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					Morgan County School District Re-3
*Content may be taught in any order as long as it is taught within the designated quarter.
*Scott-Foresman text is the 5th grade text unless it specifically states otherwise.

                                                                Science Grade 5 –(updated 4/29/08)
 Month                   Content                                   Skills                        Assessment                                        Resources
August      S 1.2 What measurement tools do we      Show how tools are used with accuracy    Quiz                                      Teacher Editions
            use and how do we use them? Why is      i.e. temperature, length, width, and                                               Teacher generated quiz
(1st        safety important?                       volume (M)                               Teacher generated tests                   Foss measurement kit
Quarter)                                             Label measurement tools (vocabulary)                                              Measurement kit
                                                    (M)                                      Experiments
                                                     Know units of measure (M)               Visual quiz of measurement tools          Foss Kit
                                                     List important safety rules (M)                                                   Variable Kit
                                                                                                                                       - swinger unit
                                                                                                                                       - lifeboat unit

            S 4.4 In what ways does the weather     Brainstorm how weather affects our       Written explanation of how weather        Weather station in Library.
            affect our daily lives?                 daily activities. (clothing, traveling   affects our daily activities.             District home page (student tab,
            S 4.4 How can you interpret given       choices, etc.) (R)                                                                 current weather)
            weather data to describe weather        Collect & Record weather data. (R)       Weather data chart
            conditions throughout the year in       Graph weather information. (R)           Bar or line graph of weather data         Weather information from
            Colorado?                               Interpret patterns seen on weather                                                 newspapers.
                                                    Gather weather data for seasonal         Seasonal student-designed graphs of
                                                    comparisons. (Data to be gathered as     collected weather data from the weather
                                                    needed to show differences of seasonal   station.
                                                    weather in Colorado. This would be an
                                                    ongoing activity throughout year.)(R)
September   S1.1 What is the scientific method?     Make observations (R)                    Sticky note experiments                   Teacher Editions
            (This should be integrated into every   Summarizing, collaborating and           Vocabulary activities                      Teacher generated quiz
(1st        unit throughout the year.)              communicating. (R)                       Other experiments                          Foss Measurement Kit
Quarter)                                            Conducting steps of investigation.(R)    Lab Write-ups                              Scott Foresman has inquiry
                                                    Creating a written plan for an                                                     integrated into every unit.
                                                    investigation. (I)
                                                    Construction reasonable conclusion                                                 Foss Variable Kit
                                                    based on evidence provided (R)                                                     - swinger unit
                                                    Interpret and evaluate given data (R)                                              - lifeboat unit
October     S 3.3 What are the major body           Identify organs in the circulatory,      Worksheets                                Human Body Book
            systems? (excluding reproductive        digestive, respiratory, muscular and     Human body project                        Videos
(1st        and growth and development)             skeleton systems. (I)                    Games to demonstrate body systems         Health Book
Quarter)                                            Define the parts of the systems and                                                Scott Foresman text Chapter 3
                                                    know their functions. (I)                                                          Lessons 1-3, pgs. 58 - 82
Morgan County School District Re-3                                                                        Science Grade 5

 Month                   Content                                     Skills                                   Assessment                                 Resources
                                                   Locate body systems from a diagram or
                                                   Identify and describe each sense. (M)
           S 3.3 What are the basic nutritional                                                  Health practice masters                     McGraw Hill Health Text (Purple
           food requirements for humans?           Define vocabulary: carbohydrate,                                                          book--check out from library)
                                                   protein, fiber, fats, nutrients, calorie(I)                                               Practice Masters 20-22
                                                                                                 Lesson Wrap-up Questions (end of each       McGraw Hill Health Text
                                                   Categorize foods into different               lesson in text)                             Chapter 5, Lessons 1-4, pages 112-
                                                   nutritional categories (carbohydrates,                                                    129.
                                                   fats/oils, proteins/meats, grains/fibers,
                                                   fruits & vegetables). (I)                     Plan a healthy menu for a day.
                                                   Describe the basic food requirements
                                                   for humans.(R)                                1st Quarter Assessment
November                                           Classify a substance as a solid, liquid,      Lab- separate a variety of 2 mixtures       Foss Kit – mixtures and solutions
           S. 2.4 What are the three main states   or gas.(M)                                    such as read/white beans, oil/water, and
(2nd       of matter?                              Identify each state of matter.(R)             iron filings/soil.                          Scott Foresman Text
Quarter)    Solid, Liquid and Gas                  Describe and classify objects using           Teacher generated worksheet                 Chapter 11, Lesson 4 Pgs. 358-365
                                                   different properties such as solid, liquid,   Teacher generated object identification
            S 2.4 How can mixtures be              or gas.(M)                                    lab (classification chart)                  Scott Foresman – chapter 11, lesson
           separated based on properties?          Know how to separate various                                                              3 pgs. 354-357

December   S1.1 How do you design an               Create a written plan for an                  4 labs (at least)                           Foss kits
           experiment?                             investigation.                                 Worksheets (See Dixie)                      Variable kits
(2nd       Science Fair Preparation (optional)      (whole group...small                          Science Fair optional                       Model & design kit
Quarter)                                           group...pairs...individual).(R)                                                            Science Fair video (See Dixie or
                                                    Develop hypothesis(R)                                                                    media center)
                                                    Develop problems(R)                                                                       Media specialist help with scientific
                                                    List sequential procedure(R)                                                             process
                                                    Develop materials(R)
                                                    Graph/chart results(R)
                                                    Draw conclusions(R)
                                                    Discuss independent & dependent

           S. 4.3 What is the water cycle?         Explain the water cycle.(R)                   Draw diagram of water cycle                 Scott Foresman text
                                                   Define vocabulary: dew, glacier,              Lesson check point questions pg 211         Chapter 7, Lesson3, Pages 208-211
                                                   atmosphere, precipitation, evaporation,       Science journal
                                                   condensation, and water vapor(R)              Checklist of different sources – labeling
                                                   Identify fresh water sources and salt         as fresh or salt water.
Morgan County School District Re-3                                                                      Science Grade 5

 Month                  Content                                    Skills                                   Assessment                                  Resources
                                                  water sources (R)

           S. 2.4, 4.6 What are common            Identify parts of a simple system. (R)       1. Conduct simple experiments to             Scott Foresman Text
           properties, forms, and changes in      Predict how things will change or not        emphasize scientific method:                 Chapter 14, Lessons 1-3, Pages 447-
           matter and energy?                     change when external force is                 a. Melting ice. Describe the phases of      461
                                                  applied.(I)                                  matter, etc.                                 Energy transfer
                                                                                                b. Evaporation. Compare evaporation         Foss Variables Kit
                                                                                               rates of liquids in different containers,       Flightline
                                                                                               salt vs fresh water, heated vs cold water,
                                                                                                c. Sugar crystal experiment
                                                                                                d. Water in closed jar and water in an
                                                                                               open jar.
                                                                                               2a. Chart evaporation over time.
                                                                                               2b. Apply heat to water, division or
                                                                                               flattening of clay
                                                                                               3. Group discussion on energy types and
                                                  Identify different types of energy forms     their uses.
                                                  and match it to a common event, such as      4. Lab on measuring energy transfer
                                                  a flashlight, light, fire/heat, ball
                                                  bouncing/motion, musical
                                                  instrument/sound, and
                                                  Interpret charts/graphs showing energy
                                                  transfer (distance traveled with different
                                                  number of winds of a toy, difference in      2nd Quarter Assessment
                                                  temperature on light/dark surfaces,
January    S 4.2 What are the natural processes   Differentiate between weathering and         Weathering/erosion/reposition                Foss kits - landforms
           that change the Earth?                 erosion. (I)                                                                              Erosion experiments (see Dixie)
Quarter)                                                                                                                                    Earth is Changing Videos
                                                                                                                                            Scott Foresman chapter 9, L3, pges.
                                                                                                                                            Social Studies text
February   S3.2-3.4 How do organisms interact     1. Describe how plants and animals           1. Workbook page 47                          Scott-Foresman Text-Chapter 5,
           with each other and non-living parts   depend upon living and non-living parts                                                   Lesson 4, pages 140-143
(3rd       in their habitat?                      of their habitat. (carry pollen, disperse
Quarter)                                          seeds) (R)                                                                                Scott-Foresman Text-Chapter 5,
                                                  2. Describe predator/prey                    2 & 4. Draw a diagram of the food            Lesson 5, pages 144-147
                                                  relationships(R)                                 chain.
Morgan County School District Re-3                                                                       Science Grade 5

 Month                   Content                                      Skills                                 Assessment                              Resources
                                                     3. Group animals into herbivores,          3. Graphic organizer
                                                     carnivores, and omnivores (R)
                                                     4. Organize sun, plant and two animals
                                                     into a food chain (R)                      5.   Scott-Foresman text, lesson
                                                     5. Know that animals use food for               checkpoint questions, page 146
                                                     growth as well as for energy(R)
March      S4.3 How are resources used,              Identify Earth’s natural resources and     Recycling paper lab                       Scott Foresman text-Chapter 10,
           managed and conserved?                    know how to use and manage them               (Scott Foresman text, chapter 10,      Lessons 2-4, pages 302-323
(3rd                                                 responsibly (fuels to heat, plants for         pages 322-323)
Quarter)                                             construction, rocks for roads, land for    Check point questions at end of each
                                                     crops, water to drink). (R)                lesson

           S3.5 What does the life cycle of a        Explain & Sequence the stages of           Draw and label a life cycle               Scott Foresman text-pg. 11
           living organism look like?                various life cycles (plant, insect and                                               (Mammals), pg. 12 (Birds), pg. 14
                                                     human). (R)                                                                          (Amphibians), pg. 20 (Insects), pg.
                                                                                                3rd Quarter Assessment                    107 (seeds)
April      S 3.7-3.8 What are the similarities       Interpret plant growth graph (R)           ―Comparing Plant Growth‖                  5th GradeScott Foresman Text—page
           and differences of all individuals in a   List characteristics that are common and   Graphic organizer that compares and       116-117
(4th       species?                                  different to plants and animals in a       contrasts characteristics of plants and
Quarter)                                             specific species. (how offspring           animals in a specific species (Venn
                                                     resemble parents)(R)                       Diagram)
                                                                                                Lesson Checkpoint questions

           S 3.1What are the parts of a plant?       Know all parts of a plant. (I)             Draw & label all parts of a plant.        5th Grade Scott Foresman Text-
                                                                                                Lesson Checkpoint questions (pages 99,    Chapter 4, Lesson 1-4, pages 91-119
           S 3.1 What are the characteristics of     Identify plant and animal modifications    Pre-reading activity-Workbook page 57     5th Grade Scott Foresman Text-
           plants and animals that allow them to     to help them survive. (R)                  and 58                                    Chapter 6, Lesson 2-3, pages 170-
           live in their specific environments       Define environmental, behavioral and                                                 177
           and what may cause them to become         structural adaptations.                                                              Scott Foresman Workbook
           extinct?                                                                             Lesson checkpoint questions               Support—pages 57-58
                                                     Explain why plants and animals may                                                   Scott Foresman Text-Pages 171, 175,
                                                     become extinct.(R)                         Guided Inquiry Lab on Wetland             177)
                                                                                                ecosystem (page 178-179)                  Scott Foresman Text-page 178-179

                                                                                                Directed Inquiry Lab on Pollution’s       Scott Foresman Text-Page 164
                                                                                                Affect on Habitat
May        S 4.7 How does the moon’s apparent        Know the moon phases.(I)                   Pre-reading activity                      Scott Foresman Workbook, page 173
           shape change during its complete                                                                                               Scott Foresman Text, Chapter 17,
(4th       cycle?                                                                                                                         Lesson 4, Pages 556-559.
Quarter)                                                                                        Phases of the Moon Guided Inquiry Lab     Scott Foresman text-Chapter 17,
Morgan County School District Re-3                                                                  Science Grade 5

 Month                  Content                                   Skills                                Assessment                              Resources
                                                                                                                                     Page 562-563
                                                                                            Lesson Checkpoint Questions              Scott Foresman text-Chapter 17,
                                                                                                                                     Lesson 4, Page 559
                                                                                            Draw & Label phases of the moon
          S 4.9 What changes do we see as         Describe what causes day and night.(R)    Lesson checkpoint questions (page 543,   Scott Foresman Text-Chapter 17,
          Earth moves around the sun?                                                       545, 547)                                Lesson 1, Pages 542-547
                                                                                            Four Seasons Flip-book                   Scott Foresman Teacher Text, page
                                                  Show how shadows change as the sun        Shadow experiment                        Solar Energy Foss Kit
                                                  moves across the sky.(R)
          S 4.7 What are the parts of the Solar
          System?                                 Identify the parts of the Solar System    Pre-reading activity                     Scott Foresman Workbook, Page 171
                                                  (sun, Earth and its moon and other        Lesson Checkpoint questions (page 549,   Scott Foresman Text, Chapter 17,
                                                  planets)(R)                               551)                                     Lesson 2, Pages 548-551
                                                  Know that all planets orbit the sun.(M)
                                                                                            4th Quarter Assessment

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