee’s shadow.
has more to do than lie around and be       Should Krysta venture upstairs
friendly—he’s a working dog.                alone, the question arises,
                                                                               Beryl Billard visiting with Baylee
                                            “Where’s our dog today?”
Krysta recognized early on that Baylee
had a special way of bonding with           Baylee also provides therapy for              involved in Riverbend Library’s Paws
people, and from the age of three           staff members, who will often stop by         for a Story, a joint venture between
months Baylee began to accompany            Krysta’s main floor office for a “Baylee      the Pet Therapy Society and the
Krysta to work almost every day. He         fix.” Krysta recently overheard one staff     Edmonton Public Library that brings
worked alongside Krysta with seniors        member introduce Baylee to a visitor          animals and children together in
for seven years in Ontario before Krysta    as “our therapy dog,” a testament to the      a safe and positive environment to
joined the staff of Millwoods SCF as a      fond ownership that staff and residents       encourage reading skills and foster
recreational therapist in January 2008.     feel for Baylee.                              a love of books and pets.

Now a certified pet-therapist through       In addition to his work with SCF              Krysta and Baylee were featured in
the Pet Therapy Society of Northern         Millwoods residents, Baylee is                the book Amazing Dogs written by
                                                                                          Lisa Wojna, published in 2007.

2        Shepherd ’s Care Newsletter
Shepherd’s Gardens:
Completing the Campus of Care in Mill Woods
“Aging in place” means, essentially,        accommodation services with
growing older without having to             24-hour personal care for residents,
move. And SCF’s newest aging-in-place       was developed for people who often
residence is scheduled to open in June      moved prematurely into a nursing
2009 to complete the “campus of care”       home. Entry into DAL is based on
community in Mill Woods.                    an assessment of resident needs by
                                            Capital Health Region.
The development of Mill Woods’
Shepherd’s Gardens was fuelled by the       Very popular with local seniors ready
success of Shepherd’s Care Kensington       to move from their homes into the
Village, one of the most progressive        benefits of condominium living,
aging-in-place communities in               the variety of options offered by            Shepherd’s Gardens, scheduled to open
Western Canada.                             the Mill Woods campus of care will           June 2009
                                            allow couples to age together in one
The new upscale 15-storey, 120-suite        community. Residents in Shepherd’s           continue to impress those introduced
condominium highrise and 45-suite           Gardens will be eligible for Capital         to Shepherd’s Gardens, says John Pray,
designated assisted living (DAL) facility   Health’s home care services and,             SCF president.
that comprise Shepherd’s Gardens will       most importantly, can access services
connect to the Millwoods Shepherds’         available throughout the community           With just a few remaining suites to
Care Centre (long-term care) and            of care as they age in place.                sell, excitement is building and SCF
Millwoods Manor (apartment) that are                                                     continues to receive inquiries from
already on site.                            The combination of quality, Christian        both senior Edmontonians and children
                                            sponsorship, and provision of care and       hoping to relocate their parents to the
The DAL program is not new to               services they’ll need “down the road”        campus of care in Mill Woods.
SCF. The program, which combines

Lois Hahn: A portrait of aging-in-place
“There’s no place like home, there’s no     her daughter Gay chose Shepherd’s
place like home.” The familiar lines Judy   Care Kensington Village, and in February
Garland spoke as Dorothy in The Wizard      2000 Lois moved into a fourth-floor
of Oz voice the feelings of many aging      apartment in Shepherd’s Place.
seniors. Eight years ago, for example,
while imagining packing 57 years of         Six years later Lois moved into The
memories from her Lethbridge home           Shepherd’s Inn—the independent
in preparation to a move to Edmonton,       living wing of Kensington Village.
Lois Hahn couldn’t help feeling the         Here she receives daily home care,
same way.                                   light housekeeping, and provision
                                            of meals and laundry. For Lois, aging
An independent and feisty 87-year-          in place removed the element of
                                                                                         Lois Hahn with the Schmaus family
old, Lois knew she would likely need        “where do I go?” amid coping with            (grand- and great-grandkids)
more care in the coming years, and          the ever-changing physical needs that
decided it was time to make the move        aging brings.                                February 2009, surrounded by friends
to Edmonton to be near her daughter’s                                                    and family at Kensington Village.
large family.                               “Home is where the heart is” better
                                            describes Lois’s life now, as she prepares
After touring many facilities, Lois and     to celebrate her 95th birthday in

                                                                                               Shepherd ’s Care Newsletter       3
AGM turnout reflects SCF growth
SCF’s annual general meeting is an                Pray also welcomed two new                             to 625 today, and the number of suites
opportunity for all 50 foundation                 members this year—Terry Jones to                       has increased from 820 in 2000 to
members to gather in one room and                 the foundation, and Helmut Tonn to                     over 1,033 today. In addition, over 300
celebrate the accomplishments of                  the Board.                                             seniors are currently on a wait list for
the year. This year’s AGM saw the best                                                                   SCF supportive housing environments.
turnout in recent memory, and was                 SCF was honoured to receive greetings
a testimony to the dedication of our              from the Province of Alberta, brought                  In keeping with SCF’s commitment
foundation members.                               by Dr. Raj Sherman, Parliamentary                      to continued excellence, the evening
                                                  Assistant to the Minister of Health and                also provided a glimpse into an
President John Pray’s keynote                     MLA for Edmonton Meadowlark.                           exciting 2009 including the opening
address, Shepherd’s Care: A Balanced                                                                     of Shepherd’s Gardens, which will
Organization for the Times, outlined              AGMs are synonymous with numbers,                      complete the campus of care in Mill
SCF’s key focus areas: 1) affordability           and this year the numbers reflected                    Woods by adding 120 condominiums
for seniors, 2) Christian care, and 3)            SCF’s tremendous growth. Staffing has                  and 45 designated assisted living suites.
“age-in-place” communities.                       increased from 225 employees in 2000

Getting to Know the Board: Al Janz
It takes only a few minutes to realize            position of secretary. Three years ago he              the spiritual
that Al Janz’s gentle manner and casual           stepped down from secretary to give, as                support offered
attire belie his drive and passion for SCF.       he puts it, “some of those younger guys                to the staff in
                                                  a chance,” but he has continued to serve               a faith-based
Al joined the board when the Southside            on the board as a director.                            care model
Manor was under expansion and, in his                                                                    ultimately
words, “it’s been a flurry of construction        A great strength of the SCF board, he                  serves to
ever since.” He recounts the growth               says, is that each member brings a                     support the
and development he has seen in                    unique background and perspective                      residents.
his 15 years of board experience,                 to the table and the result is an exciting,
speaks with fondness of fellow board              evolving, and multi-faceted leadership                 Although Al
members who have grown to become                  team. With a 30-year career as an                      wouldn’t describe himself as a social
his closest friends and, when the                 executive in the high-tech industry                    butterfly, he does enjoy connecting
conversation turns to the future, can’t           behind him, Al brings to the SCF                       with people, especially when golf
hide his excitement. “I foresee many              board a unique understanding of the                    is involved. An avid golfer since his
more seniors being cared for in more              corporate board structure and its role                 retirement, Al enjoys combining his
centres, in more cities!”                         in vision casting and strategic direction.             love of the game, his friends, and SCF
                                                                                                         in the Annual SCF Golf Tournament.
In 1993, Al and Elsie Janz were looking           Firmly entwined with his desire for
for care for Elsie’s mother. They were            excellence in leadership is his passion                Perennial snowbirds, Al and Elsie spend
introduced to SCF by Al’s brother-in-law,         for the value of faith-based care,                     part of each year in Phoenix, and enjoy
board member Bill Schroeder, and were             which he describes as two-pronged.                     hosting the whole family for spring
immediately drawn to the faith-based              First, he explains, for those whose                    break. Parents of two and grandparents
philosophy of Shepherd’s Care. Al joined          minds are sharp while their bodies                     of five, Al and Elsie love to have their
the board that year and, after one                are slowing, a faith-based system                      grandchildren over for sleepovers, take
year as a rookie board member and a               allows social activities to also nurture               in hockey games together, and spend
second year as treasurer, settled into the        and strengthen their faith. Second,                    summers with their family at the lake.

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4        Shepherd ’s Care Newsletter

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