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									Northwest Essay Introduces Two New Editing Packages for College Applicants

Northwest Essay, known for its economical and efficient editing of college application essays,
introduced two new editing packages for college, graduate school and professional school
applicants: a holistic editing package, and a rush editing package.

Seattle, WA, December 09, 2011 --( “The personal statement is just that--it's personal,” says
Danielle Burhop, co-founder of Northwest Essay, an online college application consulting firm. “And it's
the word 'personal' that can stress applicants out, or at least throw them off. We live in a world of
oversharing; it can seem like every topic in the world is on the table. But 'personal' is not an invitation for
extreme intimacy with an anonymous admissions committee.”

Instead, Burhop and her business partner, co-founder Rebecca Brinson, recommend finding one story to
tell that is true to the applicant's character. They have been editing college application essays for many
years, and founded Northwest Essay in 2006 because they believed they could offer an editing service for
a reasonable price.

“We saw how expensive it is for college applicants to find editing services online, and how anonymous
those services are--we wanted to aim for transparency and affordability,” says Brinson. Burhop and
Brinson created an efficient editing system which gives applicants concise, useful feedback on their essay
drafts. “We never write application essays for the applicants; admissions committees can usually tell
when an essay has been generated by a 'professional writer.' Instead, we help applicants find their best
voice,” says Brinson. “Our services are best for those applicants who understand that having an outside
editor evaluate their essay drafts will help them improve their overall application.”

Northwest Essay recently introduced two new editing packages in response to client feedback. “We were
seeing that applicants were sending us drafts of both their personal statements and their diversity
statements, and it was clear that those essays needed to be in harmony. So, we introduced an editing
package that looks at those two essays together, in a holistic way,” says Burhop. Additionally, Northwest
Essay introduced a rush service, with two full essay draft reviews within 48 hours. “Some of our clients
are very busy, and have tight timelines to work within. We wanted to accommodate that,” says Brinson.

Northwest Essay is best known for its $20 Review, one of the most inexpensive personal statement
editing packages available on the market. “We focus on core concepts such as an essay's theme, and if the
prose seems too long or over-written, but we also talk with clients about the tone of their essays, and how
'sticky' their presentation is,” says Burhop. “'Stickiness' is one of our core review areas that clients really
respond well to--it helps them see how memorable their essays might be when compared to a stack of
competing essays,” says Brinson.

The Common Application for undergraduate admissions is due January 1st, so there are just a few weeks
left for applicants to finish their essays. Law school and other rolling admissions applicants should also
consider finishing their application packages during December to avoid wait list placements.

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About Northwest Essay: Northwest Essay serves clients applying to undergraduate, graduate and
professional schools. Editing services run from $20 to $150. Contact for more information.


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