Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ by 5lKIC5f9


									Dead to Sin,
Alive in Christ

 Romans 6:1-14
• All have sinned, and deserve death
• God has graciously offered a means of
  salvation, life
  – He did so by justifying man by faith
  – Justification by faith provides reconciliation
• We are learning how this justification happens
  – Began with the first sin which brought death
  – Juxtaposed it with Christ’s righteous death
    bringing life
• Now we finally look at WHAT we must do and
  WHAT it does to us
          Answering Objections
• Paul anticipates an objection to his last
  comment (Rom 5:20-21)
  – Someone might say, “Since grace abounds
    more when sin abounds more, does that mean
    we can keep sinning so we get more grace?”
• Rom 6:1-2a
  – The answer is an unequivocal “NO!”
  – Why should that answer be obvious?
     • Because of how they came to receive that grace
     • Paul now reminds them of how they came to
       accept the grace offered by Christ
        How is grace accepted?
• Rom 6:2b
  – Dying to sin
    • Making a conscious decision to give up sin
    • Repentance (turning away) from sin
• Rom 6:3
  – Baptized into His death
    • Accepted Christ’s gift by accepting His death as
      their own
    • Joined Christ’s death through baptism
  – That may not yet be clear, so Paul elaborates
        The meaning of baptism
• Rom 6:4-5
  – What did Christ do?

                      was buried            and arose
  He Died
                                               to a
                                             new life

  – How does our baptism act as joining Christ?
                    Buried in water             Arise
   Die to sins
                                                 to a
                                              new life
              Why be baptized?
• Rom 6:6-7
  – To show our old life (of sin) is crucified
    • Repentance (Acts 2:37-38)
  – To allow our sins to be done away
    • Forgiveness (Acts 2:37-38)
  – To be freed from the power of sin
    • Salvation (Acts 2:39-41)
    • The power of sin is death (Rom 5:21)
    • The gift of God is eternal life (Rom 5:21) which
      frees us from sin (Rom 6:7)
       – If we are willing to repent and be baptized to
         accept the gift of God
      What about this “new life”?
• Rom 6:8-11
  – Christ’s resurrection showed His power over
    • Since sin’s power was in death, the resurrection
      broke the power of sin
       – For those who believe (Justified by faith)
       – And have died with Him (repented and baptized)
  – Christ’s continued life is in service to God
    • So if we died in His likeness
       – Repentance and baptism
    • Then we should live again in His likeness
       – In service to God
              Living a new life
• What does this “new life” look like when
  compared to the old one?
• Rom 6:12-14
  – If sin no longer reigns in us, then we should not
    follow its desires
  – Don’t use your body for sin
  – Present your bodies to God as instruments of
     • Law would only be able to condemn to death
     • God’s grace has set you free from death
        Answering the question
• Remember where we began? Rom 6:1
  – Should we sin so that grace will increase?
  – No, it would not make sense
    • To receive the grace . . .
       – We died to sin (repentance)
       – We were buried (baptism)
       – We rose to a new life (serving God righteously)
  – There is no room or place for returning to the
    old life of sin
    • To return would be . . .
       – To reject the grace you once accepted
       – To put yourself again under law, sin, and death
• God knows you need to be saved
• God has provided the means of salvation
  through Christ’s death
• God offers you His grace, but He has placed
  conditions on your acceptance of that grace
  – You must believe
  – You must repent
  – You must be baptized
  – You must live a new life
• Is that too much to ask when He offers you
  eternal life?

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