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Transcript of help desk call - WebSupport



     Gyngell IT is a medium-sized company that specialises in distribution of multimedia
     products. Gyngell prides itself on excellent customer service that has been built up over a
     number of years. Everyone works towards a high standard when they are dealing with clients
     and there are procedures and processes that must be followed.

     We have a great staff from many cultural backgrounds. They have loads of valuable
     experience that we draw on to solve problems.

     You are working on the Help Desk at Gyngell so you have a key role in communicating with
     clients. You’re required to record details of client requests on the database, pass the requests
     on if necessary, record follow up details and provide progress reports.

     Transcript of help desk call
     HD:            Help Desk. How can I help you?
     Client:        This is George Castellaro from Sales. My computer isn't working.
     HD:            What's on the screen now?
     Client:        A grey box telling me that it won't work.
     HD:            What does the box say?
     Client:        I'll read it out to you. 'Pegasus Mail cannot connect to the host you have
                    specified. Make sure that your TCP/IP network driver is properly installed and
                    configured, and that you have entered the correct host details in your Network
                    Configuration Dialog. You should also confirm with the manager of the host
                    machine that it is actually running a server for the protocol you were trying to
                    use (POP3 if receiving mail or SMTP if sending it).'
                    Do I have to keep reading out this message? Does it make more sense to you
                    than to me?
     HD:            No, that's fine. I get the idea. What were you doing when this message
     Client:        I was trying to send an email to one of our clients telling them about the new
                    software that we are selling now.
HD:       The message should give you a button to press to go on. Is there one that you
          can press? Is there an OK button?
Client:   Yes.
HD:       Click that.
Client:   OK
HD:       What happened?
Client:   The message went away.
HD:       OK, so now try to send your email again. What happens?
Client:   The message comes back. OK is still the only button that I can click.
HD:       Sometimes when we get that message, it means that we are not connected to
          our Internet Service Provider, so we can't send email.
Client:   I really need to send this one today, because this customer is keen to start
          using this new software this week.
HD:       Yeah, I know. It's really frustrating. I’ll give this a high priority. I'll log your
          call and someone will get back to you when it is fixed.
Client:   How long will that take?
HD:       We’ll try to resolve it within 2 hours. It's nearly 1 o'clock now, so hopefully
          we can fix it by 3 this afternoon. (pause) Perhaps you could fax your client if
          you can't wait that long.
Client:   No, I'll wait. If I don't hear from Help Desk by 3 then I'll fax.
HD:       OK but you will hear by 3 even if it’s to say that we are still working on it.
          The number of your call is 042865. You'll need this number when the
          technician calls.
Client:   Hold on I'll get a pen. Can you repeat that number?
HD:       Sure. It's 042865.
Client:   Thank you.
HD:       Bye.
    1. Complete a call log entry for the Help Desk database to record details of the call from
       the client.
    2. List any other action you will take in relation to this call:

         Escalate call

                                            HELP DESK LOG FORM
Client Details
Name                        George Castellaro
Phone                       123456789
Machine No                  PC 23
Building                    J Block
Street Address                Main St Black town NSW
Date                        2/08/2011
Time                        13:00
Officer Name                Stanley
Date Completed              2/08/2011
Time Completed              15:00 pm

Problem Description
Client can’t connect to the host ,TCP/IP driver is not installed and configured ,
Client machine can’t connect to the mail server or port 110
Client machine not connected to the internet
Client was experiencing an email problem-can’t send an email
Screens display

Response: Click “OK”
Indications Summary: No internet

Problem Solution
The problem has been escalated to help desk level two   George Castellaro.
Problem of no internet referred to the ISP TESCOM.
Priority: High
Internet re at 1400 hours.
Client follow up: George Castellaro was able to send his email at 1401

Problem Escalated            Yes                      Escalation Details   Higher level

Date Escalated               26/07/2011               Dept Escalated to:   Level two

Officers Name                John                     Result of            Problem solved

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