Week Eight No Witchcraft for Sale - Chatsworth High School by gegeshandong


									                                       Chatsworth High School

                                      Medical Careers Academy

                                                English Ten

                                   Week Eight Agenda
                            “No Witchcraft for Sale”

Monday October 3rd, 2011                                End of Reading Questions (Due at the end of
Due: The following “Harrison Bergeron”
assignments were collected: Plot (8 x 14 white          Homework:
paper), Figurative Language, Words to Know
SkillBuilder Parts A, B and C, Story Vocabulary         Words to Know SkillBuilder Parts A, B and C (Do
                                                        Part C on the backside of the paper.), Action
and Review
                                                        and Linking Verbs (Grammar 68)
Students received all work for “No Witchcraft
for Sale”

Classwork:                                              Friday October 7th, 2011

Vocabulary Boxes for “No Witchcraft for Sale”           Due: Incident Report and Highlighting
and finish for HW                                       Assignment from “Harrison Bergeron”

We reviewed the “Healing Doll” assignment               Due: Words to Know SkillBuilder and Action
                                                        and Linking Verbs
Vocabulary Boxes, Prefixes and Adverbs
                                                        All Current Events and Journals that were
                                                        assigned. All Current Events and Journals are to
                                                        be done in the black and white Journal Book.
Wednesday October 5th, 2011                             All Current Events and Journals are now due on
Due (at the beginning of class):                        Fridays when your class meets. Current events
                                                        are always current so they are not listed on
Vocabulary Boxes, Prefixes and Adverbs                  Agendas. (Teacher will correct Journal Books
                                                        while you take your Selection Quiz.)
Read “No Witchcraft for Sale” page 148
                                                        Selection Quiz “No witchcraft for Sale”
Character Boxes (while we read)

Literary Analysis SkillBuilder
Work on “Healing Dolls”. Students must have
all materials to begin assignment. Students
electing not to make the doll must make a tribal

Special Assignments and Projects

Word Search Due 10/11/11

Google Assignment Due 10/11/11

“Harrison Bergeron” Proper Nouns Due

Highlighting Assignment “African Medicine”
Due 10/13/11

Herbal Cures PPP Due 10/13/11


All work is for “No Witchcraft for Sale” unless
otherwise indicated.

Although not listed, warm-ups pertaining to the
CST and CAHSEE are given every class meeting.
Students that are absent are exempt from the
warm-up. Students that have an unexcused
tardy, automatically receive a zero for that

Common Prepared Assessments are given once
a week. Students must complete these
regardless if they are absent or tardy.

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