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Course Syllabus Français II
Instructor Mme Andrea Henderson

TEXT: Discovering French Blanc Discovering French Blanc Activités pour Tous Workbook Materials Needed:  A positive attitude  A 3 ringed binder with four section dividers,  Writing utensils: Blue or black pen; red or green pen for corrections; pencils  A set of 4 dry erase markers (to use in class) The following are not required, but nice to have:  Index cards for creating flash cards  French dictionary  Markers  Construction paper for at home projects DESCRIPTION: This course provides students with opportunities to developing their listening speaking, reading, and writing skills within the five Program Goals of the TEKS for LOTE: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Students begin their knowledge of the French language and culture. Students function at a novice-low to novice-mid level of proficiency depending on their background
CHAPTERS Rep/1 Review (Getting acquainted) Oneself and others TOPIC Communication Review: Talking about school and classes Expressing oneself on familiar topics Talking about places and things Carrying out simple conversations Presenting oneself and others Interacting with others Talking about oneself and others Describing one’s plans Grammar: être, c’est/il est regular/irregular adjectives, avoir, faire, inverted questions, aller, aller + infinitive, venir, present with depuis Reading- Getting the gist Communication Talking about weekend plans Getting from one place to another Narrating past weekend events Grammar: Verbs mettre, permettre and promettre, voir, sortir, partir, dormir, prendre; passé composé with avoir/être, quelqu’un quelque chose, personne, rien, il ya + elapsed time


Weekend activities

Course Syllabus French II (cont.)
Reading- Recognizing word families 3 Meals and food shopping Communication Planning a meal Going to a café Talking about favorite foods Shopping for food at a market Grammar: Verbs boir, préférer, vouloir, partitive article, acheter and payer, expressions of quantity with de, adjective tout, verbs devoir and pouvoir, expression il faut Reading- Reading by phrase groups Communication Planning one’s free time Talking about your friends and your neighborhood Discussing relations with others Reading and writing about daily events Narrating what happened Grammar: Verbs connaitre, écrire, lire, dire, savoir; object pronouns le, la les, me, te, nous, vous, lui, leur; object pronouns in commands; double object pronouns; object pronouns in the passé composé Reading- Inferring meeting Communication Discussing sports Discussing fitness and health Talking about one’s daily activities Narrating past activities Grammar: Verb courir; expression faire du; pronouns en and y, expression avoir mal à; definite article with parts of the body; reflexive verbs in the present tense, imperative, reflexive verbs infinitive constructions; reflexive verbs passé composé Reading- Recognizing prefixes Communication Describing where you live Renting an apartment or house Talking about the past Grammar: Verb vivre; relative pronouns qui and que, the imperfect, contrasting the imperfect with the passé composé Reading- Recognizing partial cognates


Free time and entertainment


Sports and health


House and home

Guidelines for Success- Les Trois Rs…. La Resposiblité, Le Respect, les Résultats ! As your teacher, it is my RESPONSIBLITY to…  Behave in a way that shows RESPECT for myself, others, the environment, time, the French language, property and rules.  Behave in a way that encourages positive RESULTS.  Provide a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.  Design appropriate academic tasks It is your RESPONSIBILITY to behave in a way that shows RESPECT for.. Yourself  Be intellectually honest  Do quality work  Speak up if you have concerns or needs  Set appropriate boundaries Others  Honor diversity  Honor space Page 2

Course Syllabus French II (cont.)
Time  Honor yours, mine, and ours Property  Take care of things (whether they belong to you, to your neighbor, to me, or to our school) Rules  Know the rules for both our school and our French class The French language and francophone culture  Make an effort to communicate in the French language  Honor diversity- accept that different is just that… different… not wrong or strange or stupid The Environment  Reduce, reuse, and recycle  Keep the area around your chair clean. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to behave in a way that encourages positive RESULTS by...  Participating in class work  Doing your homework  Managing your time  Working with your partner  Bringing the materials you need to do academic work o French Textbook Must be kept in good condition. Do no write in or otherwise damage your textbook. Erase all marks that you find in your textbook. o 3-ring binder with paper o Pencil or pen o Colored pencils o Dry erase marker 4(to be turned in by the second week of school) Your RESULTS will be reflected in a quarter grade that is based on: o Homework completion Homework is practice, not a test. Even if you aren’t sure you’re doing it it! You earn credit for having homework assignments done to the best of your ability and on time. Homework is due at the BEGINNING of the period and will not be accepted late! o Class participation o Be prepared, attentive, responsive, and respectful in class. o Have your textbook, supplies, and binder every day. What Students Should Do- You will also receive a more extensive document with all of our class procedures. A. Attend all classes unless your absence is excused; arrive on time. School policies on attendance and tardiness will be followed. You must be IN YOUR SEAT and working on the warm-up when the bell rings. B. Bring all materials to class--textbook with cover, paper or notebook, pen or pencil, completed assignment.. C. Remain in your assigned seat unless directed to do so otherwise. D. Exhibit good manner at all times. E. Use the drinking fountains and restrooms on your way to class. F. Participate actively in class. Keep careful and honest records of your class participation when applicable. G. Use proper behavior with a substitute teacher. If a substitute teacher leaves your name for any behavioral problem, I will call home and/or refer you to the office. H. Observe school policy regarding academic honesty. Collaborating (working together) on homework is permitted; copying is not. You may not copy another student’s test, quiz or other project; do not use electronic translators or the Internet to write papers or projects. Penalty: a 0 on the assignment, test or quiz involved, referral to the office and National Honor Society if you are a member, and a call home. Page 3

Course Syllabus French II (cont.)
V. Disciplinary Procedure A. First offense: a reminder B. Second offense: a warning and an action plan C. Third offense: an action plan, a call home, and lunch detention D. Fourth offense: removal from the class and a referral to the office E. Any serious offense may result in an immediate call home and/or referral to the office.. VII. Evaluation 50% DAILY - a minimum of 6 daily grades per nine weeks taken from quizzes, classroom and cooperative learning assignments, participation and homework. Quizzes - In general, quizzes will be announced, but there will be times when a quiz will be unannounced as well. Stay on top of your vocabulary and grammar to be prepared for assessments. )50% MAJOR - at least 3 major grades per six weeks from the following choices. Major Tests - They will generally be announced with at least one week notice in order to prepare yourself in advance and arrange your study schedule. If you have been notified of the date for a major grade, you will be held responsible for it. If you are absent the day before a major test and no new material has been presented, you will take the test as assigned. Oral Grade - Each nine weeks period you will do at least one of the following types of oral grades: Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), poetry recitation, oral presentation or skit, oral description of picture or series of pictures. Project - Student prepared videos, posters and class presentations are examples of this major grade. Assignments and instructions will be made throughout the year. XI. Extra Help and Tutoring A. I am available for extra help after school on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30. If you need help at another time, please make an appointment with me to make sure I that I have no other obligations B. A member of the French National Honor Society Member tutor you free of charge, and private tutors may be available for a charge. Please see me for more information.

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