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									                                       Stevee Ashlock

                          10 Image Tips for the Professional
                                                A Special Report

1. Update Wardrobe
      Keep current with contemporary styles,
       without being a slave to fashion or fads.
                                                                   5. Practice Manners & Etiquette
       Avoid getting stuck in one era.                                    Be polite and gracious.
      Buy sturdy, tailored separates to mix and                          Keep eye contact. Avoid distractions.
       match in neutral solid colors. Complete with a                     Give a firm handshake.
       variety of accessories.                                            Be an active listener. See things from others
      Be careful not to wear distracting jewelry.                         point of view.
       You want the focus to be on you, not the                           Do not interrupt a when someone is speaking
       jewelry.                                                            with you.
      Women: Shoes should be closed toed with                            If possible, be politically correct.
       heels no higher than 3” and worn with flesh                        Be assertive, not aggressive.
       tone hosiery. Avoid ornate decorations on
       shoes or patterned hosiery.                                 6. Use Proper Grammar
      Men: Shoes should be polished leather dress
                                                                          Properly pronounce your words.
       shoes and worn with socks that coordinate
                                                                          Speak slowly and clearly.
       with trousers.
                                                                          Be careful not to use regional dialect.
                                                                          Avoid slang or inside terminology.
2. Update Hairstyle & Makeup
      Keep your hairstyle fresh, natural and well
      Avoid radical hairstyles or colors.                         7. Voice Control
      Update your style at least once every other                        Be expressive with your words. Paint a
       year, making sure it age appropriate and                            picture.
       compliments you today. It should suite your                        Flex your voice, using both the upper and
       lifestyle and personality.                                          lower ranges.
      Have your hair professionally colored.                             Use the lower voice range when be
      Women: As you age, adjust your make-up to                           authoritative.
       enhance your features, not disguise them.                          Use your diaphragm to increase the power of
       Focus on one facial feature at a time; such                         your voice.
       as, lips or eyes.
      Men: Use powder for photos and TV.
3. Be Well Groomed
      Treat yourself to a professional manicure and               8. Join Toastmasters International
       pedicure.                                                          Perfect your public speaking skills.
      Moisturize your hands to keep them soft for                        Safe place to explore new concepts and
       hand shaking.                                                       presentations.
      Keep unwanted facial and body hair                                 Receive valuable feedback.
       removed.                                                           Network your business.
      Freshen up throughout the day.
      Use cologne sparingly.
                                                                   9. Volunteer
4. Smile                                                                  Give back to your community.
      Brush your teeth and tongue regularly.                             Show you care.
      Floss your teeth regularly.                                        Be part of something bigger than yourself.
      Check your breath often.                                           Leave a legacy.
      Get regular dental check ups.
      Keep up with your dental work.                              10. Have Fun
      Straighten your teeth.
                                                                          Enjoy what you do.
      Whiten your teeth.
                                                                          Live with passion.
      Smile from the heart with sincerity.
                                                                          Set goals, but be flexible.
                                                                          Learn to laugh at yourself.

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