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									A state of the art wine filling facility
Facino AB
Knowledge, quality
and new thinking

Founded in 2005
Solid fine wine experience
Wine industry know-how
Broad business experience
HQ in Helsingborg
Part of the BGA Group
Three operation areas
Facino Wine Filling
Filling of wine in Bag-in-Box,
Pouch Bag and Tetra Prisma

Facino Wine Import
Marketing of imported wine,
filled in Bag-in-Box, Pouch Bag
and Tetra Prisma

Facino Fine Wine
Import of first-class quality wines
in bottles
Facino Wine Filling
Facino Production AB

Production facility in Nybro
Acquired in 2007
Production area: 2000 m2
Rebuilt and renovated
New, fully automatic filling lines
New and modern laboratory
Experienced production team
BRC certified
Certified for e-marking
Certified for organic production
(EG 834/2007 & EG 889/2008)
Process range
Mixing and heat treatment
Sterile filtration
Aseptic filling of Tetra Prisma

Non-aseptic filling of Pouch
Bag and Bag-in-Box
Leading position
on a rapidly
growing paper
and plastic market

Filling capacity: 20 million litres/year
– one of the largest in northern Europe

Storing capacity: 250,000 litres
Unique range: Pouch Bag,
Bag-in-Box, Tetra Prisma
Constantly evaluating new
package solutions
A well tried package solution

Introduced in 1955
Used for wine since the mid 60s
Slightly heavier than a Pouch Bag
Well protected by the cardboard box
Product advantages:

Bag collapses as wine is
poured – no oxygen enters
Room for extensive
package design

Durable package
90% lower weight
than glass bottles
Efficient transports and
Leakage safe tap
Fresh wine up to one month
in an opened package
Pouch Bag
The new way
of filling
Seven layer plastic package
Stands up by itself without support
Distribution advantages
Environmentally friendly
Facino – one of few fillers of wine in Europe
Pouch Bag
Product advantages:

Four 75 cl glass bottles: 2 kg

One Pouch Bag: 50 g
Low transport costs

CO2 effects: 1/5 compared
to a glass bottle

Easy to carry, built in handle

Durable package

Leakage safe tap

Fresh wine up to one month
in an opened package
Tetra Prisma
Small, smart and selling
One of few fillers of
Tetra Prisma Aseptic 25 cl

The wine is normally
supplied in twelve packs

The wine is filled aseptically
Selling package
– room for package design
Tetra Prisma
Product advantages:

Filling under aseptic conditions
– preserves quality longer
Protection from UV light,
oxygen and bacteria
Light and durable package
Suitable for smaller households
Needs less storage space
Environmentally friendly
– light and easily folded
Quality control
New and modern laboratory
All quality tests are made in-house
- e-marking of prepackages
- organic production (EG 834/2007
  and EG 889/2008)
Control procedure
Wine delivery
Delivered in Flexi tank or tank lorry
Delivery documents
and seals are checked
A sample is compared with the
quality documents

15 - 20 parameters are
measured and checked

The wine is pumped into
nitrogen-filled storing tanks

Before filling: customer
required analyses
Filtration online to
the filling station
Sterilized filters in
a two stage process
- Stage one: 1 micron
- Stage two: 0.45-0.65 micron

Direction to the
chosen filling line by
the push of a button
Automatic operation,
from start to
distribution boxes
After filling
Microbiological analysis
Any customer
required analysis

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