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									Psyc 4725 Hesse                  EAB Research Seminar                      Article Review

Assignment: Using APA writing style (active voice, citation format, heading format and
references format) write a paper no longer than 5 pages that includes the following (in
any order that you find most reasonable):

1) Explain the following statement by summarizing critical points from the article; “true
   concept learning is not characteristic of pigeons in matching-to-sample, oddity –from-
   sample and symbolic matching.”
2) Describe the general conditional discrimination task of Cumming and Berryman and
   relate Lashley’s procedure with rats to their procedure (what is conditional on what).
3) Describe the differences between matching-to-sample, oddity –from-sample and
   symbolic matching.
4) Discuss the useful “models” for describing what the pigeons are doing in the
   conditional discrimination tasks.

Due Date: October 12

Electronically cut and paste this grade table under your name on the title page of your

Content accuracy
 (10 pts)
Thoroughly covered
topic (20 pts)
Syntax and grammar
(10 pts)
Organizational clarity &
APA style (10 pts)

This is a writing proficiency class assignment so demonstrate your best writing skills in
organizing your points into paragraphs and titled sections. Use good English syntax and
grammar along with appropriate APA style in your writing.

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