Geometry 3 - 2D and 3D Shapes - Pretest - Answers by dandanhuanghuang


									                           FAHS – FEILDING HIGH SCHOOL
                               YEAR 9 GEOMETRY 3
                           PRETEST – MARKING SCHEDULE

                Qn                 Evidence                      Code         Sufficiency
 Identify 2D    1a)   Square                                   9 out of 12
   shapes        b)   Rectangle (not oblong)                  for code A1
                 c)   Trapezium
                 d)   Parallelogram
                 e)   Kite (not diamond)
                 f)   Rhombus (not diamond)
                 g)   Right-angled triangle
                 h)   Equilateral triangle
                                                                              4 of Code A
                 i)   Isosceles triangle
                 j)   Scalene triangle or obtuse triangle
                                                                             Including 1 of
                 k)   Hexagon
                                                                             each of Codes
                 l)   Pentagon
                                                                             A1, A2 and A3
                      For 1g-1j students must state the
                      type of triangle to gain credit.

                2a)   Circle                                   4 out of 5
                 b)   Circumference                           for code A1
                 c)   Diameter
                 d)   Centre
                 e)   Radius

  Describe      3     The sides are the same length            Both Q3
properties of                                                 and Q4 for
 2D shapes      4     The sides are parallel                   code A2
                5     Two perpendicular lines. Must            Both Q5
                      either be approximately                 and Q6 for
                      perpendicular and marked                 code A2
                      correctly with a right-angle sign, or
                      else be constructed accurately
                                                                                Code M1
                6     Two parallel lines. Must either be
                      approximately parallel and marked
                      correctly with arrows, or else be
                                                                             One of code M2
                      constructed accurately.

 Identify 3D    7a)   Triangular prism                         5 out of 7
   shapes        b)   Cuboid or rectangular prism             for code A3
                 c)   Cone
                 d)   Pyramid
                 e)   Cylinder
                 f)   Cube
                 g)   Sphere
   Describe        8     Shape   Faces   Edges   Vertices     4 out of
 properties of             a       5       9        6       shapes a-g
  3D shapes                b       6      12        8       completed
                           c       2       1        1        correctly
                           d       5       8        5        for code
                           e       3       2        0           M1
                           f       6      12        8
                           g       1       0        0

    Interpret     9a)   Cube                                 Both for
representations    b)   Tetrahedron or pyramid               code M2
 of 3D shapes
                  10a) 9                                    2 out of 3
                    b) 55                                    for code
                    c) 21                                       M2

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