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Walnut Hill Community Association
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 7 PM
In attendance
 Board members: Isaac Barber, Horace Patterson, Jason Custis, Deborah Blakeley, Deloris
    Fisher, Dawn Chavous
 Committee chairs and block captains: Marsha Brown, Leo Gadson, Tim Portlock, Betty Reavis,
    Lana Harris, Fred Whiten, Margaret Livingston
 The Enterprise Center CDC staff members: Greg Heller, Imanni Wilkes, Nandini Jayarajan,
    Bryan Fenstermaker

New business
 Mr. Portlock introduced a motion to introduce the minutes from the last WHCA board
  meeting. The motion was seconded by Ms. Fisher and approved unanimously.
 Presentation from University City Gardening Association (Erica Smith, Nic Esposito, Eric
  Blasco) regarding a planned park/community garden next to the 46 th Street El station:
      o Planned garden will have roughly 40 garden plots.
      o Community gardeners can sell vegetables, herbs, etc. to the planned kitchen
         incubator (Center for Culinary Enterprises) at 48th and Spruce Streets.
      o The garden plots will be allotted in spring 2010. Interested gardeners should speak
         with Erica, Nic, and Eric in order to get a plot. Over the winter, raised garden beds
         can be constructed at the site.
      o Mr. Barber asked whether there will be gardening classes available, and Nic answered
         that neighbors with other garden plots will be a great source of information.
      o Ms. Brown asked how neighbors would sign up for a garden plot. Erica answered
         that there will be open registration days and they will be announced in the WHCA
         newsletter and general body meetings.
 Mr. Barber introduced Mr. Fred Whiten, who is a member of the Education Committee.
 Treasurer’s report (Deloris Fisher): Ms. Reavis introduced a motion to accept the report,
  which was seconded by Mr. Gadson and accepted unanimously.
 Membership and block organization committee report (Jason Custis): The WHCA
  membership and block organization drive will kick off on Saturday, September 19 from 11
  AM to 2 PM. The Street Team will be out, and WHCA board members are needed to canvass
  every block in Walnut Hill. The membership drive is WHCA’s focus this year.
      o Ms. Chavous asked if each board member could canvass their own block. Mr. Barber
         agreed that this was a good idea, and then asked that the board members report out
         to Mr. Custis about which blocks have been covered.
 Education committee report (Dawn Chavous): A written report was distributed and accepted
  unanimously by the WHCA board.
 Senior committee (Deloris Fisher): The committee’s objective is to keep seniors mobile and
  contributing to their community, which promotes good health and increased self worth.
      o The committee has researched transportation options, social opportunities, and
         educational opportunities, including meetings/information gathered from the African

Submitted by Imanni Wilkes, 215/895-4095,
                                                       Walnut Hill Community Association Board of Directors 2
                                                                                          Meeting Minutes
                                                                                         December 9, 2011

             American Museum, Kimmel Center, Freedom Theater, Annenberg Center, LIFE
             Center, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, etc.
         o Ms. Reavis recommended that the committee look into programs provided by
             Ralston House and the University City Arts League.
         o Ms. Chavous said that she often gets information that would be useful to seniors, and
             she can pass it along to the Senior Committee members.
         o Ms. Blakeley introduced a motion to accept the report, which was seconded by Mr.
             Portlock and accepted unanimously.
   Zoning committee (Isaac Barber): Marty Cabry from Councilwoman Blackwell’s office called
    Mr. Barber to ask for a letter of support for the new West Philadelphia High School at 49 th
    and Chestnut Street. The WHCA board supports sending a letter of support.
         o Mr. Portlock said that none of his neighbors on the 4900 block of Sansom Street have
             heard about the design of the new West Philadelphia High School building, and asked
             how the neighbors would be informed. Mr. Barber would like to set up a meeting so
             that the neighbors could meet with Councilwoman Blackwell and the school district.
   Sunshine committee (Deloris Fisher): WHCA’s financial secretary Grace Johnson and chaplain
    Pauline Chaderton recently underwent surgery. Jeannie Garnett recently celebrated her
    101st birthday. WHCA will send cards to Ms. Johnson, Ms. Chaderton, and Ms. Garnett.
   Scholarship committee (Betty Reavis): Scholarships will go to students who live in Walnut
    Hill. WHCA will raise money for the scholarship fund.
   Ways and means (Isaac Barber): WHCA fundraising opportunities include WHCA-branded
    t-shirts, baseball caps, umbrellas, and other items. WHCA can also raise money through its
    events (ex. annual street festival, planned go cart derby).
   Mr. Barber would like to retain an attorney regarding the Partnership CDC’s owing WHCA
    developer fees from the Chatham Court Apartments.
   The Spiral Q Peoplehood Parade will be on October 17th. The parade route starts at Paul
    Robeson House and ends at Clark Park. Mr. Portlock introduced a motion to donate $100 to
    Spiral Q, which was seconded by Ms. Reavis and Mr. Custis and passed unanimously.
   In the event of the city’s “Plan C” budget and the resulting drastic reduction in city services,
    Mr. Barber asked the board to consider purchasing trash cans for Walnut Hill households.
   Mr. Custis introduced a motion to get a plaque for Gabe Mandujano to thank him for his
    service to the neighborhood. The motion was seconded by Mr. Portlock, and the board
    recommended to spend approximately $50 on the plaque.
   Through an email to the board, Suet Lim recommended that WHCA purchase the Calling Post
    autodialer system at the Silver level. This would allow WHCA to send out calls that are up to
    50 seconds long at 9 cents per minute without ads. Ms. Chavous introduced a motion to
    purchase 500 calls at the Silver level, and the motion was seconded by Ms. Brown.
   Ms. Chavous notified the board that Senator Williams will have a health fair on Saturday,
    October 10 at Laura Sims Skate House (63rd and Walnut Streets).

Next WHCA board meeting: Tuesday, October 13 at 7 PM. Next WHCA general body meeting:
      Saturday, October 24 at 10 AM.

Submitted by Imanni Wilkes,

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