LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS
                                         TOWN OF LAKE LURE
                                        INCORPORATED IN 1927

                                              Mayor: Jim Proctor
                   Commissioners: Russ Pitts, Jeanine Noble, Dick McCallum, Chuck Watkins
                                  Town Manager: H.M. “Chuck” Place, III

                                             December 2007
                      Published by Town of Lake Lure, P.O. Box 255, Lake Lure, NC 28746
                                  Newsletter Editor & Coordinator: Linda Ward

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            MAYOR’S COMMENTS                                       TOWN MANAGER’S REPORT
               by Jim Proctor                                      by H.M. “Chuck” Place III, AICP

On behalf of the Town of Lake Lure, I sincerely            Another Potpourri
hope we all have a fun and peaceful holiday                    Here are some more tidbits from my November
season!                                                    report to council:
                                                               Utilities: According to Utilities Director
        Hiring of New Town Manager! The Town               William Grimes, the wastewater treatment plant
Council is pleased to announce the hiring of Steven        project is almost complete. The rebuilt clarifier is
Wheeler as the new Town Manager of Lake Lure,              has been installed and is operating and the
NC. Mr. Wheeler comes to us after serving the past         manufacturer’s representative has been working on
seven years as Town Manager of Holden Beach,               the new equipment that is used to pull solids out of
NC, and one-year prior as Village Manager of               the large basin. We expect the contractor to be
Fayette, Ohio. Steve was born and raised in                finished before the end of December.
Canton, Ohio and has a BA in Criminal Justice from             The rewiring of the control equipment at the
Kent State University, a Master's of Public                hydro-plant is almost finished and William hopes to
Administration and Master's of Urban Studies               fire up the generators by the end of the week -
degrees from Akron University. Steven is married           assuming we have enough water to run. He took
to Bridget Wheeler, and they have two daughters,           advantage of the lack of rainfall to complete the
Jordan, age 13, and Kacey, age 6. Steven brings to         relocation and upgrade of the control equipment
the Town of Lake Lure a great deal of experience in        begun several years ago.
major infrastructure projects, and a passion for a             Golf Course: Golf Course Superintendent Jeff
high level of customer service. His family is              Hine submitted his resignation effective November
planning on living within the town limits and his          23. I have promoted Pro-Shop Manager Matt
first day working with the town will be January 15,        Griffin to the position of interim manager for 90
2008. He will replace Chuck Place who is retiring          days to fill the vacancy. This will allow the new
after nine years as Town Manager effective January         town manager time to make a decision regarding a
31, 2008.                                                  permanent replacement. Matt has a strong
                                                           background in golf course grounds maintenance and
December 2007                    LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 2

an associate degree in turfgrass and landscape             corrections and the edited final version will be
maintenance. He has been employed at the golf              presented to council by the board next month.
course since June, 2006.                                       Manager Search: Finally, I was impressed with
     Town Center Walkway: As is obvious to any             the thoroughness and scope of the search for a new
one driving past the beach, the contractor for the         town manager. I have had an opportunity to meet
town center walkway project has really been                with Steve and his lovely wife Bridget and was ver
working. His crew has been digging the trench and          favorably impressed. There are a lot of parallels
forming the base for the walkway, along with a             between Holden Beach and Lake Lure (seasonal
conduit and pads for future streetlights, then hand-       resort community with both full-time and part time
laying the first of 18,600 square feet of pavers to        residents as well as an influx of tourists, sewer
create the finished surface. The schedule calls for        issues, a single roadway for access, concerns about
the project to be complete by March 1, but the             vacation rentals - both pro and con, and so on).
contractor (and I!) hope it will be finished by            Congratulations to council for the professional
February 1. In fact, he wants to be close to finished      manner in which the search was conducted and best
by Christmas. Stop by and take a look.                     wishes to Steve and his family. I look forward to
     Dredging: Erosion Control Officer Clint               working with him for a smooth transition.
Calhoun reports that we may be eligible for
inclusion in a US Army Corps of Engineers                  Holiday Greetings:
“Regional General Permit” for maintenance                     It is the season to celebrate two of the most
dredging of the lake. This will replace the Corps          sacred times in the Judaic and Christian calendars -
permit granted ten years ago that expired this year.       Hanukkah and Christmas. From all of us here at
If this is the case, we would not have to seek federal     Town Hall to all of you, our wish for a wonderful
approval for our regular dredging program, so long         and blessed holiday season!
as it is done in accordance to the permit
specifications. State permitting will still be required.          TOWN COUNCIL ACTIVITIES
This will be a big help to our future dredging                 by Town Clerk Mary Flack, MMC, CTC
operations, including - we hope - maintenance
dredging of individual coves.                               REGULAR MEETING:            The regular town
     Lake Operations Administrator: We ended up            council meeting was held on Tuesday, November
with 17 applications for the new position of lake          13, 2007, 7:00 p.m., in the meeting room of the
operations administrator. Several of the applicants        Lake Lure Municipal Center.
have law enforcement backgrounds and a couple
have extensive boating experience. A selection             Under the “consent agenda,” Town Council
committee of staff and town officials reviewed the         approved:
applications and conducted a telephone conference          * minutes of the October 5, 2007 (special meeting),
interview of five candidates. The final two will be        October 9, 2007 (regular meeting), October 25,
interviewed in person during the first week of             2007 (special meeting), and October 30, 2007
December and I am hopeful that we will have a new          (closed session);
LOA in place by the end of the month.                      * a budget amendment for tree removal service as
     Park Plan: Chuck Nance, Senior Planner for the        presented by the finance director;
Isothermal Planning and Development Commission,            * a budget amendment regarding a replacement of a
presented his final draft of the Parks, Recreation,        sewer valve at the wastewater treatment plant as
Trails and Open Space Plan to the Parks and                presented by the finance director;
Recreation Board recently. This plan is intended to        * a budget amendment regarding wastewater
be an extension of the parks and recreation element        treatment plant improvements project pertaining to
of the comprehensive plan and includes the results         Dellinger, Inc. as presented by the finance director;
of a citizen survey specifically related to this topic.    * adopted Resolution No. 07-11-13 approving the
The board suggested several relatively minor               North Carolina Department of Transportation and
December 2007                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                               Page 3

the Town of Lake Lure Municipal agreement                * Commissioner Russ Pitts was appointed as Mayor
replacement of bridge #7 over the Broad River            Pro tem;
project B-4258, WBS Element: 33600.3.1;                  * Commissioner Jeanine Noble was appointed to
* a request from Chris Braund and Karen Van              serve as liaison on the Lake Advisory Committee;
Sickler as submitted to waive the boat permit fees       * Commissioner Wayne Hyatt was appointed to
for non-motorized boats (canoes and/or kayaks) for       serve as liaison on the Board of Adjustment/Lake
the Rutherford Outdoor Coalition (ROC) Group on          Structures Appeals Board;
November 17, 2007 for a boating event in Lake            * Commissioner Russ Pitts was appointed to serve
Lure and a cook out in appreciation for the group’s      as liaison on the Zoning and Planning Board;
volunteer cleanup activities in the Broad River          * Commissioner Jeanine Noble was appointed to
during the year; and                                     serve as liaison on the Golf Course Advisory
* a request from Amos Gilliam as submitted to            Committee;
grant permission to participate in the local update of   * Commissioner Wayne Hyatt was appointed to
census addresses (LUCA) program to verify the            serve as liaison on the Lake Lure ABC;
accuracy of addresses in the Town of Lake Lure for       * Commissioner Linda Turner was appointed to
the 2010 census.                                         serve as liaison on the Parks/Recreation Board;
                                                         * appointed Harvey Harris to fill Bob Washburn’s
Town Council also:                                       position on the Lake Advisory Committee with a
*adopted Ordinance No. 07-10-09B amending the            term expiring on December 31, 2008;
zoning map of the Town of Lake Lure by rezoning          * approved recommendations from the Lake
three Lots from R-4, R-1A, and R-1D to R-4 and R-        Advisory Committee to increase the boat slip rental
1C as requested by rezoning petitions RZ-07-01,          fees;
RZ-07-02, and RZ-07-03 until the next regular town       * heard a request from Bill Beason concerning gas
council meeting being held on November 13, 2007;         prices at the town’s marina; town council directed
* held a discussion regarding a request from Jayne       the town manager to explore ways to reduce gas
Mann regarding access to the town’s sewer system         prices at the marina including amending the Lake
and held discussion options how to acquire               Lure Tours, Inc. concession agreement, purchasing
easement to run a new sewer line to a manhole in         of lowest grade gas and explore alternatives such as
Hummingbird Cove; directed the town manager to           relocating the gas pump;
work with property owners on Ridge Road to               * approved a request from Tom Zink to connect 28
acquire easement for a new sewer line to manhole         units into the town’s sewer system at Lago Vista
in Hummingbird Cove and assess users for the costs       development after March 1, 2008 contingent upon
associated;                                              the expiration of the SOC agreement;
* oaths of office were administered by Judge Laura       * heard a request from Melvin Owensby about
Powell to Mayor Jim Proctor, newly elected               restricting the use of town owned vehicles by town
Commissioner Linda Turner and newly elected              employees;
Commissioner Wayne Hyatt;                                * held a closed session regarding attorney client
* Mayor Proctor presented outgoing Commissioner          privileges and legal matters.
Richard McCallum an award in recognition of his
dedicated public service and outstanding                 In other activities:
contributions as town commissioner and mayor pro         * heard reports from council liaisons on the
tem of the Town of Lake Lure (term 1999-2007);           activities of various boards and committees.
Commissioner Charles Watkins was presented an
award in recognition of his public service and
outstanding contributions as town commissioner of                Public Notice - Lake Lure Town Council
the Town of Lake Lure (term 2003-2007);                  will appoint and re-appoint members whose terms
* recessed the meeting for a reception honoring          have expired as of December 31, 2007 at their
incoming and outgoing Mayor and Commissioners;           regular meeting on December 11th for the following
December 2007                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                  Page 4

boards and committees: Lake Advisory Committee,                 for arriving at a forest coverage estimate are
Board of Adjustment / Lake Structures Appeals                   provided in the regulation.
Board, Lake Lure Zoning and Planning Board, Golf             6) Location and footprint of all proposed
Course Advisory Committee, Lake Lure ABC                        structures and other improvements.
Board and Parks/Recreation Board. Applications               7) You must show a 10 foot perimeter around
must be received at the Town Hall by December 3rd,              all structures and parking areas (for 5 cars or
2007. If you are interested in being a part of one of           more). The purpose of the perimeter area is
these committee’s or any other board or committee               to provide a cumulative area that is intended
for the Town of Lake Lure please come by the town               for clearing. This prevents one from having
hall to fill out an application or visit our website at         trees right up against the proposed structure                                         which may pose a hazard later on.
                                                             8) You must show the location of areas
                                                                proposed for clearing or thinning if
       COMMUNITY POLICING NEWS                                  intended.
           by Chief Eric Hester                              9) Location of parking lots, including areas of
                                                                green space.
       All of the town employees would like to               10) Location of all forest areas. These are
express their heartfelt sympathy to Chief Hester.               either to be designated for protection,
His mother passed away on November 30th, after an               thinning, or removal.
extended illness.                                            11) Location of all significant trees which must
                                                                be designated as either protected or
     RESOURCE MANAGEMENT NEWS                                   removed. You must consult the table in the
 by Clint Calhoun, Environmental Mgt. Officer                   regulation to see what constitutes a
                                                                significant tree based on diameter at breast
         I have decided to change the title of my               height.
column from Sediment and Erosion Control News                12) You must show the location of all native
to Resource Management News. I find that as I                   shrubbery exceeding 100 square feet that
write, often the topics I choose deal with more than            will be either protected or removed.
just sediment and erosion control, but rather take on        13) If any re-plantings are intended, you must
other issues such as tree management, water quality,            specify the location, size, and species of
etc.                                                            trees and/or shrubs to be planted at the
     In the October edition I told you that we would            direction of the tree protection officer.
visit the concept of a tree protection plan and what         14) You must show the location and nature of
this involves when you apply for a Zoning                       tree protection measures to be installed.
Compliance Permit. Many of the items are things              15) Lastly, you will need the seals or signatures
that have to be submitted already as part of either an          of any professionals involved in preparation
erosion control plan or an application for Zoning               or review of the site plan.
Compliance. You must provide the following:
                                                              I know that this is going to take some time to
   1) A topographic survey of the subject                 get used to the process. As staff, we are making
      property, drawn to scale.                           adjustments as well in order to get the materials that
   2) The plan must show property lines as well as        we need. This is something that has never been
      setback lines.                                      tried before in this way and may require some
   3) Adjoining roads must be shown.                      tweaking as we work to get this program off the
   4) Lakes, streams or other water courses that          ground. We want your feedback as we work
      are within or adjoining the subject property        through this. Any way that we can improve the
      must be indicated.                                  process and still protect trees is certainly a step in
   5) Estimated forest coverage before and after          the right direction. We don’t want this process to
      any land clearing and replanting. Methods           be too burdensome to property owners or staff so
December 2007                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                  Page 5

we do ask that you will help us by providing ideas           UPPER BROAD RIVER WATERSHED
and suggestions.                                                 PROTECTION PROGRAM
    I wrote an article for The Mountain Breeze                       by Jennifer Beck
recently about fall color. I made a prediction that
the fall color this year would be really good as long            Its that time of year again-you find yourself
as certain conditions were met with respect to           out on a nice hike enjoying the crisp winter air and
rainfall and so forth. It looks like we were not         all you seem to notice are the telltale signs of the
disappointed.       This year’s leaf season was          invasive Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA). The
absolutely brilliant despite the extreme drought         HWA is a destructive aphid that feeds on eastern
which can make or break a good leaf year. This is        and Carolina Hemlock trees. The insects are in their
one of the things that makes living in this area so      most obvious life stage during the winter months
special and one aspect we’re protecting through          when they appear to have a white cottony wax
these regulations. If you have any questions about       covering. Hemlock Woolly Adelgids attach
the tree regulations, ideas or suggestions we would      themselves to needles on the tree and feed on any
love to hear them. Please contact me by phone at         new plant growth, thus robbing the tree of needed
625-9983       ext.   123    or    by e-mail        at   nutrients. Affected trees slowly begin to lose their                                  needles, limbs dieback, and over a number of years
    By the way, I hope everyone has a Merry              the tree dies.
Christmas.                                                       Many residents of Hickory Nut Gorge are
                                                         concerned with saving the hemlocks on their
                                                         property but are unsure of how to go about treating
             GOLF COURSE NEWS                            their trees. Here is a recommended plan for
                by Matt Griffin                          determining the best treatment method:
                                                             1. Identify the infestation on your property.
        With the daylight savings time change we                 Winter is an ideal time, due to the obvious
have gone to our winter hours. Weather permitting                life stage of the insect, to identify trees that
we will open 7 days a week at 8:00 a.m., however,                are infested with the HWA. Walk your
from time to time we will be under a frost delay.                property to flag and record the number of
During our winter hours, 3:30 p.m. is latest that                infected trees.
carts will be allowed to start out for nine holes.           2. Evaluate how many and which trees you are
Captain’s Choice has temporarily been moved to                   able to treat. Costs can be prohibitive in
Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm.                                     treating all the trees on your property.
        We are also pleased to announce the arrival              Factors to consider when selecting which
of our NEW tractor, for the golf course. You                     trees to treat are: good health and
should be seeing several new improvements in the                 appearance, location on property/landscape,
near future with the help of this equipment.                     potential source for seeds, and ease to reach
        Matt Griffin is temporarily filling the                  for treatment. When considering costs, keep
position of Golf Course Superintendent and if you                in mind that treatments will need to be
have stopped by lately you’ve probably noticed a                 repeated every 1-3 years dependent on
few new faces in the club house. We have been                    method.
training several new part time employees to cover            3. Select a treatment method. Regardless of the
the pro-shop when needed.                                        method make sure to follow all label
                                                                 directions, do not apply sprays or soil
If you watch the game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s            injections near surface water, and do not
recreation. If you work at it, its golf. – Bob Hope              exceed labeled rates of application.
                                                                    Insecticidal Soap/Horticulture Oil. This
                                                                       non-toxic foliar spray kills the insect by
                                                                       smothering it as the spray dries on the
                                                                       pest. Apply treatment once a year. Pros:
December 2007                LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 6

          Non-toxic, easy application, not                         moved into the foliage. Apply
          dependent on soil moisture. Cons:                        treatment every 3-4 years. Pros: Able to
          Treatment is most effective with                         treat larger trees, can use on trees that
          complete foliar coverage which can be                    are located near surface water,
          difficult with taller trees, treatment may               prolonged effect. Cons: Requires a
          burn leaves if applied during growing                    commercial pesticide applicator to
          season, no effect once soap or oil dries,                apply treatment, treatment requires
          more frequent treatment.                                 adequate soil moisture.
         Chemical Sprays. These insecticides
          continue to kill the insect after the                Once you have decided upon a treatment
          chemical has dried on foliage. Apply         method you can determine the best time for
          treatment every 3-4 years. Materials         application. Results from treatment may take
          include Merit (imidacloprid), Talstar        several months to appear. If you have any questions
          (bifenthrin), Onyx (befenthrin), Astro       or concerns regarding HWA treatment or other
          (permethrin) and DeltaGuard T&O 5            environmental issues in the Gorge, contact our
          SC (deltamethrin). Pros: Longer              office at 625.9983 ext 123.
          treatment time, easy application, not
          dependent on soil moisture. Cons:
          Treatment is most effective with                      NEWS AROUND LAKE LURE
          complete foliar coverage which can be
          difficult with taller trees, may result in           The Adult Choir of Chimney Rock
          increased spider mite and hemlock rust       Baptist Church will present its Christmas music, A
          mite occurrence.                             Christmas Celebration in Song, directed by Music
         Soil     Drenching/Injections.       These   Director Sherri Daggerhart, at the 11:00 AM
          insecticides are placed in the soil where    worship service on December 9, 2007. The public
          tree roots take up the product and move      is invited to attend this special seasonal event. The
          it into the foliage where the insect is      Chimney Rock Baptist Church is located at 270
          killed. Apply treatment every 3-4 years.     Boys Camp Road, Lake Lure, North Carolina.
          The rates of these products are based
          on the size of the tree trunk. Most soil             Dear Friends and Family, My husband and
          drenches contain a chemical called           I would like to thank all of you for the outpouring
          imidacloprid (Merit 75 WP, Malice 75         of love and support following the November 7th fire
          WSP, Zenith 75 WSP). Another                 that destroyed our home and belongings.
          product is Safari 20 SG which contains               Words alone cannot express our sincere
          dinotefuran. These products can be           gratitude. Although we lost everything, we have
          purchased by homeowners where                experienced the realization of just what an
          pesticides are sold. Bayer Advance           exceptional community this really is. We wish all of
          Garden Tree and Shrub Insect Control         you a happy holiday season and once again we
          can be purchased from home                   express our deepest appreciation for your kindness
          improvement        stores.     Commercial    through this time of need.
          pesticide applicators can also provide               Sincerely, Julie and Perry Reynolds
          treatment. Pro: Able to treat larger
          trees,    prolonged        effect.   Cons:           The Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber of
          Treatment requires adequate soil             Commerce is still accepting donations such as
          moisture so the tree will take up the        clothing, household goods, supplies, etc. on behalf
          product which can be problem during a        of Julie and Perry Reynolds (Julie’s Gourmet in
          drought.                                     Lake Lure) at the Visitor Center in Lake Lure. Edith
         Trunk Injections. Insecticide is injected    Bond of Mountain 1st Bank in Lake Lure is also
          directly into tree and the product is        collecting cash donations as well.
December 2007                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 7

       You may contact Judy Beeson with the
Visitor Center at 625-2725 or Mountain 1st Bank                                NOTICE
Manager Edith Bond at 625-0204.
                                                         For questions or comments about the hours or
       Lake Lure Newcomers invite those who              operations of the Lake Lure Tours, call 828-625-
are new residents in Lake Lure (24 months or less)       1373.
to join them in various activities which include:
potluck, gourmet, out’n about, theater, bridge/poker,    The deadline for newsletter articles to be received at
                                                         Town Hall for the January issue is December 28, 2008.
book club, and hiking. Anyone interested in
becoming a member, call Chuck and Char
Leneschmidt 828-625-5201.

        Lake Lure Lakefront Owners Association
(LLLOA). Do you want to learn more about the
duties of the new Lake Operations Administrator?
Would you like additional information on the lake
eco system? If you are a Lake Lure lakefront owner
and want to receive information about these and
other lake concerns, then the LLLOA invites you to
become a member. Associate memberships are also
encouraged for those who are interested in our
Lake. Each year members receive a directory of
members, informative Muse Letters, and a first
class mailed subscription to the Town of Lake Lure
monthly newsletter, Lake Lure News & Views.
Members meet at the Town Community Center
socially at least annually to meet neighbors and
discuss issues. Annual dues are currently a modest
$20.00. You may pick up an application for
membership at the Municipal Center or via the
website at under Lake
Management or call Harvey Harris, Pres. at 828-
625-8872 for an application or any questions you
may have.

       For the convenience of the public, the
VFW Post 10473 has placed a receptacle for old
and worn out American flags in the covered
walkway at the town hall near the entrance to the
police department’s door. If you would like a
replacement flag, for a small fee, or are eligible and
wish to join the VFW contact VFW Vice
Commander Charles Hicks at 828-625-9278.

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