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									Huntington Beach- MSN & microchip ordinance for the city of Huntington Beach, CA
(permission to post: Ken and Patti Burton - Kifka Borzoi)

The proposal was modeled after the ordinance for dogs passed in Los Angeles County last year, except
cats are added. Sadly, the Council voted 4-3 to approve the drafting of such an ordinance despite the fact
that the city has very low shelter intakes and euthanasia. Proponents skipped over the fact by using Los
Angeles and state-wide statistics to justify the need. Once the draft is approved, it will make Huntington
Beach the first city in California to adopt a MSN (mandatory spay and neuter) mandatory microchip

Why should we care?             We should be very alarmed at how easily such draconian laws can get
enacted with total disregard for pet owners' rights or concerns. The Huntington Beach proposal was
practically a verbatim copy of the Los Angeles County proposal, with the exception of shelter statistics. In
doing a little research into the language, we gleaned some insights into how dog owners in Los Angeles
County got blind sided with the MSN & microchip ordinance in 2006. We had absolutely NO CLUE
it was coming until we saw the announcement on TV that the ordinance would become effective within

The "Morphing" of BSL to MSN - How could this happen?               Most dog breeders in the greater L.A.
areas are residents of the County. How was it possible that we knew nothing about the MSN until after the
ordinance was enacted? We've been scratching our heads wondering since. Now, we believe we've
discovered the answer to our puzzle -- we didn't pay attention to BSL, or anything not directly related to
our interests. The L.A. County MSN began as a Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) targeted at Pit Bulls and
Rottweilers. The excuse was that the breeds were over-represented in shelter intake and euthanasia. As the
legislation progressed, the tenor of the debate changed -- somehow, it became an accepted assumption that
there's an urgent "pet overpopulation" problem that needed drastic actions, and MSN was the only humane
choice. Oppositions to the proposed ordinance focused singularly on the breed specific nature of the
proposed legislation and argued quite effectively about the inequity of BSL. At the final meeting, in what
must have appeared to the politicians as a great compromise, the Director of Animal Services dropped the
breed specific focus and requested an "equitable" legislation that would be applied to all dogs. This new
proposal was unanimously approved and adopted!!!

Emboldened by their overwhelming success in L.A. County the Animal Rights folks proceeded to try
imposing AB1634 on the State. Now that AB1634 is postponed, possibly till January, they have adopted a
multi-pronged attack strategy - they are getting MSN legislation passed at city and community levels, and
they are lobbying the State Senate Local Government Committee hard behind the scenes to smooth
passage of AB1634 out of the Committee. Below are quotes from the Official AB1634 Site

           Where does the bill stand? The bill is currently being held in the Senate Local Government Committee. The coalition
           and Assembly member Levine are working with the Committee to update the bill so that the version passed on to the
           Senate for a full vote is acceptable to the members while still fulfilling the core goals - reducing the killing of healthy,
           adoptable pets and saving California millions of dollars in the process. The Local Government Committee may hold
           the bill as long as January, 2008, before passing it out of committee. The website is currently
           undergoing a facelift, please check back periodically for the latest news
In fact, if you're a constituent of Senator Christine Kehoe [District stretching east-west from Spring Valley
to the Pacific Ocean, and north-south from Del Mar to Downtown San Diego. Includes Del Mar, Lemon
Grove, parts of San Diego, Casa de Oro-Mo, La Presa, and Spring Valley], you need to get all your
neighbors and pet related business owners together and pay some visits as well as write letters and make
phone calls to her. She is working very hard in lobbying her fellow Committee Members on behalf of
Levine to try to get AB1634 out of the committee! Somebody there ought to look into her campaign
finances. All San Diegans and perhaps Orange County and Riverside County pet lovers need to get
together and CANVASS her district to let her constituents know what she's up to, and to bring pressure to
bear. She was elected to the State Senate in November 2004, so she'll likely be running for re-election next
year. For a brief summary of her personal and political history, see . She has consistently been rated highly
by PawPAC on Animal Rights issues. We're not familiar with the Who's Who in the AR movement, but if
memory serves, quite a few of PawPAC's "Honorary Board Members" are celebrity supporters of PETA
and/or HSUS.

This long dissertation leads us back to Huntington Beach. We should not and cannot allow the AR folks to
continue perpetrating their lies without fighting back! It's not simply Huntington Beach - it's a city with
low shelter intake and euthanasia that can be held up as a "brave and progressively humane" example for
the rest of the State to emulate! It could be used to politically "challenge" the L.A. City Council. We have
ONE more opportunity to defeat the MSN & Microchip in Huntington Beach BEFORE the draft is
approved. The Council vote was 4-3 in favor, so all we need is to change ONE Council Member's vote to
kill the proposed ordinance! We (i.e. Everybody regardless of where you live) need to Flood the City
Council Members with Opposition emails and phone calls, pointing out the deceptive statistics, the high
costs and practical impossibility to enforce, the burdensome costs to seniors, the violation of pet owners'
privacy and property rights, etc. Huntington Beach residents, contact and Meet with ALL the Council
Members to clearly state your opposition As Soon As Possible! In fact, Orange County residents may
want to do the same. It appears Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Cook may be close to the end of her 2nd term on
the City Council. Depending on the City's charter, she may be up against term limit and may look to "job
hop" within Orange County in 2008. Call the City Council office at 714-536-5553 to schedule
appointments with Council Members. The following chart is a list of Huntington Beach City Council
Members, their votes on MSN & Microchip, and their email addresses:

Council Members – term exp. – email address
Gil Coerper Mayor Dec. 2010 Debbie
Cook Mayor Pro Dec.2008"
Keith Bohr Council Member Dec. 2008
Joe Carchio Council Member Dec. 2010
Cathy Green Council Member Dec. 2010
Don Hansen -Council Member Dec. 2008
Jill Hardy -Council Member Dec. 2010
For a list of "Frequently Called Phone Numbers" for Huntington Beach, see:
The Huntington Beach City Council's phone number is 714-536-5553.

Everybody PLEASE re-start your efforts to fight AB1634. We fully appreciate your needs to take a
breather. Unfortunately, the opposition is relentless, and year-end is just around the corner!

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