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      102 Cottonwood Street
      Emporia, Kansas 66801
                        Revised June 20, 2011

SACRED HEART SCHOOL                                                                  343-7394

PASTOR                                Father Rich Warsnak                            342-1061

PRINCIPAL                             Theresa Lein                               785-554-4223

                                      Sue EllaTouslee Grade K
                                      Kathy Hastings Grade 1 & 2
                                      Tammi Garriott, Grade 3 & 4
                                      Linda Glaser, Grade 5 & 6

SECRETARY                              Sammy Whitmore                                343-7394

CAFETERIA MANAGER                     Teresa Schuler

JANITOR                               Julio Zamora

SUPERINTENDENT                        Kathy O’Hara                              913-721-1571
OF SCHOOLS                                                 ext 176

P.T.O.                                Joe Muckenthaler, President
                                      Lisa Scheve, Vice President
                                      Kim Simons, Treasurer
                                      Joan Dol, Secretary


        The mission of Sacred Heart School in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, in
partnership with the family and church, is to assure that our students will actively be helped to
come to know Christ and lovingly be helped to become active, loyal members of the Catholic
Church. Within our community of faith, students will develop a Catholic value structure and
learn to contribute positively to church, parish, and society as witnessed by leadership and

service. Through a well-balanced curriculum, emphasizing mind, body and spirit, each student
will have the necessary tools to master academic, social, and technological skills and develop
cultural appreciation needed for success and life-long learning.


        The mission of Sacred Heart School in partnership with our families and church is to
assure that we demonstrate Christian values and academic excellence while actively learning
about Christ.

                             STATEMENT OF OUTCOMES

              In order to achieve the purpose of Sacred Heart School, students will:

Model their lives on the teaching of Jesus through prayer, respect for life, practice of self-
       discipline and responsible decision-making.

Participate in Church life, especially in sacraments, liturgy and service.

Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic teaching, traditions, and Church history.

Work both independently and cooperatively.

Demonstrate effective communication skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Demonstrate the effective use and application of computational skills and mathematical

Demonstrate effective use of technological and informational resources.

Demonstrate the effective use of scientific methods and concepts.

Analyze our country’s democratic process and history, the role of different cultures in its
       development and the relationship of our country with other cultures within the global

Exhibit the knowledge of our country’s democratic process, history and cultural diversity needed
       to become active citizens within our country and the global community.

Express themselves creatively through the fine arts.

Demonstrate personal and social skills needed for spiritual, physical and emotional wellness.

Develop and Practice skills needed in preparation for interpersonal relationships in family,
      community and careers.

Demonstrate a desire for continuous self-directed learning.


To fulfill the Catholic School System’s Purpose and Student Learning Outcomes and Goal, the
faculty, administration, and staff will use or support instructional strategies that are most
effective in promoting mastery learning. Included in those strategies are processes associated
     Instructional challenge
     Cooperative learning
     Learning styles
     Student readiness
     Effective communication with students’ families
     Classroom management and discipline

                       STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTABILITY

A commitment of support from the school and parish community is essential to fulfill the
purpose and goals of our mission. To ensure this, certain responsibilities are expected.

Students will:                Show respect for the Catholic ideals on which the school is
                              Maintain an attitude of accountability for their own learning.
                              Cooperate with school personnel and other students.

Parents/Guardians will:       Model Christian behaviors and attitudes.
                              Support the efforts of the school in the education of their
                              Share talent, time, and treasure with the school.
                              As their child(ren)’s first teacher, encourage and help them to
                              Promote regular attendance and punctuality.
                              Provide an appropriate environment and schedule adequate time
                              for the completion of schoolwork.

Faculty will:                 Model Christian behaviors and attitudes.
                              Display professionalism and dedication to Church teachings.
                              Participate in ongoing spiritual and professional formation.
                              Use instructional strategies that are most effective in promoting
                              mastery learning.
                              Communicate effectively with students, parent/guardians, teachers
                              and administrators.

                              Maintain a classroom conducive to learning.
                              Present content using a variety of methods which are sensitive to
                              the individual needs of our students as well as the Diocesan
                              curriculum outcomes.

Archdiocesan and
Local Administrators will: Model Christian ideals for teachers, students and parent/guardians.
                           Communicate effectively with pastors, faculty, students,
                           parents/guardians, the School Council and parish community.
                           Provide leadership in curriculum and staff development.
                           Supervise the instruction provided to students.
                           Maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
                           Participate in ongoing spiritual and professional formation.

School Advisory Council
Members will:                 Model Christian behavior and attitudes.
                              Provide a vehicle for two-way communication among school,
                                      parents/guardians and parish.
                              Advise on the formation of policies.
                              Support decisions regarding the implementation of policies.
                              Participate in long range planning to extend Catholic Education
                              into the future.

Pastors will:                 Endeavor, as a faith community, to promote quality Catholic
                              Encourage the highest quality of education and faith development.

Parish will:                  Endeavor, as a faith community, to promote quality Catholic
                              Ensure sufficient financial assistance to enable opportunities for all
                              families within the parish; and provide salaries and benefits to
                              Catholic school educators that reflect the social justice teachings of
                              the Church.

       Sacred Heart School is accredited by the State of Kansas, North Central Association of
Schools and AdvancED

        Sacred Heart School is open to all students regardless of race, nationality, or ethnic
origin. Sacred Heart School serves Sacred Heart parish families. To be eligible for the parish
    1. One of both parents must be registered in the parish.
    2. Children must be baptized prior to admittance.
    3. Families should be actively practicing the Catholic faith.

            All children must be three (3) years old by August 31 in order to enter the three-
             year-old Preschool program.
           All children must be four (4) years old by August 31 in order to enter the four-
             year-old Preschool program.
           All children must be five (5) years old by August 31 in order to enter the
             Kindergarten program.
           All children must be six (6) years old by August 31 in order to enter the first
   4. Children entering Kindergarten must present a birth certificate, a Kansas Certification of
      Immunization form that is up to date, emergency authorization form, a physical
      examination form, an Archdiocesan record form and a Baptismal certificate. Dental
      cards need to be turned into the office following yearly exams.

        Teachers assume direct responsibility for the control of any animals brought into their
classrooms. Extreme care must be exercised to see that animals come from a disease-free
environment and pose no health risk to humans. Proper quarters and care must be provided at all
        No student should be allowed to handle animals without the proper supervision.
Experimentation with animals must be carried out in accordance with humane scientific

        Appointments with the principal can be arranged by calling the school (343-7394) and
setting up a time with the secretary that is convenient for both parties. Parents are the first and
foremost educators of their children. As such, parents are welcome to just come by and visit too!

        Parents wishing to discuss any matter with the teacher should feel free to do so. This can
be arranged by calling the school between 8:00 AM and 3:45 PM. A note will be placed in the
teacher’s box and they will return your call to set up an appointment as soon as possible.
        Appointments will not be made during the time that school is in session (8:30 AM to 3:45

        School begins at 8:00 AM. Sacred Heart students in grades K-6 should arrive between
7:50 AM. and 7:55 AM. Students arriving before 7:50 AM will be sent to Extended Care
since the safety of our students is a primary concern of our school.

        Sacred Heart School has an asbestos maintenance plan. As required by 763.93 (g)(4),
notification to parents, teachers, and parent teacher organizations occurs each year. Copies of
the plan are available in the office at a cost of $.25 per page.


        Achievement and attendance in the classroom are closely related. Each day, teachers
design learning experiences, which move a student in an orderly manner through curricular
materials. When a student misses school, he or she misses important instructional material.
Absences often result in inconsistent learning and achievement.
        Parents are urged to send their children to school regularly and punctually. Please call
the school office by 7:45 AM to report a student absence. Lunch counts are taken prior to
9:00 AM. Before a child can be readmitted, the office needs to receive a telephone call or a note.
Long-term absences for trips need to be arranged in advance through the office and with the
classroom teacher.
        Tardiness can cause inconsistent learning and achievement. We ask that parents keep
tardiness to a minimum. Like absences, the office needs to receive a telephone call or a note.
Without a call or note, a child’s tardy will be unexcused.
        For office records, absences or tardies are recorded as excused if the parent calls or sends
a note. For every 5 tardies, the principal will call the parent and the child will make up time
during recess.
        Parents picking up student during the day will sign them out in the office. Upon
returning to the building, the student needs to stop in the office first before going to class.

         Students may ride bicycles to and from school. Students are responsible for securing
their own bicycles. Bicycles are to be placed in the bicycle rack and locked immediately upon

        Parents need to contact the classroom teacher before bringing birthday treats in order to
avoid scheduling conflicts. Birthday treats need to be in individual servings to help with ease of
distribution and time conservation. If invitations are distributed at school, there should be
enough sent for each child in the class. Otherwise, we request that families make party
arrangements outside the regular school day. Flowers, gifts, etc. will not be delivered to a
classroom during the school day.

       Students in the 6th grade participate in the Kiwanis Builders Club. The mission of
Builders Club is to provide opportunities for students to work together in service to school and
community, to develop leadership potential, to foster the development of a strong moral
character, and to encourage loyalty to school, community and nation. The Emporia Hi-Noon
Kiwanis sponsors the club.

  I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you should also
                                    love one another. John 13:34
Sacred Heart Catholic School is committed to providing a Catholic faith-filled environment for
all students, employees, volunteers and patrons in which Christ-like behaviors are ever present.
This Catholic environment will be free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. If any such
behaviors do occur, all community members will be know that the incident is unacceptable and
will be dealt with effectively in a Christ-like way.

Definition: ‖Harassment, intimidation or bullying‖ means any intentional written, verbal, or
physical act, when the intentional written, verbal, or physical act: physically harms a student or
damages the student’s property; has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s
education; is so severe, persistent, or persuasive that it creates an intimidating and threatening
education environment; or has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation if the
Definition: Cyber-bullying is being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material or
engaging in other forms of social cruelty using the Internet or other digital technologies. It has
various forms, including direct harassment and indirect activities that are intended to damage the
reputation or interfere with the relationships of the student targeted, such as posting harmful
material, impersonating the person, disseminating personal information or images, or activities
that result in exclusion.
        Harassment, intimidation or bullying can take many forms including: slurs, rumors,
jokes, innuendo’s, demeaning comments, drawing cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks,
threats, or other written, oral or physical actions. ―Intentional acts‖ refer to the individual’s
choice to engage in the act rather than the ultimate impact of the action(s).
        Counseling, corrective discipline, and/or referral to law enforcement will be used to
change the behavior of the perpetrator and remediated the impact of the victim. This includes
appropriate intervention(s), restoration of a positive Christ-like environment, and support for the
victims and others impacted by the violation. False reports of or retaliation for reporting
harassment, intimidation or bullying also constitutes violations of this policy.

        Any questions concerning your child(ren) should first be directed to the classroom
teachers. If further information is desired concerning a matter, contact the school principal. If
not resolved at the building level, parents may contact the parish priest.

        Courtesy and good manners are expected of all students. What is taught at school can
become more effective if supported at home. Please encourage good manners. Small but mighty
things, such as thank you, please, excuse me, or good morning permeate the atmosphere with
respect. Also, we would like to encourage the students to be of service to others and to be
cheerful in their attitudes.

       A crisis intervention plan has been implemented to provide direction, support,
coordination, or resources and effective communication to the students, staff, and community
following a sudden death, suicide or other tragic event within the school environment.

        Sacred Heart School has grade level outcomes for each curricular area, correlating to the
Archdiocesan outcomes. Parents are welcome to view copies of the curriculum outcomes in the
school office. All curriculums are designed to provide a smooth transition into USD 253. The
curriculum may, also, be accessed through the Archdiocesan website,

       Sacred Heart students are expected to demonstrate courteous behavior and to cooperate
with the school rules. It is our goal to help students develop greater self-discipline, strengthen
character and moral values, and to form responsible habits through consistent and fair discipline
at school. Ordinary disciplinary problems are handled within the classroom by the teacher
concerned. Each teacher has a discipline plan filed in the principal’s office for reference.
Unusual or chronic cases will be referred to the principal through a building-wide discipline plan
where each student’s discipline record is on file and remains confidential.
       Within these guidelines, specific acts of behavior that are considered unacceptable and
can lead to possible suspension and expulsion are:

       A. Student Behavior: (Relationship to teachers and employees)
              Failure to comply with a reasonable request (willful disobedience)
              Open defiance of a teacher or school employee
              Intimidation or threats to a teacher or school employee
              Use of obscene or foul language – written or spoken
              Harassment/bullying

       B. Student Behavior: (Relationship to other students)
              Fighting on or near school grounds
              Fighting at school activities both home and away
              Intimidation or threats
              Harassment/bullying

       C. Student Behavior: (Relationship to school and society)
              Destruction, defacing, or vandalism of school building or property
              Unruly behavior in class, in the building, or on the school grounds
              Theft of school property
              Theft of property belonging to other students
              Theft of property belonging to teachers or other school employees
              Possession of stolen property
              Possession of weapons—Any student possessing (including B.B. and pellet
                 guns) or any explosive device at school, on school property, or at a school
                 sponsored activity will be expelled for not less than one calendar year. The
                 student shall also be reported to the proper law enforcement agency.

       D. Student Behavior: (Use of alcohol and drugs)
              Possession or use of alcoholic beverages on school property
              Coming to school with obvious symptoms of having recently consumed drugs
                 including tobacco and alcohol.

      The purpose of the Sacred Heart School dress code policy is to foster self-respect,
modesty, and appropriate behavior to enhance a positive Christian image. It also identifies

students who attend Sacred Heart School and promotes school pride. Students are required to
wear the adopted school dress in its intended purpose during the school day/extended care day.

General Guidelines: (Please label ALL clothing with the student’s name!)
   1. Uniform shorts may be worn all year, except where noted. It is the parent’s responsibility
      to see that students are properly attired for the weather conditions.
   2. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
   3. Undershirts must be white and not have wording or logos.
   4. Belts are required with shorts or slacks which have belt loops. They may be brown,
      black, or navy.
   5. Shoes may be either dress or athletic types that are sturdy and comfortable for the student
      (no sandals or crocs). All shoes should have non-marking soles and shoelaces should be
   6. Socks should be a solid color and match the clothes.
   7. Students may wear their Scout uniform or Builders Club shirts on meeting days.
   8. Length of shorts, skirts and skorts must be no shorter then 4‖ above the knees.

P.E. Guidelines: The 5th and 6th grade boys and girls are to wear any Sacred Heart affiliated
shirts or any tie-dye shirt for P.E Class. Any color shorts are acceptable. It is expected that gym
clothes will be worn every day and taken home to wash every week.

School Clothes may be purchased from these companies with these options:

Parker Uniforms:                                             Wal-Mart:
   1. Red or white polo shirts                               1. White polo shirts
   2. Navy or red sweat shirts                               2. White turtlenecks
   3. Khaki or navy shorts                                   3. Faded Glory brand khaki
   4. Khaki or navy slacks                               or navy slacks (matching Parker)
   5. Jumpers                                                4. Faded Glory brand khaki
   6. Plaid skorts and skirts                                or navy shorts (matching Parker)

   J.C. Penny’s                                              Dollar General
   1. White polo shirts                                      1. White polo shirts
   2. White turtlenecks                                      2. White turtlenecks
   3. Navy shorts (matching Parker)                          3. Navy slacks (matching Parker)
   4. Navy slacks (matching Parker)
   5. ―Dickies‖ brand red polo shirt
      (red color #15, matching Parker)

   Hats of any description may not be worn inside the school building.
    Shoes must be worn at all times on the school campus. A pair of white-soled or non-
marking black-soled shoes needs to be worn for any activity in the gym.
   All girls wearing dresses should have shorts or tights (like cheerleaders) underneath.
   Any extreme personal appearance the might disrupt or impede the normal school endeavors
should be avoided including body piercing (other than ear lobes) and tattoos.

   Hair must be well groomed with no outlandish styles. Hair must be above the eyebrows
and collar and not exceed the bottom of the ears for male students.
   If your child, however, does come to school dressed other than outlined by the guidelines
provided, the following actions will be implemented by any of the Sacred Heart School staff:
   1. The first incident will initiate a note home with the student at the end of the day.
   2. On the second offense, the student’s parents will be called and expected to bring
       something appropriate for the student to change into in order to finish out the school day.
   3. If there is a grievance between the parent and the school policy, the parent may notify the
       principal in writing and request to be placed on the next School Advisory Council
       meeting agenda (must be submitted at least one week prior to meeting date.)

       Students should not bring electronic devices: Game Boys, cell phones, I-Pods, CD
players, etc. to school or on field trips.

       Filed in the office is an emergency sheet for each student. The sheet contains accident
and sickness information and procedures you wish us to follow in an emergency situation.
Please keep us informed of any changes in address, telephone number, place of
employment, or alternate persons for us to call.
       Emergency calls will be accepted anytime.

       An Extended Care program is available from 7:00 AM to 7:55 AM and from 3:30 PM to
5:30 PM. Forms for enrolling children are available in the office. To ensure the safety of our
students, students arriving before 7:55 AM or remaining after 3:30 PM will be sent to
Extended Care.
       Extended Care costs are as follows:
7:00 AM -7:50 AM = $3.00.
7 :30 AM -7:50AM = $1.00.
3:30 PM to 4:30 PM = $2.00 (snack is included)
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM = $4.00 (snack is included).
Early Dismissal day =$10.00 a sack lunch with drink must be provided from home.

Parents need to be aware that they will be charged an additional $5.00 for any child still in
Extended Care between 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM.
Personal items/toys may not be brought to extended care.
Extended Care bills are due and must be paid monthly. If not, children will not be served.

       Field trips are a special activity supplementing learning activities within the classroom.
In order to participate, students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. Parents are
welcome to attend if there is room and assist with supervision of the Sacred Heart School
students. Parents must have VIRTUS Training to drive on fields trips. Other arrangements need
to be made for siblings. If private vehicles must be used, only those personally owned vehicles

whose owners meet the Archdiocesan Policy may be utilized. Confirmation of this insurance
should be on file in the school office. Drivers must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid
drivers license on file in the school office and must complete three forms (Kansas Department of
Revenue Motor Vehicle Record form, Volunteer Driver form, and a Vehicle Inspection Report).
        Students should wear school uniforms on field trips unless otherwise specified.

        Sacred Heart School uses the grading system of all Archdiocesan schools within the
Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. The report cards will be mailed home following the
close of each nine weeks unless other arrangements are announced.
        Halfway through each quarter, progress reports will be sent to parents of students who are
failing or have low passing grades. If parents have concerns, they are encouraged to contact the
office and make arrangements to visit with the teacher.
        There are four grading systems as follow: Preschool, Kindergarten, grade first and
second, and grades three through six.
        Copies of the grade cards are available for parents to review in the office.

                           Grading scale for students in Grades 3-6
                                        F=Below 67%

        Communicable Disease: A communicable disease shall be defined as any infectious
disease transmissible from person to person by direct contact with an infected individual or by
some other indirect means, which is classified as such by Kansas law or regulations of health
agencies having jurisdiction in such cases.
        Investigation Required: The school principal or designee shall investigate all reported or
suspected cases of communicable disease.
        Exclusion from School Attendance: Any student affected with a communicable disease
may be excluded from school by the principal or designee for the period of time necessary for
the disease to be non-infectious and non-contagious or until the condition is significantly a non-
health threat to other students and school personnel. When a communicable illness is identified,
the school office will provide a guideline written by the Kansas Department of Health and
Environment to the affected child’s parents.

        Physician’s Statement may be required: In some or all cases, the principal may require
that the student’s physician issue a statement in writing declaring that the student is free of
significant risk of contagion.
        Disputed Exclusion: In cases of exclusion or non-exclusion involving the presence of
communicable disease and in which the decision concerning the exclusion from or reinstatement
to school is in dispute, the principal may refer the case to the Archdiocesan Superintendent of
Schools for counsel and joint decision.
        Immunization: (KSA-72-5211). All immunizations must be current by the first day of
school or your child will be denied admittance. This applies to students in grades preschool
through six.

       Volunteers providing health services may perform confidential activities: vision and
hearing screenings, referrals, and health record audits per nurse practice act.

        Homework is a required part of the academic program at Sacred Heart School.
Homework is sometimes necessary for the completion of class assignments, practicing skills for
individual study, reviewing for tests, checking for understanding or simply reading for
enrichment or enjoyment. The amount and frequency of homework/study varies with grade level
and subject. Students absent from school will be given a reasonable amount of time to make up
the work that has been missed during the absent period (one day for each day missed).
MAKE UP WORK—When children are absent for illness, appointments or travel we are
implementing a new policy. This is to assure that the teachers are using their planning time and
instruction time to meet the needs of the students who are at school. In case of illness, homework
should be requested only after the second day of absence. 48 hours advance notice is required
for teachers to prepare work for non-illness absences: travel, appointments, etc.

        If a student becomes ill or has an accident during the school day, the principal is to be
notified. The principal will determine if the student should remain in the school if the secretary
has any questions. No student is to leave the building without notifying the office. The principal
will notify the parents or guardian(s) responsible for the student’s welfare. If parents cannot be
reached, the building principal will follow the emergency procedures outlined by the parents at
enrollment. Students with a temperature will be sent home. Students should be
temperature free/symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. That is without
fever reducing medication being administered

        Sacred Heart School uses Archdiocesan policy covering students during school hours or
school-sponsored activities. This is a $1,000,000.00 maximum insurance policy. This policy
will cover any expenses that are not covered by the parent’s policy and must be filed within
ninety days after the accident.

        Sacred Heart School has an Internet use policy. The use of computers is a privilege and
not a right. Inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. The
administration, faculty, and staff may deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts at any
time. Parents and students will be provided with the Internet Usage Policy and return a signed
agreement. This needs to be signed only once during a child’s educational placement at Sacred
Heart School.

        Students are encouraged to return books on time. If a book is lost, it must be paid for
before the end of the school year.

       Lockers are assigned to students. If a lock is placed on a locker, it is the child’s
responsibility to make sure that the office has the combination or key in case of a problem. The
school/parish is co-tenant of lockers and desks and reserves the right to search them at any time
without notice.

     Lost and found articles are located in a box in the cafeteria.

         Sacred Heart School serves Type A hot lunches to all students and teachers who wish to
use this service. Students may eat lunches any day they desire to do so. In order to plan the
amount of food to prepare, it is necessary for the cooks to know how many people plan to eat
that day. For this reason, the bookkeeper takes a lunch count each morning by 9:00 AM. Lunch
portions meet the State of Kansas guidelines.
         The school lunch is $2.50 for students in grade Kindergarten through six and $3.50 for
adults. A positive balance needs to be kept on student lunch accounts. Failure to do this will
result in students being required to bring their lunch until the account balance is positive.
         Parents are welcome to eat with their children at any time. Please call the school by 9:00
AM so you can be added to the lunch count. Food from restaurants, candy, and pop may not
be brought into the lunchroom.
         Microwaves and lunchroom refrigerator will not be available for those electing to bring
sack lunches.

       Basic first aid (band aids and cold packs) is provided. School officials are not allowed to
administer medicine (aspirin and cough drops included). If your child has prescription
mediation, it needs to be brought to the office in the morning where it will be kept and dispensed.
       No medication may be kept by the student except inhalers as authorized by a physician.


       1. If the medication has been prescribed, it must be in a pharmacy container which
          clearly states the child’s names, dosage, prescription number, and physician’s name:
          (Copies will be provided to each family at enrollment.)
       2. All medication must be accompanied by written permission from parents allowing the
          school to dispense the medication.

       1. Written permission from the doctor must annually be on file in the school office if a
          child is to receive any over the counter medications.
       2. Written permission from parents allowing the school to dispense over the counter
          medications must annually be on file in the school office.
       3. The medication must be in its original container with the label clearly identifiable.

    Messages will not be delivered to students after 3:30 PM unless it is an emergency.

       Sacred Heart School support from parents involves stewardship through the giving of
time and talents. Parents are expected to participate in a variety of activities. Please reference
the Parent Commitment form that can be found in the back of the Parent/Student Handbook. It is
completed annually at enrollment.

       Sacred Heart School teachers work many hours preparing for conferences. We strive for
100% attendance. The fall Parent/Teacher Conference is held at the end of the first and third
quarters on October 20, 2011 and March 16, 2012 is designed for parents to meet individually
with the teachers. Throughout the year, parents or teachers may request separate parent
conferences at any time if they wish.


       All families are asked to assist in making the parking lot safer.

      First, all parents are asked to park behind the solid straight white line. The Fire
Department needs a fire lane open at all times.

       Second, parents may drive through the parking lot as outlined below and drop off
children. Cars need to follow each other in a straight line and may not be left unattended.

        Third, for parents who want to visit with each other outside their vehicles or walk over to
the playground, you need to park behind the solid straight white line.

       It would be a tragedy to have one of our students hurt by someone backing up or going
around a stopped vehicle.

                                             Parking for those who want
                                             to go to school or leave their
                                             vehicle for any other reason.


                                                                                     White line

                                            Parking only
                         Drop off Route

                                          permitted to drop
        Parish                              off students.                                      Old
         Hall                             Vehicle must not be                                Convent
                                           left unattended.

                                                                                          No Parking

                                              Vacated Street


       Sacred Heart School will follow the requirements of U.S.D. #253. Students entering
Preschool, Kindergarten, and new students to Sacred Heart School must have a physical exam.

        PTO dues are $5.00 per family. The PTO meets six times per year. The meetings are on
the second Tuesday of the month.

       Parents are their child’s first and foremost teacher of faith and baptismal promises.
Sacred Heart School assists parents in the formation of their children through daily religion

classes, prayers at regular times of the day, and activities that focus on the tradition of our faith.
The religion curriculum in the classroom, grades K-6, follows the Archdiocesan curriculum.
Please see your classroom teacher if you have questions. Students attend daily Mass on
Thursday mornings at 8:30 AM. Parents are welcome to make this part of their faith journey,
too. All school rosaries are prayed on Friday mornings at 8:00. Advent services are held daily
during Morning Prayer in the school. Lenten Stations of the Cross are held on Fridays at 3:00
PM during Lent. Dates and times are announced in Weekly Notes. It is expected that all Sacred
Heart School families will attend weekend masses.

         Mothers, fathers, grandparents, and guardians may serve as room parents for room
activities. Annually, you need to sign-up at enrollment.

        All Advisory Council meetings are open to members of the parish, parents with children
attending Sacred Heart School and Sacred Heart School faculty. The School Advisory Council
meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM. Guests are welcome to attend. Anyone
wishing to address the Advisory Council is required to submit in writing his or her item of
discussion to any council member or to the principal ten days prior to the next regularly
scheduled School Advisory Council meeting.

       Any parent wishing to serve as a School Advisory Council member or PTO officer can
apply at enrollment each year.

       School doors to the main building will be locked so that outsiders cannot enter except
through the southwest front door. Students inside the building may exit by any door.
       Guests should enter through the southwest front door and check-in at the office.
       Parents need to be aware that it is not safe for students to play unsupervised on the
playground at any time. This certainly includes times when parents are in the school for
meetings, etc.

       Skateboards, rollerblades, skates, and scooters should not be brought to school or any
school function.

        Special services are provided through U.S.D. #253 including: Chapter 1, physical
difficulties, speech, learning disabilities, gifted, hearing and vision, and other health
impairments. A part-time intervention specialist is housed at Sacred Heart School to deliver
these services on our school campus.
        Keeping with the recommendation of the Archdiocese, Sacred Heart School will make
every effort to collaborate with the public school system in order to provide appropriate services.
        If a student is exhibiting educational difficulty, the following process will be

   1. Student Improvement Plan: The general education teacher and other support people in the
      building should gather information and develop a plan, based on data of identified
      strengths and needs of the student which will help the student to be more successful in
      school. The plan should include interventions and data collection procedures to
      determine the effectiveness of the interventions.
   2. Referral: If documented interventions are not meeting the child’s needs, the general
      education teacher and support staff should indicate a need for testing. The U.S.D. #253
      identification process will be followed.
   3. Placement Process: Students meeting placement criteria will be served by the U.S.D.
      #253 Intervention Specialist which includes Title I and all other Special Education

        The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is given annually to all students in grades 3-6. Second
grade students will take an individual reading inventory (IRI) to meet Kansas Assessment
guidelines. Students in grade three and five take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills Achievement
Test and Cognitive Ability Test. Testing results will be provided to parents.
        Kansas State Assessment tests are given to students as per state mandates.

       Students at Sacred Heart School may be involved in a variety of leadership activities
including: prayer leaders, Buddy Bears, servers, cross bearers, lectors, gift bearers, lunchroom
scrapers, Builder’s Club for sixth graders, etc.

        An atmosphere of study is maintained throughout the school. When group activities are
held, the level of noise should not be disturbing to other classes. We ask both teachers and
students to help maintain this rule.
        It is the responsibility of each student to keep a supply of all materials needed for his/her
schoolwork. This enhances readiness to begin study. Borrowing of school supplies is
discouraged on the part of the student.

        Study Hall was designed for students in grades two through six in order to enhance study
habits. Any student is welcome to utilize Study Hall. If a student is unable to complete assigned
work, they will spend their time in Study Hall during recess. This is supervised by the assigned

        If a child arrives after 8:00 AM or leaves before 3:30 PM, they will be recorded as tardy
or for a half day absence depending on the amount of time that they have missed.

        Students are not to use the telephone during class periods or after school except in case of
an emergency. In cases where a student must make a phone call during a class period, she/he is
to obtain permission from the classroom teacher to use the office telephone. The office will not
call students to the telephone during school hours except in cases of emergency. Parents are
asked to keep student messages to a minimum. Parents should not expect messages to be
delivered to students after 3:00 PM. The office secretary will not be interrupting classes with
the intercom or delivering messages.

        Communication with our families is a high priority at Sacred Heart School. Important
weekly information will be sent home each Thursday in the Thursday packets. The Thursday
packets need to be returned each Monday. Parents and organizations are welcome to use the
Weekly Notes to share information. This information should be in the school office by Tuesday
at 4:00 p.m. so it can be approved and placed in the Thursday packets.
        The Thursday packet will be sent home with the oldest child in the family each week.
The packet will contain all the important school and classroom information for your children and
family. This packet needs to be signed and returned to the school office each Monday.

        According to State law, regular fire and tornado drills will be held without advance notice
to teachers and pupils. During the drills, pupils will walk in silence to their designated areas.

TUITION 2011-2012

1st child…………………..$2475
2nd child additional………$1650
3rd child additional…… additional charge

Tuition will be paid in full at time of enrollment or families will use SMART Tuition to pay their
tuition in installments.

         We strongly encourage families who are blessed with stable financial resources to
consider contributing at the level of the Archdiocesan Standards. This can be done as a one-time
gift to the school or church, or it can be done through envelopes designated for the school’s
behalf. Principles of Christian justice and good stewardship warrant such acts of charity and
generosity. It further ensures the long-term well being of Sacred Heart School.

       All VCR movies utilized within the classroom will be recorded in the teacher’s lesson
plans and approved by the principal.

        All parents and visitors should check in and out with the office when entering and leaving
the building.

        Any volunteer or other individuals providing student support services will be assigned by
the building administrator and supervised by the cooperating teacher. School volunteers are
bound by the policies of Sacred Heart School. Occasional volunteers will need to receive and
review a copy of the Child Protection Policy before they begin serving. Volunteers with
substantial contact with children will need to have a background screening and attend the Virtus
training within our parish.
        Individuals who volunteer their services to Sacred Heart School are limited to perform
non-confidential activities including: copying of material, creation of bulletin boards, working
with individual students or groups on classroom materials provided by the teacher.
        Volunteers may not write lesson plans, teach, enter grades in grade book or supervise a
All volunteers need to complete VIRTUS training.

       In case of severe weather, school closings will be broadcasted over KVOE in Emporia.
Notices will also be announced on WIBW Channel 13. The ultimate decision as to whether a
child will attend school rests with the parents.
       Sacred Heart School will follow the closing schedule of the U.S.D. #253.

                            SACRED HEART CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                                  102 Cottonwood Street
                                  Emporia, Kansas 66801

                        MEDIA RELEASE 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR

I hereby give my permission to the school/news media to photograph/interview/videotape my
child. It is my understanding that this photograph/interview/video or portions thereof
will be used for public view.

I agree to participate in these projects without financial remuneration, and I understand that this
releases the school/photographer/interviewer/videographer from any future claims, as well as
from any liable arising from the use of the said photography/interview/

Print Name________________________________________________________
Child/Children’s Name_______________________________________________

                   Agreement to the Terms and Conditions for Internet Access
                                     (Students 2011-2012)

                 (Please Print)

I understand and will abide by the Terms and Conditions for Internet access. I further
understand that any violation of the regulations is unethical and may constitute a criminal
offense. Should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked, and school
disciplinary and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.

The school reserves the right to inspect directories and access may be restricted to designated
Student(s) Signature:_____________________________________


Parent or Guardian______________________________________
                     (Please Print)

As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the Terms and Conditions for Internet
access. I understand that this access is designated for educational purposes and that Sacred Heart
Catholic School and its officials have taken available precautions to eliminate access to
controversial material. However, I also recognize it is impossible for Sacred Heart Catholic
School and its officials to restrict access to all controversial materials and I will not hold Sacred
Heart Catholic School and its officials responsible for materials acquired on the network.
Further, I accept full responsibility for supervision if and when my child’s use is not in a school
setting. I hereby give my permission to grant access for my child and certify that the information
contained on this form is correct.

Parent/Guardian Signature:_________________________________________


The above listed student(s) have my permission to use the internet at Sacred Heart School.
____Yes ____No (please check one)

                                          Teacher’s Name________________________________
                            Book Rental Policy and Procedures
________________________________ __________ _________________________________
        Student Name               Grade               Parent Signature

The upkeep of school materials is the concern of all who are involved: students, staff, and
parents. Parents assume liability for the willful or negligent destruction of school property by
their child.
        -Textbooks and workbooks are provided to the school.
       -Books are issued to students by number. The name of the student, book number and
        condition are recorded by the teacher.
       -Students will be held responsible to reimburse the school for losses or careless damage
        to books and materials. REPORT CARDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL ALL

       -At the end of the year the books are collected by the teacher, examined and condition
       determined. This and any fines are noted on the book.
       -In the normal course of events a book will pass through the following sequence over a
       five year period:
               NEW-                         first year in issue
               EXCELLENT-                   second year of use
               VERY GOOD-                   third year of use
               GOOD-                        fourth year of use
               FAIR-                        fifth year of use
               UNUSABLE-                    answers in book, pages ripped out, broken bindings
                                            missing covers, or doodling
       -Normal wear will move the book, a year at a time, through the various levels. If a book
        in the teacher’s opinion, bypasses one of these levels, a fine will be assessed and
        collected by the office.
       -If a book is lost, regardless of condition, the student must pay to replace the book (new
       book price).
       -If a student leaves school before the end of the year, rental books must be turned into the
       teacher for evaluation and assessment. ALL BOOKS MUST BE RETURNED AND
       -WORKBOOKS are issued to the student by name. Students must pay purchase price to
       replace destroyed or lost workbooks.

Student signature ______________________________________
Parent signature ______________________________________


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