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Christmas Letters to Santa


									Creative Youth
Christmas Letters to
Instead of writing letters to Santa,
why not write a letter to God?
Dear Santa,

Please when you come to my house
would you bring me a doll that eats
and cries, and my little pony and
video games. I don't want you to
bring me another brother, but my
mom says that you are going to be
bringing one around Christmas, but I
already have one and he just gets in
my stuff and breaks it. You can bring
my dad a new job 'cause the mill he
works at is not working right now...
Thank you so much and mom says we
will leave cookies for you by the door
that's because we don't have a

Love, Sarah
Dear Santa,

I want a skateboard for Christmas
and my mom said I can't have a
skate board unless I wear a helmet
and pads – so I guess you'd better
bring those too.

Dear Santa,

This is my Christmas list: a bike and a
wii and a basketball hoop the kind
that you sit in the driveway and I
want surprise stuff too. Santa - I have
been very good this year. If my sister
says anything about me breaking her
talking doll, I just want you to know
that it just stopped talking – I had
nothing to do with it even if I was
holding it.

PS And I'm really very sorry about
Blackie, her hamster
                                 Unfortunately, it seems that the
                                 children writing letters to Santa this
                                 Christmas won't be getting a
                                 response. According to an Associated
                                 Press article on the 18th of
                                 November, 2009, this is because the
                                 US Postal service says it will no
                                 longer deliver the letters to North
                                 Pole, Alaska as it has done since

 But wouldn't it be great if,
 instead of writing letters to
 Santa, kids wrote letters to
 Ask youth to think back to
 when they were young and
 wrote letters to Santa.

 • What did they ask for?
 • What things did they
   tell him?
 • Did they believe he
   would respond?
  If we can put so much faith in a fictional man in red, why can't
  we put even more faith in the Baby in the Manger? Do we talk to
  Christ in the same innocent way, sharing our hopes and dreams
  and with faith that he will answer?
 Ask youth to write a personal letter to
 God, sharing their hopes, their
 wishes, their fears, their joys and
 their sorrows. What would they ask
 from God this Christmas?

 Set up a cross and ask the youth to
 place the letters as a Christmas gift
 under a different tree - a cross - the
 tree upon which the Savior died to
 bring us life. The fact is we have all
 been bad. None of us have done
 good. But God in His great LOVE for
 us sent us the Greatest Christmas gift
 of all - He sent His son to the earth -
 born to die that we might live!
The greatest gift we can give
him in response is our heart,
our life - to bring everything
to Him and place it at the
foot of the cross.

So this Christmas, instead of
a letter to Santa, let's write
a letter to God!
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