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                            PROCESS RECORDING FORM: MACRO

Student Name:                                               Activity/Project:

Recording Date:                        Recording is for the week of:

Date Reviewed with field instructor:

1. Purpose of the Activity/Project: Describe the stated goals and objectives for the
activity/project, or underlying goals and objectives.

2. Identifying Macro Skills: Identify and describe the macro-level skill(s) you selected and
implemented during the process. How did you prepare? If applicable, highlight any macro skills
used by other staff involved in the activity/project.

3. Micro Skills/Use of Self: Describe your use of any micro-level (clinical) skills, if applicable.
How did you engage and communicate with the community, group, organization, and/or
individuals involved in the activity/ project?

4. Gut-level Reactions to Process: Describe how you were feeling as the activity/project was
taking place. Were there any specific factors that had an impact, i.e., personal anxiety, feeling
prepared, accessing information, community factors, group characteristics/composition, type of
topic, etc.

Adapted from USC School of Social Work Process Recording Form
5. Obstacles & Challenges: Describe any obstacles or challenges you encountered during the
implementation process. What steps did you take to deal with obstacles or challenges?

6. Evaluation: Did you feel the activity/project was successful? Do you believe the original
objective was accomplished? Why or why not. Is there anything that you would do differently to
overcome challenges or improve the outcome?

7. Personal & Professional Development - Identify any newly acquired insights and/or areas of
improvement needed at the macro and micro levels. Where could you use more direction and
instruction or critical feedback? How can your Field Instructor assist you in this process?

8. Additional Comments (Student and/or Field Instructor):

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