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					    In honor of Will Olson, Walton
              grad &
   Alexa Rohrbach, future Harrison
  student & all kids fighting cancer
              GIVE                  your change for a cure!
During the Harrison-Walton State Play-Off Football Game

                                         Rally Foundation is a national non-profit 501(c)(3)
                                         organization dedicated to raising funds specifically
                                          for childhood cancer research through nationally
                                         coordinated grassroots fundraising initiatives. All
                                               net proceeds are donated to find better
                                           treatments with few long-term side effects and
                                                     cures for childhood cancer.

"Will was diagnosed at 14 with a malignant
brain tumor and had to have brain surgery,                                                  "Childhood cancer is very under funded.
learn to walk again, and endure chemo and                                                   With more support for research, more
radiation. He relapsed 2 years later and                                                    children will have the opportunity to survive
had more chemo, a transplant, and more                                                      and live their lives. In addition, childhood
radiation, but he graduated and is now a                                                    survivors will be able to have a life free of
college freshman. Yes, he has lots of side                                                  potential life-long side effects with new
effects, but he has hope, he continues to                                                   therapies. We are very grateful that Alexa,
fight, and we are always grateful for the                                                   now 8 years old, has survived treatment for
lives of friends and strangers who help                                                     her cancer but we do live with the long-
fund childhood cancer research. I hope you                                                  term side effects from her treatment. She
will join our RALLY FOR RESEARCH and                                                        currently has 20% lung capacity. There is
make a real difference in the quality of                                                    a great need. Please help us Rally for
children’s lives while you WIN your football                                                Research!"
game!"                                                                                                     Robin and Chris Rohrbach
Nancy and Lee Olson                                                                                                  Alexa’s Parents
Will’s Parents                                     Come Rally with Us!

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