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How to Sync Videos to iPod touch


How to sync videos to iPod touch? If you are still confusing about this question, then you can easily find a handy and safe way to sync movies to iPad touch right here.

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                    How to Move Files from iPad to PC?

Sometimes, you may want to transfer files from iPad to computer for
sharing with your friends. So what you need is just a simple and easy
to handle tool, here we recommend Best iPad to Computer Transfer
for you.

This software allows you to transfer iPad music, pictures, videos,
podcasts, and TV shows to computer easily and quickly. Moreover,
you can freely transfer files from iPad to iTunes. Powerful functions and easy-to-use
interface can help you operate this software easily and quickly. Now, you can free
download this software and go to move files from iPad to PC.

Tips: For Mac user, you can use iPad to Mac Transfer to finish the task.

Step-by-step Guide:

Step 1. Run iPad to Computer Transfer and connect your iPad to PC with USB cable. Your
device can be automatically recognized by the program. The software will display the iPad
files in the UI as follows.
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Step 2. Now, you need to select the files that you want to move to your computer.

Step 3. Click the "Export" button on the top window, then select "Transfer to Disk Only",
and click "OK" to move iPad files to computer.

Done! Hope this guide of moving files from iPad to computer would be useful for you!

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