Stem Cell Research Outline Introduction _not complete yet_ For by gegeshandong


									                                          Stem Cell Research Outline

I.     Introduction (not complete yet)
       For many years, people have been searching for the cures to diseases and the secret to healing people’s
       organs. Scientists think they have found these miracle cells, and they have been inside us the whole time.
       They do not know everything about stem cells and are conducting various experiments to understand all the
       benefits of these cells. Stem cell research has an undeniable effect on United States culture, government, and

II.    Culture
       a. What are stem cells
       b. Where do we get them
                 i. Adult stem cells
                ii. Umbilical cord stem cells / cord blood banks
               iii. Embryonic stem cells / Ethical arguments
       c. Benefits of stem cell treatments
       d. Complications of stem cell treatments

III.   Government
       a. President Bush’s Policy
       b. President Obama’s Policy
       c. Government funding for stem cell research

IV.    Economy
       a. Funding for stem cell research / Tax payer’s money
       b. The effect of using tax payer’s money and why there is so much controversy over it

V.     Stem cell research has obviously come a long way since scientists began exploring these cells for cures to
       diseases. While stem cells come in a variety of types and have many different benefits and complications,
       there is much debate about the best way to handle the funding and government control of this type of
       research. Clearly, stem cell research will continue to have an impact on the U.S.’s culture, government, and
       economy for many years to come.

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