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									*                 Pictures, Pictures, Pictures                                       *
We are going to practice taking pictures with digital cameras today. Each
person in your group of 3 will get a chance to take pictures, so work together
and share the camera. Read the rules and steps below to learn how to take
pictures with the digital camera. If you have read it before, please read it again
as a reminder.

   1. Only touch the camera when the steps tell you to do so.
   2. Always use 2 hands when handling the camera.
   3. Hand it gently to your group members.
   4. Only take pictures when you are told to do so in the directions.
   5. When you are done, turn it off and place it back in the case.
   6. **Follow these rules and the steps correctly, or you will be asked to step
      out of the group.**

Step 1: Who gets to take a picture first?
Each person in your group will get the chance to use the camera. The person
whose first name begins with a letter closest to “z” gets to use it first. The person
whose first name begins with a letter closest to the letter “a” gets to go second.
Then, the last person may take his or her pictures. Use our alphabetizing rules to
help you decide the order if two names begin with the same letter.

Step 2: How do we use the camera?
The person who gets to go first may use both hands to pick up the camera and
turn it on. To turn it on, push the button on the top that has a small arrow (       )
pointing to it. (I put the arrow there to help you find it, so please do not take it
off.) Hold the camera out in front of you so that you can see the screen.
Whatever you see in the screen will become your picture. Press down on the
button with the happy face (         ) to take a picture.

Step 3: What if I need to zoom in or out?
If you need to get closer, press the small button with the “magnifying glass” (          )
until you see the image you want in the screen. Then, take a picture! If you
need to zoom out, press the button that is next to the magnifying glass and
repeat the last directions.

Step 4: How do I see my pictures?
To see your pictures, press the little triangle ( ) next to the picture of the
camera. This is the “play” button. You should see the last picture you took on
the screen. Push the arrows to the left or right to see the other pictures you have

Step 5: Now what?
When you are finished, either hand the camera to the next group member, or
turn it off and place it back in the case for the next group to use!

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