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									                                      MACH Academy, Inc.
                                Technology & Tennis for Life Project

                                         Year 2008 in Review
Throughout its short history MACH Academy, Inc. has combined a blend of after school education,
technology and recreational programs, special camps and outreach projects that serve to inspire and
motivate youth ages three to eighteen. The 2008 year was a year of change, growth and continued success.
This review serves as a “snapshot” of the programs and services provided by the organization for the year.

The mission of MACH Academy, Inc. is to provide life skills development through academic, technology,
nutrition, fitness and recreational experiences. The focus demographics are inner city and disadvantaged
youth ages three to eighteen. MACH Academy welcomes all individuals and families regardless of age,
race, gender, ability or financial means.

Successful students are our greatest achievements. MACH Academy recognizes that education, technology
and recreation have the power to provide common grounds for learning. Our “Vision” is to help develop the
total child by using tennis as the vehicle to get the attention of participants while helping them succeed in
the classroom, on the tennis court and in everyday life.

 During 2008, programs and services enriched lives and expanded horizons through instruction and hands-
on learning experiences. MACH Academy “Technology and Tennis for Life” sessions were held at the
Fleming Tennis Center in Augusta Georgia and at the Smith-Hazel Community Center in Aiken South
Carolina. Activities included tutoring, homework help, along with academic support, computer literacy,
social skills development, character education sessions, tennis/fitness instruction, career exploration, college
planning, healthy eating and leadership development. Year round programs and services were provided to
help students stay on track academically; help participants “say no” to drug/smoking, negative peer
pressure, gang involvement, pre-marital sex; reduce long periods of non-productive time and to help
participants become positive contributing members in their communities.
During 2008, MACH Academy’s Community Tennis associations (CTA) in Augusta and Aiken, SC
operated tennis based recreation programs for youth and adults in the Central Savannah River Area. The
CTA provided beginner, intermediate and advanced tennis training, as well as successful spring and summer
camp sessions.

MACH Academy completed its sixth successful year of operating and management of the Fleming Tennis
Center, 1850 Chester Avenue in South Augusta. The Fleming Tennis Center was named, in 2008, one of
the top 50 Tennis Welcome Centers in the United States by the Tennis Industry Association, the United
States Tennis association and Racquet Sports Industry magazine. Tennis Welcome Centers are public and
private facilities leading the charge in growing the sport of tennis by providing well-rounded programs to
new and current players of all ages and abilities.

Three new hard tennis courts were constructed and completed in December 2007 with 2005 Special Purpose
Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) funding. Lights for the new courts were installed with funding provided
by the USTA Public Facility Funding and the Augusta Recreation and Parks Department. MACH Academy
was also awarded $147,000 from the Housing and Community Development Department Public Facility
Funds for facility expansion. Facility expansion completed in October 2008 included: an office, storage
area, expanded common’s area, classroom and fitness center. The master plan for the Fleming Tennis Center
shown below includes provisions for an indoor tennis facility. We are actively seeking funding to ensure
that the indoor facility at the Fleming Tennis Center become a reality.

During 2008, the organization had an increase in the number of participants accessing programs and
services. To accommodate the increase, we secured the services of one (1) AmeriCorps*VISTA Member,
volunteers from Augusta State University, Savannah River Site Community Outreach Program, Ft. Gordon
Community/Public Affairs Office, high school clubs, parents and numerous community businesses and
                                2008 Program Highlights Included:

   Completed sixth successful year as operator and manager of the Fleming Tennis Center
   Selected as the USTA Southern Section 2008 NJTL Chapter of the Year.
   The Fleming Tennis Center selected as one of the top 50 Tennis Welcome Centers in the USA
   In-House, outreach, and camp sessions enriched the lives of participants through Academic, Tutoring,
    Nutrition, Computer, Life Skills, Tennis/Fitness Sessions
   Provided seven weeks of hands on spring and summer camp sessions
   Participants competed in 44 year round local, regional, state, and national educational and tennis
   Sponsored the annual MACH-Aiken Challenger, Augusta Junior Championships, MACH-Aiken
    Championships and Fleming Winter Blast Tournaments that attracted more than 300 players, coaches
    and parents
   Six NJTL teams, spring 2008, seven teams, fall 2008. The MACH Machines were winners of the18 and
    under teams. We also sponsored one QuickStart team with six players.
   The Fleming site provided Home Courts for six High School Tennis Teams
   13 participants and 2 coaches participated in the South Atlanta Community Tennis Association’s NJTL
    Regional Rally
   12 participants, 2 coaches attended the Historical Black College Play-Off, Atlanta
   Onyemachi Provost attended the 2008 NJTL Regional Leadership Camp at the University of Texas in
    Austin, Texas.
   Kelee Smiley and Morgan Taylor participated in the 2008 USTA Competition Training
   More than sixty participants competed in the annual Arthur Ashe National Essay writing contest. Zakiya
    Provost was selected as the 2008 Southern Section 16s winner
   David Yax attended the USTA Tennis Leadership Camp in Washington D C
        Tennis Camps                    Youth Development                Leadership Development

On Site          Off Site         Academic        Tennis/Fitness Technology       Community        Personal
                                  Tutoring        Instruction                     Outreach         Development

June - July      June - July      Aug - May       Annually        Annually        Annually         Annually
7 week classes   7 week classes   Homework        Instruction     Instruction     Community        Outreach
4 week classes   4 week classes   assistance      Etiquette       Technology      service          Mentoring
Leadership       Community        Mentoring       Character       coaching        activities       Social skills
development      collaborations   Social skills   development     Social skills   Organizational   Tennis
                 Leadership       Character       Social skills                   development      competitions
                 development      Education,      Outreach                        Career           Academic
                                  College         Mentoring,                      exploration      competitions
                                  planning.       college                                          Technology
                                  CRCT/SAT        scholarships                                     development
                                  Prep                                                             competitions

        Programs and Services include:

        Tutoring and Academics
        During the 2008 program year, community resource facilitators provided many
        successful education sessions that focused on career exploration, college prep, school
        attendance, SAT Prep, resume development, drug/smoking prevention education, healthy
        eating, manners, personal care/grooming, dressing for success, writing, science, fitness
        and sports, conflict resolution, negative behavior and other subject areas.

        Participants were engaged year-round in many hands on math, science, essay writing
        (that included development of essays about the life of Arthur Ashe, the famous tennis
        player, describing the accomplishments and activities that made him a great
        humanitarian), language arts activities during the year. Games and word problems were
        used at various levels to challenge students. Participants completed Internet research and
        developed power point presentations that were used throughout the community to help
        younger children and peers say no to drugs, smoking, gang involvement and other
        negative influences. Sixty essays were developed by MACH Academy participants and
        submitted as entries during the 2008 Arthur Ashe National Essay Contest.

        Zaykia Provost was selected as the USTA Southern Section Winner of the Arthur Ashe
        National Essay Contest. She enjoyed an all expense paid trip to New York in August
        2008. While in New York, she enjoyed a variety of cultural, fun learning activities
        including the 2008 US Open Tennis Tournament. Zaykia returned home with lots of
        excitement, lasting memories and lots of newly learned information.
Higher Education and Career Options
Students were challenged to reflect on their choices for future careers; to visualize
themselves at their future place of employment and to share facts about their future career
choice including career title, duties/responsibilities, and education requirement for career,
salary and other information. Many different career options were explored through
college and business tours, lectures and Internet research. Students gained valuable
information about college life and support systems in place to help ensure successful
transition for high school to college. Throughout the year representatives from various
businesses and organizations shared information about the many career options available
and challenged participants to stay in school and do their best to ensure future success.

Through a variety of programs and services, MACH Academy encouraged participants to
achieve academic excellence and to pursue college scholarships. High school students are
encouraged to play tennis to stay physically fit, develop discipline, learn to compete,
develop social skills, earn college scholarships, travel locally, nationally and even
internationally while learning how to win graciously and how to lose with honor.

Computer Literacy/Technology
The challenge of helping low performing children keep up with schoolwork was
addressed through our computer-base learning component. With the explosion of
technology in schools and the work place, it is critical to incorporate computers into
inner-city learning programs to help increase the number of low-income children who
graduate from high school and go on to college. Participants received instructions on
basic computer operations, how to use various digital-imaging devices such as digital
cameras and scanners, and how to surf the Web. Students created Power Point
presentations and designed their own Web Pages. Technology activities encouraged
participants to draw on their many skills including Internet search ability, writing, along
with critical and creative thinking knowledge. Computer Literacy sessions were held

Building Self-Esteem and Positive Attitudes
Participants received valuable tips and information throughout the year to help them
combat negative peer pressure and to improve their self-image. Today many children are
struggling to become their own person. Community resource people and health officials
worked with participants throughout the year to provide discussion opportunities along
with activities on self- acceptance, body image, self-reflection, taking care of one’s
appearance, cultural identity, gender bias, valuing others, drug/smoking education and
health in action. Participants were challenged through active games and role-plays to
always seek positive and peaceful solutions for solving conflicts, which will ensure a
win, win situation for everyone.

Physical fitness activities were also used to promote a heightened sense of well being and
confidence through teamwork and individual accomplishments. Statistics show that
students who participate in sports often tend to have a higher sense of self-worth and
physical competence than their peers who do not participate in sports. Physical fitness
activities also provided participants with many opportunities to develop positive
relationships and communication skills.

Leadership/Community Service
On a very basic level, leaders inspire others to bring about a change or get something
accomplished. Leaders possess a variety of talents, skills and traits that are not the same
for every individual. Teen leaders are identified at the beginning of the program year and
throughout the year they provide meaningful service in-house as well as throughout the
Central Savannah River Area. Teen leaders were given opportunities to learn by doing.
This dedicated group performed such duties as: recording attendance, preparing and
distributing refreshments, game leaders, planning and carrying out specific activities,
designing and developing educational posters and displays, and more. Teen leaders
shared valuable educational information with peers and younger children year-round.
This unique group provided valuable service to the community while strengthening
personal leadership and self-confidence skill levels.

David Yax was selected to attend an extensive, all expenses paid, USTA Tennis
Leadership Camp held in Washington DC, in July 2008. Onyemachi Provost was selected
to participate in the 2008 NJTL Regional Leadership Camp at the University of Texas,
Austin Texas in July as well. David and Onyemachi returned home with lots of newly
learned information. These were indeed great opportunities and we are appreciative that
they were chosen to participate and represent MACH Academy as well as the United
States Tennis Association (USTA).

Drug Education/Smoking
Drug education and smoking prevention continues to be a big focus during all sessions.
The East Central Health District Tobacco Prevention Program Staff along with MACH’s
TEEN Leaders united to help spread the word that “Real Life is Smoke and Drug Free.”
The message conveyed through hands on learning sessions is, “don’t risk becoming a
smoker, problem drinker or drug abuser. If you want to feel good about yourself and if
you want to have control over your own well being, say no to drugs and other negative
influences.” Teen leaders answer the call to fight all forms of tobacco and drug use
among their peers and younger children.

Nutrition and Recreation
Many children living in the Central Savannah River Area do not have access to year
round physical fitness programs to help them establish healthy lifestyles. Through our
after school tennis/fitness sessions, we encourage participants to discover and achieve
their full potential, develop discipline, learn to compete, accept responsibility, manage
adversity, develop social skills, learn to win graciously and how to lose with honor.

After school recreation programs often play an important role in promoting healthy
lifestyles for youth. MACH Academy’s recreation programs offer youth many
opportunities to engage in an array of physical fitness activities such as tennis instruction,
aerobics, dance, soccer, volleyball, and softball. Healthy snacks and lunches are included
with program offerings to encourage and emphasize the value of healthy eating. For
many youth, this after school snack or lunch is the only nutritious meal they receive all

Consultants from the University of Georgia Extension Service School Nutrition Program
shared healthy eating activities and tips with MACH Participants. Through a variety of
healthy eating and menu planning activities, participants were challenged to learn to
purchase, prepare and eat a variety of healthy foods including fruits and vegetables.

USTA NJTL Chapter of the Year.
MACH Academy was selected as the USTA Southern Section 2008 NJTL Chapter of the
Year Award. This award is presented to NJTL Chapters that provide a strong education
and tennis program designed to help participants be the best they can be on and off the
tennis court. We sponsored six teams for the winter/spring and seven teams for the fall
2008 Junior Team Tennis sessions.

The Fleming Tennis Center site also provided home courts for 6 High School Tennis
Teams. (A. R. Johnson Health Profession, T. W. Josey, Butler, Hephzibah, Cross Creek
and Glen Hills High Schools).

MACH Academy provided beginner – tournament level tennis instruction at the Fleming
Tennis Center and Smith-Hazel Recreation Center throughout the year. Participants were
provided basic tennis training using the professional Tennis registry (PTR) and the
United States Tennis Association (USTA) instructor methods. Additionally, we provided
advanced tennis training utilizing PTR and USTA High Performance teaching methods.

Other program sessions included, training youth to become members of their local varsity
high school tennis teams. As well as provided advanced tennis training and financial
support for tournament fees, travel and equipment necessary to train and prepare
participants to compete in USTA sanctioned tournaments. Many of MACH Academy’s
participants continued to qualify for Georgia, South Carolina Junior State rankings, as
well as qualify for Southern Section and National Junior rankings.

MACH Academy sponsored its annual Augusta Junior Championships and Fleming
Winter Blast Championships Tennis Tournaments at the Fleming Tennis Center and two
MACH-Aiken tournaments in Aiken South Carolina. The events included players,
coaches, parents and friends from the Southeast.

We had more participants entering and participating in local, district, state and national
tennis tournaments. During 2008, MACH participants entered 44 USTA tournaments in
the southeast.

Adult Tennis
The Fleming Tennis Center was busy during 2008. The Center provided home courts for
one USTA Tennis League Male 4.0 team, a ladies 3.0 team and ladies 3.5 team. We
provided basic tennis instruction one day per week for adult participants. During 2008
we, also sponsored Family Night at the Fleming Tennis Center. Family Night is designed
to provide tennis and fitness activities for adults and children to encourage quality family

QuickStart Tennis
Bill Dopp from USTA provided a QuickStart training session for community volunteers,
MACH Team Members and parents. Participants enjoy a variety of tennis drills, games
and other activities during QuickStart tennis sessions four days per week. MACH
Academy’s contract team members have taken QuickStart session on the road and
provide QuickStart outreach sessions at day care facilities, community agencies and

Tennis Tournament Prep
Throughout the year, MACH Academy provided advanced tennis training and financial
support to cover participant’s tournament fees, travel, equipment needs and special
training needed to help prepare participants to compete successfully in USTA sanctioned
and other tournaments. MACH Academy’s participants continue to qualify for Georgia,
South Carolina Junior State rankings, as well as qualify for Southern Section and national
junior rankings.

Masters Week Camp
Master’s week day camp was held at the Fleming Tennis Center 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for
Five days during the school’s spring break. Hands on activities included math, science,
technology, tennis, and physical fitness activities. Community resource people from
various organizations and businesses helped to enhance the camp experience. The camp’s
focus was to increase participant’s knowledge about healthy eating, education
enhancement and to encourage involvement in physical fitness activities that will ensure
healthy lifestyles.

Summer Camps
When it comes to summer camp programs, there are many choices. Parents and children
can choose from the traditional general day camps or sample from a variety of specialized
programs. No matter the program’s focus, a good camp is one in which children are
encouraged to go beyond their normal experiences and explore their outer world as well
as search inward to discover something about themselves and their own potential. Today
many children spend many hours alone at home with nothing constructive to do during
summer vacation. Parents worry about whether their children are safe, and whether they
are susceptible to drugs and crime. MACH Academy’s summer camp programs
addressed many of these concerns

Summer Program Opportunities at the Fleming Tennis Center provided by MACH
Academy, Inc. were held June and July 2008. Scholarships were provided for
participants needing financial support in order to participate. Lunch was also
included during each camp.

“Reach for the Stars” summer camp sessions exposed participants to a variety of career
opportunities in education, technology, medical, government, sports/entertainment and
general business/manufacturing while strengthening participants’ tennis/fitness,
computer, nutrition, academic and decision making skills through hands on learning
activities. Sessions were provided for participants ages 5 – 16. Participants learned many
new skills that will be helpful on and off the court. The goal for the camp was to help
encourage participants to develop their minds, body and spirit.

MACH Academy’s 2008 “Summer Tennis Camp” specialized in tennis and fitness.
Goal for the camp was to provide a comprehensive tennis education for participants and
to encourage them to develop a genuine love for the game and respect for the ideals of
good sportsmanship. Camp staff consists of teaching professionals who were friendly,
enthusiastic, and committed to the development of each participant. The tennis/fitness
camp sessions were designed to develop and challenge all levels of players ages 6-18.
The curriculum included work on fundamentals in group lessons, drills, competitive
matches, strength training conditioning, and match strategy mental toughness.

“High Performance Summer Tennis” program focused on individual player
development. Tennis instructors used a variety of effective training elements to help
participants achieve high performance development and winning results.

MACH Academy provided its youthful participants with opportunities to grow through
creative expressions at their own pace, in their own direction, while helping participants
develop talents and skills that may be polished beyond the initial introductory level.

We sponsored many celebrations during the year including student showcases and
recognition events for participants, family, friends and community supporters. These
events allowed students, parents and friends to spend quality time together while
enjoying many tennis/fitness activities. Certificates and awards were presented to all

The 2008 program year was educational and filled with many challenging opportunities
for everyone. As we move forward into the 2009 program year, we are excited about the
many opportunities that await our participants. We look forward to expanding our
programs and services in 2009. Lessons learned from our previous years of operation will
be beneficial in helping to strengthen our offerings for the coming year.

Operation of MACH Academy is planned and managed by a contract Executive Director
and volunteer board members. MACH Academy is honored to have professional
qualified contract instructors who are paid hourly wages, and provide quality
instruction. Program Assistance is provided by a Program Administrator, one
AmeriCorps*VISTA Worker, parents/guardians and community volunteers.
Volunteers are utilized as board members, classroom assistants, mentors, and tutors,
volunteers also complete administrative, fund development and public relation functions.
Contract Team Members and volunteers are required to have background checks
completed before working with projects.

                             2007 – 2010 Board of Directors

                     Michael D. Harden                    President
                     Donnie Campbell                   Vice President
                     Henry Taylor                    Secretary/Treasurer
                                 Judge David Watkins
                                     Chike Amobi
                                 Dr. William B. Strong
                                      Tiara Allen

                              Contract Team Members

Betty L. Jones               Executive Director
Mary Harden                  Program Administrator
Kimberly Mitchell            Community Outreach Representative (AmeriCorps*VISTA)
Mark O’Neal                  Program Assistant
Nathalia Rodrigues           Program Assistant
Frederico Mendes             Program Assistant
Michael Harden               Tennis Instructor
Donnie Campbell              Tennis Instructor
Chike Amobi                  Tennis Instructor
Henry Taylor                 Tennis Instructor
Nathaniel Pace               Program Assistant
Michael Huff                 Program Assistant, Fitness
Cody Kelly                   Program Assistant, QuickStart Tennis
Leonard Bush, Sr.            Program Assistant
Brenda Ortiz                 Program Assistant
Janie Dixon                  Program Assistant/Transportation
                                   Volunteer Support

MACH Academy prospers with the help of volunteers. All programs and services
provided by MACH Academy received excellent support from its contract staff, board of
directors, and volunteers. MACH depends heavily on volunteers for support to help
provide its programs and services to the community. These dedicated volunteers donated
their time, energy and talents to make the program a success. We salute MACH
Academy’s volunteers and applaud the efforts of these inspiring people who give so
much to make our programming successful.


Throughout the year we expanded and enhanced community collaborative efforts and
partnerships. Community partners provided funding/in-kind support, program support
throughout the year. Some of our 2008 collaborative partners included: the United States
Tennis Association, USTA/Southern, South Carolina and Georgia Tennis Associations,
Richmond County Health Department, Comcast, Augusta Partnership for Children and
Families, the University of Georgia Extension Service School Nutrition Program,
Corporation for National and Community Services, Savannah River Site Community Outreach,
DOE, Ft. Gordon Public Affairs Office, Medical College of Georgia, Shiloh Community Center,
First Dayspring Baptist Church Summer Program, East Central Georgia Safe Kids Coalition,
Senior Citizens RSVP project, Augusta Housing Authority, Aiken and Augusta Parks and
Recreation Departments, Corporation for National and Community Services, Troy University,
Augusta State University, The University of Georgia Richmond County School Nutrition
Program, First Day Spring Baptist Church Summer program, Georgia’s Bright from the Start
Child and Adult Care Food Program Wee Kreative Play and learn Center and others.

                                Grants and Foundations

                 United States Tennis Association Community Funding
                    United States Tennis and Education Foundation
               United States Tennis Association Southern Program grant
                Housing and Community Development (CDBG Grant)
              Community Foundation of the Central Savannah River Area
  Corporation for National and Community Service (CSRA United Way Project Unite)
            Augusta Partnership for Children (Compassion Grant Funding)
                                   Proctor & Gamble
                             Publix Super Market Charities
      Housing and Community Development Department (Public Facility Grant)
                            Financial/In-Kind Donors

    United Way of the CSRA (employee       Aiken & Augusta Recreation and Parks Departments
            designated funds)              (facility usage)
Donald Bates                               Irene Bush
Mildred Jackson                            Kenneth Lawrence
Harrel McCray                              Donald Moody
Joanne Moody                               Bernard Nora
Jesse Roach                                Veronica Ross
Eugene Shine                               Kenneth Vinson
Golphin Page                               Sharon Campbell
Terry/Dee Provost                          Marla Telfair
Robert/Mary Calloway                       William Walker
Michael Harden                             SRS Education Department
Ft. Gordon Public Relations Department     Medical College of Georgia
Kroger                                     Housing Authority of the City of Augusta
University of Georgia Extension Service    Augusta State University Technology and
School Nutrition Program                   Art Departments
South Carolina Tennis Association          Comcast
SRS Engineers & Education Outreach Dept    Georgia Tennis Association
DOE at the Savannah River Site             USTA Southern Section
South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation   Professional Tennis Registry
Head/Penn Racket Sports                    Wilson Racket Sports
Brita Haag                                 Robin Bonds/Jennifer Bonds
Charlene Shepherd                          Patrick Clayton
Pepsi Bottling Company                     Augusta State University Athletic Dept
Cheryl Price                               Robert/Mary Calloway
Rosalyn Stephens                           Mark Lightfoot
CSRA Tennis Association                    Inner City Tennis Association

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