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									                                    Elk Grove Everton Football Club
                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES
                                             November 3rd, 2008

  President Shelly Jacobs called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.


Executive Board       Shelly Jacobs, President; Don Thomas, Vice President; Jen Walker, Secretary; Stephanie
Members Present:      Hannah, Treasurer (Absent); Jerry Swain, Registrar.
Board Members &       U9 Boys                            Cheryl Martinez             Yes
Staff Present:        U9 Girls                           Rick Cazel                  Yes
                      U10 Girls                          Julie Nickerson             Yes
                      U11 Boys                           Claudia Elliott             Yes
                      U11 Girls Blue                     Tom Ottley                  Yes
                      U11 Girls White                    Jana Souza                  Yes
                      U12 Boys                           Kathy Schubert              Absent – Stacy Winfield
                      U12 Girls                          Dennis/Kasey Finkes         Absent – Greg Spallas
                      U13 Boys                           Jack Bettencourt            Yes
                      U14 Boys                           Lee Isaac                   Absent – Pam Bailey
                      U14 Girls                          Tony/Anne Manzanetti        Absent
                      U15 Girls                          Larry/Sharon Jensen         Yes
                      U17 Boys                           Suzanne Waugh               Yes
                      U18 Boys                           Donna Azevedo               Absent – Cheryl Martinez
                      Director (DSO)                     Art Temblador               Yes
                      Field Coordinator                  Jen Walker                  Yes
                      Tournament Director                                            Vacant
Committee Chairs      Spirit wear Coordinator            Stephanie Hannah            Absent
                      Club Fundraising Committee Chair Stephanie Hanna               Absent
                      Website Committee Chair            William Newsom              Absent
                      Club Social Committee Chair        Leisa Maestretti            Absent
Guests Present        Stephanie Lemmond                  U10G parent
C. INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS – Greg Spallas as the representative for the U12G’s team.

October Minutes – if there are no objections to passing the October minutes – no objections – so moved.

   a) President: Shelly Jacobs
       1.) EGYSL Meeting Recap:
             Letter of appeal before the EGYSL was tabled and will be addressed in the near future.
             US Club at League level has been motioned, tabled and will be discussed at the next EGYSL meeting.
             Field closure policy was sent out to all the managers. Please read this, print it and keep a copy in your
               team binder. Art will be discussing this with his coaches at his next meeting.
             Strategic planning – a motion was passed for the league president to seek out estimates. This will
               bring all the programs under EGYSL closer together.

       2.) REGION 6 Meeting Recap:
            No meeting

            Winter seeding and Schedule dates selected.
            Start date 01/10 to run through to 03/21.
            Tryout dates selected: U9 – U14 start on Saturday, Feb. 28th, U15 and up start on Monday, April
               20th. Select will be selecting their dates as soon as comp firms up theirs. Location and times TBD.
   b) Treasurer: Stephanie Hannah
        Absent – Shelly reviewed the October budget to actual report.
        Website ‘change over’ cost more money than budgeted – mainly because the budget reflected an ‘upkeep’
           charge only.
        Social profit has not been finalized yet.
        Volunteer credit hours; due to the lower number of volunteer hours available partial credits were
           provided to families as well – 3 hrs received $25, 6 hours received the full $50.
        Program advertisement has been distributed. Please pick up programs and distribute to your families.

   c) Director of Soccer Operations: Art Temblador
        A coach has requested a 2 month leave of absence – Art has approved. He will be filling in for this team
           with the help of Dave Villegas.
        UK trip proposals are coming in and we are close to finalizing information.

   d) Field and Equipment Coordinator: Jen Walker
        Managers need to make sure that their team’s field coordinator is on top of their job, lining when they
           need to and passing or collecting the nets/flags when they have the field to set up or take down.
        Please work on getting your cancelled games rescheduled.
        Games need to be on the books by Tuesday, there has been a lot of late scheduling – we need to make
           sure not to over burden our referee coordinator.
   a) Tryout Committee: Shelly Jacobs
          Forming soon.
   b) Registration Committee: Jerry Swain
          Managers should have finished sending in documents for your team’s registration for State Cup.
             Deadline was today at 5pm.
   c) Uniform Committee: Shelly Jacobs
           Nothing to report

   d) Revisions, Policies & Procedure Committee: Don Thomas
           Nothing to report
   e) Protests and Appeals Committee: Don Thomas
           No report
   f) Fundraising Committee: Stephanie Hannah
      1.) Club Social – Club Chair : Leisa Maestretti - report by Shelly
           Final numbers not ready – invoices that are still outstanding and need to be taken care of.

      2.) Spirit Wear – report presented by Shelly
           Teams can pick up their orders.
           Pictures of new items are ready for the web site.

   g.) Tournament Committee:
            No report
   h.) Field Development Committee: Don Thomas
            The new sports complex will have all- weather fields, but they are to be shared with the community.
               This is not the same as the complex that our club/Art has in mind or what EGYSL has in mind. We
               want a soccer complex that will sustain itself.
            U12G team representative wanted to discuss what has been done in the past by the club to pursue
               this complex – we have attended the focus groups on new planning offered by CSD and the city of
               Elk Grove.
            The club is becoming a member of the chamber of commerce.

   i.) Website Committee: William Newsom
           The site has been launched. Thanks for feed back and the offer of content.

   j.) Academic All American Program: Kathy Schubert
            Applications to be completed and handed in tonight – Nov. 3rd. To be processed and approved. An
              invite will then go out to those who qualify to attend the Dec. BOD meeting for recognition and

   k.) Sponsorship Committee: Jen Walker
            Nothing to report.
          New Program being developed – the Ambassador program. They held their kick off meeting and came
            up with a lot of great ideas. They need to develop the purpose statement at the next meeting (TBD
            at a later date) and then the packet will be complete to be reviewed for approval so they can move

    1.) FunRun – if anyone is interested in helping put this on and would like to be on the committee please contact
         Jen Walker. 835 4908 – any and all help would be appreciated.
    2.) Coaches evaluations have gone out so parents can get those back into the club. All evaluations are looked at
         by the Executive Board and Art. Please send them back by the 15 th.


                2009 *STATE POOL TRY-OUTS
                    *By invitation only December 6th and 7th, 2008: Morgan Hill, CA
                                             December 13th and 14th, 2008: Ripon, CA
                Invitee’s:      ’96 Girls:      U14 Girls Jennifer Lawson, U12 Girls Sara Romo, , U14G Sara
                                 ‘96 Boys:      U13 Boys Djair Williams
                                 ’95 Girls:     U14 Girls Ashlee Hanson
                                 ’94 Girls:     U15 Girls Devyln Jeter
                                 ’94 Boys:      U14 Boys Tyler Buisk
               Boofest – U9 Girls 2nd/U10 Girls Blue 2nd
               Placer Prestige Cup – U11GB 3rd in Super Group / U14G 3rd in Gold Bracket
               Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup- U13 Boys CHAMPIONS
               Chico Cup – U15G Champions

    ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn at 7:49 pm – motion by Claudia Elliot          2nd by Tom Ottley.

Minutes by: Jen Walker, Secretary
 DATE: Nov. 21st, 2008

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