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 D e e r C r e e k C o m m u n i t y A s s o C i At i o n
                                                                                                 July 2007

                                      President’s Message
                                                                                               Howard Pascoe
In This Issue:

President’s Message .......... 1
                                                                   his report is one of good news and bad news. First
                                                                   the good news. Palmer Ranch will finally have its own
Editor’s Desk ...................2                                 fire station. At the recent Sarasota County Planning
                                                          Commission meeting, all of the Palmer Ranch subdivisions
                                                          supported the construction of the new fire station to be built
Board Actions ..................3                         on Honore Ave. just south Central Sarasota Parkway (oppo-
                                                          site Silver Oak). Good news for Deer Creek, not so good news
Real Estate Corner ...........3       for Silver Oak. Siren noise could be a problem, although Fire Chief Gorski assures
                                      us that this will not be a problem. I guess he doesn’t live in our neighborhood.
                                      Good news! This new construction will assure Deer Creek of a more prompt
Lakes, Waterways &                    response to emergencies. Our next project is to figure out a way for a fire truck
Animals ..........................4   or ambulance to enter our Woodbriar gate automatically. Good news - I know it’s
                                      possible. We’re working on it.
Streets & Structures ..........5
                                      Bad news! Our guardhouse captain Dmitriy left us on June 17th. Good news! He
                                      now has a full time job at University of South Florida doing Stem Cell research
Rules & Regulations .........6        - a great advancement for his career. We wish him the best of luck. He will be

Social Committe ..............7       Good news! We will continue to publish our Trails during the summer months.
                                      Clark Southworth, our Trails editor, has left for the summer, but fortunately, Jim
                                      Farnum has volunteered his expertise to publish the Trails until Clark returns.
Design & Development ....8
                                      We are grateful to Jim for his willingness to take on this difficult job. Another
                                      example of a homeowner willing to step up and help our community keep up to
Recommended Vendors .....9            date with happenings in Deer Creek. A really big pat on the back to Jim.

                                      More good news! The Legacy Trail (Rails to Trails) will begin to be paved shortly.
                                      Bad news! But only from Dona Bay north.
      Notice of Next                  The trestle bridge repair project over Dona Bay is on hold due to lack of funds
      Board Meeting                   from Tallahassee. Oh well, at this point we’re lucky to get what we get. Although
             v                        there will be an entrance to the Trail at Central Sarasota Parkway, the nearest
  The next regular meet-              parking spaces will be on Potter Park Dr. - a long walk there and back. Makes no
 ing will be held at 2 PM             sense to me.
on Tuesday, July 24 at the
Faith Lutheran Church on                      IF YOU HAVEN’T PAID YOUR QUARTERLY ASSESSMENT,
      Beneva Road.                                           IT WAS DUE JULY 1st.
   Residents are always                                                      v
    welcome to attend
     Board meetings.                               o u r W e b s i t e : www.deercreeksarasota.org
                                             J u ly 2007

                                                 editor’s desk
                                                                                              James E. Farnum

                                                   If this month’s newsletter looks a little different, it’s because I am
                                                 substituting for our regular editor, Clark Southworth. He is circumventing
                                                 the globe on his very large yacht . . . or so he says (?)

                                                    On a more serious note, I would like to share with you a situation
    DCCA Board of Directors                      that recently happened to me, and it may be a concern to anyone who
                                                 takes prescription medication. I recently had a prescription filled at my
Position         Name          Term Ends         usual pharmacy. When I returned home, I checked the medication, and
                                                 I discovered that the pills, although similar in color
 President      Howard Pascoe     2008
 V. President   Howard Tisch      2009
                                                 and markings to the ones I usually take, were in
 Secretary      Claire Power      2008           fact oval as opposed to round. At first, I thought
 Treasurer      Tom Frey          2008           I was given a generic pill, but the bottle label and
 Director       Jay Olin          2009           information sheet listed the brand name. I checked
 Director       Phil Mentz        2008           the description on the info sheet, and it stated
 Director       Linda Slack       2009           that the pill was round. I called the pharmacy,
 Director       Richard Tabor     2009           who told me to return the prescription. It
 Director       Sandy Twyon       2009
                                                 turned out that they had given me a completely
                                                 different medication in the correct bottle. This
     Committee Chairpersons                      is very dangerous, especially if it had been the
Budget & Finance           Tom Frey              first time I had filled this prescription. So, please
Communications             Linda Slack           check all your meds, and question the slightest
Design & Development       Howard Pascoe         difference.
Landscape & Irrigation     Grace Cufarro            If you have any questions, I can be contacted at:
Lakes & Animals            Dick Spayd            farnumfoto@comcast.net
Rails to Trails (ad hoc)   Al Mahan
Social Committee           Nancy Zeman &
                                                    Please note that there will be no classified ads in this issue.
                           Dee Forsyth
Streets & Structures       Richard Tabor
Rules & Regulations        Phil Mentz
Traffic                    Jay Olin

             Key Positions
Palmer Ranch
Palmer Ranch
                       Howard Pascoe
                                                                            LOST CAT
Master Association     Sandy Twyon                                 in White Cedar Trail Area
Pref. Vendors List     Ron Meijer
Telephone Book         Clark Southworth
                                                              Large orange tabby named Jumbo
Trails Distribution    Candi Messerschmidt            Please call Beth Eriksen at: 924-9198 or 928-9208
Trails Editor          Clark Southworth
Webmaster              Fred Rowley
                                                                     with any information
Welcoming              Mary Ann Spayd
Gatehouse Captain      James Berry

                                                                  J u ly 2007

Board actions
                                                                                            Claire Power

                                Resolutions Passed at the June 26, 2007 Board Meeting
                   The Board unanimously approved a motion appointing Jack Sullivan and Roberta Eggert
                   members of the Rules and Regulations Committee.

                   The Board unanimously approved a motion to bar Ron Webber, Inc., a paver company, from
doing business in Deer Creek until they pay damage in the amount of $400.00 to the Deer Creek Home Owners

The Board unanimously approved a motion to replace all the mail boxes in Deer Creek (excluding the Villas). The
motion was adopted pending future study of the logistics of accomplishing the replacement.

                                                                                real estate corner
Isabella DeJohn

Another month for a brief report!

There are twelve houses and eight villas listed for sale in Deer Creek. The houses range from
$480,000 to $749,000. Villas range from $299,00 to $450,000 asking price.

 One house has sold during the last month. 8395 Shadow Pine Way was originally listed
June of 2006 for $650,000 with multiple reductions to final listing price of $589,000. Sales
price was $535,000.

Any buyers now for Sarasota can certainly take advantage of a good selection and some ‘wonderful’ bargains!!

                               Information is derived from the Sarasota Association of Realtors and does not
                                       reflect any private sales activity.

                                      ISABELLA PHILLIPS DEJOHN
                                     REALTOR WITH CROWN PROPERTIES GROUP

                                    J u ly 2007

lakes, WaterWays & aniMals
                                                       Dick Spayd

                    The people for Aquagenix have been spraying our lakes
                    for algae and submerged grasses for the past two months.
                    When the algae is sprayed and it dies, it still remains
                    floating until a heavy rain knocks it to the bottom of
                    the lake. At times new algae has been growing on the
                    bottom and will resurface. So in the summer months
                    we have a recycling of algae on a continuous basis. I’ve
been informed by Aquagenix that we have a problem with nyad and hydrilla. Both of these plants grow below the
surface of the water and have the potential to clog a pond. This requires Aquagenix to use stronger chemicals, and
you may see plants like the lilies and the arrowheads having yellow leaves. It is a problem we will monitor closely
and not use more chemicals than is necessary to keep these noxious weeds under control.

Because the flow of water in the Trunk Canal is low, we have been forced to suspend pumping water into some of
our lakes. This is painfully observed in the two entrance lakes. Let’s hope that the summer rains come soon.

About a month ago, George Ulrich called to our attention the fact that the pump drawing water from the Trunk
Canal into Lake 3-3 (villas) had stopped working. We engaged Ray Brown to diagnose the problem. The pump
was taken to a repair shop, and we learned that it would cost more to repair than to purchase a new one. The new
pump was installed Friday, June 22, 2007.

We learned from The Pelican Press, June 7, 2007, that the County was considering an ordinance limiting the
use of fertilizer and adding restrictions on mowing along our ponds and waterways. The Lake Committee met to
discuss these concerns. Based on the limited information we had, we put together a list of nine concerns that we
thought would affect Deer Creek. Since Bill Morgan has worked with Jon Thaxton, County Commissioner, on
other problems affecting our community, I’ve asked Bill to contact Jon to get specifics regarding the provisions in
the ordinance. Bill met with Jon on Thurs., June 21, and learned that the commissioners apparently received a lot
of input from various sources regarding the proposed County ordinance. Jon indicated that the commissioners
would be reviewing this matter in depth at future County meetings. Therefore, we will try to stay informed on
this matter and share that information with the Board and the community as it becomes available to us.

                       I’ve been receiving reports over the last few months about a young sandhill crane with a
                       broken wing. We have had rescue people come into Deer Creek trying to catch it so it
                       could be evaluated by a veterinarian. The crane is young, agile, and fast and has eluded
                       our attempts to capture it. We will continue to try to capture this crane for evaluation.
                       The crane seems to be surviving well even though it is unable to fly. If you spot this crane,
                       please give Dick Spayd a call at 921-6122 so he can alert the rescue people as to the exact
                       location of the crane.

 The fountains at the entrance lakes obviously contribute to the evaporation of water from the lakes. I’ve decided
to shorten the length of time that the fountains are on by approximately three hours. When the rains come and
the lakes have sufficient water, we will go back to operating the fountains as we have in the past.

                                                                J u ly 2007

streets & structures
                                                                                       Richard Tabor
                Roads                                   Gates
             Due to a hydraulic spill by a local        The gates at the Woodbriar entrance were
             company, an area on Woodbriar              found to be in need of cleaning. Members
             Drive had to be repaved. The               of the committee subsequently washed the
             business has been notified that            gates and removed mildew.
             payment to Deer Creek for the
             repair cost is expected within             Street Signs
             60 days or the company may
             not be permitted to enter the              Street signs at the McIntosh gate were
    community in the future.                            painted by committee members. In addition,
                                                        all stop signs in the Deer Creek community
    Street Lights                                       were washed to remove mildew. In order
                                                        to protect street posts in the common area
    An inspection of street lights in Deer              from further damage by weed-whackers
    Creek revealed that three lights were not           and mowers, members of the Streets and
    functioning. Members of the Streets and             Structures Committee wrapped the base of
    Structures Committee made repairs after             each post with metal guards.
    replacing defective photo-electric cells.
                                                        If you have questions regarding streets
                                                        and structures, please contact me at
  The Deer Creek Board of Directors has
  approved a motion that R. Webber Inc.,
  a paver company, will not be permitted
  to enter Deer Creek until further notice.
  This action was taken after the company
  failed to reimburse Deer Creek for
  damages done to community property.

                                  To Springfest 2007 Volunteers:
     It has belatedly come to my attention that some people, including Brian and Moira Lavery,
     who worked on committes for Springfest 2007 were inadvertently left off the Thank You list in
     last month’s Trails. My apologies, and again, thanks to all of you! Sunday’s paper reported that
     $41,000 was raised for the YMCA.
                       Sandy Twyon ~ Deer Creek Representative to 2007 Springfest

                                      J u ly 2007

rules & regulations coMMittee
                                                                                          Philip S. Mentz

                             ummer is here, and students attending school away have returned home for the
                             summer. Special rules apply to them and the parking of their vehicles at home.
                             The covenants state the following with regard to students.

                        “The passenger car of a registered college student who is a family member of the owner
                       of a lot may keep the passenger car in the driveway of the lot during such time as the
       student is home from school and between semesters or quarters or for holidays. If a student is a full
       time resident, then the student’s vehicle must be kept in a garage.”

       There has been some misunderstanding regarding the use of bar codes on a student car. This came to
       light as the result of parking citations issued to bar coded cars observed on the driveway. Contact with
       the resident revealed the fact that the car was a student car, home for the summer. The bar code was
       obtained by the resident for various reasons, often as a convenience to the student, to permit access
       through the Woodbriar gate. Although well intentioned, this practice is a violation of the rules and

       Bar codes are restricted to resident vehicles , and the bar code application certifies that the code is for a
       resident vehicle. Therefore, if a student vehicle is fitted with a bar code, it is, by definition, a resident
       vehicle. As required by the covenants, the vehicle must be garaged as a resident vehicle. If there is
       garage space, this option may be taken.

       However, if there is no garage space, which is most often the case, there is an established procedure
       for the issuance of a pass for student parking on the driveway. A student pass may be obtained at the
       McIntosh gate, No citations will be issued to a student vehicle properly logged in and issued a student
       pass by the gate personnel. These passes are good for the period of school holiday, be it summer or at
       some point in the year.

       Quarterly 2007                                           Assessment Reminder
        assessments of                 Payments must be received within 30 days of the due date to avoid a late
    $210 are due as follows:           charge of $25 plus interest and other costs.

        1). Jan 1, 2007                For your convenience, sign up for automatic payment whereby your bank,
        2). April 1, 2007              at no charge to you, sends in the exact amount each quarter.
        3). July 1, 2007               To sign up for automatic payment or for questions regarding payments,
        4). Oct 1, 2007                please call AMI at 359-1134

                                                                           J u ly 2007

social coMMittee neWs
                                                                         Dee Forsyth & Nancy Zeman

                                                  9171 to make your reservations.        13. The evening will include a
                                                  Please bring your own beverage         cocktail hour with passed hors
                                                  of choice, an appetizer to share,      d’oeuvres and a cash bar; a three-
                                                  and $1 per person to cover             course dinner; and music for your
                                                  the costs of paper goods and           dancing and listening pleasure.
                                                  mixes. Come and meet your              Reservations for this popular
                                                  neighbors.                             event will be $55 per person. (A
Postponement: The cooking class                                                          reservation form will be in a future
scheduled for June 27 has been                 The Welcome Back Snowbirds                issue of Trails.)
postponed until fall.                          Party will be a sunset cruise
There will not be a Ladies Luncheon            aboard Le Barge on Wednesday,             If you would like to play mah jongg
in July.                                       October 17. The entire boat has           or would like to learn, call Pat Krug
                                               been chartered exclusively for Deer       at 927-5062 for information.
Please mark your calendars now                 Creek residents and their guests.
for the next Ladies Luncheon                   Reservations are $30 per person. (A       Mixers: Please call Charlotte
on Thursday, August 2. We will                 reservation form will be in a future      Emerson (924-4572) to host a
meet at First Watch (8383 S.                   issue of Trails.)                         mixer at your home. There is no
Tamiami Trail) at 12:00. Please                                                          cost to you. All those attending are
call Susan Sole (925-3878) or e-               Sunday evening, December 9,               asked to bring their own beverages,
mail (slsole54@yahoo.com) by July              is the date for the Radio City            an appetizer to share, and $1 to
31 to let her know if you plan to              Rockettes Holiday Show at the             cover any costs.
attend. We will each order from                Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.
the menu. Everyone is welcome;                 Reservations for this very popular        The Deer Creek Social Committee
hope to see you there.                         show and bus transportation will be       meets monthly to plan events for
                                               $90 per person. (A reservation form       Deer Creek residents and their
Our next Deer Creek Mixer will                 will be in a future issue of Trails.)     friends. No Deer Creek funds are
be held on Friday, September 28,                                                         used to pay for these events. If
from 6-8 PM, at the home of Kathy              The annual Deer Creek Holiday             you have ideas for new activities
and Jay Olin, 4531 Eagle Ridge                 Party will again be held at TPC at        or events, please call one of the
Lane. Please call the Olins at 926-            Prestancia on Thursday, December          committee members.

      Social Opportunities at a Glance:
  	         August 2. . . . . . . . .    Ladies Lunch – Susan Sole (925-3878)
            Sept. 28 . . . . . . . . .   Mixer – Kathy & Jay Olin (926-9171)
            October 17. . . . . . .      Le Barge Sunset Cruise – Greg Goebel (927-8309)
            December 9 . . . . . .       Radio City Rockettes Show in Tampa – Herman Freese (927-6805)
            December 13 . . . . .        Holiday Party at Prestancia
            1st Monday/month . . . . . . . Artists of Palmer Ranch – Jeanne C. Romance (924-8182)
            1st Thursday/month . . . . . . Deer Creek Ladies Lunch Group – Sharron Mahan (929-7694)
            2nd Wednesday/month . . . . Men’s Poker – Herman Freese (927-6805)
            2nd Friday/month . . . . . . . . Book Club – Joan Saunders (925-0453)

                                       J u ly 2007

design & develoPMent
                     In accordance        8635 Woodbriar Dr. -                             Howard Pascoe
                     with Deer Creek      Approved removal of Washingtonia       8339 Shadow Pine Way -
                     Development          Palm tree and replace with smaller     Approved removal of dead Palm
                     Standards and        palm tree. Approved removal of         tree on side of house.
                     Architectural        dead Pine tree. No replacement
                     Requirements         required.                              4508 Longspur Ln. -
                     (now posted on                                              Approved removal of dead Holly
                     the Deer Creek       8326 Cypress Hollow Dr. -              tree. Will replace with Crape
                     Web Site: www.       Approved removal of dying Date         Myrtle.
deercreeksarasota.org), approval          Palm and replace with new Date
from the Design and Develop-              Palm.                                  4601 Deer Creek Blvd. -
ment Board is required before any                                                Approved removal of dying Pygmy
changes are made to the appearance        4720 White Tail Ln. -                  Date palm. No replacement
of the exterior of any home in our        Approved removal of diseased palm      required.
community. This includes painting         tree. No replacement required.
the exterior, installing a new roof,                                             8447 Woodbriar Dr. -
as well as any additions or remov-        8246 Shadow Pine Way -                 Approved installation of hurricane
als from the property (e.g. trees,        Approved removal of diseased           protection devices.
shrubs, decorative items, etc.).          Sago Palm tree. No replacement
                                          required.                              8382 Shadow Pine Way -
The following covers D&D                                                         Approved painting exterior of
activities through June 21, 2007:         8587 Woodbriar Dr. -                   house. Color chips on file.
                                          Approved new landscaping as per
8309 Shadow Pine Way -                    list submitted.                        4729 White Tail Ln. -
Approved painting of exterior of                                                 Approved removal of diseased Box-
house. Color chips on file.               8628 Woodbriar Dr. -                   woods and replace with Crotons.
                                          Approved removal of tall Washing-
8688 Woodbriar Dr. -                      tonia Palm tree. No replacement        8309 Shadow Pine Way -
Approved painting exterior of             required.                              Approved installation of additional
house same colors as before, and                                                 hurricane protection devices.
painting driveway.                        4464 Deer Trail Blvd. -
                                          Approved extending the width of        4433 White Cedar Tr. -
4403 Staghorn Ln. -                       the concrete slab outside rear door.   Approved changing barrel tile roof
Approved new landscaping for                                                     to shingle roof.
front yard. Plan on file.

                                          neW Watering rules in effect
                        Sarasota County residents on properties 2 acres or less in size may water only:
                        • Before 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM (once a day)
                        • Even number addresses may water on Tuesdays only
                        • Odd number addresses on Thursdays only
                        (There are different rules for our common grounds)

                                                                    J u ly 2007

recoMMended vendors list
                                                                                              Ron Meijer

                                                       Verizon FiOS
                                         “Feedback from your Deer Creek neighbors”
                     In the June Trails I requested feedback regarding Verizon’s new FiOS offering based on their
                     new high speed underground cable installation in Deer Creek.
                     I have received a number of e-mails from Deer Creek residents who have either ordered the
                     service and are using it or who are planning to use the new Verizon FiOS service. Individual
                     comments from specific residents are listed in the July update of the Preferred Vendor list
                     (on the Deer Creek website)

Following is a brief summary of residents’ input.

The residents who ordered and are using Verizon FiOS and e-mailed me love it and recommend it.

A subscription to the “Bundle Package”. (Internet, Cable TV and long distance telephone) typically costs $99 a
month. There are some extra service fees that come with any telephone service.

Installation of Verizon FiOS was professional and included a router that permits wireless service for future laptop
use. Installation charge was $19.95, which was deemed to be low in view of all the work that was done. Verizon
did the outside work one day and the inside work the next.

Phone reception appears to be much louder and clearer. The Internet is fast and easy to negotiate. The cable TV
is great. There are more High Definition stations and regular stations compared to what Comcast had. Clarity and
picture quality were deemed to be superior to Comcast.

The installation of a fiber optic cable box is required. It is normally mounted on the outside of the house but
can be installed in the garage (a hole needs to be drilled). FiOS requires house power to operate, even for wired
phones. There is a backup battery in the garage that will maintain power for the phones for about 4 hours in case
of a power failure.

For more information and comments submitted by Deer Creek residents, consult the Preferred Vendor list on our
Deer Creek website under the category: “Cable – High Speed”

For more information directly from Verizon go to the Internet at:
Note: there is no “period” between www and 22.

To order Verizon FiOS by phone: Call 1-888-get-FiOS (1-888-438-3467)

Ron Meijer, Preferred Vendor list coordinator (ron-meijer@comcast.net)


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